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 1  b.p high ankles swelling -blushing of face -cramping everywhere excessive stomach pains and bloating waight gain!pannic attacks short but they happen- throat closing when eatting palpatations !! Warrning dont use asprin with this medication !! I took ecotrim small very small dose for headach wow !! thought I bought my ticket out of here! symptoms of heart failure happen ! 3mins to 5mins then it faded ! strange stuff always check the interactions first !! the doctors never tell you this or pharm depts .. its online ! M 48 47 days
 2  blood pressure problems loss of sleep- pannic attacks! vision problems(slight)headaches! some rapid heartbeats at night-sudden wake ups! ringing in right ear at times! flushing in face -ankles swelling alot ! I had taken verapamil generic before and had some bad side effects happen!Doc put me on it again? cant figure that out?? I was doing good for about 30days, then the side effects happend creeping up on me, I had to take Maxzide diretic to stop the swelling ankles and pannic attacks and to sleep, it helped but caused more problems!!! Its hard to adjust to the medication! as Doctor wants me to take larger dose ! im already on a big dose ! and b.p is down!! I dont like ccb's at all ! they never worked well for me. also have slight hair loss happening and Big time Gas bloating problems! with massive cramping in upper back and lower back at times! I think the Mfg companys should go back to the drawing boards -and take out the chemicals or fillers they use, and find out whats causing these stupid side effects to happen -Test it First ! oh yeah Bush screwed up the FDA.. that could be the reason! ?? M 54 30 days
 2  Migraines This medicine stopped my menstrual cycle. F 24 1 months
 5  cluster headache none nothing else prevented cluster headache until i found verapamil. this med is a godsend and i urge anyone with cluster headache to ask to try verapamil. note : dosages are a lot higher than they would be for heart problems. eg im on 720mg a day M 28 1 years
 5  migraines none that I noticed I've suffered from migraines for over 14 years and this is the only thing that has worked to prevent migraines. I went from a migraine nearly every day to a couple times a week. F 23 6 months
 5  High Blood Pressure Actually gave me some palpitations. At first this med was Godsend. Made me feel 25 years younger and lowered my BP quite nicely and even warmed my feet toasty warm!*BUT...then after 1 week I had annoying heart palpitations. Didn't hurt me just annoying. So I give it a *5* for good measure. I am still experimenting with it some (lowered dosage) and so forth, but alas, I still can get annoying palps from it. Still a good med though. M 49 6 months
 4  Heart Blockage, Migraines Constipation Cut out Calan and discovered that I was suddenly getting migraines almost daily, so I started taking it again for that purpose. F 73 7 years
 2  high blood pressure doesn't work well for me F 5 years
 2  high blood pressure doesn't work well for me F 5 years
 3  6 yrs headaches and nightmares F 52 6 years
 3  high bp at first i had nightmare, now im fine F 51 5 years
 5  Chest Pain Constipation. If you have a weak stomach and suffer from diarrhea then this side effect is a positive, as is in my case. Generic verapimil is not effective in my case. M 51 10 years
 4  hypertension M 36
 4  hypertension M 36
 2  hypertension M 4 years