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 1  Gout After 2.5 years of taking it I noticed hair loss, fever, extreme thirst, blurred vision, dry eyes, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, stuffy nose, ringing in ears and a strong metallic taste in the mouth. After 6 months these symptoms became progressively worse with hair dropping out. Be wary of this drug as the side effects can come in so slowly that it's only when things are unbearable on many fronts do you realise it's the drug. F 45 3 years
200mg 1X D
 3  Gout Dizziness, poor memory, tinnitus, pressure and pain inner ear and throat, slight depression, neck pain, chest pain requiring emergency room visit, tiredness, urine odor, mild gout flare up. Took at night due to "out of it feeling and dizziness." Since taking allopurinol I've visit the doctor due to my ears and throat, and the emergency room due to chest pains. Both times I was prescribed more medication. Both said it is not likely caused by the allopurinol. However all of my symptoms are well documented side effects of allopurinol. Lowered the dose to 50mg, chest pain gone, went off it and ears are normal again within 2 days. The joints that had been attacked by gout in thee past never felt better and reduced in size. I could tell the allopurinol was reducing my uric acid level, so it does work. But can't handle the side effects. M 55 2 months
100 1X D
 3  gout Helped with the severe gout attacks however I have some vision problems, sore feet, fatigue and some muscle cramps. M 57 3 months
200 mg 2X D
 4  Gout None of the classic side effects As I passed into my 50s (I'm now 69) attacks of gout in either my knee or ankle would turn me from a reasonably energetic person into a hobbling old man. Allopurinol stopped that within two weeks. M 69 5 years
100mg 1X D
 3  Gout Generally nothing too bad. The main thing I've noticed is pins and needles and coldness in my fingers and toes which I have never had before. having read sone reviews here I have noted that my eyesight feels worse (more difficult to focus) and it as clear and my eyes feel heavier. No change in appetite . I suffered with what I thought was a knee or hamstring issue about 3 months in but it cleared up after a week so I feel it just be down to AP. Feel slightly more tired since taking but all the above are minor in comparison to the crippling gout I had. Taken with colchicine initially as I had several gout flares up when taking AP initially as it releases the UA crystals into the blood stream M 43 4 months
100mg 1X D
 1  gout terrible medice, increased trips to the toilet, aching joints, lethargic, and the very worst of all lebido dropped of a cliff... am coming of it today... terrible medice, increased trips to the toilet, aching joints, lethargic, and the very worst of all lebido dropped of a cliff... am coming of it today... M 57 6 days
1X D
 3  Gout Had 2 very bad gout attacks and blood work confirmed high uric acid levels. The first year everything was fine no apparent side effects. Then things started happening. My libido fell dramatically. Chalked it up to getting older and shrugged it off. No gout attacks though which were a plus and uric acid levels were down. But now on year 3 and thi gs are haywire. My anxiety levels, frequency of severe headaches, and extreme fatigue and constant state of drowsiness is unbearable. Yes it helped with my gout but at what cost to my overall well being. Might try reducing my dose or stopping altogether to see if my symptoms clear up over time. M 34 3 years
300 1X D
 4  Gout M 67 0 years
200mg 1X D
 1  Gout Dry mouth; aches ; pains; severe cramps; insomnia; numbness in toes. Horrified to learn of all those affected by this drug!! F 70 0 days
 1  Gout Breast tenderness enhanced breast under nipple Reduced testosterone nose stuffed up a lot Did get rid swollen feet and gout but at what cost M 80 6 months
 1  Gout Just a nightmare I've tried taking Allopurinol time and time again.I just can't tolerate it the side effects far outweigh the benefits.Headaches changes in personality gut problems fatigue my eyes were constantly twitching bad dreams bodily pains the list is endless.Maybe I'm one of the unlucky ones that can't tolerate it! M 50 1 months
 2  Minor Gout with 6.8 Uric acid Physically active amateur athlete with very clean diet for past 20 years. Never had sore joints prior to use . No other side effects other than very sore hip, back joints, knuckle is hand and muscles. Fatigue as well. How in the wilds M 39 45 days
 1  Gout attacks becoming more frequent muscle tics, loss of appetite, weakness in left arm, brain fog, libido ZAPPED! Stomach problems. Within an hour of taking the first pill, my lip, left thumb and forearm started twitching. Left arm went numb, then day two saw the onset of the worst headache I’d ever had in my life. It lasted four days and I was sent home from work because I just couldn’t function. Haven’t been able to eat, and feel “detached” from where/what I’m doing? Brain is “fuzzy” My partner/colleagues have noticed a personality change in me too... within a week! Most worrying to me personally was the complete shutting down of my libido. Zapped, and feels numb! Not taking another tablet... I want the old me (from last week!) back! If I have a gout attack at least it’s “me” sitting there having it. Going to cut out inflammatory foods and stop triggering the attacks from there. One NASTY drug. Careful! M 41 10 days
 5  Gout None. No more gout. M 58 2 years
 3  Gout Started taking Allpurinol over 2 years ago and have had erectile dysfunction and low libido for the same amount of time. Even generic form of viagra wouldnt help the ED. Have seen research that AP CAN cause ED. Gonna stop taking AP. feel free to email me about my experience. Allopurinol did stop my gout attacks but pretty sure it caused ED and zapped my libido M 49 2 years
 1  Hyperuricemia Lightheaded, chest pain, myalgias, blurred vision, drowsiness, decreased ability to focus . 29 10 days
 1  Gout Abdominal spasms and cramps, bloating and excessive gas, pressure on bladder GP told me to stop taking it F 63 10 days
 3  Hyperuricemia On higher dosage, I developed irritable bowel symptoms, like intestinal cramping and loose, urgent stools three to four times a day, followed by stomach ulcer symptoms (constant burning, gnawing feeling). Lost 27 pounds in three months. I started Allopurinol due to very high uric acid levels. I did have a few gout attacks over the years, but it was not constant. Still, high uric acid can lead to other health issues. My doctor started me on a low dosage (100 mg per day) and increased over four months to 400 mg a day. My uric acid level came down to normal. A month after the increased dosage, I became very ill for six weeks with the symptoms I've mentioned. I could barely eat or function. I had a slew of blood tests, stool tests, barium swallow and abdominal ultrasound to find the source of my G.I. issues. All test were normal. Doctor cut back the dosage to 200 mg. a day and after six weeks of suffering, my symptoms resolved. My doctor is still hesitant to admit that the higher dosage caused these issues, but I am convinced that it did. I'll continue taking Allopurinol at this lower dosage. Hopefully, I'll have no further issues. F 61 7 months
100 2X D
 1  High blood Uric acid SEVERE fatigue, Brain Fog, Joint Pains, All day sleepiness...god knows what else allopurinol did, it’s hard to tell or pay attention to anything when you’re half asleep (zombie) for years while taking it. My dosage was increased slowly and every medicine has drowsiness as a side effect. I’m sure that together both these things made it hard for me to connect side effects to the medicine. Once I had taken it long enough it was like I was a zombie most of the time. I thought I had some kind of cognitive problem I.e. Alzheimer’s, brain tumor etc... I saw all kinds of doctors (gastroenterologists, allergists, neurologists, endocrinologist etc) looking for answers but not one said that maybe it was the allopurinol. My testosterone was low, my vit D levels were low, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc... After adjusting my diet and stopping the allopurinol (by chance) my pressure went back to normal, I was able to go to the gym and keep going, I feel half alive/awake again. Going to see my doctor soon to see what my Uric acid numbers are, testosterone, cholesterol etc off this medicine. Allopurinol is an adenosine agonist, this effect is probably (maybe not the only thing) why this medicine causes drowsiness, fatigue, brain fog. adenosine makes you sleepy (caffeine blocks adenosine). M 37 8 years
300 1X D
 1  Gout altered vision, inability to focus eyes clearly, twitchy muscles around the eyes, fatigue, diarrhea What has happened to my vision on this is pretty strange, it is super intense after reading a screen (iphone) - I can still see far away but have a hard time bringing distinctness (faces) into focus. They are not blurred though. Also, perpetual twitching around my eyes. The other stuff I can handle, but would rather have a gout flare and not be able to walk than deal with my vision being affected like this. M 43 4 months
100MG 1X D

ALLOPURINOL  (ALLOPURINOL):  Allopurinol is used to treat gout and certain types of kidney stones. It is also used to prevent increased uric acid levels in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy. These patients can have increased uric acid levels due to release of uric acid from the dying cancer cells. Allopurinol works by reducing the amount of uric acid made by the body. Increased uric acid levels can cause gout and kidney problems.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)