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 3  chest infection Very grumpy and lack of appetite Yeah slow to work even on such a high dose F 48 2 weeks

 1  Infections of the glands Muscles shake feel like jelly sickness tummy cramps can't hold anything down Never having again have had 3 times as it is the only antibiotic I can take and it makes me worse than penicillin F 19 1 days

 5  Terrible cough Incredible hunger and extreme fatigue. I have never been so tired and so hungry in all my life. Actually, that's not true, the only other time was when I was pregnant/breastfeeding. Went and bought a pregnancy test because I couldn't figure out what was going on then read all the comments on this site. Every time I eat something, about 5 minutes later I feel like I'm starving again. It is SO frustrating because I know I can't be THAT hungry after eating. F 31 6 days
400 4X D

 1  Tonsilitis The worst pure stomach pain I have ever had, feels like my stomach is swelling and needs to exploded. I've had no sleep now since taking them and the fever I had for tonsillitis has returned. Please shoot me it's horrendous M 35 1 days
2 x 250mg

 1  tooth infection Nausea, vomiting, gurgling stomach, abdominal pain, fatigue, anxiety, skin flushed. F 40 1 days

 5  Infection Prophyaxis after injury EXTREME HUNGER. Didn't feel sick, no diarrhea or nausea. no fatigue, but I was more hungry then ever in my life! M 10 days
1X D

 1  Skin infection No side effects during. One week after severe abdominal pain that has now lasted for 3 weeks (doesnt respond to panadol, ibroprophin ect). Can only eat bland foods without it flaring up. Had diareah the first two weeks but its gone. Would rather have had the skin infection than suffer the side effects. F 18 7 weeks

 1  Skin infection I am only on second day and feel so nauseous, hunger pains but then even worse after I eat. Stomach feels sick, tight and bloated. Unbelievably tired even after a decent 9 hour sleep. Not sure if it's even working for the infection but am going to have to take some days off work now because the nausea is so bad F 21 7 days
250mg 4X D

 3  Throat infection Day 2 - chronic diarrhoea, sudden without warning. Severe stomach pulsing pain. Swollen stomach, tiredness. Dry retching through entire night. Although I feel original illness being aided - just not worth all these side effects. Lost whole weekend & will have to take a few days off work to recover. F 46 5 days

 1  Tonsillitis Only got them this morning and have taken 3 lots today which it's says on the pack take 2 4 times a day .. I got prescribed these as I've bad tonsillitis 4 times in 3 and a half months and I'm currently waiting for my hospital appointment .. (Penicillin) don't work and gives me kidney infections .. So I've nearly took 1 days worth and a few hours after the 1st tablets I had symptoms the worst is feeling sick , hunger pains and starting to get diarrhoea .. I'm going to try to take the whole lot but I hate feeling sick .. Let's hope it calms down.. F 20 10 days

 1  Chest infection I have severe stomach pain !! And extremely nauseous. So sick right now it's unbelievable to me. I called the pharmacy and they said defiantly is the medication. It's very common they tell me. Then why is this being sold ? It isn't cheap either F 51 3 days
333 mg

 1  Tonsillitis Sick, drowsiness, abdominal pains F 20 1 days
500 mg

 2  I trod on a sharp piece metal I have been having hot and cold sweats I have been feeling sick and dizzy I felt like I had a head ache coming on I had bad toilet come out of no where with no warning M 21 7 days

 1  upper respiratory tract infection From first dose, nausea, abdominal pains, cramping. By fifth dose, diarrhoea, dry retching, very high temperature, headache, dizziness, unable to stand or walk. Extremely tired and confused. F 37 1 days

 1  skin infection DO NOT TAKE THIS! I have had all sorts of anti biotics in the past but Dr prescribed me this one as others have made me feel ill. After just one day of taking the medicine I was in severe pain with stomach cramps, vomiting 4 times an hour, so much that I couldn't even put the tiniest drop of water in my mouth without being sick and sweating like crazy and then shivering cold minutes later. Stopped taking the medicine but still feel extremely ill. Avoid at all costs! F 19 1 days
 1  Tonsillitis Extreme hunger pains, chest pains, back pains, bloating, tiredness, aching all over F 22 7 days

 4  Throat Infection Vivid Dreams Gas Headache Nausea if taken without food General feeling of being in a day dream After becoming resistant to amoxycillian I have found my first experience with ethromycin the most amazing thing in at least a year for a throat infection. 20 10 days
400mg 3X D

 1  skin infection Severe stomach pains, at first felt like very bad hunger pains but after 4th dose..hell let loose! Could nkt stop vomiting and diarrhoea like water! And sweating like i was going through menopause i would not recommend these at all! I stopped taking after just 24 hours as the pain was unreal and i have given birth twice! F 23 1 days
 2  strep throat Severe hunger pangs,cramps and tiredness. F 27 1 days

 1  Skin infection Seriously painful abdomen, throwing up bile. Have taken 10 tabs over 2 days.. Stopping the course, would rather have original illness! Waiting for dr to call me, ban this drug! F 37 2 days
2, 4 times
 4  Wisdom Teeth Infection Stomach Cramps, Not too bad, Usually just in the morning after I took it, Diarrhea once and a while after I got a huge pain in my stomach. The thing that made me most uncomfortable was sweating, After taking it I seem to have episodes of beated sweat,(even in air conditioned places.) and exhausted, constantly tired no matter how much I slept or how well. The worse thing about it was being tired all the time, and just a weird feeling in my stomach. However the pain in my gums are subsiding until surgery. WAH. I hate antibotics :( F 10 days
333Mg 3X D

 1  ear infection Wish I wouldve read this before taking it Horrible experience. I woke up after taking the second dose with such extreme pain in my upper abdomen under both rib cages that I had to go to the emergency room as I thought i was having a gullbladder attack. I have given birth to 4 children and the stomach pain I endured from just 2 of these tabs was by far worse then contractions. I havent taken any in about 24 hrs and the stabbing pains are slowing down .. I also havent eaten in two days because I just feel like Im voing to vomit. Do NOT TAKE THIS MED . The emergency room dr. Told me he doesnt prescribe it to his paitients because of all the HORRIBLE side effects. F 27 10 days

 1  Tooth infection Beginning of day 2 an excessive amount of wind and bloating . Tiredness. Nausea which got progressively worse throughout the day . Stomach discomfort at first followed by severe pains pulsating in intestines, it was like I could feel the drug working it's way down . The pains caused severe nausea and retching . After about 5 hours of this the only way I could stop the retching was to breath like I was having a baby! Very scarey I've not experienced anything like this before. I'm glad it's morning. I still have slight pain and discomfort in my gut which I'm hoping will go in s couple of hours. The plus side tooth ache has gone. F 53 2 days
4mg per da

 3  Helicobacter Pylori Severe tummy cramps and diarrhoea, rumbling of tummy and general tiredness I was originally on another one that made me very unwell so was put on this with a combo of another to for the tummy ulcer. This one has not been as bad as the other and I have been able to cope on this one although antibiotics have never been good on my tummy, no matter which ones I have taken. I bought pro biotics and natural live yoghurt as advised by doctor to replace the good bacteria lost from the antibiotic. But I will be honest, I have not been able to go to many places since been on them, only local due to the diarrhoea and tummy cramps. I just hope they have cleared this up as apparently its a hard thing to shift. F 46 7 days
500 2X D

 2  Wound infection Hunger pains, severe chest pains and light headedness As far as it clearing up the infection, it did wonders! However; if I wanted to feel as if I was giving birth to an alien through my chest, I would've thought twice about taking this stuff. The pain is something else, can't get comfortable in any way shape or form... Be careful with this stuff! M 20 3 days
500mg 4X D

 4  Tonsilitis My tonsilitis feels great now I can eat with no pain "thank god" however I had Diareah or soft stool on the first & second day I'm now on the third day & I have abdominal pain my stomach feels tight & wind it's uncomfortable but I'd rather feel that than the horrible pain I was in due to my tonsilitis I'm going to continue taking them as long as it doesn't get worse because right now it's not that bad considering how I felt days ago. F 36 10 days
2 a day

 1  Severe asthma I was on a course for 7 days but had to discontinue use due to Extreme nausea, vomiting, severe stomach pain mimicking hunger, fatigue, rosie cheeks and general unwell feeling. F 15 3 days

 1  bronchitis Exreame belly pains felt like hunger pains but 100 times worse. Whole body feels bruised. Bloating. Feeling tired,dizzy light headed.hot and cold flushes. Never again will I have these F 20 2 days
2x 4 daily
 1  To tight the valve LES of the esophageal Abdominal pain and lost of appetite M 31 4 days
500 mg
 1  Cold/upper respiratory infection Weight gain, anxiety, gum line inflammation/redness, heartburn. I took this med a few months ago and had the same side effects, but didn't think a simple antibiotic would cause so many issues. Here I am again with a cold and got prescribed the same thing. On the 4th day I noticed my gum line around certain teeth are getting red/inflamed. I also have bad anxiety at night and massive heartburn. In 4 days I have gained almost 5 lbs from it. I didn't connect the dots with this med the first time, but am 100% sure it's the cause of the above issues now. If you can take something else, do it. Odd thing is, I had never had a problem with antibiotics before in my life. Strange. M 45 4 days
2X D
 2  cellulitis heart racing, difficulty controlling breathing, spaced out, upset stomach, severe nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue F 35 2 days
250 x 4day

 1  Tonsillitis & chest infection I have a penicillin allergy so was prescribed these. They def helped with my tonsillitis but I've nearly suffered as much with the side effects. Severe stabbing pain from under my rib cage all the way around to my back. Only took them for three days as I couldn't take the pain anymore. I've been on antibiotics before and never had any side effects. Read that high dose increases chances of side effects so going to pharmacy tomorrow to check my prescription. F 31 3 days
500 mg

 1  Lung infection Body started to swell up, droopy eye lids, couldn't stay awake. Woke up to stroke like symptom's. Gained over 10 pounds in 36 hours. Stopped taking, took 12 hours before swelling started to go down. Never again will I take this medication. F 59 1 days
250 4X D

 1  ear infection Feeling sick. Terrible pain in stomach as if bad hunger pains.. No sleep but feel totally worn out? Temperature Not taking theses again I feel awfull :( F 29 2 days

 5  Ear infection Since about the second day of taking it, I've noticed my sense of taste is way off. Nothing tastes good Cured my ear infection completely by day 3 F 5 days
250 MG 3X D

 1  Infection after molar tooth extract Severe burning sensation and cramping and nausea and lethargy within hours. Vomited up blood twice in succession on second day. Have not continued taking meds. Hours after discontinuing feel a lot better but still experiencing some burning sensation. If I am sick again or burning continues for another day will go to hospital a&e. My appetite has also significantly reduced. Finding it hard to even drink fluids too. F 36 2 days
250mg 4x d
 1  ear infection Severe stomach cramps, bloated & windy!! Cant sleep due to pain in tummy & sick feeling. Worst is the ear feels no better :( F 33 3 days
250mg x4

 1  Tonsillitis After last dose on day 2, vomiting every half hour to the minute, stomach cramps, something similar to hunger pains (although I'd eaten) ended up at doctors for anti vomiting tablets. F 35 2 days

 3  throat infection ok first couple of days but on day three i was up most of the night with terrible wind and abdominal discomfort Spoke to the doctor who suggested cutting down the dosage to half of original. Also taking some bio Yogurt as read by posters here, feeling better 6hrs on but still to try and get a nights sleep. Fingers crossed. M 47 10 days
500mg 4X D
 4  Acne I was prescribed erythromycin for acne and swollen glands by my GP 3 days ago for a 3 month course at 2x250mg morning and night. Symptoms: Day 1: Feeling tired, Nauseous, Fever. Day 2: Stomach cramps, Constant Hunger pains, Chest Pain and indigestion. Day 3: A little spaced out, Hunger pains and bad wind. luckily I researched this medication before taking it and lowered my dosage to 500mg per day 1x250mg morning and night. I have already noticed my lymph nodes shrinking and I have had no new spots breaking out. I shall keep you updated for any info contact me brandonevitt@hotmail.co.uk M 19 3 days
 1  Abscess on groin 2 x4 total 8 tablets over 7 days. by day 2 had a rumbling hunger pangs sensation even though eaten food. By day 3 pain was like burning and came in spasms followed by vomiting then retching through the night bringing up yellow/green bile extremely dehydrated unable to drink water. So ill ended up in hospital on drip for 2 days. All bloods and observations including scans and xrays normal only thing to explain how I ended in hospital is these tablets. Really lethal. I am allergic to penicillin so now avoiding Erythromycin I also found out these tablets can lead to inflamed pancreas I am so relieved I stopped them when I did the pain was more upper stomach than lower and radiated in flanks. I really thought it was gallbladder or pancreatitis cannot believe these tablets that are supposed to help can make you so ill. F 43 3 days
 1  Tooth Infection Burning stomach and throat, extreme nausea, diarrhea, depression, panic attacks, could not eat These are pure poison! I felt so sick that i couldn't eat. Did not take the last two but after 2 days of not taking them im still feeling ill...I feel like My body is going haywire. As someone who suffers from anxiety and emetophobia these definitely made it 300 times worse. Id rather be infected...its not worth it...i feel like i've tortured my body. F 19 5 days
250 4X D
 5  Cysts I have been prescribed this many times and unlike other anti-biotics these actually work for me. The only side effect I seem to get is heartburn but better than the pain from infected cyst. F 33 7 days
250 3X D

 1  Celtic tonsillitis I have been up all night with really painful stomach pains(very acidic). I've woken up several times being sick which was like a furry yellow/green colour and tasted like eating a tablet. Worst experience ever!!! F 16 2 days

 2  bronchitis Starting Day 5 (unbearable by Day 6) stabbing pain in back, left side, stomach cramps, joint pain, extreme muscle pain in legs. knees so that I could not walk properly, extreme fatique, oral & vaginal thrush.. Did not complete Day 7 Was prescribed this as first line drug for bronchitis, do not think it should be prescribed without first trying other antibiotics F 50 6 days
500mg 1X D

 2  Infected Sebaceous Cyst None, surprised at others comments. Had diarrhoea once on second day, but didn't assume it was the medication. I'm highly allergic to penicillin and also pregnant so options for antibiotics are fairly limited. Although I had no side effects, unfortunately it also hasn't cured the infection. F 29 7 days
250mg 4X D

 1  ear infection Dizzy, lifeless, was sick, queasy, stomach cramps I am limited as allergic to all cillins...told gp I didnt like this and he ignored me… F 52 2 days
500 x4 day

 2  Sore Throat Severe acidity, stomache ache I have taken it before but the side effects were less. Now I am taking again after six months and jhave very bad heartburn, acidity, stomache ache since the night I started taking these tablets. M 23 2 days
250 2X D

 2  sore throat;allergic to penicillin some stomach cramps F 40 1 days

 1  Tonsillitis Severe chest pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, dizziness, loss of appetite. Only took 4 tablets in total out of 56, nearly ended up in a&e. Do not take these! F 18 1 days
2 tab 4 x
 1  Chest and throat infection After the first use had bad stomach pains and was being sick for 3 hours straight. F 14 5 days

 3  Infected wound after operation The drug appears to be working as the wound is leaking less gunge ! However the tablets seem to be knocking me out so tired and lifeless . M 45 4 days
250Mg 4X D
 1  Chest infection *penicillin allergy Severe stomach cramps , dry skin , flushed face & hands, earache & headache, weak, tired& dizzy. Felt worse taking it than I did before it was prescribed. F 38 7 days

 4  Sinus Infection Nausea, cramping, sleep disturbance due to upper abdominal pain that felt like chest pain and back pain. Gurgling in my stomach that feels like hunger pains. Worked very fast to alleviate congestion and fever associated with sinus infection. 24 hours into medication the sinus symptoms are probably 75% better already. Hope I can make it through all 10 days with the side effects though. Based on some suggestions here I will try yogurt and increased carbs. F 39 10 days
500MG 2X D

 1  Tonsillitis and an ear infection I am someone who suffers from stomach problems and has a serious phobia of being sick therefore I do not understand why I was prescribed these tablets, I took one at 8pm and by 11pm I felt incredibly sick, bloated and had abdominal cramps. At 3am I was sick and it is now 7am the next day and I still feel incredibly sick. I also took after a meal which is supposed to make it better. Would NOT recommend. F 18 7 days

 1  Cold/Conjunctivitis Extreme pain in upper stomach/abdomen. The pain was unbearable on 2-3 day I had to stop using the tablets. Stomach cramps like never before, the pain was indescribable. Vomiting but mainly just dry reaching, loss of appetite. I wouldn't recommend this medication unless you absolutely have to. The pain is definitely not worth it, I was sleepless for 2 days. Had been prescribed with the medication before and was fine so this was very weird. Has got me wondering whether the pill interfered with it, but overall a very very terrible experience with this medication and I will not be taking it again!! F 17 7 days
400 2X D
 1  Infected Wisdom tooth Severe nausea, vomitting, stomach pain radiating round top of stomach (diaphragm area) like heartburn, stomach hot to touch I was prescribed this because I am allergic to Penicillin. The strange thing is I think I've taken it before and been ok so no idea why I had such a bad reaction. The symptoms started about 24 hours after I started taking the medicine, it was at night and began like really bad heartburn and nausea - couldn't get to sleep until about 4am. At this point I wasn't sure that it was the erythromycin and didn't want to stop taking antibiotics half way through the course so continued to take them. The whole day I was doubled over in pain, vomitted twice and had to just lie still in bed because I could not move for the pain in my chest/stomach. By the end of the day I realised that the pain got way worse an hour or two after I took the pills and then subsided around 6 hours after - so it was definitely caused by the erythromycin. I know that other people may be fine and I just had a bad reaction (as I said - I've taken them before with no such trouble) but I would never take this medicine again. F 23 4 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Tonsillitis After the very first dose I have very sharp, severe pains in my stomach right under my rib cage. During tha night the pain got worse and I was sick due to the pain. I carried on taking them for one more day but couldn't hack the stomach pain. Doctor took me straight off them, luckily the tonsillitis had cleared up. Very very bad experience!! F 28 7 days
 3  recurrent cellulitis Nausea for two hours after each dose, diarrhoea, stiff neck, headache, feeling of 'fullness' in ears, joint twinges, fatigue and general feeling of malaise. Having developed allergy to penicillin, was prescribed this as an alternative. It has reduced cellulitis infection fairly quickly but I need to take it for two weeks after cellulitis symptoms are gone : ( F 63 7 days
250 4X D
 4  Recurring cough and cold No noticeable side effects Just finished 7 day dose. Started to feel much better after about 24 hours, but I am not sure my infection has totally cleared so am going back to the doctor today. M 49 7 days
500mg 4X D
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