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 2  Cholesterol High Ratio Bad Headachy- maliase, severe depression, agitated easily I know other people taking Crestor and have no adverse effects and are lowering their cholesterol. It just didn't agree with me. I was taking no other medications while taking Crestor, the only thing I can imagine about the depression was that I just ended taking aspirin for a year and a half?? The depression stopped approximately a week and a half after I stopped taking it. So did all the other symptoms. F 51 18 days
20mg 1X D

 2  cholesterol daily head ache, slight feeling of confusion, minor tigtening of jaw. M 43 3 weeks
10mg 1X D

 2  high cholesterol tingling feet and legs, some bad dreams, severe back pain last week I could not walk due to a severe stabbing pain in my back that persisted and resulted in 3 days off work. So far no other effects, but I go for the blood test again next week...what ever the results, I think I'll do the diet/exercise thing more and take my chances the natural way. Glad I saw this site. F 60 1 months
20 1X D

 2   sore throat, deep muscle pains, swollen ankles, knees starting taking Crestor in July 20 mg, thngs were great feeling wonderful, increased energy, 2 weeks ago, in the evening started getting deep knee, ankle, hip pain, plus very hot joint pain, this got worse called family doctor, stopped medicine, but these effects are still very strong will see doctor this week F 49 3 months
20mg 1X D

 2  high cholestoral severe headaches, fatigue , muscle soreness in neck, nausea I thought I had the flu but it all started a few days after starting this medication. Tired all the time, severe migraines every day since taking this medication. Not worth it. F 53 8 weeks
10 mg 1X D

 2  High Cholestrol Muscle pain and weakness, particularly in me feet and legs. I took this med for several months, being one that dosen't go to the doctor unless I absolutly have to and one that dosen't like taking meds. I decided on my own not to get more Crestor, since my doctor didn't order or feel the need to order follow up blood work for liver and kidney funtion. Well I had to go to the doctor for another issue, and decided to get on Crestor again (my doctor gives it free). Today my friend wanted me to look up Lisinopril for her and Crestor popped up so I decided to check it out. WOW...THANK GOODNESS...Now I know why my feet hurt and all the other things I felt that I didn't associate with this drug. I could not walk without pain, it was miserable. It's funny because I told my son a couple of days ago that we could start walking now that my feet and such quit hurting and, what did I do...took Crestor...(only once now) THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS SITE. Good luck to all. F 47
10mg 1X D

 2  very high cholesterol extreme fatigue, stiffness, nerve pain in left leg from lower back to ankle. swollen left knee, week left ankle, extreme pain in left shoulder. upset stomach. sleeplessness associated with the leg, and sholder pain. it took me quite a while to put 2 and 2 together, until the side effects starting working in unison actually. it just got to the point where i couldn't stand the discomfort any longer. i had been on 40 mg crestor, and 10 mg zetia for a while, after various dosages of lipitor didn't result in desired numbers. i am now off...cold turkey, and will advise my doctor that i won't be going back on. since stopping the meds about a week ago, i am slowly getting back to feeling like myself, with that bounce in my step that had been missing for too long. i felt like a 90 yr old, and with 2 boys(3 and 6) and another one on the way...i need my energy. i am worried that my bad cholesterol will get back up again, but the these meds/dosages aren't for me. i am in the process of finding a cardiologist, who i would trust over my pcp. hopefully it works out. good luck all! M 40 4 years
40 MG 1X D
 2  high cholesterol and TG I have associated this and other statin drugs with severe weakness;joint and muscle pain all over different parts of my body, but mainly in my legs and arms if you have any adverse reactions to this product do what I did throw the rest of it in the garbage and eat cheerios its not worth the suffering you will endure by continuing to use it. M 57 9 months
20 1X D

 2  High cholesterol Initially no side effects....but after the first week and a half, I developed muscle aches in my thighs and hips and lower abdomen. A general feeling of fatigue took place and I began to feel "out of it"...to the point where friends and family started asking "are you feeling alright?"...I was reluctant to start the Crestor because of all I had researced...now I wish I wuld have stuck to my gut instinct. I stopped taking it about a week ago and am feeling fine now....feel like I am back to my old self. I was on this stuff for only a month, I can't imagine what I would be like in two months or more...I am not scheduled for blood work until November, it would have been a very bad three months I fear. I will NOT go back on this drug, nor any like it again. I have started a natural therapy and would rather take the risks of high cholesterol than the side effects of this statin. Off and staying off. M 57 30 days
10MG 1X D

 2  high overall cholesterol muscle pain in neck and upper arms, dizziness I've been on Crestor for a year and a half and just recently started having severe muscle pain. My cholesterol went from 250 overall to 150 in only one month but if this muscle pain is due to the Crestor then I'm going to search for something better. I can't hardly do my regular activities. It seems like the muscle pain is much stronger after 3 PM or so and keeps me awake at night. F 59 1.5 years
5 mg. 1X D

 2  lower cholesteral numbers No side effects after two years. The problem is that is hasn't worked after two years. My Dr. tells me that 40mg is the highest he can give me. I have been eating healthier and exercising but my numbers wont go down. This has been a waste of money for me. M 42 2 years
40 1X D
 2  high cholesterol Since commencing Crestor, I have developed anxiety and a jittery feeling, dry mouth, insomnia and slight nausea. Had difficulty functioning at work yesterday so have taken the rest of the week off work. It is, of course,possible that these symptoms are my personal response to having high cholesterol and being directed to take medication for it. If that is the case, the number of similar posts suggests others have had a similar response. F 54 6 days
10mg 1X D
 2  To lower my cholesterol Ok, I was taking Simcor, but my doctor felt that Crestor would work better. So, these are my symptoms. I have muscle pain in my neck, shoulders, knees and legs. My pelvic area is achy and the discomfort/pain goes from my pelvis to my hips and down the front and back of my legs. I have severe headaches. I have also experienced nausea and have had some vomiting. I have trouble walking up and down the stairs because it feels as if I worked out non-stop and my muscles are stiff. I can't sit for very long because it's too uncomfortable. I have tingling in my toes. At night I have trouble sleeping and there was one instance where I had extreme chills and shaking...almost as if I had the flu...but I didn't. I'm not sure what is in this drug to cause all of this. But, I will speak with my doctor next week and see if he can prescribe me something different instead. I would not recommend this medication to anyone. I hope they approve the new synthetic HDL instead. F 38 2 weeks
20 MG 1X D

 2  Cholesterol at 235 severe, frequent muscle spasms in upper back, neck and jaw I have been off this medication for 3 days (Dr. recommended) and the symptoms have not subsided. They began on the 4th day of dosage and quickly became more severe. My doctor did not recommend anything to help with the pain, just a different statin (Lovaza) which I will not take because my triglycerides are within normal range. F 51 6 days
10 MG 1X D

 2  Cardiologist recommend, Cholesterol Within 3 months began to feel fatigue, overall weakness, muscle aches, cramping in calves and abdomen. Recently have become lethargic, foggy, slurring sentences and no energy. Total cholesterol was 150 and LDL was 100 but doctor pointed to the Jupiter study and indicated I needed to be at 70 to 80 LDL and put me on 5 mg of Crestor. Starting feeling side effects after 2 months and became steadily more noticeable. Cut the pill in half to 2.5 mgs but no improvement in symptoms. Blood pressure has lowered to 125 over 75 and I thought the lack of energy and weakness was due to my heart not having to work as hard. Going to discontinue the drug completely and have my internal medical doctor perform new blood and liver tests. would rather live with slightly elevated BP than live with the symptoms. M 51 6 months
5 1X D
 2   Severe constipation. Although, Crestor has worked well, I can no longer deal with the constant constipation issues. I'm going off it. If I don't take Crestor for a week or so, my digestive system works beautifully. F 62 2 years
10 4X W

 2  High Cholesterol Unbearable heartburn and acid reflux I am not sure if this medicine helped my cholesterol. I could only take it for ten days before the side effects became unbearable. I have controlled GERD, thanks to Prilosec, but with Crestor, my acid reflux and heartburn was out of control. I simply could not eat or drink anything without extreme pain. Thankfully, my doctor has called in another medicine for me to try, hopefully, without these side effects. Crestor may work for some, but not for me. F 28 10 days
10 mg 1X D
 2  High Cholesterol Thank God I haven't experienced any of the severe side effects that I have read on this board. However, Crestor makes me feel very jumpy most of the time and my thinking is not very clear at times. The jumpy feeling is similar to having had way too much caffeine (which I long ago cut completely from my diet) or not having eaten in a long time. I don't like the feeling at all! I have lost 22 pounds in two months through eating properly and regular exercise. In a month I will get my blood tested and if my cholesterol levels are down, I will go off Crestor for good. I have proven in the past that I can control my levels through diet and exercise. Giving up sugar and fatty foods and adding regular exercise into my routine are small prices to pay compared to the side effects of Crestor. M 45 27 days
10 MG 1X D

 2  control cholesterol gastric/bowel upsets. Flatulence+++ No big drop in cholesterol M 68 2 years
1X D

 2  Cholesterol is High I have had unreal pain in my legs, hands, knees, ankles, shoulder and feet. It has become a struggle to go up and down the stairs. Doctor is pushing this medication even though I had taken Lipitor previously, and it was damaging my liver. It took my liver 1-1/2 years to go back to normal. My liver enzymes are rising slightly and I have agreed to use it for one more month and if they rise anymore, I am going off the crap. It was good to read that others have the same discomforts that I have. This way, I don't feel like an oddity. I did tell the doctor that I did not want to take 20 mg everyday, so he told me that I could cut the pill in half and take it every other day. I would hate to think what would happen to me if I took 20 mg. every day. On top of everything else, it costs me $49.00 co-pay a month for this junk. I am sure that there are people who can take this medication and not have adverse effects. There has to be a safe way with which to control cholesterol. Statins seem to have adverse effects on a lot of people. F 69
20 mg 1X D

 2  lower cholesterol I got yellow sores on the underside of my upper lip. I quit taking Crestor and they immediately disappeared. M 55 10 days
10 mg 1X D

 2  Lower LDLs mainly Can't sleep without sleeping pills. Flushing redness in face and neck from time to time. Numbness in hands at night sometimes. Verylow sex drive. I am trying to determine if it's crestor, lisinopril, or HCTZ that's causing this. Crestor has lowered my ldls to a good level but trigs have risen since I went off tricor. I was taking zocor and tricor last year with no real side effects but LDLs were always high. My life changed when I told my doc of shortness of breath. He put me on metoprolol for HBP and my body was going crazy with flushing in faceand neck and spiking BP. Did a body scan and found out I had 50% blockage in a couple of arteries. So doc wanted to get my ldls lower by switching to crestor. I am still having flushing issues throughout day , not sleeping without pills, and very low sex drive. Although I am not married labido is still important at age 52. Does anyone else have these flushing problemswith Crestor? M 52 120 days
20 1X D
 2  High Chloresteral Recently developed lower back pain (unprovoked). After 1 week and no change I decided to stop taking my Crestor. Within 3 days my lower back pain is gone....it could be a conincidence, but I think it was caused by the drug. It dramatically lowered my bad and raised my good. M 48 4 months
20 mg 1X D

 2  to lower LDL and raise HDL I took this drug for 2 & 1/2 months. My doctor did not discuss any side effects to me I found out on my own never take and anti acid because it raised my blood pressure from 118/62 to 186/86. I quit taking over that weekend until I could see the Doctor. He said to remain on the drug within two weeks I was freezing all of the time with temp in our home at 76 I had to wear a sweater and still problems with stomach pain & nausea. Doctor did liver function and it was normal wanted me to remain on drug. Has any one had these side effects? F 61
10mg 1X D

 2  colestrol Had no side effects for 2 years, then on a Monday took Cialis an ED drug. No problems, then Wednesday noonish legs went weak, numbness and tingling in toes, general muscle pain from waist down, bottom of neck pain and severe stomach ache. Went to GP on Thursday had full body scan which showed no abnormalities.Friday went to hospital 7am after severe pains from waist down all night and no sleep.Blood tests showed everything ok.Very thorough Doctor immigrant from Bangladesh checked everything and said stop taking Crestor and prescribed Panadene Forte for the pain.Take every 6 hours when muscle pain returns. Stomach pain now gone and now 7.5 hours since last Panadene and legs now a little bit tingly, so hopefully no permanent muscle damage, but very scary stuff. I am in Sydney Australia and do not think many Doctors here are aware of the possible side effects of this powerful drug. Until googling it yesterday I had no idea of the dangers M 65 2 years
10mg 1X D
 2  To Lower Cholesterol For the past 7 years I was taking Lipito 80MG. Prior to that I was taking Zocor. My Doctor at that time switched me from Zocor To Lipitor because he maintained that Lipitor was a better drug. About 7 weeks ago I started having severe muscle pains mostly in the legs but also in the neck. My Doctor told me to stop taking the Lipitor for a few days and then to resume it but taking a lower dosage 40mg instead of 80MG. After three days I had such severe cramps in my legs that the Doctor told me I should stay of it altogether and let my body just clean itself from this medication. After a wait of two weeks he recommended that I take CRESTOR in a low dosage (10MG) and to see how it agrees with me. I started taking it this past Thursday. On Friday I felt a pain in my neck but I still took it on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I was in such severe pain that it was affecting my balance and I stopped taking it. My Doctor told me that I should stay away from it and all these medications. He is subs M 67 3 days
10MG 1X D

 2  cholesteral once a month get upper front leg cramp, hurts like hell (use quinine to relieve) but now have had two calf cramps in two weeks PLUS burning under big toe. (Had the burning thing so bad a year ago that I could only sit and cool my foot.) I never dreamt all this was Crestor related. I have stopped today. M 69 2 years
10 1X D

 2  Cholesterol Severe shoulder & upper arm pain. It feels more like an ache than a muscle issue. I plan to stop taking Crestor today (4/5/1010)I will report back with the results of my stopping this drug. M 59 45 days
10 1X D

 2  Cholesterol 5.7 (UK) Took this for about 9 months and cholesterol level reduced to 4. Felt OK for about 5 months then started feeling extremely tired and nauseous. Stopped last month for just one week and saw GP who took blood test. Cholesterol level soared in that week to 6.7 even though my diet is very low-fat. My liver test is giving cause for concern and I have to see GP again. Also have had one ultra-sound scan of pelvis three months ago and need a follow-up (this week) as something seen that "Just needs keeping an eye on" I am coming off this tablet although GPs scare one about the possibility of strokes - even though they do not run in my family. I think patients should know before taking statins that if they stop them their cholesterol levels will rise higher than they were before they started the regime. F 72 250 days
10mg 1X D
 2  High LDL Nausea, sore throat, indigestion, feeling like food was stuck in my throat/chest, burping, heartburn, headaches, constipation, stomach pains, and fleeting muscle/joint aches and pains. All of these afflictions are highly unusual for me. I REALLY wanted this drug to work. I have a very good diet and exercise regularly but I could not lower my LDL. I systematically tried various supplements but nothing worked. So, I finally accepted that a statin would be good for me and had high hopes. I had no side effects the first month but then constipation set in. I took extra magnesium and vitamin C to keep things moving but still I had to use a laxative at times. Still, so far it was bearable and I was hoping that these side effects would subside. Then, indigestion became frequent and a sore throat became constant. Then I became nauseous but I thought it was a flu since I had some aches. When these symptoms did not subside, I started to think Crestor was to blame. Finally, stomach pains and heartburn that made me not want eat led me to quit the drug. After four days, I am feeling better but not totally back to normal. F 48 9 weeks
5mg 1X D

 2  high cholesterol I felt so exhausted that I didn't even want to exercise anymore, which I need to do to control my blood pressure and lose weight. On the last day I took Crestor, I could barely climb the stairs that night to go to bed. I stopped Crestor on my own but when I went back to the doctor he put me on Zocor 40mg, so far so good but it's only been about 1 week. F 43 12 days
10mg 1X D

 2  High LDL Leg cramps. Doc told me to stop taking it for a few days when it started causing cramps then start back up. That only worked for a little bit then it happened every time I took a pill. Did lower my LDL - but I was improving my diet too. M 28 30 days
10mg 1X D

 2  i have super high cholesterol - 600 After three weeks on 10 mgm crestor, my cholesterol dropped to half of what it had been [about 300 in your system] then i went to 20 mgm and it went to just above normal - but i failed the first liver function test taken 12 weeks after i started on crestor. My sister got muscle problems after some years on lipitor and she switched to crestor - she's on 40mgm which is a real lot - so far so good but i expect she'll get more problems. I have stopped taking crestor while I think about what to do next. I think i'll try Dr Linus Pauling's advice - vitamin C and L-proline and L-lysine. They are natural stuff. If Crestor gives you muscle aches, that can kill you! F 64 12 weeks
 2  high cholesterol/stroke Leg pain and weakness. Flushing and sweating. Got to point could not go all the way up a flight of stairs. Dr did blood test,muscle protin was neg. Kept taking it but got so bad hurting, I stopped one week ago and already much better. Interested in postings regarding feelings of being hot/sweating F 38 7 months
 2  to lower cholesterol I have not felt well since I started the crestor about 8 months ago. I have joint pain, muscle pain, my knee is swollen and stiff, my chest hurts, I have muscle cramping all night long. My cholesterol went down significantly however I feel generally miserable. I feel as if I have become an old woman in the past year. Initially I blamed it on other things...menopause, injury, bad back, arthritis however after reading that other people has suffered the same downfall that I have I believe it is the crestor. I am afraid to stop it because it did lower my cholesterol however I am willing to try hard to control the cholesterol with diet so that I can feel better. F 53 8 months
 2  hight cholesterol I have been taking Crestor (10 mg) for about 6 months to lower my LDL. It works for that purpose, but my feet feel funny, like electrical shocks are in them and the bones in my legs ache. I get uncomfortable sitting and shift around a lot. The pain in my legs wakes me up at night. My legs especially feel tight and cramped and I feel as if I have to stretch them out, but that doesn't relieve the pain. I am an active person, walk regularly, and go to the gym, but lately, I've been feeling too tired and unmotivated to continue with gym routines. After reading about Crestor, I am going to stop taking it and see if my leg and feet problems clear up. And, I need to get back to the gym. M 53 6 months
 2  cholesterol reduction Fatigue, muscle pains, shortness of breath. Cramping, strange dreams. Be very careful; don't just take your provider's word for it! He's probably not taking it, you are~you're the one who has to live with the results! F 59 1 years
 2  mild heart attack with stent placem muscle cramps, muscle weakness, whole body aching and thobbing on getting up, joint pain, no motivation, listless, can't lose weight (not even a few pounds). Being an ex-bodybuilder and athlete, always eating right, nonsmoker, nondrinker. total cholesterol before Crestor 160, HDL 90, LDL 35 (thats what doc said). Have to be on it along with Plavix due to stent. Side effects noticed immediately, complained to doc, cut is back to 5 mg, but still have the problems. I go back in January.. BTW--My father-in-law was on the same meds and he is trying Niaspan (Rx Niacin) to lower cholesterol or to keep it low. I am only 50 and I know this is not right. F 50 5 months
 2  lower hereditary high cholesterol sleeplessness, waking up feeling like I couldn't breathe because tongue in the way. indigestion, lack of focus/concentration, exacerbated depression I've been on many cholesterol lowering drugs, have not always been the best patient about remembering or being compliant with taking them. tried to do better on this one, but I am having so much trouble sleeping, I found this website and see similarities, will try to stick it out until I go back in January to have my lab tests done. F 36 2 months
 2  chlorestral Both knee joints were popping- sounded like I was fracturing my knees and leg bones down to the knees. Now just stiff all over. Shoulder, neck pain, arms go numb at night resulting in constant waking up. Here's a new one for you- sometimes the tip of my nose feels tingly or fuzzy. Feel like I am 85. I cant even bend at the knees as I feel a lot of pressure behind them- like my legs will pop like a balloon overinflated. Will be going off this stuff and trying to get back into walking. F 52 4 months

 2   Severe pains in legs after taking 20mg for 3 mths so Dr reduced dosage to 10mg. After about a year pains redeveloped in legs as before. In addition severe pains at top of calf muscles behind knees after standing up (if i have been sitting with legs tucked under the chair). Also dizzyness frequently on standing up. Have stopped Crestor 2 days ago and leg pains have gone but pain in calf muscles persisits. M 61 12 months
 2  Lower Cholestrol My cholestrol was around 225 a couple of years ago. My doctor prescribed 5mg crestor at bedtime. I can't remember exactly why, but the prescription was for 10mg and my doctor said to just cut them in half. I was on this for 1 year with no symptoms of pain. My insurance changed and this prescription went to $75 a month. I went to the doctor and tried zocor. Bad mistake, I would awake from a sound sleep with fierce muscle spasms in the left calf of my leg. I would wake my husband screaming and crying. The zocor was only $7 a month but was definitely not worth saving the money. I started taking the 5mg crestor 07/17/09. On 09/24/09 my total cholestrol was 165 which is good but a week later I had severe leg pain and stopped taking it on 10/06/09. Now I'm not taking anything. Does anyone know how long it takes for the crestor to get out of your system? This is really weird; if I take 5mg crestor each night instead of cutting the 10mg in half, my legs hurt terribly. What is the difference; cutting a 10mg in half = 5 mg or taking a 5 mg tablet??? F 55 2 years
 2   High LDL and total cholesterol. I was taking a combo of Crestor and Zetia. All blood work was within range even my HDL. However, my liver enzymes are elevated and have not been taking them for two weeks to try to get my liver back in shape. Recheck in three months. I never connected the shoulder and leg pain with these medicines until reading this and realizing for the last two weeks these pains are not nearly as intense. I guess I will try fish oil, vinegar, and niacin. F 55 3 years

 2  to raise HDL Have tried EVERYTHING to try and increase HDL (which is normally in the 34-38 range), all other lipid levels are fine...The main thing I've noticed w/Crestor is a change in bowel movements....Seems like I have to use 2 rolls after every damn movement w/this drug...Also, some abdominal pain & lower back pain is common....To top it off, drug really isn't raising HDL that much, perhaps 2-4 points...My doctor is also a friend of mine, & he gives me the samples drug reps. drop off, thus I'm not paying for this gastily drug....I would pay to eat from a garbage can before I'd pay for Crestor... M 39 1 years

 2  Cholesterol was between 240 and 260 I was prescribed 5mg Crestor and I took 1/2 pill every other day. After one month my cholesterol went from 236 to 116. After about three months I began to notice that I was breathing through my mouth. In a couple of days I began to experience a feeling of fullnes - as though my food was not digesting. After a few days of this I had a violent episode of vomiting. I cannot overstate how dramatic this was; I have vomited about five times in my almost 7 decades. I stopped taking Crestor for about 10 days and after all the symptoms went away, I took 1/2 of a pill. The next day the fullness began to reappear. I stopped for another ten days and once again took 1/2 pill. After two days I once again began breathing through my mouth. I have not been able to tolerate any of the statin drugs and I desperately want to find a way to take this. Other than cholesterol I am in excellent health. F 66 3 months
 2  High Cholesterol Pretty severe headaches and slight nausea. I am looking for a drug that will reduce my cholesterol without side effects. Lippitor caused muscle weakness and flu-like symptoms. Niaspan did no good. Now Chrestor's side effects were too severe to tolerate. I teach and could not concentrate to prepare and deliver lectures thru the headaches. M 56 30 days
 2  cholesterol level increasing General tiredness, easily fatigued, interrupted sleep, awake tired, no libido. I have noted many passing muscle aches and soreness in some area of the body is a frequent occurrence. Sept 10th a deep intense pain developed beneath the lower left rib, at the back. The pain intensified over the next 2 days. Sleep was difficult and constantly interrupted by the pain. I was continually fatigued. On September 13th, I took Tylenol. This relieved the pain, but it was necessary to take it every 4 hours. I was able to sleep. Around that same time, severe deep itching and numbness developed in the area below the left front rib cage. The itching and numbness were constant. On a short car trip I experienced intense sciatic pain that could not be resolved in any seat of the vehicle, or seated position. The pain mysteriously did not occur on the return trip. September 21, three large welts appeared on the skin below the left front rib cage, in an area where there had been constant itching for My prescription is for 5mg per day. The reduction in Cholesterol level very dramatic, and was almost immediate. My doctor has advised that the amount be reduced to 5gm every second day to reduce the side effects. After the welts developed, I decided to stop taking the drug, and try to determine if I am experiencing side effects, or if there could be some other reason for the many symptoms that have recently appeared. M 63 45 days

 2  High LDL and total cholesterol After three days of 10mg I awoke from a sound sleep at night due to a severe very painfull stabbing sensation in my tongue; my tongue felt link it was twisted, the pain lasted only a second. I stopped Crestor for a several months and then went back on it, taking it every fourth day. After about 2 weeks with no problems I increased the frequency to every three days. After several days I experienced the same stabbing pain in my tongue but it was not very painfull; I went back to every 4 days. After being on creator for only about two months I am now experiencing a tightness and pain in my left archilles tendon; never had tendon problems before. I am 67 and very active. Have been doing resistance training for 50 years and jogging (mostly) and walking for 33 years. Walking causes discomfort in archilles tendon; can't jog at all. Today was last day for Crestor; I will rest tendon and see what happens. Also noticed my morning systolic blood pressure increased 28 points in the last two weeks M 67 3 months

 2  hig hcholesterol dizziness, leg weakness, tingling in feet and toes,pain at base of neck, debiltating fatigue. Could barely walk across the street to get mail. legs felt like they could not support body. Felt 25 years older. Worked great at lowerng cholesterol but made me feel like I was going to spend the rest of my life in bed M 61 3 years

 2  High cholesterol-family history Few side effects the first few days, but now after 2 weeks, I have arm heaviness and finger numbness. I also feel some kind of small pinches in my neck and chest. Heaviness in my arms and "pinches" in my neck and chest worry me because I'm thinking that I'm constantly on the verge of having a heart attack! I'm thinking that I'd like to see a naturopath for other options. My doctor says that nutrition accounts only for 20% of elevated cholesterol. I read that vitamin B3 is excellent to control cholesterol, but I took 1 caplet last night and had a very severe reaction to it within minutes (hives, lip numbness, throat constriction and weird delirum=trip to emerg.) I am not putting anything in my mouth for a while, and that includes Crestor. I want to see if the symptoms disappear. F 45 2 weeks

 2  hyperlipidemia Pain in all major joints. Getting dizzy. No energy. Dark urine and light colored stools. Noticeable bloating and weight gain mostly in my mid section. Stopped taking Crestor. I gained seven pounds in the five weeks I was taking Crestor. I have never had a weight problem in my life. Between the weight gain and the pain I feel horrible. F 46 5 weeks

 2  Hyperlipidemia Arm and Shoulder Pain. Really bad Anxiety. Numbness in hands, face, lips. Back and Neck Pain. Sinus pain. Dry mouth. Dizziness for long periods of time. Loss of sex drive. Head Aches. Weight loss. I have a family history of high cholesterol. My father died of a heart attack at age 40. We have 7 kids in my family, and 5 out of the 7 have extremly high #'s. All in the 300's. The Youngest brother is 11 and his numbers were 345 before getting on crestor. Mine were 362. CRAZY. but crestor has helped tons. My numbers are now 185. It is helping, but the side effects are insane. F 23 3.5 years

 2  High Cholesterol Hand tingling, possible anxiety and memory loss Lipitor muscle aches were too much to handle. Tried Crestor and have no muscle or joint aches. Rode 18 miles on my bike yesterday, but after reading here I'm second guessing the idea of uswing Crestor. Actually having hard time finding the right words to write this comment. I'm going to re-think my use of the drug. M 55 2 weeks

 2  high cholestrol, High ldl, high HDL After reading all the information, I have decided not to take the Medicine because it seems like everyone had side effects. I have not taken any cholesterol lowering drugs since 1998 and my cholesterol level has remained the same. My good cholesterol which is high benefits me. I am still debating whether to take it for a trial run for 6 weeks and then make a decision. F 60 0 days
 2  hscrp level high 3.3 been on it aprox. 4 weeks and at around the second week I noticed some tenderness in my thighs and also put it off to recently walking more. But in the last week I've felt sluggish and find it difficult getting on and off my vehicle (I drive an SUV) and even the side steps aren't much help. That's when I became concerned, because I felt like an old person...no offense. Then 2 or 3 days ago I noticed more pain in my legs and sometimes my joints too. Went to bed feeling the pain, bothered me through the night and woke up feeling it... I didn't take it last night, and don't plan on taking it anymore. First thing Monday I'm calling my doctor to let him know...then I'm going for a second opinion because I feel that the hscrp levels are a bit too high and at the time I took the test I had a sinus infection...I researched and found that the test could've picked up on that and thus gave me a high reading. I will be going for a second opinion and have another test done. I'm not crazy about taking meds especially when the doc says for the rest of your life...looking for "natural" options F 38 4 weeks

 2  high Cholesterol Severe pain in both ankles and both wrists. Thought I had the flu,or another sinus infection brewing.Went to my ENT Dr.-no sign of infection,I stopped taking Crestor 1 week ago and can walk to the batroom at night without any pain in ankles, and I can rotate wrists without any pain.I am on my feet all day at work and I was ready to have tests done for arthritis, or Lymes disease.I had no Idea that this causes joint pain!!!!! however this did lower my numbers drastically! But cannot tolerate this pain in joints! F 53 3 months

 2  high chl very sore ankles, some bloating and mild abdominal discomfort no other side effects M 43 2 months

 2  I have very high cholesterol I have been experiencing leg and foot cramps and a sore shoulder since I started taking the drug in 1/09. Initially, I had some gastro side effects which eventually went away. I have had muscle issues with Lipitor so was taken off of that several years ago after a short time of usage. My doctor recommended I have a heart scan and I got a score of zero which seemed to indicate that though I had high cholesterol my arteries were clear of plaque. But a recent carotid scan showed a very minimal buildup of plaque so again my doctor said let's try Crestor which is water soluable instead of fat soluable like the other statins. He has now taken me off of the drug to see if my muscle spasms and cramping go away and we can blame the drug. I also have hypothroidism and the information about Crestor says the drug should be administered very carefully to people with this condition. I as a general rule am very anti-drug. I know for every benefit their is a downside...a side effect and maybe a few years from now they come out and tell you how unsafe it actually is. The drug companies want all of us on statins. But with my cholesterol so high, I just don't know what to do. F 64 4 months
 2  Coronary infarct..2 stents.. Severe leg weakness,numbness in feet,leg cramps After coronary,started with Zocor....was switched to Lipitor as more effective. After 6 months had leg weakness so bad I couldn't walk. Stopped Lipitor...returned to normal quickly. Dr.then put me on 10mg Crestor. No apparent side effects EXCEPT FOR LOW BACK PAIN!!(This was blamed on degenerative discs.) Recently (for last month) (after 5 years on Crestor) began to have mild numbness in both feet and hands....weakness in all leg muscles...and very dark urine. Intend to stop all use of statins. Hope better quality of life worth the increased heart attack risk. Will keep you posted. M 82 5 years

 2  high cholesterol Been taking 10mg. for over 18 months. Extreme gum/mouth pain started 3 days ago. Looked online & found others who have experienced gum pain too. Also, I have had some numbness in my hands and arms occasionally, but I never thought about it being a side effect of Crestor. I guess that's what is causing the numbness too. I'm quitting the Crestor tonight. Was pretty happy with Crestor until now. F 47 18 months

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