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 4  Weight loss/ energy Extremely happy, tons of energy, problems sleeping. The first day I took this I was so full of energy I couldn't contain myself. I literally wanted to run up to everyone I saw and yell " Good morning " to them. I felt like an over excited puppy. Which isnt such a bad thing considering im usually very shy and anti social. I have not lost weight on it because I am not longer taking it. However when I was I lost about 8 pounds in that month. I've always had issues sleeping so the lack of sleep wasn't too much for me considering I barely sleep as is. I loved the energy it gave me, it made me feel very out going. But unfortunately I have an addictive personality and I knew I was enjoying it too much which is why I stopped taken it to keep from substance abuse. I would recommend to those who have tons of self control. An addict of any sort should stay away though F 19 1 months
 1  weight loss couldn't sleep,emotional,excessive thirst, headache DO NOT TAKE! This is a pill from the devil. I've done all sorts of weight loss pills & this is bad. I couldn't sleep for about 2 weeks. Had severe unquenchable thirst, slight shakiness & slight rapid heart beat. Became extremely depressed & sad, crying about anything. Cried cause the wind blew my hair into my eyes, & cause I dropped my pencil-seriously. I became very easily annoyed,aggravated & angry over the most petty things. I wasn't hungry & barely ate which was good. I only lost 3lbs in a week, so I made myself eat a bit more & started exercising. I lost 8 lbs in 3wks, but was miserable from the other side effects. I'm normally a fun joking person, but became horrifically upset over everything & my crying was out of control,so I decided to quit taking. This pill is difficult to come off of, so I took 1/2 pill/day to wean off. It took me OVER a year to rid my body of all the side effects. I would NOT recommend this pill to anyone & also told my Dr. F 50 3 months
 5  im so fat No Its a good medicine M 34 10 days
 1  weight loss appetite suppression moderate slight agitation first week or so THEN came the crushing depression. Horrible. please warn people of this possibility esp. if you previously suffered bouts of depression. F 60 15 days
 3  first, weight loss dry mouth, funny taste in my mouth, sore tongue, chewing lip, gas i really cannot say that i have lost a lost of weight with this. i have taken it for over a year and since then have lost 9-10 pounds. however, i have some type of problem being able to stay awake in the daytime. after starting this med the dr. told me to stay on it since it was keeping me from being so fatigued and wanting to just lie around. that is one thing i can say, it really gives you enery and i can't say that it makes me have heart flutters or anything like that and i REALLY have to be careful about anything that does make my heart flutter, but so far, no problems. Just hope I see more weight coming off! F 51 1 years
 3  to loose weight insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, complete loss of appitite, thirsty all the time,constant need to chew(make sure that you have plenty of chewing gum) this drug is very effective in assisting with weight loss but i urge you to be very careful that you are not replacing one addiction with another. I found it extremly difficult to stop taking this drug because it is just so much easier to take one pill every day than it is to find the time to excersise reguarly along with having to cook and plan a healthy diet also this drug works almost instantly and has amazing results diet and excersise takes time. Once you stop taking this drug you will most likely find that you are stacking on the pounds at a rapid speed. It does the job as i have lost half of my body weight but be very, very careful as it IS also an addictive drug!! F 25 6 days
 5  Weight loss in the beginning, maybe 2-3 wks my sleeping was worse than usual. took a really long time to fall asleep & then woke up about every 2 hrs the rest of the night. Dry mouth & shakiness if taken too much to start until you get used to it. Really like it. Has helped me loose 42 lbs but after taking it for almost two years, with little breaks of my own choosing - say 1-4 days w/out about every 4-5 wks, I have finally gotten to the point where it is no longer effective. Too bad. I have switched to Tenuate for the next month or so to see if that will work as well but if not then my doc will give me the Ionamin (phentermine) again. I took 1/2 tablet at first (don't recommend the time released capsules as you can not control them as well as the tablets), maybe 6 mos, then 1 full tab, then 1.5. When I had to take 2 to still get any effect my doc & I decided to switch for a bit. I have taken the Tenuate for about 2 weeks and it is, for me, inferior to the Phentermine. F 46 21 days
 5  weight loss insomnia - first 2 days I took Ionamin on and off for several years. It is incredible. Unfortunately my current doctor will not prescribe it to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone with weight to lose - in combination with reducing your caloric intake and increasing your exercise. This medication increases your energy so you're wanting to do more. F 28 6 times
 5  difficulty losing weight Duromine - occasion dry mouth when stressed, gassy I took duromine for 3 mths, had 1 mth break and now am back on it. The first 3 mths I lost over 15 kgs, gained 3 on the break (my own error) and have now lost 6 kgs after 3 weeks of being back on the pills which is a total weight loss of 18 kgs. I have had weight problems since I hit puberty and this is the only thing besides killing myself with over-exercising that works. The first night I had problems sleeping but only because I read too much about the problems that I may have. The best thing to do is just to tell yourself you don't have sleep problems and close your eyes (this worked for me, but it's a case by case thing). I can manage to eat two pieces of fruit and dinner in a day and weigh myself twice a day as the weight differs morning and night - it's a good guide to know what does and doesn't make you lose weight each day. The first week I stayed off the scales and thought I had gained weight as I didn't know what time of day I am at my lightest.. I feel much more confident, h F 23 4 months
 2  lose weight very speedy, chewing on inside of cheeks, sore, raw, under the tongue.short temper. unquenshable thirst. no sleep at all. super irritable and impatient. can't focus well,can't do math,or think properly at times.very powerful mood altering drug. works for surpressing the appitite, but the side effects are just too severe. dry mouth is so uncomfortable, and cheek chewing really bad. nerves are shot!! would compare it to 50 cups of strong coffee!! Be carefull!! Only try a few days first for sure. F 50 7 days
 3  Lose weight Increased heart beat, increased alterness and agitation, appetite almost disappeared but when I forgot to eat anything, I felt dizzy & weak. Recommend eating eggs or tin of tuna every few hours. Day 4 - bad stomach cramps!! F 27 4 days
 5  To lose weight Headaches (probably from lach of sleep thought due to the drug) stomache aches, dufficutly sleeping Lots of energy, great if you want to lose 5-10 kilos with in a week to two weeks M 18 1 months
 5  was gettin too fat VERY dry mouth..when i DID exersise my heart would beat faster than usual, nothing serious though..not hungry AT mood body was craving water but when i drank it i really didnt want it anymore ..wierd?..thatss it this works reallyyyyy good..but i guess it works for me beacuse im 16 years (yea im young)old, but i've been on it for 1 1/2 months and lost 24 pounds!!!! F 16 1 months
 5  April 2004 dry mouth,at first few days hard to sleep,sometimes feel unwell. really works n control my eatings. F 28 6 months
 5  lose weight dry mouth,at first few days hard to sleep,sometimes feel unwell. really works n control my eatings.Arite lost 10kg. F 28 7 months
 5   dry mouth upset stomache I swear this pill is awesome i used it for two months and lost alot of weight its great if it werent for the side effects F 28 2 months
 4  to lose weight at first alot of energy, but after awhile it stop working. i still felt hungry. takes time to work F 34 6 months
 5  loose weight the nanme was duromine 30 mg.good weight loss,but bery dry mouth,bad temper,found hard to sleep i kept the weight off,i had will power!!!if very over weight i would recomend this,as old fat hard to shift?? F 30 2 months
 5  weight I tend to get a little ill (hateful) at times, my family say its due to the ionamin. I enjoyed losing the weight. It has been the only thing that has really helped me out. M 37