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 3  Hypertension Abdominal swelling and pain. I was proscribed 5mg of Norvasc and 15mg of Vasotec per day. The Vasotec at that dosage caused severe abdominal swelling. I couldn't button my pants. Any abdominal pressure caused pain. Symptoms went away within 3 days after I stopped taking it. I found I can tolerate 5mg per day with no symtoms and believe it helps me even at that low dosage. M 46 10 months
 5  Borderline high blood pressure None so far. I had tried several other ACE inhibitors before this one. They didn't work and one contributed to such a bad lower respiratory infection I had to go on an inhaler! Vasotec has been very good so far. F 38 1 months
 5  Hypertension & Fast Heart Rate I take 20mg of Vasotec twice a day. I also take 25mg of Coreg Twice a day and 25mg of water pill. All three combined have gotten my blood pressure down to normal limits. The Vasotec helped reduce chest pressure and I have had no side effects. No male sexual disfunction side effects. This is a great cheap generic LIFE SAVING drug. M 40 14 months
 5  High blood pressure No side effects whatsoever. I have been taking these pills (10 mg) daily for 6 years and it has kept my blood pressure down. F 64 6 years
 5  HYPERTENSION and DIABETIC REAL problem cough with Enalapril [ACE] so I asked Dr. for Rx for 40 mg DIOVAN but then read here about hair loss and weight gain possibilites so afraid to take it and split my dose of Enalapril in half then to 3/4 instead, & side effects gone, but BP not low enough and want to TRY Diovan, but still afraid with whole bottle Diovan still UNUSED in my drawer! Any questions or HELP, please feel free to write me. Would like to discuss your experience with DIOVAN hair loss and weight gain as opposed to Enalapril's side effects. More....> I am also Diabetic and ACE inhibitors are supposed to be TOP BP meds for Diabetics, but the cough is intollerable, so thought Diovan would be better, but CANNOT LOSE HAIR nor GAIN WEIGHT and don't know what to do PLEASE HELP. I am going out of my mind with these Diovans sitting here untouched for a month, and WANT to try them but so scared of HAIR LOSS and WEIGHT GAIN! [I put 5 rating so this would be read on top, I am in desperate situation, please write to me about those 2 side effects IF you're experiencing them]. Thanks. Email address to the right...> F 45 1 days
 3  HI BP REAL problem coughing w/5mg by 2nd refill [not 1st] even lost voice, so tried HALF pill & that was fine but didn't lower pressure anymore so tried 3/4 pill & that seems good for a month so far, no more side affects [except still little fatigue] but back down to 130's, 140's mostly but sometimes higher, [& 120's only RARELY] Dr. gave Rx for Diovan BEFORE I started splitting enal., but then read about hair loss & weight gain with Diavan so didn't take it & split Enalaprils instead. [Lost rating points for coughing and loss of voice which has NEVER happened to me before, and for having to lower more effective, higher dose.] Any questions feel free to write me. Would like to discuss Enalapril and Diovan too. F 45 3 months
 5  High blood pressure No ill effects Keeps the pressure in check, I also exercise. Have taken this drug for 5 yrs. F 70 5 days
 4  borderline high blood pressure Dizziness if I rise up quickly out of bed (but doesn't that happen even if you aren't on medication)? I also believe that my higher blood pressure caused me to feel very nervous, shakey, irritable, and depressed. Ever since I started taking this medication, I have felt calmer, happier and patient (like I was years ago). I am only on 2.5 mg and take the generic "enaparil." At that low dose, it has brought my blood pressure back to how it used to be (before children). I feel great.....also by just knowing that it is lower. F 33 1 months
 4  hypertention ?? helpful M 87 10 years
 1  high blood pressure I developed angioedema of my face. It started with a hive on my lip and progressed until my face was so swollen I looked like a monster. Spent the night in the ER and was given benadryl, epinepherine and cortisone. The swelling continued even with all those meds. It took days for the swelling to go down. The doctor said he F 58 21 days
 3  high blood pressure Am married, very active sexually. After starting vasotec experienced slight change (for the worse) in erectile hardness and response to things that usually triggered erections. High blood pressure used to made me irritable, nervous and caused insomnia. I know the Drs say this cannot be but I know my body and KNOW this for a fact. Lower blood pressure since vasotec changed m personality for the better and my quality of life improved. Now I want my cake and eat it too - I want an impressive hardon back AND lower blood pressure. M 45 2 years
 1  high blood pressure weak -tired -dizzy - stomach upset - dry cough - in general feel terrible M 78
 3  high blood pressure if i took this med. in the am i was tired all day. i started taking at night and didn't have the porblem anymore F 46 6 months
 3   annoying, dry cough F 49 2 years