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 1  diarhhea Long term disability. Huge difficulties with all normal activity. Dizziness. 35 5 days

 1  UTI/Kidney Infection This is my 5th day taking the pill, but throughout this week I have experienced; nausea, insomnia, stomach pains, anxiety, afraid I may die "Paranoia", chills, dry mouth, it also caused me to experience a even worse yeast infection and on top of all that, the burning sensation has not cleared up when I urinate. I was not prescribed this drug the first time I had a UTI, and I really don't like that I have to take this drug now. It really sucks. And I don't feel any better. At all. The bad thing is I didn't even get a chance to talk to the doctor about what I felt was truly going on. I went to the restroom came back and he was gone, he had my prescription written out and gave to another worker in the office to give to me. F 22 5 days
 1  UTI Leg pain - severe enough to prevent me from sleeping. Started on my last day of a 5 day treatment (500 mg twice a day). It seems ok during the day when I am standing but as soon as I sit down or especially lie down to sleep it starts and is unrelenting. Saturday night I was up all night, last night I slept from 11-3. I called the pharmacist and he wasn't much help, I will call my doctor this morning. I have taken Cipro before without side effects. It has been 5 days since I took my last dose. I took an ibuprofen this morning and it seems to be easing up some so I will try to go back to bed. F 65 5 days

 1  diverticulitis nausea (WORSE than caused by the infection),unquenchable thirst,no energy, flat affect, ear pain, loss of balance, chemical taste in mouth...just after 10 doses of 500mg Have used Levaquin in the past to treat this infection WITHOUT these side effects. F 58 5 days

 1  Mistake CIPRO DESTROYS LIVES! If you or someone you love has had DEBILITATING side effects while taking Cipro or months AFTER taking Cipro, please do the world a favor and report it to the FDA: 1-800-FDA-1088. This poisonous drug must be stopped before it ruins one more life. WE MUST STAND UP TO THESE DRUG COMPANIES AND THE FDA AND LET THEM KNOW IT'S NOT OKAY TO CRIPPLE US! These are serious poisons and are being given out like Halloween candy...it's the most unconscionable thing ever. There are literally THOUSANDS of victims out there of all ages (floxy's) who were perfectly healthy, active individuals before they took Cipro. Now they form internet groups trying to console one another and figure out WTF has been done to their bodies and lives. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! Report your horror stories to the FDA, eventually they can no longer turn a deaf ear to the havoc this drug is causing. This poison must be pulled off the market before it floxes one more unsuspecting individual, and it's long overdue for Bayer to have its ASS SUED OFF. I'll be there in a wheelchair if I must! I'm madder than a wet hornet and I'm ready to fight! It's time to take ACTION, people. 800-FDA-1088 M 30 5 days
 1  uti muscle and tendon problems for 8 months and counting M 29 5 days

 1  epididimitis ankle and knee pain, numbness in hands and feet, burning in wrists and back of leg, headaches Although I was aware of the potential adverse effects of Cipro, I decided to take the drug because I have never had any form of reaction to medication. This is a decision that I am now regreting because I have been experiencing the listed adverse effects since I stopped taking Cipro over three weeks ago. With time, I hope to make a full recovery but I consider this experience to be an important life lesson. 1. Do not take any medication unless you absolutely have to. 2. If you need to take a drug that has potential serious side effects, always research to see if their is an alternative that is safer. 3. Stop taking a medication immediately if you experience any side effects! M 32 5 days

 1  suspected infection severe depression, almost catatonic. Occasional sharp pains in hands and feet, fatigue, dryness of lips(like too much salt), brain fog, slight headaches, poor concentration. Was unaware of this drug until I read the warnings that came with it; didn't sink in until I went online....probably because I had been fighting the extreme depression (I didn't realize) it was causing. So far worst effects have been psychological, ie.I just want to go to sleep, but that has been bad enough for me to stop taking this drug. I feel better already for it although the joint awareness feelings could be an issue later I'm sure. IMHO as so many have stated do not take this drug unless you absolutely have to...it just doesn't feel right. M 60 5.5 days
500 2X D
 5  post colectomy pouchitis Very happy with Cipro. Stopped frequency / discomfort of bowel movements. More energy. Suffered from 18 month post total colectomy pouchitis. Drug prescribed for bladder infection, B Very happy with Cipro. More energy, enjoyment of life. Prescribed for uti, BUT side effects were great. Stopped symptoms of post surgical total colectomy. Stopped pressure / pain of lower bowel, anus. More energy, less depression, and I have been on antidepressants for years. Take only under drs supervision. It's my wonder drug. It changed my life for the better after two days dosage. If you have had a total colectomy, and are miserable with j-pouch trouble, ask your dr for Cipro. From reading allergic reaction comments, be very careful when first trying this drug. M 65 6 days
500 1X D

 5  UTI 1st night...weird stomach gurgling turned to pain. 2nd day...worse stomach pain\strange feeling of fullness. Then came the chest pain..radiating into my left arm and neck. Went to ER with suspicion of heart attack. My antibiotic was switched (after the doctor even told me it was a nasty drug). I have been off it 3 days now...still having headaches and cannot get rid of the chest and upper abdominal pain. Being seen again in 3 days. Horrible drug. I'm sure we will be hearing some nightmare side effect discovered soon from this med. F 31 6 days
500mg 2x

 5  UTI I'm a post kidney transplant patient who is prone to UTIs. Cipro clears those up within 2 days. I do get GI symptoms (nausea, diarrhea) and tiredness while on it, but I'm resistant to Bactrim and really, I'll take the side effects to know that my infection is cured and won't attack my transplanted kidney. Besides, when I'm tired while taking an antibiotic, I usually chalk that up to the underlying infection and the dehydration caused by the diarrhea. Probiotic yogurt and Pepto help with the digestive issues. F 29 6 days

 5  UTI While it cured the side effects towards the end of treatment - day 4 or 5 I started having side effects. I now with one pill to go am wondering if I should take it. I have high anxiety, almost depressed, heart palpatations, ringing in ears and now I know why I have been having weird dreams. Some have said the only people on this site are complainers, but I would have no need to research my symptoms if they did not exist. I started looking for symptoms of anxiety - I really thought I had a problem outside of the Cipro - I look forward to being "normal" in a couple of days. In light of this I would take this drug again, but with an informed mind. F 52 6 days

 3  UTI Lethargy, dizziness to the point of nearly blacking out, achy bones, depression? I have nearly finished my prescription. In the pamphlet given to me by the pharmacy, there was a listing for mood changes. Had been feeling tired and dizzy, but am taking other medications with those same side effects so did not think to connect it. After taking my second to last dose, am now feeling achy, like all my energy has been sapped, and want to cry for no reason. Since it's a pretty sudden onset, I'm loathe to call it depression. But I feel suddenly sadness, despair, and hopelessness. Unsure if it could be the drug. But have no other reason to feel this way. F 31 6 days

 3  UTI I was prescribed this drug for a UTI. I had taken it in the distant past for sinusitis with no problem, and this time, I had no major problems until Day 6, aside from some minor dizziness here and there. On Day 6, though, I suddenly developed heart palpitations, accompanied by profuse sweating (while shaking like a leaf), and numbness/tingling in my left foot and left hand. Scary stuff! I have two pills left as I was supposed to take this for 7 days, but I will not be taking them! I never read the side effects when I am prescribed a drug, because if something occurs I want to rule out the psychosomatic. So I had no idea, until I developed major symptoms, of what the known side effects even were. I immediately checked, though, and lo and behold, everything I experienced is listed. Thankfully, I didn't get the muscle pains or permanent muscle damage that some others did (at least not yet). Hopefully, 6 days was long enough to cure my UTI. F 56 6 days
500 MG 2X D

 3  epipdidimytis No side effects. Just sweat a lot. No joint pain calfs are a little sore probably from running and down the ladder at home depot lol seems to be helping my nut.. So far so good M 20 6 days
 2  believed to have catscratch fever severe pain in arms, hands, wrists, legs, buttocks, and bottoms of feet. Also developed rash over mid section and under arms. Took cipro for 6 days and stopped because i had no symthoms from the infection but was feeling worse due to medicine. 7TH day still having pain but seems to be better and rash / hives / red marks is slowly going away. M 33 6 days

 2  kidney infection trouble falling asleep, but the worst was a severe yeast infection (my doctor called it "deeply embedded") required 3 doses of Diflucam over a week. I also experienced vulvadynia (also called vulvar vestibulitis), which is inflammation of the nerves in the opening of the vagina and causes severe burning pain during intercourse. it did work to get rid of the kidney infection, but I will ask if there are other options next time -- but then, with all the cranberry juice I plan to start drinking, I don't think there will be a next kidney infection for me. :o) F 28 6 days

 2  UTI Extreme fatigue during the day, muscle weakness, inability to sleep at night (will get 3 hours at most) and a general "foggy" feeling. I will not take this drug again unless my very life depends on it. I've taken a few other courses of other antibiotics and never had issues. It also took the drug over 3 days to start providing relief, too long in my opinion. Not pleased, but at least I've not experienced problems that are truly debilitating. My doctor failed to mention any side effects of the drug when she prescribed it and I think it should be saved for truly life-threatening infections. I hope the insomnia clears up after my 7-day course of medication ends tomorrow night. F 42 6 days
500mg 2X D

 2  inflamed pinna (outer ear) bad shoulder pain and generalized pain in that area, neck pain, depression, mental fuzziness would not take it again unless there is no other option - I've been off it for three days and still have joint pain, although it's not as bad F 53 6 days

 2  UTI/Kidney Infection Nerve/muscle pain just above right knee that shoots down leg, mild nausea and abdominal cramping in the beginning I was prescribed 500 mg twice daily for 10 days. I'm currently on day 6 and am just now starting to see the more serious side effects spoken about on this site. The first few days I had mild nausea and abdominal cramping, which I felt was normal for a new medication being introduced into my system. However, since last night I've had this intermittent pain that shoots down my leg, starting about mid thigh above my right knee. It is more painful when I'm on my feet, but I can still feel soreness even when I'm sitting down. It's not terribly painful, but when it starts to shoot down my leg, it makes me pull in my breath. I'm going to my PCP this afternoon after work to see if my infection has cleared up and if I need to switch to a different antibiotic. F 25 6 days

 2  Bladder infection I had been taking CIPRO for about 6 days now (1 a day at 500 mg). A few days ago I noticed that I started feeling tired, achy, shortnes of breath and nausea was hitting me throughout the day. I have stopped taking this medicaiton. Too many side effects. M 51 6 days
 1  sinus infection every single side effect experienced. depleted quality of life. loss of relationship with family and irrational fears developed cipro is a legal form of suicide M 19 6 days

 1  Suspected Bacterial Gastroenteritis While taking the Drug: starting with mild confusion, bizarre taste on my tongue, discombobulated feeling, pressurized feeling in head, inability to concentrate and dizziness progressing to extreme lethargy and mental confusion, feeling of disassociation from body, dizziness, mild auditory hallucinations, sluggish thought patterns, mild paranoia, absence of appetite. Once off the drug: wild fluctuation between mental normalcy and mental confusion, sluggish thought patterns, discombulated feeling and fatigue persisting for weeks afterwards. You feel fine one hour and then the next completely incapacitated. I was on 500mg twice a day for about six days of a ten day course. I was never told about any possible side effects. Unfortunately, it looks like cognitive problems like mine happen in a small group of people, and the severity and persistence of it is dose-dependent! If only I had known. I had to live in misery for about a month, and about three months for symptoms to disappear. Some people aren't so lucky. My advice: Maybe cipro is ok for some, but be vigilent! If you have any adverse symptoms stop immediately, and save yourself months (or more) of mental misery. F 23 6 days

 1  Congestion in lungs Severe headache and neck pain (at the base of skull can feel very sore muscles on both sides of my neck). Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 twice a day for 10 days, but am going to quit after six days as I can no longer stand the pain in my neck and head. I called the doctor, but was told to take the cough medicine with codeine to help the headache. Also taking Methylpredisone so I thought the side effects might be related to that drug, but took last pill this morning. Pain in neck returns shortly after taking Cipro and lasts several hours. F 51 6 days

 1  UTI I am 45 yrs old. NEver taken Cipro. Within HOurs of taking the first one I had severe shakes, fever and joint and muscle pain totally unbearable. Severe headache with fever of 102 that stayed for 6 days. I went to the E.R. and two different doctors who "won't endorse" the idea that Cipro did it. There is something drastically wrong with this drug. My neck swelled up and my chest. I could not breath, swallow, lift my head up or touch my chest. Coudln't turn my head and all my limp nodes/glands are all swallen twice the size of pecans and now I have ulcerated soars all over my gums, tonque and mouth from the high fever while I kept seeking medical attentin. Today is day 7. I fought cancer 5 years ago, I am an active female farmer and I cannot believe how ill I am. DEpressed only for the mere fact that the medical profession will not even look into it. I did not have any of this until that first dose. I took myself off of them and within 12 hours the swelling was going down som F 45 6 days
 1  Infection UPDATE: I posted on 10/27 when I was only experiencing pain in my achilles tendons. Well it's been two weeks now since my side effects started, and things have gotten MUCH worse. Keep in mind I had NO side effects until 10 days after quitting Cipro. This drug has attacked not only my achilles tendons but also my ankles, calves, elbows, shoulders and has basically crippled my hands and wrists. I now get severe arthritic pain in every one of my fingers and my thumbs lock up. I have never been in so much pain or been so incapacitated in my life. I'M ONLY 30 AND FIT NONE OF THE "RISK FACTORS" FOR THESE CRIPPLING SIDE EFFECTS! Every day gets worse than the day before. What an absolute F*CKING nightmare! I have been reduced to a cripple. MY BODY IS RUINED! If anyone has any tips for dealing with this or experience with these tendon/joint side effects I'm experiencing, PLEASE email me. I can barely walk or use my hands, even laying down makes it feel like I'm going to dislocate my shoulders. Every little move I make injures me! I don't know what to do. I'm taking calcium and magnesium supplements as well as glucosamine and MSM, drinking lots of water, vitamin C, probiotics, fish oil...NOTHING is stopping this from wreaking havoc on my body more and more each day. I have literally aged 100 years in two f*cking weeks. When is this going to stop!? IS THERE ANY HOPE? M 30 6 days
 1  possible bacterial infection Every joint in my body hurt,could not climb stairs, raise up from a chair. could not sleep for the pain and still have the pain. None of the DR`know about the dire effects. Needs a black box warning. Medical societies need to be informed also. My husband is a retired Dr and he was shocked at what happened to me. Ps...didn`t have any bacterial infection after all. DO NOT Take under ANY circumstances not even DEATH F 73 6 days

 1  UTI Cipro ruined my life. I don't wake up until 3pm most days now because I have no life to wake up to. I dread every day. I can barely walk, barely bathe myself, barely even type this message right now. Two months ago I was healthy, active and independent. I don't know if I'll ever be that person again, thanks to six days on Cipro. The biggest mistake of my entire life. How can these things be allowed to happen? Where is our protection? I don't fit any of the "risk" factors for developing side effects: I'm nowhere near 65, never had a transplant, no steroid use...but here I lay crippled and wondering what the hell is going to come of my life now. Those poisonous pills have attacked just about every part of my body--and severely so. No longer able to care or provide for myself, I struggle every day with thoughts of suicide. I am now a 30-year-old trapped inside a 200-year-old body and every day I want out. This was not the way my life was supposed to end up. IT'S NOT WORTH IT, PEOPLE. TAKE SOMETHING ELSE. I hope this message finds you before, not after, you've ingested your doctor-prescribed poison pills. If you've already taken them, drop to your knees while you still can and pray to God that you're one of the lucky ones. And never take another quin drug as long as you live or else you're truly asking for trouble--repeat exposure to quin drugs seems to be a big factor in becoming floxed. Also, I'd advise NEVER to take a quin drug unless you know FOR CERTAIN that you indeed have a bacterial infection. If not, the poison will turn on you and attack your own tendons, muscles and tissues. That is my warning to you. One f*cked up life is enough! M 30 6 days
 1  Epididymitis I am taking cipro 500 mg 2x/day. I need to complete a cycle of 14 days. I fell a lot better, because the infection is going away, but the side effects are terrible. I already went to my doctor to tell him about these adverse affects, but he told me to continue the treatment. I had experienced stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, anxiety, no apetite, upper right abdominal pain, upper right side back tingling and depression. M 29 6 days

 1  Possible UTI severe stabbing headache, racing pulse, faintness, chills, muscle aches, nausea (went away in 20-30 min.) neck pain, back pain,(all of these I didn't really attribute to the drug until now) severe bilateral calf pain, red sore bumps on legs, redness and soreness around tendons of both ankles, after 4th day terrible abdominal bloating and pain on left side made me go to the ER today. I only have 4 pills left and I'm not going to take them. I know everyone has different reactions but I will NEVER take this drug again. F 25 6 days

 1  Ear infection Muscle Pain. Tendonitus. Rotator Cuff Tear. Weakness. Stiffness. Insomnia. Inability to do things I used to do. F 31 6 days

 1  Prostratitis - MASSIVE sharp and throbbing joint ache and pain and possibly muscle ache. Muscle twitching and poor sleep. Neuralgia from the hips down completely covering the entire skin area (have only experienced isolated small spots of Neuralgia in the past- this is the worse leaving the skin Extremely sensitive to touch..even from pants/clothes. The ONLY relief that I have found is a 30-40 minute hot bath. I have gotten more sleep and relief from and after the bath than anything. Have had headaches, ringing in ears, light dizziness with nausea and consipation. Can barely walk by the end of the evening. Extremely tired feeling I'm pretty sure that I've experienced these exact symtoms before on cipro, however, always attributed them to whatever I was being treated for....now, in retrospect, I am positive that was I was experiencing were side effects of this drug. I am pretty sure that these symptoms mentioned here by me are very SLOW in subsiding. My advise would be to first determine if the protratitis is a result of yeast related bacteria. If not, I would advise finding an alternative method of treating it being that it will have no effect on the situation. If so, another antibiotic would be better than this one. M 37 6 days

 1  UTI None It did nothing to cure the UTI F 30 6 days

 1  UTI My mother was given 500 mg. twice a day for a suspected UTI. Within 5 days she began to hallucinate. Four days later she was so dilerious that she was convinced everyone was trying to poison her, that my father was dead, etc. Eventually she just shut down completely - no talking, no eating, no drinking. She was hospitalized Sat. night 3/31 and remains in the hospital at this point, basically not responding. Occasionally she crys and describes horrible fears, is convinced that everyone in the family has died (even though some are in the room with her). The primary care physician and the neurologist who have seen her refuse to acknowlege this as a side-affect to the Cipro...The psychiatrist who has seen her absolutely believes that is the problem. I am appalled at the lack of information in the hands of a primary care physician, who treats geriatric patients. My mother is 74 and was in fine health, but dealing with a little short-term memory loss. This has devastated our family. I am posting this as a concerned daughter. My mother can't even clearly communicate right now. F 74 6 days
 1  Dermatitus Both my husband and I were prescribed this medication 6 days ago (for me) and 4 days ago (f0r him) for what was felt to be folliculitus (sp?) from a hot tub imbalance. Side effects for me: Pain in right hip, right thigh, severe pain in both hands. backache, Headache. Apathy, inability to sleep and emotional sensitivity. For my husband, irritability, extreme anxiety, depression, mouth sores, a bit of paranoia. (He has no history of this behavior) avoid it at all costs. We ceased taking it and I have a call in to the doctor's office now, after reading this site. I did a search only after I realized how truly depressed my husband is and then, after reading it, I realized some of my other issues were connected as well. F 52 6 days

 1  Sinus Infection HIVES, lower back pain Horrible stuff - 2 weeks after stopping and still on prednisone for the hives and still itching F 60 6 days

 1  possible UTI Depression, heavy anxiety, feelings of doom, difficulty urinating,burning sensation in penis,testicles and rectum,chills, cold sweats, nausea, fatigue I had yeast infection due to antibiotics received earlier. The stupid doctor put me in cipro 10 days and valtrex 3 days. Without confirming if I had a real UTI. Resulst came up negative in everything viruses,bacteria and herpes test but after 6 days of having taking cipro...I am not sure how long these side effects are going to last ...is amazing how these stupid doctors dont advise of possible side effects. One thinking that the wisdom of these doctors will help you ....end up getting worst that initial problem M 38 6 days

 1  Ureteral Cancer Vomiting, tingling in hands & feet, felt like electricity going thur my entire body. depression, hallucinations, psychotic, excessive urination, blisters inside my mouth and on my tongue. Did not go to sleep for 3 nights. Restlessness, nervousness, rash Called Dr when I fainted and had seizure he said was not meds. I thought it was from surgery. Went to anoter DR who confirmed symptoms was from cipro.NEVER, NEVER TAKE THIS IT IS WORSE THAN POSION. MUCH WORSE THE CANCER & SURGERY. F 62 6 days
 1  Diverticulitis After first pill, arms red swollen, should have stopped, mother a nurse practitioner told me to continue, began to get extremely emotional, sad, crying. The best way to describe this drug is poison, not only for your body, but your mind, it brings your mind to a haunt it should never ever go to, from which it is impossible to get back where you were. Ever since taking it I had had fatigue/depression/insomnia/constant muscle spasm in pelvic floor/anxiety @ death/suicide ideation. My life was ended by this drug. I am still breathing but without your mind you are dead. Why was I prescribed a drug after 2 or 3 minutes or Dr. evaluation of this magnitude, that crosses the blood/brain barrier, for a sore side? All I really was was constipated it turns out. It has ended my life of who I was, I am totally unmotivated and in pain 24/7 suicidal call 7575890561. I now cannot work or enjoy anything because of what this drug did to me. Never take this at all. You will never be your old self. M 35 6 days
750mg 1X D
 1  Sinus pressure Dislocated shoulder, ripped tendons, 20% tear in right bicep, sleepless nights, tendinitis in both elbows Recently dislocated my shoulder and ripped my right bicep doing basic training. Never have been injured in my 37 years of living. Went to the orthopedic and he noticed I had recently taken Cipro and told me 95% likelihood my ailments were from Cipro and told me to go do my own research. No wonder the day this happened, i was like,"how could this be possible that my right arm and shoulder fell apart"..well now I have the answer, that along with my tendinitis that started the week of Cipro and sleepless nights. I hope I get over this! M 37 6 days
2X D
 1  Suspected UTI I have now been bedridden for over 1,000 days as a result of just TWELVE Ciprofloxacin pills taken back in October of 2009. Yes--you read that correctly! A mere six grams of Cipro destroyed my entire life in ways I never even fathomed possible. I am beyond PISSED!!!!!! No words can possibly convey the never-ending HORROR Bayer's poison has inflicted upon my body and my life. I have lost absolutely everything. Prior to Cipro I was an amazingly healthy, active and independent 30 year old. I'm now nearly 33, bedridden, unemployed, no longer able to live on my own, and my own body is my absolute worst enemy. May every employee at both Bayer and the corrupt FDA burn in the pits of HELL for what they are doing with this poison. CRIMINALS!!! www.ciproispoison.com M 32 6 days
500 2X D

 1  Salmonella typhoid Medicine worked fine until the last day. Although it resolved my salmonella and typhoid, it left me with a ruptures tendon in my left ankle. F 39 6 days

 1  UTI Extreme Nausea F 20 6 days

 1  UTI Long term dizziness, recurrent rash, fatigue, migraines, ear pressure, sinus pressure, muscle cramps, sore tongue, extreme anxiety, blurred vision, fuzzy mind, stiff neck. During course of antibiotic, immune suppression resulting in shingles flare up. Also believe this type of antibiotic permanently disable my mom with tendon injuries. I had NO idea that fluoroquinolone class antibiotics would cause such damage. I didn't know until my issues that they were probably the cause of my mom's disability. I was given Cipro twice recently for UTIs (barely an infection...trace amounts of white blood cells) and I developed severe mystery ailments during and after taking the antibiotic. I just didn't know to connect it until I did the math with the second round causing things to progressively get worse. F 34 6 days
500mg 2X D
 1  bladder infection Took Cipro for 6 days, on the three day got tendonitis in left wrist and hand, now 5 weeks later still have the tendonitis and now also have it in right hand. Had never had it before starting on the Cipro. Doctors can't not seem to get it to heal. Does any one know of a way to heal the tendonitis? F 50 6 days

 1  after a bladder operation Had c diff for over 6 months. Felt like I would die. F 63 6 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Prostatitis EXTREME ANXIETY and Insomnia - eventually built up to halucinations, paranoia, and a general sense of imminent danger. I felt as if at any milisecond I might break out running, crying, or screaming in fear. I was seen by the dcotor today (03/07/07) who had never heard of these symptoms paired with Cipro. He looked it up and confirmed that these are side effects associated with Cipro - up to and including toxic psychosis. I am now off the Cipro and on 10mg of valium and hope that I will return to normal in a few days. I will NEVER take this or any other quinolone antibiotic again. M 32 6 days

 1  Presribed Leviquin for Flu and... I was taken by ambulance to ER after fainting from flu and bronchitis and falling on face and breaking septum. Sent home after 3 hours. Given 2 leviquin just minutes before disharge. Fainted in car 3 to 4 minutes in ride home. My wife couldn't revive me and frantically rushed me back to ER. ER doc said fainting was due to a "Vagal" response? Kept one day in general recovery room. Given more Leviquin that day and a follow up 6 day doze. Sent home in afternoon that first day after that horrible night. First day home I had life and death feeling of weakness, body pain, fainting. Sent back to ER. Vitals looked okay. Sent back home. During next 5 days ( I am STILL into my sixth month of these symptoms ) I went into a nightmare of body pain, weakness, anxiety, almost suicidal insominia, loss of appetite,extreme sensitivity to cold, skin on arms itching like crazy, scalp too. Rashes popping up like excema,lost 20 lbs. arms, neck, legs extreme pain / weakness. Also weird wincing pai Is Leviquin the same as Cipro or related very closely to it? Has anyone ever heard of side effects and symptoms like mine from taking Leviquin? Would appreicate ANY and ALL info about this possibility and if someone can possibly find that article in the Wall Street Journal and e-mail me a copy...IT MIGHT MAKE THE BIGGEST BREAK YET in this still undiagnosed medical nightmare and mystery to me and it appears every doctor I have seen. M 54 6 days
 1  Bladder infection Was given Cipro to take for 6 days. After the third day I got tendonitis in my left hand"had never hand tendonitis before that" now 5 weeks later also have the tendonitis in right hand and my heels also hurt at times.Doctors can't seem to give me any thing tht will heal the tendonitis. If you know of a way to heal this, please email me, Thanks F 50 6 days
 1   TWELVE PILLS TAKEN IN OCTOBER OF 2009 COMPLETELY ENDED MY LIFE! DEATH TO BAYER!!! You can read my story and learn more about the horrors of Cipro at: www.ciproispoison.com M 33 6 days
500 2X D

 1  precautionary so I didn't get bronc wrist pain in elbow pain knee pain ankle pain pains in other places and weak legs extremely painful taking Norco and ibuprofen to help with pain that it doesn't last all the time it's been a little over a week and I am so sorry for everyone is suffering worse than I am F 58 6 days
500 2xa da

 1  UTI Destroyed my entire life in so many ways I cannot even begin to tell you. Bedridden for the past 2.5 years with no end in sight. I was 30 years old and healthy prior to ingesting just TWELVE of these poison pills. No one EVER warned me they could permanently cripple me! Had I even half a clue of what this poison is capable of I wouldn't have come within 100 feet of it!!! I went from beyond healthy (minus some bladder pain) to now having more health problems than I could possibly list here, many of them disabling and disfiguring in and of themselves. Every hour of every day I must fight off the urge to end once and for all this horrific existence that is now my "life". I really don't know how much longer I can hold out. Doctors know NOTHING about this medication or it's devastating consequences, and Bayer--those f'ing criminals--are of absolutely NO help once they've got your money and you've fallen victim to their poison! When six grams of a substance is capable of r www.ciproispoison.com M 32 6 days
500 2X D

 1  Prostatitis Rectal bleeding and constant, MASSIVE panic attacks Was supposed to take this drug for a month but six days was enough, simply have never had such constant, strong anxiety EVER in my life. Yep, rapid heartbeat, trembling ALL the time, even difficulty swallowing food for the first time in my life! Got to a point where I was having to lay down on the floor and was seriously thinking of getting myself sectioned because my brain was constantly full of the most horrible racing thoughts! Funnily enough, I quit yesterday (after eleven pills total) and today my anxiety level plummeted drastically. It was like getting home after taking a vacation in mental hell. Only plus point is that I never got any tendon issues. Yet. Fingers crossed I won't.....???? M 38 6 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Bladder infection Flu like symtoms times ten. Painful swollen ankles and feet. After taking Cipro for 5 days I felt like I had the flu times ten. It was awful. Three months later still suffering with ankles that hurt so bad I can hardly walk. If I'm on them to long they swell. I'm beginning to think it's not going away. F 52 6 days
500 mg 2X D

 1  UTI COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUCTION OF MY ENTIRE BODY. I am now a cripple thanks to CIPRO! I took Cipro for less than a week back in 2009. It wasn't until nearly two weeks AFTER I'd stopped that my body (which had always been in INCREDIBLE SHAPE) started to literally fall apart. Within 24 hours of it starting I could no longer walk. Two years later, I am still unable to walk. I live in bed 24/7/365. Job: GONE. Car: GONE. Credit: RUINED. Independence: GONE. Future: GONE. Mobility: GONE. You cannot even begin to imagine the HORRORS this poison has caused me, and continues to cause me every minute of every single day! Just because you've taken Cipro "successfully" before does NOT mean you can take it again safely! This stuff can turn on you at any time! POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warn everyone you know!!! Doctors never warned me this could happen to me, and now that it has they refuse to believe that Cipro was the cause! Bayer and the FDA should be sued into bankruptcy over this horrific life-destroying poison! M 32 6 days
500 2X D
 1  Urethritis Nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety The possibility of taking this medicine for 6 weeks was too much to bear especially feeling the way I did and knowing how difficult it would be to function. I tried taking the medication at different times during the day, but to no avail. My doctor agreed to discontinue the medication and start me on cranberry supplements 2 pills, 2x per day. I can't even imagine how I would be feeling if I were given the typical dosage of 500 mg 2x/day - OMG. F 55 6 days
250 mg 1X D

 1  Bronchotis can't focus feeling of being dizzy, anxiety 35 6 days
500 2X D
 1  infection causes long term muscle tendon and central nervous sytem damage .years after drug stops. side effects wont appear till it is too late to stop the drug.more info at fqresearch.org/. DONT TAKE THIS DRUG UNLESS UR ABOUT TO DIE. M 20 6 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Kidney Infection joint pain, swollen joints, swollen lymph nodes, dizzyness, fatigue, extreme thirst After the 6th day of taking this medication, I began feeling joint pain in my hands, shoulders, toes, knees, hips (virtually everywhere). I stopped taking Cipro immediately after these symptoms began because I researched side effects online and found mine were common. I am a healthy active 34 year old and now I feel like an 80 year old with extreme arthritis all over. My joints shift and pop and it hurts to hold a pen! Basic tasks are a struggle. I have two young children and don't have time to deal with these effects. I agree with others that state that there are plenty of other antibiotics out there and this should be used as a LAST resort. This is only the 4th day after stopping the medication and I am going back to the Doctor today for testing. I will post updates of my progress. Feel free to email me with suggestions on dealing with this. F 34 6 days
unsure 2X D
 1  UTI Stiff neck, extreme fatigue, joint, muscle pain, headache, general malaise Please DO NOT take this drug. I didn't make the connection immediately, but now I know what's causing pain in my elbow, fingers, calves, back, etc. My neck is extremely stiff. I am a very active, healthy 39 year old female and feel 90 at the moment. I've never experienced anything like this before. I'm concerned about the residual side effects. Why is this medication still being allowed to harm us? F 39 6 days
500 mg 2X D

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