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 3  Hypertension Stomach pain, nausea,lots of gas, belly bloat ( like 9 mths.preg).constipation. weight gain..Gastrointestinal Dr. Wants me to get off this med ASAP. Worked ok for BP but not worth making me sick. F 67 9 months
120 mg. 1x
 4  Wolff-Parkinson-White None This made my Wolff-Parkinson-White episodes decrease substantially, though it did not eliminate episodes altogether. I got off of it because I got a catheter ablation and am currently considered cured. M 29 8 years
N/A 1X D
 1  Migraines Fluid Retention whole body beyond unbearable. Told could not be from this but was only drug on. Migraines became more frequent. F 50 3 months
60 2X D
 3  PVCs (heart palpitations) Constipation; gas pains; abdominal pains (usually upper left, under rib cage, sometimes elsewhere, ranging from sharp to dull); heartburn; bloating stomach; hard stools Worked wonders for getting rid of PVCs, but now the gas pain and digestive issues are really getting to me (about 2 years into taking drug). I've been to a gastroenterologist and have confirmed GERD. I suspect it's mainly from the Verapamil, but I can't be sure. Only had occasional heartburn before going on this drug, with the exception of when I was pregnant. F 41 2 years
120mg 1X D
 1  Afib shortness of breath, headaches, muscle aches I took this to control a minor afi. It did not contriol it. The side effects were so bad that I could not function.I do not recommend it. F 67 8 days
240 1X D
 1  stubborn high blood pressure prob blurred vision-shortness of breath-tightness of chest-muscular cramps and spasums-ears ringing-excessive dehydration- heavy eye lids -hives - itching skin- swelling ankles and feet. long term use of this drug should not be tollerated! max 2 to3 years at most useage by mfg! long term side effects of symptoms of hypoglycemia happen. headaches and tiredness! helps palpations stop in most cases ,but long term can reverse it ! not good for blood pressure lowering all the time ! no sleep off and on and NIghtmares and stress dreams that cause spikes in blood pressure to happen upon wake up! unsafe drug to use long term !! M 45 8 years
240 1X D
 1  Heart Palpitations Constipation, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea, Sleep Disturbances, Insomnia at times. Awaking at night led to slight panic attacks where heart would race which would bring on heart palpitations. One night I woke up and swear that my heart was beating so fast that i couldn't even count, but who knows. Generally a healthy 32 old here without any problems up until now. I have been off of Verapamil for a week now and the sleep disturbances continue. Hopefully this will taper off the longer I am off it. UGH! I wish I had never met this drug. Not a fan! I found that I could completely control my heart palpitations by cutting back on my carb and sugar intake. Try this if you have my condition. You might be pleasantly surprised. M 32 30 days
 5  Cluster headaches Constipation. Poop comes out small and hard. Possibly compounds sleep issues. It's a lifesaver for me. Cluster headaches feel like a baseball bat to the head. Haven't had one for a year and a half. F 57 1.5 years
 1  blood pressure to high tired sleepy lazy wondering mind eye lids heavy sticking closed belly aches pukey feeling lighthead dizzyness dry mouth in morring cramping in chest area ! gas bloating heartburn and reflux I can't see how anyone could stand this drug!im a young woman in good health and in good shape!I work out daily now I can not! as I get out of breath and my ankles swell up ? I gained about 6pounds already! does anyone get chest pains while on this med ? I get cramping first then it goes into slight pin point pains ! got checked ekg normal and no signs of angina? doctor thinks im nuts ! this stuff is driving me crazy im going to stop it and get on something new and diffrent ! F 31 2 months
 1  blood pressure high headaches cramping tiredness depression internal shakes dry mouth dryness in eyes throat closeing hard cough jitters nose running belly swelling hard ness in belly waight gain by 8lbs in 1week rear end pluged up sexual problems due to this gas build up long term use of this drug over 6years started to get hypoglycemia drop in blood sugar off and on -a known long term side effect from these drugs!this drug also effects your nervious system and screws it up!I have short term memory loss due to this drug. thinking process is messed up while on this medication! im weening off it now - and taking orosine and res q 1250 and res q 105 for the blood sugar drop outs ! My doctor never told me about this and thinks its all in my head! dont take these drugs! ccb's or beta blockers ! they can harm you and will kill people ! M 50 6 years
 1  b.p high headaches,lightheaded ness-shortness of breath,congrestion, coughing, dry mouth and eyes at night,ringing in ears,cramping in legs and arms and shoulders upper back, stomach bloating,aches pains under rib cage at times, vision blurred, sensative to light gas pains,bloating after eating anything! tired all the time ! Lets talk about Sex drive and sex being Im a normal male mid 40s upon taking this drug,my sex life has gone to heck! I have no drive at all,as well I dont go as long and get tired and get cramps when well feel like crap the whole time, when ended if I dare to sleep I get massive tremmers,internal shakeing and rapid heart beats going on , I dehydrate fast and just feel like junk when waking up. talk about a train wreck! I had somewhat of the same happen on beta blockers as well - this is what they call sexual side effects? oh yeah it took longer for choo choo train to go up ! alot longer ! these are not good drugs to take ! M 44 1 years
 1  palps and b.p problems swollen ankles - dizzyness -headaches- aches and pains in back and shoulders - vision slightly blurred at times - left eye waters. calan verapamil -ccb worked good on me, but the side effects did more harm than good, such as ankles swelling up -and headaches and aches everywhere coughing at times! congestion and a few other unwanted effects! im back on a beta blocker due to palps that stopped but returned ,cardiologest changed meds for me ! said ccbs are not good for palps ! I think alot of doctors today do the ginny pig process on everyone ! try this or that ! pushing drugs like candy! when each person should be fully tested to see if they can tollerate them first ! and what side effects happen ? but not in this world !! medical system is broken ! M 55 3 years
 4  hypertension The first month I got headaches. They went away. Severe constipation. Started on Citrocel. That cured the constipation. I take this along with 2 other BP meds. I have no complaints. F 55 1 years
 4  migraine prevention Constipation that was worse the first month or so. Easily controlled by eating high fiber diet. Two apples a day did the trick. Also, verapamil seemed to cause some insomnia. Made it difficult to tolerate coffee (not much of a problem). The first month it reduced migraines and daily headache greatly. Then it seemed to stop working as well. At three months I was only a little better off than without verapamil. M 39 3 months
 1  h.b.p problems alot ! shortness of breath - b.p not going down as it should ! no get up and go! bloating belly conditions! trapped gas! excessive shoulder pains and cramping upper body , numbness in hands and feet off and on ! throat closeing when eatting ! took this crap for about 6months - couldnt put up with the b/s side effects it has! I think the maxzide caused most to increase with verapamil together. also can not be in the direct sunlight and heat ! you can get symptoms of heart failure ! such as rapid heart beats ! palps and shortness of breath gasping for air !! lightheadness to the extream - I ended up in the E.R due to this ! only to find it was verapamil max causing the problem and heat!! heart was fine ! darn drugs! now I was put on coreg cr 20mg I cant wait to try it !! wonder what bonus the doctor gets perscribing it !! M 54 6 months
 1  blood pressure problems ! excessive bloating belly! stomach sick upset feeling, ankles swelling,dry mouth,headaches,vision problems off and on, ears ring off and on , hair thinning out! racing heart beats off and on ! nasty stuff ! I dont like it! never could take a channel blocker med before ! Docturd put me on it,insisted it was good! b/s its not! its junk and im sick from it -he knows it! wont do a thing about it! im seeking alterntive medications now and getting myself off this nasty medication! Im sick of idiot Docturds in california ! iv only found pill pushers here! that dont bother to read the side effects or test a person if they are allergic to the meds it sucks all around ! F 44 4 months
 5  Headaches. No side effects at all. Since the age of fifteen I had severe cluster headaches that often lasted for several days and tried many types of medications that didn't help at all. A doctor suggested I try Calan and it worked right away. I take one every morning. Whenever I have an occasional headache it is generally relieved after taking two regular aspirin. F 55 8 years
 1  high blood pressure upset stomach- back pains- vision problems - light headed feelings- ankles swelling up -throat closes -out of breath no power! tired all the time - b.p dropped but not enough ! over the past few months,I have had vision blurring and my left eye has gotten swollen and drys out at night! I just read online that this is a side effect from verapamil and any diretic you take! the doctor never told me this.. nor did he care when I told of the problem! clearly im allergic to the medication or can not take it ! simple as that !! anyone had this happen . I also get bloated belly conditions and pains ! massive back cramping! its not a good drug to take . im breathlesss at times !! as it effects the breathing! M 55 6 months
 1  b.p Headaches! back pains! cramping everywhere!bloating belly!gas ! waight gain! hairloss! dehydration! vision problems! ears ringing!! numbness in hands and feet! lightheaded ! faint feeling! pannic attacks! you name it - it happens ! ccbs are not for everyone! for sure not for me, but my dumbell doctor could care less! I can not understand why anyone would take a drug or medication that would do more harm than good ? its Insane!! im tired of doctors giving me the same b/s and lies on how good the drug is! hes getting paid a bonus $$ for perscribing it, or got a free trip vacation pre paid somewhere. from the pharm companys!! I wont stand for anymore Bull !! its Natuaral med time! as for sure chemicals only cause me harm and sorry but hate liers ! M 50 1 years
 1  b.p high ankles swelling -blushing of face -cramping everywhere excessive stomach pains and bloating waight gain!pannic attacks short but they happen- throat closing when eatting palpatations !! Warrning dont use asprin with this medication !! I took ecotrim small very small dose for headach wow !! thought I bought my ticket out of here! symptoms of heart failure happen ! 3mins to 5mins then it faded ! strange stuff always check the interactions first !! the doctors never tell you this or pharm depts .. its online ! M 48 47 days

CALAN  (VERAPAMIL HYDROCHLORIDE):  Verapamil is used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Verapamil belongs to a class of drugs known as calcium channel blockers. It works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. Verapamil is also used to prevent chest pain (angina). It may help to increase your ability to exercise and decrease how often you may get angina attacks. Verapamil is also used to control your heart rate if you have a fast/irregular heartbeat (such as atrial fibrillation). It helps to lower the heart rate, helping you to feel more comfortable and increase your ability to exercise.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)