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 5  Seizure disorder Osteopenia In 40 years never had a seizure while on Dilantin. Docs tried two other medications; had seizures soon after both times. M 66 40 years
100 mg 4X D
 3  Partial complex seizures TLE Iíve been taking Dilantin for about 1 and 1/2 years now, and for me the side-effects have included making my teeth more brittle. Also, I have small patches on my skin and scalp that are red and both itchy and sore. Iíve started supplementing my 300 mg/day of Dilantin with CBD oil in nasal spray form. The CBD oil has been wonderful at relieving both stress and depression. I still have occasional seizures, one or two every few months. As much as I dislike the seizures and the control they have on my life, no license, memory loss etc, I can live with the occasional seizure on Dilantin rather than the side effects I experienced on other anti-seizure meds. I do worry about my teeth breaking, as Iíve broken two teeth since Iíve been on Dilantin. But then when I seize, I fall and my head and teeth get compromised. 56 20 months
300 MG
 4  Borderline personality M 30 0 weeks
 4   M 65 40 years
 4  Epilepsy Osteopenia and recent broke patella from fall. Dr said I have osteoporosis in knee. Seeing dentist twice a year and taking care of teeth help gums not to swell. Have become concerned about cerebral shrinkage. Have been seizure free for 36 years. So can't complain. F 65 49 years
130 2x day
 1  Seizure I have been taking Dilantin for five years, first seizure, only have had two. ( liver enzymes got high). Somedays my gait was off. The doctor cut dosage to 200 mg and started me on lamotrigine. With in a week I felt so much better. It took several months to get me completely off of Dilantin. When the dose was cut another 100 mg my liver enzymes were normal. With all the seizure medications to chose from, I do not understand why a doctor would put anyone on Dilantin. I will give an updated on how the lamotrigine is working for me. Good thought to all! F 75
300 mg 3X D
 1  Seizures tooth loss I took dilantin from age 7 to 17. Started loosing teeth in my 20s and it was a domino effect after that. Eventually got dentures at age 50.I'm now concerned about bone loss as I am experiencing pain associated with the dentures. Id love to get implants but am concerned that I don"t have enough bone left for that and can't afford it anyway M 54 10 years
200 mg dai
 1  seizures I have severe leg(calf) muscle damage. The doctor that began prescribing Dilantin to me told me that I wouldn't be able to walk by the time I reached 60. I didn't think it was true. But it is. I knew I needed something for my seizures. I took Dilantin for 20 years. That was the only medicine they offered me. Through the whole time I still had seizures. Three years ago I changed Doctor. Was prescribed Keppra haven't had but a two seizures in three years. But have severe leg(calf) damage. M 58 10 years
 1  Had one seizure went to shands Gave me dilantin on first seizure at hospital shands live oak Fla been six days still haven't slept feel weak feel cold while I'm sweating M 33 1 days
 1  Grande mal seizures Moody, depressed, irritable, hostile, fatigue, strange sensations I can't even describe, ringing in my head. This drug made me very depressed and moody and played a key role in destroying my most important relationship which of course led to further suffering. I switched to another drug and immediately those depressive symptoms disappeared but by then it was too late, I was alone. M 40 5 months
400 1X D
 5  Epilepsy--53 years Actually taking dilantin 53 years. Only side effect is depression and low energy. Otherwise, am very active--dance, walk, fitness, multitasking for years. Found taking 400mg daily was too much. Alternated 400 and 300 daily. F 63 10 years
300-400 mg
 5  Seizures It gives me energy and helps me lose weight I've never had a problem with this medicine as long as I've been taking it I've been taking it since I was 3 years old 42 1 days
 3  EPILEPSY CONFUSED numb left hand unable to walk slow feeling Was diagnosed as being DILANTIN TOXIC F 44 10 years
 5  seizure control Gum overgrowth, possible psychosis when level is too high. agitation. irritable, fatigue Dilantin has stopped nocturnal seizures, some partials, and may have reduced the overall number. Unfortunately, it is often elevated by other meds and when this happens there are psychological impacts, gum overgrowth and many other side effects that aren't positive. Still, it's been more successful than without it. Dilantin is normally the primary med for some and has required at least one add-on. M 50 27 years
330 1X D
 4  Seizures Weight gain,short term memmory lost,facile hair,fatigue,tied,sleepy. Been on it for longer than 10 years. Been on it for 26 years. F 43 10 years
 3  Seizures Short memory problems,forgetful. F 74 4 years
 5  Epilepsy At first I couldn't take it, it was making me sick and feeling funny. After a couple of months it worked perfect. If your doctor tells you to take Dilantin, no matter how you feel, continue. Don't forget to take this medication, take it daily. The good news is once your used to it you should be able to take it once a day, in the morning. I went from a failure at high school to becoming a dispatcher for a huge company. i also wrote programs for the company. This is all due to the help of dilantin. Once your on your level you will find that if something very important is about to come up such as a meeting, one extra pill will zoom you in and focus you. Agree with this medication and you may be seizure free for years. M 59 40 years
400mg 1X D
 1  seizures,brain injury as a child Mentally unstable. Panic attacks, mania, confusion, memory loss. Extreme aggression, Depression. Have to get a lawyer and ask to be on disability, would not recommend at all. M 57 10 years
200 & 300 2X D
 5  grand mal seizures I was put on 300 mg of Dilantin at age 16 for seizures but after a week or so, it was reduced to 200 mg when I exhibited toxicity to it. I have osteopenia but so did my mother, and two of my sisters so I can not say that Dilantin has caused it. According to an MRI done at Mayo in Rochester, I have moderate cerebral shrinkage. This accounts for some of my unsteadiness at times and I realize this is a side effect of Dilantin. However at age 65, many people have an unsteady gait so I again can not say that Dilantin did that to me. I do not have any gum overgrowth. I have some elevation in my ALK Phosphatase count but not enough that my neuro is concerned about it. At the age of 16, I felt my life was over when I started having seizures. Dilantin gave me my life back so that I could function normally and I married and had two sons. No one ever told me of the side effects until after my second son was born and thank God that both of them were spared any birth defects. I do seem to metabolize Dilantin differently and need to keep my levels up above 20 to avoid a seizure. Just this week I learned that Dilantin is also measured in "free" levels and that as long as they are between 1 and 2, I am in the normal range. That is still confusing to me as my last reading was 32.2 with free level at 1.7. Along with the knowledge of my neuro, I have lowered my dosage from 260 to 230. He hates Dilantin because it is so hard to keep a balance on levels especially as we age. For now, I have no plans to switch to another drug because Dilantin has kept me safe from seizures and all drugs have side effects. In a perfect world, I would not have to take any drugs at all. F 65 49 years
230 1X D
 5  I am taking 100 mg for seziure I feel tingling I in my head and down my neck and down into my back. I take 100 mg of dilantin 3 times a day. I have grandma seizures and I just feel sometimes I am still going to have a seziure and my ears ring and my stomach hurts then I feel like throwing up. F 25 3 times

DILANTIN  (PHENYTOIN SODIUM):  Phenytoin is used to prevent and control seizures (also called an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug). It works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)