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 5  extremely dry eyes none My eyes are sometimes red in the morning, but they were before starting restasis too. No burning or irritation of any kind. F 58 6 months
0.05% drop 2X D

 5  dry eye occasional burning when using the drops This medicine changed my life. No -- it saved my life. My dry eye problem was intolerable before using Restasis, and it's now virtually resolved. F 58 5 years
? 2X D

 5  dry eye after lasik blurred vision (?) Wonderful results! After lasik, I was using many drops per day of OTCs, my eyes were so dry. Now I use this only 2x a day. After several months of use I developed minor blurred vision in the distance which may or may not be related, so that I now wear very weak glasses, only for driving. However my pre-lasik vision was so bad, this is well worth it for me, and anyway may be because I over-use the product (2-3 drops twice a day). F 41 1.5 years
2X D
 5  Ocular Rosacea None I have bottom punctal plugs as well as using the Restasis and warm packs on my eyes at bedtime. I haven't had any side effects in my eyes, they feel 100 times better. Still red all the time, but they were before starting Restasis. The only thing I'm wondering is if it's affected my cholestrol and triglycerides. They've been high since starting it and have now shot up really high. Cyclosporine can increase cholestrol but they claim Restatis doesn't get into the blood stream so I don't know. F 57 18 months
drops 2X D
 5  Chronic Dry Eye Eye pain shortly after administering drops. This pain has subsided GREATLY since I began taking Restasis in October 2010. Now I barely notice any pain after administering the drops. I've also noticed that if I use Restasis right before I shower in the AM I have no pain at all. The eye pain is a minor inconvenience compared to the results I've gotten from Restasis. Prior to starting the drug I felt like I had gravel in my eyes, and I thought that my vision was changing. I went to my optometrist to have my eyes checked and it turned out that my Rx was just fine, but the dry eye was causing the vision changes. I started on Restasis and an occular anti-inflammatory that same day. I've never looked back. My dr. had warned me that it might take several months for the Restasis to fully kick in. I'm glad I waited. My tear production has returned to normal levels, I've been off the anti-inflammatory for several months and my eyes feel great. F 46 8 months
1 drop 2X D

 5  Dry eye Very slight burning. This drug takes a long time to give you the desired result, however, the results when they kick in are impressive for my type of dry eye. My eye doc, said that my tears would evaporate every 3 seconds before whereas 12-14 is normal. They literall felt like sand paper before. Three months later, my tears now last 12 seconds before evaporating. The only problem is that you have to use them forever. F 43 1 years
2X D
 5  ocular rosacea None Started working after about 3 weeks. My eyes are much less red and inflamed. I'm ecstatic! F 54 5 months

 5  Dry eyes none It helps a lot- I notice a real difference if I don't put my drops in for a day or two. F 25 2.5 years

 5  Sjogren's Syndrome Burning in he eyes. F 40 1.5 years

 5  dry eye It was an instant cure. My eyes had been dry and weepy at the same time for months. I tried many other things, but only got temporary partial relief. This has been great, and I notice if I forget to use because my eyes degrade in a short time. F 62 24 days

 5  Sjogrens Sometimes burning, especially in worst eye. In the beginning it was severe burning but that became less over time. After 7 months I was able to cry with real tears and vision was better. Now, after 2.5 years I can drive at night. Occassional burning in exchange for better vision is a so worth it. Stick with it. F 69 2.5 years
one drop 2X D

 4  severe dry eye/possible graves If you truly have dry eye this product should work for you-most of the time. If I didn't have it I would be in so much pain! Restasis keeps me level. It varies day to day, as to whether or not I am faithful in using. 12 hrs apart and weather also plays a roll. I do have headaches, tooth pain, and ear pain. My DR's tell me there is nothing wrong with my ears. But recently had 2 ear infections in which I have not had one since I was a child. I have pain behind the eye ball and tired burning red eyes if they are over worked from straining to read. Cannot read or look at computer for very long without pain, and I have pretty good vision 20/40. All I know after all the doctors I've seen, without restasis I would be in big trouble!!!!! The rest will come in time. Don't give up until you get an answer F 52 3 years
 4  Chronic dry eye When I first use the drops, some slight stinging for a few seconds. Provides relief from dry eyes and my vision improves with regular use. My eye dr. prescribed these drops for me to take 2x a day. I have no mucous in my eyes now that I am using this. Also, no itchy, watery eyes. F 41 4 years

 4  sjogrens syndrome stinging for a few minutes after I take the drop (2x a day) Why do they make you waste half the liquid in the sealed container each time you use it? and it is very expensive Otherwise good stuff...nothing else works anyway. F 43 4 years

 4  Dry Eye Condition Unable to wear contacts following administration. Some occasional itching in the eye. Excellent medication for dry eye. F 39 2 years

 4  Sjogren My eyes were so dry that my cornea's kept getting an abrasion which would then get infected - I had plugs. The first few months on restasis was hell but it then got better and better for a long time. After about 4 years on the drug, the dryness increased and they raised me to 4 x daily but now I have a rash around my eyes and also at the base of my nostril. Was wondering if this is related to the new dose of restasis. Have no clue how I am going to live without this drug. F 49 4 years
4X D

 4  dry eye After a year on Restasis, I am getting irritation in my eyes. They seem to be blood shot and constantly feel like something is in the eye. I am also experiencing sharp pain in the right eye.This has just started and I have not contacted my physician yet. It really helped my eyesight and dry eye. Not sure what I am going to do if I am starting to develop a problem. I need clear vision for my job. F 58 1 years
2X D

 4  cronic dry eye/itching/pain Stinging after long use but was told by Dr. that would be normal because eyes were healing. Have occasional sensation of something in my eyes but restane drops cure that. Blurred vision ifm I try to get on comp or watch tv right after. My experience has been beneficial overall although I still need to add moisture drops occasionally & during allergy season I turn to my steroid drops to reduce inflamation. (eyes feell like a vice is squeezing them) I have almost no "eye boogers" any more & my light sensitivity has been greatly improoved. For those of you with sjogrens. GET A NEW DOCTOR. My own research just on the web has me figuring that this med is bad for this condition. "Although the hallmark symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth. Sjögren’s may also cause dysfunction of other organs such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the central nervous system." My readings on this med have found that Restasis affects the liver if you alreasy have some issues & increases hypertension symptoms if you already have that also. F 40 18 months
.05 2X D

 4  dry eyes I wonder if I am getting more and WORSE colds and if when I got the flu it was worse than it would otherwise have been. I don't recall getting more than 2 colds a year - so far this year, I've had 2 and this last was a doozie! Lots of throat pain with typical cold symptoms. Just seems to me it could be related to the restasis. F 50 2 years
2X D

 4  Dry Eyes Some burning/stinging So far I've been reasonably happy with Restasis. I haven't noticed a huge difference but I haven't been on it very long. About 50% of the time it stings a bit when I put it in and for a few minutes afterwards. I don't really mind that though because I have severe eye allergies and the burning/stinging is very minor compared to the intense itching I used to get during grass season. I also take this with Pataday allergy eye drops and have to wait for 15-20 minutes in between using the two products. There is more stinging in the morning because that is when I take the Pataday, but again it is not that bad for me. F 28 10 days
1 drop 2X D

 3  Dry Eye A little stinging, not bad. If I remember the night dosage I wake up with less "gumminess". Seems to help during the day, and I can keep contacts in longer, up to six hours. Still, not a miracle cure. I still need Systane and other dry-eye drops. Even my opthomologist thinks the "one vial per dose" is wasteful. I use one vial per day, or even per two days if I forget to take it regularly. I need to stop taking it for a week to see if I miss it. I'll report back. F 66 4 months
? 1X D

 3  dry eyes/sjogrens it really helped at first, but now my eyes keep getting blurry and I can't tolerate bright lights at all.Also it feels like I can't move my eyes very fast or I get dizzy. My ears are ringing and sinuses are plugged. I'm going back to OTC drops. F 50 5 months
2X D

 3  extreme dry eye from lasik surgery I do believe it has helped somewhat but I have also experienced excess mucous in the back of my throat.I also am experiencing an itchy rash on my legs.I dont knowif this could be from a lotion or not but have had it around the same time I started the restasis I also was working out at the gym last night and my ears clogged up and got a bit of a headache and had to blow my ears out.I do believe this has to be from the restasis cause of the excess mucous running down the back of my throat.Hmmmm..anyone else experienced anything like this? F 51 4 weeks
2X D

 3  Moderate dry eyes Bloodshot eyes, eyes are very sore, sensitive to light, hard to drive at night, eyes are swollen at times Seem to use less OTC eye drops than before. Wear contacts so able to wear them pretty comfortably around 8 hours. Not sure if the side effects weight out the benefits yet though. F 56 90 days
2X D

 3  Dry eyes in the Winter Some burning. I have used it for about 10 weeks and it has only helped a little so far. F 53 10 weeks

 3  dry eyes - lasik + maoi some burning, which usually goes away fairly quickly. not as effective as i had hoped, but better than nothing. i started having problems with dry eyes after my lasik procedure, mostly waking up with painful/dry/itchy eyes after sleeping all night, but after a month or two it was manageable with artificial tears. a few months after i started taking emsam (the maoi patch, for depression), the dryness got worse - i woke up a few times with my eyes so dry that my eyelid was literally stuck closed, and a few times felt like it ripped off the surface of my eye if i opened it suddenly. after about 8 weeks on the drops, i was back to the pre-maoi levels, and i'm now able to manage the dryness with tears again (no more waking up with eyes stuck closed). F 27 6 months
 3  chronic dry eye Temporary eye irritation immediately after drops administered; understand that medication must be used for several weeks before results are noticed Medication is extremely expensive and unless results are exceptional, I will not refill RX. My doctor has advised that I save unused portion in vial for subsequent use. F 63 7 days

 3  Sjogren's Syndrome Itching, burning, eye pain. Extreme sensitivity to bright light. Aggravated sinus/allergy issues. This is my 3rd attempt at trying Restasis. I stopped the other times after just a few days due to sinus problems and itching/burning sensation. My doctor thinks these side effects will go away after several months on it, but now I'm getting very sensitive to bright lights of any sort. May go back to using over-the-counter dry eye gel as Restasis side effects are beginning to outweigh possible benefits. F 39 6 months

 3  Severe Dry Eyes I have not had any problems but I am only on my first week and my doctor said it could take up to six weeks for it to work. I need a miracle! My tears last less than 5 seconds. F 46 7 days

 3  Chronic dry eye My eyes burn for about 15 minutes after application. I have noticed a slight increase in my blood pressure, since beginning the medication. Also, after being on Restasis for about 2 months, I developed dry mouth at night. I am not sure if these two new symptoms are related to Restasis or not. Additionally, my eyelids are now red most of the time. Restasis has helped my dry eye to a degree. I no longer need a heavy ointment in my eyes while sleeping. Some days, I do not need additional eye drops, but other days I may use drops 4x per day. (I like Systane Ultra.) Prolonged computer use continues to dry my eyes. I am thinking about weaning myself off Restasis for a period of time, to see if my dry mouth, red lids and bp get back to normal. F 63 10 months
1 drop 2X D

 3  Ocular Rosacea Dryness of eyes after using drops. Sharp eye pain occasionally, and breaking eye blood vessels causing pain and bloody eye. Bladder spasms, intolerable, blurred vision. Itching and crusty lower lids. Never had any burning or stinging. had 6 treatments of IPL, cash only since its not covered by insurance. Minimally improved. Extreme light sensitivity, and soreness of lids make it impossible to work at my computer job as a nurse. TV watch time is reduced due to eye soreness. Have only been able to start reading in the past few weeks. I am going to stop and see if bladder pain goes away. Have noticed emotional changes, depression and anxiety, even had a panic attack, seems to be getting worse the longer I use it. F 60 7 months
0.05% 2X D
 3  Sjögren's Syndrome I experience some burning and redness after instilling a drop of Restasis in my eyes. F 25 2 years
1 drop BID

 3  severe dry eye burning and stinging, severe sensitivity t o light, but after 3 months the scratches on my eyeball are gone, and the side effects of restatis seem to have ended. Only thing is I have blood pressure issues,and am trying to figure out if it is the restatis. My eyes are so much better. but if the blood pressure issue is indeed related to restatis, I do'n't know what then. F 65 3 months
2X D
 3  Chronic Dry Eye First time trying, I did not have steroids to get me through the first two weeks, so I quit after stinging was intolerable. New prescript and steroids, I have had no problem, but now after 6 months stinging has started upon administration. I will be checking my blood pressure and chlolesteral after reading other's effects. Before Restasis, I was using moisture drops 4 times a night, now maybe once a night. I feel fine during day, but no help with redness:( F 51 7 months
2X D

 3  Severe dry eyes Sore throat, plugged ears, then sinus infection leading to bronchitis."Headache due to sinus pressure. Zithromycin was prescribed for bronchitis. My lungs are getting better (day 5) but now I realize the bronchitis was due to sinus drainage. Now, what's coming out of my nose is horrific!! I haven't been sick in YEARS. Not even a cold or the flu!! Suddenly, after taking this for a couple weeks, I have sinusitis, then bronchitis!! I'm going to continue but NOT tilt my head back as the directions suggest. If I don't get relief soon, I'm gonna have to ditch the restasis altogether. It's just not worth the pain. I have not tried the tear duct plugs. Opthamologist wanted to try restasis first. Bronchitits keeps me out of the gym. As it is, I feel extremely lethargic to the point of feeling "altered", like I'm drunk. No gym = dealbreaker!!! If this could work with out the painful sinuses, leading to bronchitis, then great! Otherwise, it isn't for me. Keeping me from the gym is absolutely unacceptable. F 50 30 days
2X D

 3  blepharitis Stings a little, then makes my eyes feel drier. It helped originally, but was given another prescription eye drop for my condition that works better - works great - FreshKote eye drops. F 39 10 months

 3  Dry eyes Severe chronic headaches, including sinus, eye , ear, and neck pain. Pressure and tighness around face and behind eyes. Itchy and sometime sticky sensations in and around eyes. Restasis seems to relieve my dry eyes problem at times, but after many years of complaining of all these symptoms to my doctors and not receiving answers, then now reading similar complaints of others, I am now more than convinced that my symptoms all in relation to my usage of Restasis. F 58 10 years

 3  Dry eyes Very puffy eyes, mainly in the "bag" area; still red; still scratchy (like I have sand in my eyes); light sensitivity to the point that I wear sunglasses inside my house. However, before Restasis, my symptoms were even worse. Severe redness, severe pain, severe light sensitivity. I feel like I've been crying 24/7 (the puffiness). I'm a widow, so I date on occasion. Now, I turn down invitations because I look and feel so bad. I wish there was something else I could use. F 67 4 months
.05% 2X D
 3  chronic dry eyes Brief burning at first. After a few days my eyes were clear, no longer irritated and red. They looked and felt normal again. However I developed sudden, severe headache and neck pain. Also had high spike in my bp with no previous diagnosis of HTN. Scarey and uncomfortable. It is 10 days after stopping the restasis and I still have headaches and high bp. I have to take a bp med for now........this is the second time I have tried to use restasis in the past year with the same terrible side effects.....it took 4 mos for them to go away last time. I was told it would be unlikely to experience problems with bp because the cyclosporin was opthalmic and not IV.....well,ha; it did cause high blood pressure for me.........too bad because it helped my eyes. F 3 weeks
1 gtt q 12 1X D

 3  Uveitis dull headache in sinus area, feeling of pressure behind eyes. Undetermined at this time, will continue for a week or more, or until another possible side affect. F 64 3 days
1 2X D
 3  Dry and burning eyes I am loosing my eye lashes. They have thinned out and I am not taking any new medicines. F 67 2 years
2X D

 3  dry eyes 7 years after lasik I started using to improve my dry eyes in hopes to regain better vision without doing lasik again. I have had great results so far with the dry/red eye part, but not with the vision. My throat has become dry, but that is really the only negative so far. However, I do not know if it is related, but I just got my bloodwork back and my liver is the only thing that came back slightly off. Im not a big drinker and have no other health issues that would cause a liver problem, so Im suspecting this product is to blame and will stop using it immediately. I hope this is not permanent damage. F 31 1 months
1 drop 2x
 2  Dry eyes I developed rashes around my eyes, forehead and mouth. F 32 16 days
0.05 2X D
 2  Medical dry eye and inflammation My eyes felt like they had a rim of fire over them all day. I developed a really bad tooth ache directly under the spot where I inserted the drops, mid eye. Not sure if tooth is infected but a month ago my xrays said my teeth were fine. I have osteopenia. The burning of my eyes were horrible and limited my beloved joy of reading. They made my eyes feel tired all day long. I did not do my night dose last night and the tooth pain is still there but much better and less aggravated. Seeing dentist today for another check up. The tooth pain was absolutely horrible. My face is swollen and a part of my lung hurts. Sodium Hydroxide is LYE people. Why would they cut an eye drop with lye? It is poisonous. F 60 14 days
.05 2X D
 2  chronic dry eye, sjogrens burning after installed, extreme burning and soreness when I wake up, eye pain, stiff neck, headaches I went to my eye doctor today for pain behind my right eye and he scheduled me for an MRI to rule out ocular neuritis but said its probably my sinuses. My MRI is scheduled for a few days from now, but I don't think I need one now that I've read all of these awful things about restasis. I now know that my neck and eye pain are related to this. I am so done with it. How could my doctor not put two and two together? Also I have not noticed any improvement with my dry eyes. F 32 3 months
2X D

 2   It seems that my dry eye is getting worse. I am wondering whether to trust my sense about that. After reading your comments, I am thinking I should trust it. I am thinking about using Hydro Eye which is a supplement that is opthamologist created and tested for dry eye. It contains Omega's and other anti-inflammatories. No known side effects and in testing it did bring relief. F 64 14 days
2X D
 2  Dry eyes swollen, itchy and red around upper eyelashes Was taking Restasis over a yr ago. I stopped taking it as I felt like it was doing anything, but then realized my eyes did get very dry again. Just started back up on it and my upper eyelash area is itchy, swollen and red mostly on left eye. Don't remember having these symptoms when I started on it before. F 45 5 days
2X D

 2  dry eyes My eyes started itching, pain in my eyes, the skin around my eyes got very dry. Blurred vision. Stop taking it waiting for doctor advice. F 53 30 days
2X D

 2  dry eyes I experienced little benefit after 4 weeks of daily use. My eyelids began to become red, itchy and irritated. I had to stop using Restasis due to inflamed eyelids. My dry eye condition responds best to over the counter eye lubricant drops. As long as I keep my eyes *marinated* several times a day with inexpensive lubricants, I feel better. I spend 9-10 hours a day using the computer, and probably don't blink enough when I am concentrating on work. F 46 6 weeks

 2  for dry eyes I am having a lot of head aces and sinus problems. I didn't know about all the side effects as I had not read the procure as the writing was so small. I came to this site and just found out the culprit of my problems. I am not going to use it any more. F 75
2X D
 2  chronic dry eye Suspect sinus drainage and sore throat are result of restasis. Back of mouth (around back teeth and back of tongue) feel sore and irritated. Throat and nose feel restricted/ swollen. Symptoms improved after 1 week discontinuing drops. A second attempt a few weeks later resulted in same symptoms- sore throat actually worsened and dry mouth intensified. Negative outweighed positive for me. I really believe what I initially assumed to be allergy is in fact negative side effect of my eye drops! I have discontinued medication for the second time and I'm anxiously waiting for side effects to stop! F 32 1 years
2 x's per

 2  dry eye Not sure, stopped it after 4 days when I got a horrible cold. I never get colds. 4 days after using this stuff, I got a horrible sore throat, infected tonsils, sinus infection type symptoms, which then turned into a really bad cold. Three weeks later, I am still badly congested. I am very suspicious that this immunosuppressant medication may have made me vulnerable to catching this virus. I see one other similar comment. I may try the Restasis again if I ever feel better. Since I paid a fortune for it! F 61 4 days
.05% 2X D

 2  blepharitis and dry eyes Sinus pain and swelling, sore throat, headache and upset stomach I did not have any stinging or red eyes when I put the drop in. It really helped my eyes, but I could not stand the sinus pain and sore throat so I had to stop it. F 63 14 days
0.4ML 2X D
 2  Dry eye and Blepharitis Severe congestion, crippling headache, sneezing, fatigue, weakness....this medicine apparently weakens your immune system, I work a lot so I live a very healthy lifestyle in order to keep my immune system strong, I never get sick like this, it took me 2 weeks and three days off to realize it was Restasis, it did not help my eyes, it apparently takes months to help with eyes, I was hopeful about it but can't afford to be sick F 47 6 weeks
.5 mg

 2  Sjogren's Syndrome I have very dry eyes causing infections including episcleritis. I read this drug can help and added more moisturizing drops for a week beforehand to prepare my eyes for the restatsis. Each day I used the drops the worse my eyes looked and felt. By the 6th day it felt like I was again developing another infection in one eye. I stopped the restasis and my eye problem cleared up in a couple of days. I am back to using multiple moisturizing eye drops. I will never try this drug again. F 54 6 days
2X D
 2  Sjogrens Syndrom/dry eyes This is my second attempt using Restasis hoping that this time I'd have improvement to my condition. The result this time is the same as the last: dryness/burning/constant blinking trying to get relief and when I used artificial tears with Restasis use the artificial tears had NO effect. I was better off just using the artificial tears without the Restasis. I have been chided by my opthamologist for not continuing Restasis, but if a medication worsens your condition why would anyone continue? I am sad that I am not one of those users that had beneficial results. F 69 3 months
2X D
 2  dry eyes my eyes burn awful only relief is close my eyes really getting worse the longer I use them F 76 1 years
2X D

 2  Dry Eye Extreme red eye, burning, crusty eyes in the morning. I had lasik almost 4 years ago and just began experiencing dry eyes (I think because of my work environment). My doctor suggested restasis and after just 2 days I had to stop using it. My eyes were bright red and had constant stinging. Even with an anti-inflammatory drop and additional OTC drops the redness and stinging did not decrease. I am now back to using only OTC drops and am noticing a difference. I have a full month's supply (less 2 vials) that I will sell reasonably if anyone would like it. Please email me. F 29 2 days
2X D
 2  Dry eye Stinging, blurred vision Doc prescribed restasis for dry eyes. It didn't really work. Caused stinging and blurred vision. Maybe it would have gotten better with time, but I didn't want to wait. I'm having better luck now with OTC meds. F 49 2 months
1 drop 1X D

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