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 5  Abdominal CT scan Was given 2 16oz bottles of water with the gastrografin inside it to drink 1 1/2 hours prior to my scan (while I was in the waiting room). Tasted just like water and was able to drink both bottles in about 35 minutes easily. (Arrived at 1:15, was given at 130ish and scan started at 3pm) Had no side effects while there. Burped a few times while there and had minimal gas later that evening around 6-8 (scale of 1-10 on severity is say 2). Had a slight headache about 12 hours later, not sure if it's related to it or not. Had NO diarrhea at all!! Would take again no problem F 39 0 days
N/A 1X D
 2  Colonograph Only worked a bit just before second dose at 7pm. Then not until I just got to hospital at 8.30 am Had awful wind for two days and slight diarrhoea but now on third day I have bad diarrhoea and need to sit on loo most of the time. Feel a bit warm as well and would love to lie on sofa but can't yet. F 74 1 days
100mls 2X D
 5  Ct colon scan None Found it very pleasant to take because I love aniseed, cramps not too bad, but after scan going to the loo a bit more often but not unpleasant, would do it again no problem, F 70 2 days
100 1X D
 1  CT colonoscopy Severe diarrhea after the CT colonoscopy . Especially after eating. Loud gurgling stomach and painful cramps F 52 1 days
100ml 2X D
 2  Had a positive bowl cancer test Yes been really unwell , belly cramps really bad take breath away tbh ... loose stools watery and have ro be near toilet used loo roll now hurts wipes sting and tbh I havny been out I can't. Been sick few times havnt slepted or eaten yet 3 days ... I need too I just laid up feel unwell x No it tastes nasty ..thick .made me sick first time I drank it violently.. 2nd okay ...3rd necked water all day long I suffers bad acid too .... plus day 3 I'm getting burning pains so tomorrow ringing doctors F 41 1 days
30mg 3 x 3X O
 4  CT colonography Nothing much after first dose - fairly frequent visits to loo after 2nd dose but no pain or urgency- more or less took until morning of scan to be cleared Was not as bad as other reviews suggested- took with squash which I'd had in fridge and used a straw- was ok. Still loose stools 2 days after test F 64 2 days
100mg 1X D
 1  CT colon Not bad to take diluted with juice. No effect until after 6 hrs after 2nd dose. Explosive diarrhoea all night. Still persists at day 4 and counting. Very sore skin around anus from caustic effects. Can't go out. Would never take this again. F 65 1 days
40mls x2 2X D
 2  Abdominal CT Scan Gas, diarrhea I had to get an abdominal CT scan this morning. I was told to take 30 ml Gastrografin mixed with 48 oz. water & a pack of lemonade mix. The taste wasn't too bad. I had to drink 16 oz. last night and didn't have any noticeable side effects besides gas. I managed to get through 16 oz. more this morning out of the 32 oz. I was supposed to take. Went to the bathroom & thought I just had to pass gas. Was not gas. Had to take an Imodium to be able to get off the toilet and get my scan done. They still did the scan even though I didn't finish all of it. I recommend staying close to a toilet and using Imodium for some relief. I have not gone at all since the Imodium and the gas pains have went away. Was told I am ok to go back to regular foods so we'll see how it goes. Hoping the Imodium lessens the aggressiveness of the diarrhea later on. If you have to take this, good luck. F 20 2 days
30ml 1X D
 1  Virtual bowel ct scan Uncontrollable bowel movement couldn't get to the toilet still diarrhea on day four following procedure Would not take again F 65 2 days
50mg x2 1X D
 2  Ct colonocopy First dose did nothing , next dose bit of Diarrhea . After my ct scan gates of hell opened constant Diarrhea and wind for 4 days and counting F 50 0 days
50 1X D
 4  CT colonogram Mild cramps before pooing. Not unpleasant, did the job well F 79 1 days
20 x 2d 2X D
 1  CT scan Terrible diarrhea .terrible day.if had known how bad would not have agreed.also I have heart failure and COPD and no one has advised if I should take my medications or not F 73 1 days
30 2X D
 2  CT colonography I was given Gastrografin along with 2 senna tablets. So taking them both at the same time made things 100 times worse. The Gastrografin kicked in first about an hour later after swallowing this vile tasting liquid. Adding blackcurrant did not help. My toilet is only a few steps from my bed room and a few times i didn't quite make it. I don't think there was any need to give me senna as well. They are a powerful stimulant that goes through me to the point that i loose control of my bowels. It was just awful. Only had five hours sleep over 48 hrs constant diarrhoea. At the CT appt the clinician remarked how red and sore my bottom was. Toilet paper felt like razor blades. After the CT scan the gas literally exploded out of my body along with more diarrhoea. It was just awaful. If i knew then what i know now I'm not sure i could tolerate taking this nasty stuff. I am extremely sore and it is painful to sit down. F 64 2 days
100ml 2X D
 3  Before having a CT Scan Taste of gastrogafin wasn't too bad, thick aniseed flavor liquid.explosive loose bowels soon after 2nd dose gurgling stomach continued up to appointment... Didn't have much gas after Scan, but 4 days after my scan as soon as I eat I have to visit the loo, continuingly loud gurgling stomach and loose bowels...unable to go far from loo as loose bowels can happen without warning.... F 61 1 days
50mg X 2 1X D
 5  Colonography Did not work until second dose at 6 pm. Then up from 7 to 7 the next morning. Went for scan. Not unpleasant at all. I thought I could straight to work but still bloated from the gas they put in and very uncomfortable. Tummy still grumbling so not sure how long this will last. No one said apart from you will be fine this afternoon and I am not. Anyone else had this experience please F 66 1 days
100 ml 1X D
 4  CT Colonography I had a CT colonography so took Gastrografin as part of the preparation. I had a low resdual diet on the Saturday followed by low residual foods on the Sunday but reduced quantities. I took my first dose of Gastrografin at breakfast on the Monday ( with 2 pieces of dried toast) The Gastrografin is vile, it contains pure Anise oil and is very strong. It seems a strange choice of Flavour as having worked in the Flavour industry, it is a very polarising Flavour, you love or hate it! Managed to get it down and an hour later had my first bowel movement, solid followed by loose stools. My next dose of Gastrografin was at lunchtime at 12pm with 75g of white fish and 2 tablespoons of white rice. I had multiple bowel movements after 30mins of eating lunch which lasted until 3pm when I had a period of respite. For dinner I had 2 boiled eggs and 1 piece of dried toast at 5pm. The Gastrografin was very difficult to get down by this time. I baulked quite a bit and had to add some Blackcurrant juice but it was very difficult. I then had diarrhoea for the next 4 hours progressively getting more watery and green tinged in colour. I drank lots of water. I went to bed at around 10.45pm with puppy mats on the bed just in case! I woke around 5am needing the toilet and spent the next 4 hours on and off the toilet. It had turned to murky yellow liquid by now and I had lots of quite explosive gas. I had to leave at 9.00am to get to my appointment by 9.15am, 15 mins before the scan time of 9.30am. Very unpleasant, not as palatable as Picolax but it felt a gentler laxative and not as aggresive. F 47 1 days
30ml x 3D 3X D
 3  CT colonoscopy preparation Stomach and bowel very gassy with very loud gurgling sounds, explosive no warning watery diarrhoea with no soft stools prior. I did not feel as though it emptied me out and probably needed to take another prep first for my own peace of mind and comfort. Further episodes of explosive diarrhoea and symptoms post procedure. Tasted like a chemical version of Pernod, not too bad to take as quite a small volume. Experiencing ongoing painful wind and unpleasant flatulence a day later. F 53 2 days
50ml 1X D
 3  CT virtual colonoscopy Severe gurgling in my stomach. Explosive diarrhoea without any warning. Didn't create any soft stools just straight to liquid. Do not feel cleared out. Not too bad to take as diluted to 100ml is a small volume, tasted like bitter Pernod. F 53 2 days
1X D
 5  Ct scan - colonography It did what it intended to do in a gentle manner. 10am dose, took effect 6.5 hours later. 6pm dose took effect within the hour. Liquid stools every half hour til around 9pm, then every hour til midnight. A couple of small liquid stools in the morning. Had ct scan. Had lunch, loose stools after eating and tummy gurgling a bit. F 51 1 days
50ml 2X D
 1  For a colonoscopy A lot of gurgling noise from within my stomach. After taking 15 laxatives and gastrografin I have had only a small movement. This has caused my colonoscopy to be put back. F 34 2 days
50 1X D