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 3  Arthritis in both knees I had terrible stomach pain, constipation. Also in the evening I would get terrible night cramps in my calves and feet. I was very nervous about taking Voltarin in the beginning because it almost caused my father to bleed to death. It caused him to have a bleeding ulcer in his small intestine and he lost a lot of blood. I was assured that it had been improved and the issues such as those had been worked out. Although it helped me the side effects were just too much. F 57 3 months
75 mg 1X D
 4  hand pain NONE not recommeded for BACK PAIN-stupid ! F 65 3 days
 1  Back pain None, it does nothing. Useless. M 59 60 days
 5  Arthritis in ankle Some stomach cramping initially but that has subsided. M 59 7 days
 3  As an anti inflammatory Stomach pain, diarrhea and gas. Heartburn/indigestion. I stopped taking it yesterday. My appetite has been uncontrollable these past few days, not sure if the medicine has something to do with that. 37 7 days
 1  Right knee joints swollen and seems After.i had finished taking two (2) voltaren tablets (75)mg daily for about a month,because of a right inflammatory swollen knee joints and around that area it.happens.Anout two weeks later my skin started to change.some small Red spots on my back, under fore arm area, lower arms,thigs and rib cage area appears.ai started to panic, they then change to some pale whitish faded spots and increased they were quit visible.i then go forward to get a.doctors.opinion on it. I will ever use it,trust it or advice anyone to use it.they do so at there own risk. M 44 4 weeks
 1  Hip Pain took 2 x2 5mg tablets once at night Have taken in past Only when bad back pain or other joint paint and it worked amazingly..I would have rated it 5 back then because it worked and pain gone . no noticable side effects. This time I woke up with horrific pain from knee down ... entire lower leg felt intense cramp ( not just the calf muscle) leg sort of paralyzed couldn't move for the pain.. it fleel rock hard.. never had this type of pain before .. strange and excrucuating.. when it eventually passed no soreness in leg like is usual after cramp. I wont ever take Voltaren again F 67 1 days
50 1X D
 1  De Quervain's stenosing tenosynovit I have tendonitis in my left thump which is painful. I am taking one Voltaren 75 mg sometimes everyday sometimes every two days. It helped ease the pain. I started noticing symptoms of tiredness, loss of appetite a month after use, but I did not pay attention. As the symptoms became worse I realized that something is wrong with me. The only thing I was doing different was taking Voltaren. I read the comments in this site and I realized that all this sick feeling is due to Voltaren. I am stopping taking it and hope to take care of this problem either through other medicine or surgery. F 72 3 months
75 MG 1X D
 1  neck and back pain Extreme dizziness for weeks The pain subsided, only to come back later. F 51 0 days
 1  Forearm pain Feeling sick, stomach pain, palpitations, feeling of dread because body not happy. I rubbed this gel into my arm twice before I knew that my body didnt like it, listen to your body and you dont go far wrong! F 59
Gel 1X D
 5  Severe osteoathritis in both knees. Haven't had any.Just drink a lot of water, and take with meals. So very grateful,am able to function. F 53 2 weeks
75mg 2x a
 1  Shoulder injury. Sore gut, runny poos, lack of motivation, tiredness Would never take it again M 17 1 days
 1  Thoracic outlet syndrome pain in sh Worst cramps and diahrea I've ever had. Lasting so far 2 days. Headaches overall nausea loss of all energy and appetite going on 38 hours now. Also did nothing for the shoulder pain except that the cramping and diahrea shifted my focus for about 10 hours. Side Effects came on almost 10 hours after taking the med F 38 1 days
100 mg
 1  Shoulder pain Ended up couldnt eat for 5 mths lost 40 kilos vomiting blood & coffee beans. Lost my taste buds had severe Stomach issues i ended up looking like a war prisioner. 2 yrs later i am all better F 57 1 years
 3  Hurt shoulder Appetite increase not happy, no energy tired all the time F 54 2 months
2 times da
 1  Severe knee pain Vomiting severe dirreha amnominal pain headache F 56 1 days
 1  sore lower back It didn't help me I became sorer by the day, am having terrible leg cramps,I wish I hadn't gone to the doctor 50 6 days
2 /75ml
 2  Torn ligaments in ankle Worst stomach cramps and diahhroea I have ever experienced after taking 2 in morning and 2 at night as prescribed by my physician. F 22 1 days
25 Mg
 1  Shoulder Pain Took the Voltaren Gel for almost a month. Experienced loss of appetite and part of hand went numb and weak which was upsetting. Did not link this to the gel but that was the only thing new I used. F 48 3 weeks
3X D
 1  Swelling and pain after radius fracture Stopped taking tabs 2 days ago because pain eased. Today awful gastric pain and nausea. Will it get better by itself? F 67 5 days

VOLTAREN  (DICLOFENAC SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat arthritis of the knee(s). It reduces pain and swelling, and helps improve your ability to move and flex the joint. Diclofenac is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)