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 2  hight cholesterol I have been taking Crestor (10 mg) for about 6 months to lower my LDL. It works for that purpose, but my feet feel funny, like electrical shocks are in them and the bones in my legs ache. I get uncomfortable sitting and shift around a lot. The pain in my legs wakes me up at night. My legs especially feel tight and cramped and I feel as if I have to stretch them out, but that doesn't relieve the pain. I am an active person, walk regularly, and go to the gym, but lately, I've been feeling too tired and unmotivated to continue with gym routines. After reading about Crestor, I am going to stop taking it and see if my leg and feet problems clear up. And, I need to get back to the gym. M 53 6 months
 2  cholesterol reduction Fatigue, muscle pains, shortness of breath. Cramping, strange dreams. Be very careful; don't just take your provider's word for it! He's probably not taking it, you are~you're the one who has to live with the results! F 59 1 years
 2  mild heart attack with stent placem muscle cramps, muscle weakness, whole body aching and thobbing on getting up, joint pain, no motivation, listless, can't lose weight (not even a few pounds). Being an ex-bodybuilder and athlete, always eating right, nonsmoker, nondrinker. total cholesterol before Crestor 160, HDL 90, LDL 35 (thats what doc said). Have to be on it along with Plavix due to stent. Side effects noticed immediately, complained to doc, cut is back to 5 mg, but still have the problems. I go back in January.. BTW--My father-in-law was on the same meds and he is trying Niaspan (Rx Niacin) to lower cholesterol or to keep it low. I am only 50 and I know this is not right. F 50 5 months
 2  lower hereditary high cholesterol sleeplessness, waking up feeling like I couldn't breathe because tongue in the way. indigestion, lack of focus/concentration, exacerbated depression I've been on many cholesterol lowering drugs, have not always been the best patient about remembering or being compliant with taking them. tried to do better on this one, but I am having so much trouble sleeping, I found this website and see similarities, will try to stick it out until I go back in January to have my lab tests done. F 36 2 months
 2  chlorestral Both knee joints were popping- sounded like I was fracturing my knees and leg bones down to the knees. Now just stiff all over. Shoulder, neck pain, arms go numb at night resulting in constant waking up. Here's a new one for you- sometimes the tip of my nose feels tingly or fuzzy. Feel like I am 85. I cant even bend at the knees as I feel a lot of pressure behind them- like my legs will pop like a balloon overinflated. Will be going off this stuff and trying to get back into walking. F 52 4 months

 2   Severe pains in legs after taking 20mg for 3 mths so Dr reduced dosage to 10mg. After about a year pains redeveloped in legs as before. In addition severe pains at top of calf muscles behind knees after standing up (if i have been sitting with legs tucked under the chair). Also dizzyness frequently on standing up. Have stopped Crestor 2 days ago and leg pains have gone but pain in calf muscles persisits. M 61 12 months
 2  Lower Cholestrol My cholestrol was around 225 a couple of years ago. My doctor prescribed 5mg crestor at bedtime. I can't remember exactly why, but the prescription was for 10mg and my doctor said to just cut them in half. I was on this for 1 year with no symptoms of pain. My insurance changed and this prescription went to $75 a month. I went to the doctor and tried zocor. Bad mistake, I would awake from a sound sleep with fierce muscle spasms in the left calf of my leg. I would wake my husband screaming and crying. The zocor was only $7 a month but was definitely not worth saving the money. I started taking the 5mg crestor 07/17/09. On 09/24/09 my total cholestrol was 165 which is good but a week later I had severe leg pain and stopped taking it on 10/06/09. Now I'm not taking anything. Does anyone know how long it takes for the crestor to get out of your system? This is really weird; if I take 5mg crestor each night instead of cutting the 10mg in half, my legs hurt terribly. What is the difference; cutting a 10mg in half = 5 mg or taking a 5 mg tablet??? F 55 2 years
 2   High LDL and total cholesterol. I was taking a combo of Crestor and Zetia. All blood work was within range even my HDL. However, my liver enzymes are elevated and have not been taking them for two weeks to try to get my liver back in shape. Recheck in three months. I never connected the shoulder and leg pain with these medicines until reading this and realizing for the last two weeks these pains are not nearly as intense. I guess I will try fish oil, vinegar, and niacin. F 55 3 years

 2  to raise HDL Have tried EVERYTHING to try and increase HDL (which is normally in the 34-38 range), all other lipid levels are fine...The main thing I've noticed w/Crestor is a change in bowel movements....Seems like I have to use 2 rolls after every damn movement w/this drug...Also, some abdominal pain & lower back pain is common....To top it off, drug really isn't raising HDL that much, perhaps 2-4 points...My doctor is also a friend of mine, & he gives me the samples drug reps. drop off, thus I'm not paying for this gastily drug....I would pay to eat from a garbage can before I'd pay for Crestor... M 39 1 years

 2  Cholesterol was between 240 and 260 I was prescribed 5mg Crestor and I took 1/2 pill every other day. After one month my cholesterol went from 236 to 116. After about three months I began to notice that I was breathing through my mouth. In a couple of days I began to experience a feeling of fullnes - as though my food was not digesting. After a few days of this I had a violent episode of vomiting. I cannot overstate how dramatic this was; I have vomited about five times in my almost 7 decades. I stopped taking Crestor for about 10 days and after all the symptoms went away, I took 1/2 of a pill. The next day the fullness began to reappear. I stopped for another ten days and once again took 1/2 pill. After two days I once again began breathing through my mouth. I have not been able to tolerate any of the statin drugs and I desperately want to find a way to take this. Other than cholesterol I am in excellent health. F 66 3 months
 2  High Cholesterol Pretty severe headaches and slight nausea. I am looking for a drug that will reduce my cholesterol without side effects. Lippitor caused muscle weakness and flu-like symptoms. Niaspan did no good. Now Chrestor's side effects were too severe to tolerate. I teach and could not concentrate to prepare and deliver lectures thru the headaches. M 56 30 days
 2  cholesterol level increasing General tiredness, easily fatigued, interrupted sleep, awake tired, no libido. I have noted many passing muscle aches and soreness in some area of the body is a frequent occurrence. Sept 10th a deep intense pain developed beneath the lower left rib, at the back. The pain intensified over the next 2 days. Sleep was difficult and constantly interrupted by the pain. I was continually fatigued. On September 13th, I took Tylenol. This relieved the pain, but it was necessary to take it every 4 hours. I was able to sleep. Around that same time, severe deep itching and numbness developed in the area below the left front rib cage. The itching and numbness were constant. On a short car trip I experienced intense sciatic pain that could not be resolved in any seat of the vehicle, or seated position. The pain mysteriously did not occur on the return trip. September 21, three large welts appeared on the skin below the left front rib cage, in an area where there had been constant itching for My prescription is for 5mg per day. The reduction in Cholesterol level very dramatic, and was almost immediate. My doctor has advised that the amount be reduced to 5gm every second day to reduce the side effects. After the welts developed, I decided to stop taking the drug, and try to determine if I am experiencing side effects, or if there could be some other reason for the many symptoms that have recently appeared. M 63 45 days

 2  High LDL and total cholesterol After three days of 10mg I awoke from a sound sleep at night due to a severe very painfull stabbing sensation in my tongue; my tongue felt link it was twisted, the pain lasted only a second. I stopped Crestor for a several months and then went back on it, taking it every fourth day. After about 2 weeks with no problems I increased the frequency to every three days. After several days I experienced the same stabbing pain in my tongue but it was not very painfull; I went back to every 4 days. After being on creator for only about two months I am now experiencing a tightness and pain in my left archilles tendon; never had tendon problems before. I am 67 and very active. Have been doing resistance training for 50 years and jogging (mostly) and walking for 33 years. Walking causes discomfort in archilles tendon; can't jog at all. Today was last day for Crestor; I will rest tendon and see what happens. Also noticed my morning systolic blood pressure increased 28 points in the last two weeks M 67 3 months

 2  hig hcholesterol dizziness, leg weakness, tingling in feet and toes,pain at base of neck, debiltating fatigue. Could barely walk across the street to get mail. legs felt like they could not support body. Felt 25 years older. Worked great at lowerng cholesterol but made me feel like I was going to spend the rest of my life in bed M 61 3 years

 2  High cholesterol-family history Few side effects the first few days, but now after 2 weeks, I have arm heaviness and finger numbness. I also feel some kind of small pinches in my neck and chest. Heaviness in my arms and "pinches" in my neck and chest worry me because I'm thinking that I'm constantly on the verge of having a heart attack! I'm thinking that I'd like to see a naturopath for other options. My doctor says that nutrition accounts only for 20% of elevated cholesterol. I read that vitamin B3 is excellent to control cholesterol, but I took 1 caplet last night and had a very severe reaction to it within minutes (hives, lip numbness, throat constriction and weird delirum=trip to emerg.) I am not putting anything in my mouth for a while, and that includes Crestor. I want to see if the symptoms disappear. F 45 2 weeks

 2  hyperlipidemia Pain in all major joints. Getting dizzy. No energy. Dark urine and light colored stools. Noticeable bloating and weight gain mostly in my mid section. Stopped taking Crestor. I gained seven pounds in the five weeks I was taking Crestor. I have never had a weight problem in my life. Between the weight gain and the pain I feel horrible. F 46 5 weeks

 2  Hyperlipidemia Arm and Shoulder Pain. Really bad Anxiety. Numbness in hands, face, lips. Back and Neck Pain. Sinus pain. Dry mouth. Dizziness for long periods of time. Loss of sex drive. Head Aches. Weight loss. I have a family history of high cholesterol. My father died of a heart attack at age 40. We have 7 kids in my family, and 5 out of the 7 have extremly high #'s. All in the 300's. The Youngest brother is 11 and his numbers were 345 before getting on crestor. Mine were 362. CRAZY. but crestor has helped tons. My numbers are now 185. It is helping, but the side effects are insane. F 23 3.5 years

 2  High Cholesterol Hand tingling, possible anxiety and memory loss Lipitor muscle aches were too much to handle. Tried Crestor and have no muscle or joint aches. Rode 18 miles on my bike yesterday, but after reading here I'm second guessing the idea of uswing Crestor. Actually having hard time finding the right words to write this comment. I'm going to re-think my use of the drug. M 55 2 weeks

 2  high cholestrol, High ldl, high HDL After reading all the information, I have decided not to take the Medicine because it seems like everyone had side effects. I have not taken any cholesterol lowering drugs since 1998 and my cholesterol level has remained the same. My good cholesterol which is high benefits me. I am still debating whether to take it for a trial run for 6 weeks and then make a decision. F 60 0 days
 2  hscrp level high 3.3 been on it aprox. 4 weeks and at around the second week I noticed some tenderness in my thighs and also put it off to recently walking more. But in the last week I've felt sluggish and find it difficult getting on and off my vehicle (I drive an SUV) and even the side steps aren't much help. That's when I became concerned, because I felt like an old person...no offense. Then 2 or 3 days ago I noticed more pain in my legs and sometimes my joints too. Went to bed feeling the pain, bothered me through the night and woke up feeling it... I didn't take it last night, and don't plan on taking it anymore. First thing Monday I'm calling my doctor to let him know...then I'm going for a second opinion because I feel that the hscrp levels are a bit too high and at the time I took the test I had a sinus infection...I researched and found that the test could've picked up on that and thus gave me a high reading. I will be going for a second opinion and have another test done. I'm not crazy about taking meds especially when the doc says for the rest of your life...looking for "natural" options F 38 4 weeks

 2  high Cholesterol Severe pain in both ankles and both wrists. Thought I had the flu,or another sinus infection brewing.Went to my ENT Dr.-no sign of infection,I stopped taking Crestor 1 week ago and can walk to the batroom at night without any pain in ankles, and I can rotate wrists without any pain.I am on my feet all day at work and I was ready to have tests done for arthritis, or Lymes disease.I had no Idea that this causes joint pain!!!!! however this did lower my numbers drastically! But cannot tolerate this pain in joints! F 53 3 months

 2  high chl very sore ankles, some bloating and mild abdominal discomfort no other side effects M 43 2 months

 2  I have very high cholesterol I have been experiencing leg and foot cramps and a sore shoulder since I started taking the drug in 1/09. Initially, I had some gastro side effects which eventually went away. I have had muscle issues with Lipitor so was taken off of that several years ago after a short time of usage. My doctor recommended I have a heart scan and I got a score of zero which seemed to indicate that though I had high cholesterol my arteries were clear of plaque. But a recent carotid scan showed a very minimal buildup of plaque so again my doctor said let's try Crestor which is water soluable instead of fat soluable like the other statins. He has now taken me off of the drug to see if my muscle spasms and cramping go away and we can blame the drug. I also have hypothroidism and the information about Crestor says the drug should be administered very carefully to people with this condition. I as a general rule am very anti-drug. I know for every benefit their is a downside...a side effect and maybe a few years from now they come out and tell you how unsafe it actually is. The drug companies want all of us on statins. But with my cholesterol so high, I just don't know what to do. F 64 4 months
 2  Coronary infarct..2 stents.. Severe leg weakness,numbness in feet,leg cramps After coronary,started with Zocor....was switched to Lipitor as more effective. After 6 months had leg weakness so bad I couldn't walk. Stopped Lipitor...returned to normal quickly. Dr.then put me on 10mg Crestor. No apparent side effects EXCEPT FOR LOW BACK PAIN!!(This was blamed on degenerative discs.) Recently (for last month) (after 5 years on Crestor) began to have mild numbness in both feet and hands....weakness in all leg muscles...and very dark urine. Intend to stop all use of statins. Hope better quality of life worth the increased heart attack risk. Will keep you posted. M 82 5 years

 2  high cholesterol Been taking 10mg. for over 18 months. Extreme gum/mouth pain started 3 days ago. Looked online & found others who have experienced gum pain too. Also, I have had some numbness in my hands and arms occasionally, but I never thought about it being a side effect of Crestor. I guess that's what is causing the numbness too. I'm quitting the Crestor tonight. Was pretty happy with Crestor until now. F 47 18 months

 2  cholesterol right leg weakness , swollen feet, legs and ankles, more on left leg. Walking is very difficult almost like I am in need of a wheelchair I have always been a daily active distance walker and this should not be a problem. Am convinced that Crestor is the culprit but my doctor does not seem to listen to my complaints saying that it is a very safe drug. the fact that Crestor is the most potent frightens me as I went of simvastatin (Zorco) because of side effects but Crestor has only made my problems worse. F 83 7 months

 2  high cholesterol/triglycerides Memory loss, clumsiness, mood swings, muscle and joint pain, sometimes so bad it wakes me in the middle of the night. I was really reluctant to go on a statin and asked if we could just try a change in diet and exercise but was told no, and if I had to be on it the rest of my life, it was a small trade off to not have heart issues. I felt really well before taking this and now my hips and knees hurt along with my sciatic nerve. This may work for some people but as of today, I won't be taking it anymore. I feel much older than I am and much older than I should. F 37 30 days

 2  Heart Attack with Stent Extreme Nausea and Stomach Pain! No energy! Numbness in toes~ I have had extreme nausea and stomach pain for the last 11 months and can no longer take it....no way to live! I have just come to the realization that it has to be this drug....I started taking about 11 months ago. I am stopping it today~ F 46 330 days

 2  High Cholesterol (263) Joint pain, shortness of breath and chest pain (stabbing pulsations)within 3 weeks of taking 10 mg.Crestor. Cholesterol came down to 175. Am taking 5mg (half dosage) every other day to see if I can maintain cholesterol at under 200. It is yet to be determined if chest pain was related to Crestor but at the same time I began taking, I also adopted a healthier lifestyle (mediterranean diet and exercise). I suspect it's the Crestor because it wasn't logical to me that I would have a heart attack 3 weeks after beginning a healthier lifestyle and losing weight... F 73 3 weeks

 2  High LDL After taking 10mg for two weeks, I was hopeful I would be able to tolerate Crestor. On the 16th day, I started with leg cramps, muscle twitches and a sensation of somthing running up and down my legs. I have experienced extreme tiredness and assumed it was just from work demands. Strange dreams are a usual occurrence for me but they seemed more frequent. 5 days after starting the med, I experienced itching on torso. I called my DR today regarding the leg pain and was told to start taking the med at night. After reading others experiences, no thank you. I think there has to be a better solution than Crestor for me. F 51 17 days

 2  High Cholesterol, Carotid Blockage I posted last week and listed extreme fatigue, blurred vision ... and forgot to add short term memory loss (more than usual for my age), but now add unexplained weight gain. I have been going to Jenny Craig and was doing fine with my weight loss. However, since taking Crestor for 6 weeks I suddenly gained 2 lbs. For those who deny that Crestor can cause weight gain, check out this NIH website: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000473.htm#Symptoms F 62 7 weeks

 2  High Cholesterol Tightness in my chest, where I feel like I could be having a Heart Attack or something. Sore muscles but I thought that was from working out. But crick in my neck will not go away. Knees are painful to walk or run on. I may have just go the Flu as well. My Cholestorol was a whopping 329 and I'm 36years old. So I started 20mg a day about 28 days ago. I immediately started feeling funny. Especially in my chest. I'm afraid to work out too hard because it feels like my chest will explode sometimes. M 36 28 days

 2  High cholesterol Began taking Crestor in July of 08, by November I began experiencing upper chest soreness above my breastbone. I attributed to my swimming regimen, so I discontinued swimming. I began to experience acid reflux, nausea and weight loss..lossing 9 pounds in 2 months. I do have a hypothyroid and am on a hormone supplement. My meds were changed to prevent further weightloss; however, I continued with the chest pain which my doctor diagnosed as inflammation of the cartlidge between my chest bones and recommended Aleve. Sure Aleve helped with the discomfort, but I have no intentions of taking Aleve everyday. I have discontinued the Crestor and my acid reflux has subsided along with the nausea;however there continues to be faint discomfort in my chest. F 37
 2  Peripheral Vascular Disease Persistent low grade headache, becoming more severe on waking in the morning. My cholesterol has not been high for over six years - current ratio is 4.8. However statins are recommended for PVD sufferers as a means of reducing further plaque deposits and possibly dissolving existing ones. Throughout my whole life I have hardly ever suffered from headaches but after only two weeks on Crestor 10 mg I was having mild headaches all the time and started to have very bad headaches in the mornings. I stopped taking Crestor three days ago and the headaches have almost gone. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to see if he can suggest an alternative drug M 68 14 days

 2  elevated cholesterol Moderate to extreme muscle and joint pain especially legs,shoulders and upper arms. General overall rotten feeling and extreme fatigue it does lower cholesterol but are the side affects worth it? I feel doctors are overmedicating instead of trying to find the minimum dosage M 58 1 years

 2  HIGH CHOLESTEROL Tiredness, dizziness, weight gain. loss of libido and sore muscles are some of the mild side effects for me, but not the worse ones. I find the memory loss and lack of concentration very scary because I am only 45. These two side effects I noticed shortly after starting Crestor. I told my Doctor about it and she said that she had never heard of that side effect before. The good side is that it has lowered my levels on just 10 mg, but if the levels increase I will refuse to increase the dosage. I am going to try very hard to lose some weight and change my diet to a consistent program. F 45 13 months

 2  high triglicerides severe sciatic nerve pain down right hip and leg to the point that i had difficulty standing or walking for any distance. Fatigue and weight gain. I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. I started taking metformin and working out. I'd noticed that when my blood sugars were under control and I'd gotten used to my work out routine that I had tons of energy. Then I started taking crestor. My energy seems to have deserted me, and I had debilitating pain to my right hip and leg. I was taking 10mg a day. I stopped taking it two days ago and am still having pain and fatigue. M 36 14 days

 2  High cholesterol 1. Gained approx 10 lbs within 3 weeks of beginning Crestor despite beginning moderate daily exercise program (15 min walk every day) and making conscious effort to reduce sugars in diet by cutting out soft drinks. 2. noticable increase in fatigue. After 6 weeks Dr. switched me to Lipidil Supra which I began yesterday. M 52 6 weeks

 2  One stent in March 2007 None until now 20 months later Heart pain January 2007, stent March 2007. A week later a study said stents are no better than medication. It was all over the news. Too late for me. My chlolesterol never was bad, 186 in March 2007, why do I need Crestor? but doctor prescribed it after the operation. (along with BP medicin, which I decided against, always good BP, and alond with PLAVIX a blood thinner)Took one Crestor day for a long time, for the last several month only one every 3 days. November 2008 developed side effects like most other bloogers: trouble turning door knobs, joint pain, ankles to shoulders, especially in the morning. Stopped taking Crestor end November 2008. Chlolesterol still 192, (under 200 is desireable) trig 144 (under 150 is normal). Will continue with fish oil only, keep checking chlor levels. M 83 20 months

 2  Atheroschlerosis & high cholesterol Lightheaded, numbness in feet, sleep problems Had 3 stents placed this year and must work to keep cholesterol level below 200. Started Crestor 10mg a few months ago and am now feeling lightheaded and experiencing numbness in my feet. Will try taking Crestor at different time of day/evening to see if it makes a difference. Am also having problems falling asleep at night. If this continues, will ask doctor to lower the dosage. M 3 months
 2  High Cholesterol & Tryglcerides At first, (5mg daily) nothing. Then the doctor upped the dosage to 10mg daily. Within days I began to experience stiffness and (Rheumatoid arthritis-like) pain in left hand. Muscle pain shoulder. I have been on medication for Osteoarthritis for a year. Then the Cholesterol problem entered the picture. The first doctor put me on Crestor (5mg) which I took for 6 months. He left town to establish a practice elsewhere. I was assigned a new doctor who said that the 5mg Crestor wasn't doing enough with the Tryglcerides levels. He upped the dosage to 10mg daily and the Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and stiffness began. Great, so now I have no knees due to the Osteoarthritis and losing left hand to Rheumatoid Arthritis. As you can guess, I am not completely sold on this drug. I am going to ask the doctor if I can try something else. 71 6 months

 2  lower cholesterol I started taking Crestor Aug 22/08. At first I had an upset stomach, but that only lasted 6-7 days. Since then I have had increased joint pain in my knees,hips,right wrist, and collar bone and shoulders. Along with that I have been having severe muscle pain in my legs especially at night. If that is not enough, I also am very fatigued, feel cold all the time, and have been experiencing off balance and anxiety. Who needs this crap. Tommorow I an going to do some blood work to check my levels, but will tell my doctor I now longer can do this. At the same time as I started Crestor, I staraded to eat more healthy, walk daily, and have lost 21 pounds. How can I now measure whether my levels have dropped because of my life changes or the Crestor. This will be an interesting visit F 532 2 months

 2  high cholesterol General flu like symptoms. Muscle weakness, and some pain, particularly in legs, and lower back. Suspicion of fever and headaches. Above all, fatigue, and a desire to stay in bed. If it works, and I wasn't on it long enough to find out, then try all other possible routes for lowering cholesterol before risking this drug. M 63 49 days

 2  High Cholesterol Weight gain, crankiness, loss of short term memory. Reduced libido. General fatigue . Last 4 months, increasing knee joint pain. Originaly on 10mg a day & in 3 months HDL/LDL/Trigl. were down to acceptable levels. Weight gain of 1 pound a week until GP put me on COQ10. Apparently Crestor decreases metabolism rate. Need COQ10 to compensate. Some specialists know this. Some don't. 10mg got figures down but made me cranky. Went to 5mg, blood work results ok, but have now started to experience pain in both knees to point where going up or down stairs is difficult. Not far off going off Crestor to see if knee pain goes. Crestor gets cholesterol down & can give impressive results, which is why some specialists push it, but side effects can be major. M 59 1 years
 2  High Cholesterol (hereditary) Fatigue, depression/anxiety, bloating, leg cramps, leg heaviness. I was on Zocor for approx. 3 years and it was working fine, but I did have fatique quite often. Dr. switched me to Crestor, thought it would be better for me. Took Crestor for 6-8 months, started having leg cramps, crawling sensations and nerve twitches in legs and ankles. Also, had increased anxiety and depressed feelings. I am a HAPPY, outgoing person normally, but I lost interest in things that I enjoyed and looked forward too. Also, gained 4-5 lbs and constantly felt bloated and like I was retaining water. Legs started cramping at night, with charlie horses and toes curling up. Definitely knew something was wrong and I did suspect the Crestor. Made appt. with my Dr., she took me off the Crestor. On my own, I am now taking Niacin, to see if this will keep my cholesterol down. It is 197 now. Heart disease runs high in my family, and my Cholesterol ran about 230, before I started taking any statin drugs. Quality of life is very important and this drug ruins it for me. F 50 6 months

 2  slightly high cholesterol 2 years@5mg : it did work (HDL/LDL) BUT : muscle pain upper arms, later, sore elbow, tendinitis?. 5 months ago, big toe partially lost feeling. 2 wks ago, 3 days of fever pains in legs, calfs, hips. Maybe dark urine 1 day but not sure. Then the skin on thighs, shins, hips, gradually lost some sensitivity. Loss of knee reflexes. Unable to run properly, fear of losing balance. Knees stiff. Difficulties with memory and logic. Tired. Referred today to neurologist. I took it for 2 years without noticing more than slight arm pain. Why a crash after 2 years ? OK, maybe it's not the crestor, but it looks fishy. Anybody else lost sensation in skin or lost knee reflexes after an episode of muscle pain ? M 55 30 months
 2  High Cholesterol Mild headache, joint pain, fatigue, mood changes, not sleeping I've been on Crestor for about 8 weeks, doc switched me from Liptor which I was on because simvastatin made me sick. Now I've got pain in my left hip so bad it hurts to walk, I have bouts in the afternoon all I can do is try to stay awake, I don't sleep well at night wake up and can't get back to sleep, have been very different person lately. Taking 10 mg. I'll see my latest results in a week but this sucks. M 42 8 weeks

 2  high cholesterol incredible and constant fatigue, depression, loss of libido love that it reduces cholesterol, but just cant handle the side effects. M 55 3 months

 2  cholesterol F 65

 2  diabetes weird dreams, very itchy skin on my lower legs and chest. Anxiety. I would not recomend this medication unless cholesterol level is life threatening. My levels are in the healthy range but as I am a diabetic my doc wanted them even lower. F 45 6 weeks

 2  High Colesterol Only taken Crestor for 2 weeks. However experiencing muscle spasms amd tingling in legs and other parts of my body. I have noticed a hightened level of anxiety. After reading these posts, I plan to cut the dosage in half and inform my Doc of that. I am not willing to endure the pain, sore muscles etc. Thanks for the comments from everyone else. I am sure most of the people who love the drug don't search for sites like this. But for the rest, it is very, very valuable to expose all of the maladies your Doc's Crestor sales rep fails to emphasize. M 62 2 weeks
 2  high cholesterol Muscle and joint pain, dry mouth ,EXTREME sensitivity to insect bites,elevated blood sugar. I have stopped taking this medication. F 59 6 months

 2  Dr recommended for Type I diabetes I am unsure if this drug is the culprit but I have gained 20 lbs and crave sweets all the time. Not ideal for a diabetic. I do have lower back pain which makes me wonder if my kidneys are being compromised by this drug, diabetes or any other drug I must take. I never had high cholestral. My doctor convenced e that it is a preventative measure since diabetics have pulmonary problems the longer they are diabetic. I also have no energy or motivation to do anything whereas before I was very active on the weekends. I am unsure what to think of this drug. I feel I might stop taking it for a short time to see how I feel. M 43 3 months

 2  hereditary high cholesterol Fortunately, none of the painful muscle effects I have read in the other postings....some constipation, but unexplained weight gain of 20 POUNDS!!!!This totally SUCKS!! I have been a healthy person who works out (not a fanatic, but I always try to keep reasonably fit, 3-4 times per week),non-smoker, healthy eater, I normally dont drink b/c I don't want the extra "empty"calories. No matter what I do, I can't drop a single ounce. I may be able to get 4-5 lbs off, comes right back on. I even tried Jenny Craig, same thing. I have had other testing done & my rmr (resting metabolic rate) is above average. On the JC diet, they start you off at 1200 calories. I never made it past that level & lost 6 lbs that came right back on. I did the diet for at least 3-4m onths. MY workout program includes cardio-kickboxing, low weights, walking, and other cardio. I also feel like my muscles are not firming up like they should...I read in a previous post that the muscles just F 40 4 years
 2  High Cholesterol 20mg daily. Severe, I mean severe, knee joint pain. Left knee worse. Could not sleep. Ringing in left ear, tinitis, and loss of libido. Sugar and binge eating cravings in evenings. PCP said it was the onset of bursitis and tried to prescribe another med. THANKFULLY I found this site and 2 weeks off it now the knee joint pain and ringing in ear has subsided. Hopefully with my strict diet, exercise and Lavaza,(WORKS GREAT), for LDL I can manage the High Cholesterol. M 47 5 months

 2  High Triglycerides and Low HDL Muscle pain mainly in my legs (which was better when I remembered to take 100mg of CoQ10), memory problems, headaches, became more and more irritable as time went on (to the point that my wife didn't know what would make me mad), but finally quit taking it when my blood sugar hit the 400's. It took two to three weeks after quitting the 10mg Crestor for my blood sugar to come back down under 120 (doctor didn't think it was connected). He just started me on Niaspan. After the original blood tests the doctor gave me 3 months to try diet and supplements, started taking 900mg of pantethine a day. My triglycerides went from 444 to 354. A year and a half taking 10mg Crestor (I did quit taking the pantethine every day) triglycerides went from 354 to 219. Total cholesterol went from 204 to a low of 117. My HDL actually went down from 27 to 22. Hopefully the Niaspan will help. M 43 1.5 years

 2   is this possible??/ I was on Simvastatin for high cholesterol (around 200mg) but was put onto Crestor to try to hget it lower, as I have hard 2 stents fitted. I started on 5mg/day for 2 weeks then upped to the correct dose 0f 10mg. Have only taken 10 3 times and today went out for a short walk and i thought my legs were going to stop working, pains in thighs and calfs, really as if i had run for 100 mtrs. Is this possible so quickly??? No side effects of simvastatin M 59 4 days

 2  high bad cholesterol Severe stomach pain and headache M 53 2 years

 2  Dr Recommended that I switch to it Just an overwhelming sense of despair. Hard to tell what part the drug caused in side effect. I must admit I have not felt that depressed since. M 44 45 days

 2  Heart Bypass Unable to Breath - I switched from Zocor to Crestor 10mg a few months ago and noticed I no longer had muscle pain. My lipid profile was getting better, LDL 3.7mmo/L (143mg/dL), HDL 1mmo/L (39mg/dL), but I noticed what I thought was a continous continous acid reflux (but wider, not just in the center of the chest), and occassionally woke up gasping for air. My Cardioligist then increased the dose to 20mg. During the days that followed I found it difficult to breath, and after 3 days woke up unable to get enough air. I walked to the hospital and noticed I could regain my breath whilst active, but when I relaxed in the waiting room it returned. Chest X-Ray, ECG and blood tests later, it seemed I was not short on oxygen in the blood, and it wasn't a heart attack. They couldn't say what was causing it, but suggested I sleep with two pillows under my head. Switched back to 10mg the next day and it hasn't returned. I'm thinking now that the continious stomache ache is actually a lung ache! I had my bypass in 1997. And have in the past tried Lipitor, Pravocol, Simvahexal and Zocor. Think I'll switch to 5mg Crestor + Ezetrol 10mg (as well as Plavix 10mg + 4g Salmon Oil which I'm on now), and see how that goes. Plavix is much better for me than 81mg asprin was (it used to give me intestine pain). Hoping that D-4F or something similar will come to the rescue in the near future. M 46 4 months
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