Why IONAMIN* (Phentermine resin complex ) is Prescribed for Patients

Patient opinion of IONAMIN: satisfied (average rating score: 3.94)

(based on 17 reviews )

Top 10 Reasons for taking IONAMIN
(reported on Ask a Patient)

  Reason # of Ask a Patient Reviews
1Weight decreased*4

*Also included as reason for taking drug in FDA Adverse Events summary.

Top 20 Side Effects of IONAMIN
(reported on Ask a Patient)

  Side Effect # of Ask a Patient Reviews
1Dry mouth7
3Decreased appetite3
5Adverse drug reaction3
10Mood altered2
11Cardiac flutter2
13Weight decreased2
14Abdominal pain upper2
15Irregular sleep phase1
17Thought blocking1
18Tongue disorder1
20Delayed sleep phase1

*Important! This side effect is also associated with Adverse Event Reports (serious reaction); Also see charts in FDA Adverse Events summary.

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Level of Satisfaction with IONAMIN

Total Reviews: 17 (Average Rating: 3.94)

Ask a Patient Number of Reviews by Age

Total Reviews: 17*

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* Reviews for drugs with the same active ingredients have been aggregated in this analysis: Phentermine resin complex (Phentermine resin 30, Ionamin)

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