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 1   Nausea, extreme abdominal cramps, diarrhea, hives, itching, swelling in ankles, feet and lower legs, anxiety, dizziness, heart palpitations, and joint pain and stiffness. I was first prescribed this nasty drug in December 2011 for a UTI that had not resolved after having taken a less potent antibiotic. I typically have issues with upset stomach, diarrhea, etc, when taking strong antibiotics, so I was not overly alarmed when these issues began immediately. By day 3, I was itching all over, had developed hives and had swelling from my knees down. My face began to swell by day 5, to the point that my eyes were tiny slits and I could barely see. I stopped taking the drug despite my doctor's advice to continue. I don't even recall how/when the UTI resolved due to all of the other issues. I developed aches and pains, along with stiff joints, in my neck, back, hands, and legs, along with very loud popping and cracking in my neck and shoulders that I had not experienced before. I began to have difficulty sleeping. I also had extreme fatigue, despite having been very active and a "high energy" person. I told my PCP about the issues and she advised it was probably an allergic reaction, and to not take CIPRO again. Issues with muscle and joint pain, stomach upset and increasing insomnia continued and worsened. In February 2013, I went to the ER the day after returning from the Caribbean, where I had become quite ill with nausea, diarrhea, excessive swelling of the lower legs and feet, and the appearance of small, bright red bumps all over my swollen calves and feet. I was dehydrated, dizzy, and basically felt like I was going to die. The ER phy F 45 5 days
500 2X D
 1  groin pain/infection I was suppose to take Cipro for 7 days but discontinued after waking up to a stinging pain in my right fingers. It has been 2 days now and I feel the pain radiating to left index finger. I'm really scared after reading these comments. I thought this drug was designed to help me. I hope to God, it does not get any worse. M 25 5 days
500 2X D
 1  Sinus Infection Woke with intense inflammation and pain in wrists and all joints in hand. Fever, sweating at night, chills. Hands swollen up like sausages. Now, 2 weeks later I am still getting fevers every night and wake with numbness and tingling in both arms, wrists, hands. Different joints ache. Muscle weakness. Insomnia. I am furious. I was extremely healthy before taking CIPRO. I run a warehouse and was kicking butt doing it. Now I have to have others help me with my usual work. F 52 5 days
500 MG 3X D
 1  Prostititis Muscle twitching starting in calves. Joint pain, boarderline bipolar disorder, nightmares, loss of movement in one of my toes, carpel tunnel like symptoms, night sweats. It has been 3 months with little remission and I have racked up a ton of bills for the ER, specialty doctors, etc. Also I had to deal with fearing that I had ALS, which by itself is a nightmare. Doctors need to be aware of the side effects of this drug and stop prescribing it. M 31 5 days
800 2X D
 1  UTI severe depression, extreme fatigue, migraines, suicidal thoughts, confusion, dizziness, burred vision F 34 5 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  sinus infection Insomnia.. didn't not sleep all night, but much worse my arms started aching terribly from the shoulders down a few hours after I took the first pill. Feel bad. I completely forgot I took this once before and the same thing happened. I am not taking anymore.. it's horrible. F 57 5 days
750mg 1X D

 1  UTI After 2 pills, I felt extremely dizzy, racing heart, and heart palpatations. I called the Dr. and she said my symptoms were probably not caused by Cipro but agreed to switch me to Bactrim. I took one pill of Bactrim and felt the same symptoms. I went to urgent care thinking I was having a heart attack.. My blood pressure and pulse were elevated. The Dr. ran an EKG, tested heart enzymes, and took a chest x-ray, which all turned out to be fine. He diagnosed me with a normal sinus arrythmia and told me to continue taking Cipro and remove caffiene from my diet. After my 1st dose back on Cipro, I had the same symptoms as before only worse. I finished my last dose and hope that I am one of the lucky ones that do not have long lasting side effects. With all of the antibiotics on the market, I can't believe Doctors would prescribe this one. I cannot function at all on Cipro. It really infuriates me that I was told by two doctors that my symptoms were not caused by Cipro when it is clear that many people have reported these very same side effects. F 37 5 days
500 MG 2X D

 1  inner ear infection Red rash under my left eye. And a little on the right eye.I was using cold compresses.Itching. I had an itch on the side of my face and it made my face with a break out in a rash.My friend is a pharmacist and told me to take Benadryl 3x per day,every six hours. Still itchy. Run as far as you can if your dr is going to prescribe this to you.I am also allergic to sulfur and penicillin M 48 5 days
500 MG 3X D
 1  UTI Muscle and joint pain, exhaustion, yeast infection Have taken Cipro twice and been experiencing excessive and at times, extreme, muscle and joint pain. I will barely work out or go for a walk, and feel like I've run a marathon or been hit by a truck. EVERY DAY I am sore and excessively achy in my whole body, particularly my feet and calves. After coming to this site, I realize it's from this horrific drug. I will never take a drug again without fully researching it. Good luck to everyone. We are all living this nightmare and I feel everyone's pain. I have been feeling this way for a year. F 28 5 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Uti Knee pain so intense I could not walk. F 45 5 days
1X D

 1  bladder infection Horrible gas pains as well as stomach pains!! I was suppose to be on on for 7 days..Stopped after 5 days.. took 24 hours to feel better.. am feeling 90 % better... F 60 5 days
500mg 2X D

 1  following minor surgical procedure Full Recovery from cipro toxicity after 1 year and 3 months. Side effects included muscle stiffness and pain, joint pain continuously, delirium for 1 month, insomnia for one week until I took Ativan (which I became dependent on and eventually tapered off with the help of Point of Return), brain fog, depersonalization(2months of it), anxiety, panic attacks (for about 4 months) and jock itch. Two days following the 750mg a day dose, I began to experienced cipro toxicity and was rushed to the hospital; over the course of 8 months I was in and out of the hospital with multiple tests and exams. I was given Ativan in the beginning and became dependent on the medication. I took a product available at Point of Return's website called "Support" along with their other products promoting glutathione which I've read is the best thing you can do when you've become intoxicated from Cipro; alternated Support with Immonocal at times. I also took Jigzaw magnesium which is supposed to bind to the cipro and dispell it out of the system. For the first year and 2 months, could not do exercise without extreme pain in back and neck. It was then that I looked into Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and along with tapering off the medications, I am now 100% recovered. I will never take this medication again and always warn others of the potential dangers of this drug. It should be banned. M 33 5 days
1X D
 1  enlarged lymph node Severe numbness in hands and feet. Sleeplessness. I will never take this medication again. I will not let my family take it either! My symptoms began after three days, that being 6 - 500 mg tablets. Once I put it all together I stopped taking Cipro. Never again, I'd rather have an enlarged lymph node for the rest of my life! F 37 5 days

 1  diverticulitis rash, weakness, headache, dizzyness, extreme confusion, sense of doom, swelling, extreme lethargy, aches and pains, cloudy vision, even more! Out of four doctors, none recognized my symptoms for what they were, a toxic reaction to Cipro. Only after putting all of my symptoms into an online search, did I find this site, become convinced I was having a toxic reaction, and cease taking the drug. I immediately felt much better. But to this day, over a year later, I still suffer from mental confusion and a sense of doom, as well as lightheadedness and cloudy vision. Doctors MUST become more educated about the drugs they use and their potential adverse reactions! F 52 5 days

 1  for a swollen gland I took 500mg 2x a day for 7 days and quit. It was the most horrible thing I have ever done, if being poisoned feels like taking Ciprofloxacin it should be Banned from the Market. F 79 5 days

 1  prophylacticaly on trip to DR After one day on the medication, personality changes, I'm very quiet and shy but suddenly became quite the ooposite. Severe constipation. Day 3 anxiety and paranoia, extreme pain and tightness in my arms and legs. By day 5 my gums were bleeding profusely and that is when I figured out Cipro was the culprit. I stopped taking it. I then developed generalized aches and pains, and chills. On the trip home I was feverish, chilling and urinating blood. I ended up in the hospital shortly after getting home. My tendons in my calves hurt for months and I had this persistant "fogginess". I developed abdominal pain and eventually had my gallbladder removed for "Inflammation".I lost weight, not because I tried. I became more and more depressed as the months went by. I wouldn't wish this drug on my worst enemy. This drug should be banned. It is dangerous and has caused innumerable people great pain and suffering. F 54 5 days
 1  UTI I took Cipro twice a day for 5 days for a urinary tract infection. I wish I had stopped taking it after the first two days when my UTI symptoms were better. Now I have red bumps on my legs and both of my legs are hideously swollen. My knees are in excruciating pain and the swelling is the size of a grapefruit. I can barely walk and have had to elevate my legs for the past two days. All I can do is lie around and sleep because my arms are too weak to lift anything and my legs are in the most excruciating pain I have ever had in my life. I can't even walk my dog. I am 40 and feel like I am 80. F 40 5 days

 1  Suspected Epididymitis Tendonitis. I'm 31, healthy male. I was on 2 x 500mg tablets per day. On the evening of day 3 I felt a little creak in my right wrist. On day 4 I picked up a dropped business card and had sharp tendon-related pain in my right wrist. Dull, warm pain continued for 2 days. On day 5 dull pain in left achilles heel. Did research and stopped taking Cipro immediately. Day 7 and pains are almost gone. Fingers crossed! M 31 5 days
 1  bladder infection Confusion, memory loss. Later a pulled muscle. Triggered anxiety. TAKE OFF MARKET ! F 42 5 days

 1  Staph Infection in Bladder/UTI Peripheral Neuropathy, Tinnitus, Blurred vision, sensitivity to medicines. Cipro has put my life on hold for 2 months straight now. I've been in the hospital or a clinic at least once a week during this time span. Took Cipro for astaph infection in my bladder. Felt great until the last dose. Intense tingling went up from feet to thighs. Constant high ringing in my ears. Slight blurred vision that went away 3 days later. As of today, I have sensitivity to simple medicine like acid reflux pills. The tinnitus is the same. The neuropathy is mainly located in my toes and feet. They burn and tingle occasionally, not all the time like before. I cannot stress enough do your research before taking a medicine about side effects and pros/cons to taking them. This has opened my eyes but at the same time, I needed to take Cipro so the staph couldn't spread. F 21 5 days

 1  prostatitis ANXIETY. I had dillusions I was going to die from som ailment. Nevervous...diherrea.....weight loss...no appitite...narrowed stools....IBS flare up I will not take this drug again M 33 5 days

 1  Sinus Infection After one dose, woke up feeling woozy. Felt great for 2 days - then had lightheadedness and bad indigestion. Next night, ended up in ER with chest pain, heart palpitations, horrendous indigestion and leg tremors. Was taken off meds the following day, but continued to have severe tremors (right arm, both legs) and numbness/tingling in left arm and palpitations for 2 more days (to date of writing this email). Also noticed "white noise" in ears, itching, floaters in right eye, chest pain, thrush, loss of appetite and confusion. PREPARE FOR NO ONE TO BELIEVE YOU! I was lucky, my primary care providers recognized it might be a reaction. But the ER docs - forget it! "The tests were normal/negative" so I must be fine. When I went to the ER the 3rd time after an hour of severe tremors, they assumed that I was crazy or trying to get attention. And since adavan brought down my pulse quickly, they assumed it was an anxiety attack. I asked repeatedly, could it be an allergic reaction - only the last time when they saw a rash and thrush did they say "maybe". We all have to commnicate our experiences to the medical community - I'm writng a letter to the head of the ER and chief of staff for the hospital. And, I might consider contacting my local TV station to be interviewed. We need to get the word out so others don't suffer! F 33 5 days

 1  bacterial stomach infection right sided tingling, vision disturbance, hearing issues, and joint pain. Lasted for two years after 5 pills...that's it. All side effects are real, and effect people. Please be careful before you take any drug. Many times not reported. F 30 5 days

 1  bladder infection Stomach pain, headache, every joint in my body ached. I could barely walk. I felt sad, mad, emotionally a wreck. My legs ached so bad and would cramp til I feel out of bed. My legs hurt in the calf for 2 more months after stopping the meds. I also feel this medication may have had something to do with my newly diagnosed diabetes. Interesting articles about tequin. I would not take a quinolone family drug ever again. Do your research. Do not be fooled. Many drugs are in the group. If you want to contact me about your side effects feel free - especially diabetics. F 37 5 days
 1  diverticulitus toes on each foot became numb and pins and needles sensitive to cold and sometimes burning. A couple of weeks later anxiety, nervousness and fatigue It seems that doctors are still unaware about the side effects.Two months later my feet still bother me and my anxiety is a daily event.Not as many side effects as many but still quite bothersome. Let me hear of your recovery times. M 51 5 days
 1  prevent possible infection tinnitus, insomnia, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, severe depression that has not stopped almost 2 years after taking Cipro. See deathbycipro.wordpress.com M 54 5 days

 1  a requirement prior to Africa trip noticed two smallest toes on left foot became stressed over a few months then by Jan 2007 after what seemed normal activity of moving about and stepping hard I was told that I had a serious tendon injury. I have been treated for almost a year, surgery now probable unless physical therapy and brace heal the tendon.. Not recommended, if not absolutely necessary for such travel F 69 5 days

 1  Kidney pain (possible bacteria) I went to the Dr and he said my urine looked clean, but he couldn't explain the severe pain in my kidney, but guessed it could be a build up of bacteria on the kidney. I had undiagnosed reflux in my right kidney as a child, which destroyed the kidney. It is basically a mass of scar tissue, sometimes it has function, other times not. I started taking Cipro a few days ago and every time I took it I got so nauseous and my bones in my lower back hurt. Now I am exhausted, my back is killing me, my arms, wrists, and neck ache, the sunlight burns my eyes and causes me to see black and red spots. I am severely nauseous, and my kidney still hurts. I am stopping it today after reading all of this. Nausea, Diarrhea, Severe Lower Back Pain, Pain in All Joints, Sunlight Burned Eyes, Fatigue. I would not recommend it to anyone! F 30 5 days

 1  I had problem with my voice i lost my erection after taking it for 3 days.i took it for another 2 days before i realized it was the cipro have been taking. i could not make love to my wife for 3 good days and it was really annoying. i was depressed,lost concentration and can't think straight. guys should please watch out for this medicine. i am still having problem sleeping 11 days after stopping cipro. i don't know if that's part of the side effect too. i sleep 2 to 3 hours every night and remain awake for the rest of the night. M 37 5 days
 1  u TI Headache, can't sleep, stomach hurt throat nause F 61 5 days

 1  suspected Uti pain in joints, weakness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, sore tendons, stomach problems, damage to right eye, peripheral neuropathy. These antibiotics are poison. They have taken 18 months of my life ......so far. Don't know if I will ever fully recover. F 5 days
250 mg. 2X D

 1  Diarrhea Extreme, constant 24-7 pain in legs for MONTHS after taking this drug. Still in pain now. Don't know if the pain will ever subside. Can barely even walk now, and I used to bicycle 8 miles per day. This drug is the devil. It is extremely dangerous. Do not take this drug. It was designed for people suffering from Anthrax poisoning, not everyday problems. The people at Bayer should be put in prison for manufacturing this drug. M 41 5 days
250 mg 2X D
 1  Influenza Partially dissolved 6 tendons in my legs, still some what crippled 7 months later. To help all with these terrible side effects, a combination of collagen, vitamins especially C, amino acids with minerals is helping me. Have been taking some for 7 months, but collagen for only about 2 months. M 59 5 days
500 2X D
 1  stab wound to thumb. Day 2 severe leg and back spasming. Day 5 fell out heart racing, legs gave out after walking 5 min.Chills, hand and arms going numb.Been 13 days pain only getting worse, can't sleep taking tab 10 and flex 10. Barely take edge off.Doc running blood work now. M 43 5 days
 1  Flu Beware of this drug! This drug should be removed from the market, and every person who promotes this drug should be locked up in prison for life. This drug is one of the most dangerous drugs in the entire world -- to be used in life or death situations only -- yet my doctor prescribed this to me for the simple flu. Now I can no longer walk without pain, and on the good days, my legs are completely numb so I can't feel the pain because I can't feel my legs. All of the joints in my body now have arthritis, and I can barely pick up a pencil without pain. This drug turned into an old man at only 40 years old. Any doctor who prescribes this to you is a criminal! Beware of this drug! This drug should be removed from the market, and every person who promotes this drug should be locked up in prison for life. This drug is one of the most dangerous drugs in the entire world -- to be used in life or death situations only -- yet my doctor prescribed this to me for the simple flu. Now I can no longer walk without pain, and on the good days, my legs are completely numb so I can't feel the pain because I can't feel my legs. All of the joints in my body now have arthritis, and I can barely pick up a pencil without pain. This drug turned into an old man at only 40 years old. Any doctor who prescribes this to you is a criminal! M 40 5 days
250 MG 2X D
 1  UTI Horrific debilitating medicine prescribed by my doctor and approved by FDA. I *was* a healthy 47 year old mountain hiker until this medicine in December stopped me from walking. My symptoms Ive experienced are as follows: photosensitivity in left eye, confusion, loss of balance, muscle twitching, muscle spasm, tingling, burning, pins and needles, shooting pain in arms, legs, hands, scalp, and feet. Multiple Tendenopathy in both feet, both ankles, both knees, both elbows, both wrists, both thumbs. PAINFUL. Unable to walk without pain or for any distance such as down the driveway. . Must shuffle or hobble to another room. Unable to use hands to chop food or open a water bottle. Hair has fallen out. Rash on chest, neck, back, face, and legs. Neck sounds as if there is bubble wrap twisting in it when I turn my head. Jaw pops. In summary...I have suffered agonizing pain that I had never experienced in my life. It has not gone away. I have had to see Opthamologist, Neurologist, Hematologis Horrific Damaging Medicine. F 5 days
250mg 2X D
 1  Severe Strep Throat Major loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, acid reflux, dizziness, tiredness, weakness and disorientation. Don't take this medication unless you are dying! This is some awful stuff and I will never take this again. F 23 5 days
500mg 2X D
 1  UTI 1 year of complete hell. Pain all over body. Disorientation. Floaters in eyes. Head pressure. Spasm in back. CNS issues. M 27 5 days
500mg 1X D

 1  Prostate Infection I was prescribed 500 mg of Cipro twice a day for 14 days to cure what was thought to be a prostrate infection, but which turned out to be a kidney stone. I have never had any negative side effects from a drug before, but Cipro is different. It began with a screaming headache with occasional nausea and dizziness. And then the muscle pains started. At first it was in my quadriceps, which felt tight and sore. On the fourth day I woke up in the middle of the night because of a severe pain in my right shoulder. On the fifth day my right arm was still sore, but that night a severe pain in my left shoulder and bicep woke me up. I called my doctor and told him that I was through taking Cipro. I've been off of it for a week now, but the pain in my arms will not stop. It feels like a severe cramp that will not stop. Sleeping makes it worse because I'm not moving around. I stopped taking Cipro almost a week ago, but the pain in my shoulders and arms will NOT go away. It's 3 o'clock in the morning right now, and I can't sleep because the pain is so bad. The doctor prescribed Vicadin to help me deal with it, but NOTHING gets rid of the pain. The side effects from the Cipro is far worse than any pain I've experienced with the kidney stone, I am a very healthy, athletic 47 year old. This kidney stone is the first time I have ever been sick, and the side effects I'm experiencing from taking the Cipro are first I have experienced with any drug. The JERKS who have posted to this website suggesting that this is some kind of joke or conspiracy need to go straight to HELL. Cipro may work for a lot of people, but the side effects I'm experiencing have ruined my life. If you experience a headache or any of the other milder side effects commonly associated with this drug, stop taking it immediately. I'm looking now for possible solutions or treatments to my muscle pains. If I find something--anything-- that works, I will post it here. In the meantime, I'm going to try all the other suggestions people have made starting with treating this as flouride poisoning, and trying to detox with borax. M 47 5 days
 1  diarhhea Long term disability. Huge difficulties with all normal activity. Dizziness. 35 5 days

 1  UTI/Kidney Infection This is my 5th day taking the pill, but throughout this week I have experienced; nausea, insomnia, stomach pains, anxiety, afraid I may die "Paranoia", chills, dry mouth, it also caused me to experience a even worse yeast infection and on top of all that, the burning sensation has not cleared up when I urinate. I was not prescribed this drug the first time I had a UTI, and I really don't like that I have to take this drug now. It really sucks. And I don't feel any better. At all. The bad thing is I didn't even get a chance to talk to the doctor about what I felt was truly going on. I went to the restroom came back and he was gone, he had my prescription written out and gave to another worker in the office to give to me. F 22 5 days
 1  UTI Leg pain - severe enough to prevent me from sleeping. Started on my last day of a 5 day treatment (500 mg twice a day). It seems ok during the day when I am standing but as soon as I sit down or especially lie down to sleep it starts and is unrelenting. Saturday night I was up all night, last night I slept from 11-3. I called the pharmacist and he wasn't much help, I will call my doctor this morning. I have taken Cipro before without side effects. It has been 5 days since I took my last dose. I took an ibuprofen this morning and it seems to be easing up some so I will try to go back to bed. F 65 5 days

 1  diverticulitis nausea (WORSE than caused by the infection),unquenchable thirst,no energy, flat affect, ear pain, loss of balance, chemical taste in mouth...just after 10 doses of 500mg Have used Levaquin in the past to treat this infection WITHOUT these side effects. F 58 5 days

 1  Mistake CIPRO DESTROYS LIVES! If you or someone you love has had DEBILITATING side effects while taking Cipro or months AFTER taking Cipro, please do the world a favor and report it to the FDA: 1-800-FDA-1088. This poisonous drug must be stopped before it ruins one more life. WE MUST STAND UP TO THESE DRUG COMPANIES AND THE FDA AND LET THEM KNOW IT'S NOT OKAY TO CRIPPLE US! These are serious poisons and are being given out like Halloween candy...it's the most unconscionable thing ever. There are literally THOUSANDS of victims out there of all ages (floxy's) who were perfectly healthy, active individuals before they took Cipro. Now they form internet groups trying to console one another and figure out WTF has been done to their bodies and lives. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! Report your horror stories to the FDA, eventually they can no longer turn a deaf ear to the havoc this drug is causing. This poison must be pulled off the market before it floxes one more unsuspecting individual, and it's long overdue for Bayer to have its ASS SUED OFF. I'll be there in a wheelchair if I must! I'm madder than a wet hornet and I'm ready to fight! It's time to take ACTION, people. 800-FDA-1088 M 30 5 days
 1  uti muscle and tendon problems for 8 months and counting M 29 5 days

 1  epididimitis ankle and knee pain, numbness in hands and feet, burning in wrists and back of leg, headaches Although I was aware of the potential adverse effects of Cipro, I decided to take the drug because I have never had any form of reaction to medication. This is a decision that I am now regreting because I have been experiencing the listed adverse effects since I stopped taking Cipro over three weeks ago. With time, I hope to make a full recovery but I consider this experience to be an important life lesson. 1. Do not take any medication unless you absolutely have to. 2. If you need to take a drug that has potential serious side effects, always research to see if their is an alternative that is safer. 3. Stop taking a medication immediately if you experience any side effects! M 32 5 days

 1  Intestinal infection This drug caused a total breakdown of my body systems, I am still battling 15 years later. Psychiatric issues including depersonalization, paralyzingly anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, paranoia, complete misery. Global detioration of the connective tissue- joints, ligaments, cartilage all compromised. Chronic body pain, deep bone pain, migraines, deafening tinnitus, neuromuscular signal blocking, debilitating fatigue. I spent months on crutches with ruptured ligaments in both knees, the crutching damaged my shoulders. My Achilles was so injuredI could not even push the gas pedal in my car. Chronic insomnia, night sweats, total GI tract disruption, this is a nightmare. Took years to get back to functional. I would have been homeless if not for family support. The damage to my quality of life was so extreme I personally would die before using this drug again. This drug is very insidious, with damage occurring weeks and months post exposure. The medical profession is loathe to admit the drugs they commonly prescribe can do this. Thus, complaints after exposure are assigned another cause. I ended up having 3 exposures before an astute clinician put the puzzle together. It appears that a segment of the population with a mutation in the P450 channel of the liver are susceptible to problems, whereas others may take it without incident. Be very, very careful. M 38 5 days
500mg x2/d
 1  suspected infection severe depression, almost catatonic. Occasional sharp pains in hands and feet, fatigue, dryness of lips(like too much salt), brain fog, slight headaches, poor concentration. Was unaware of this drug until I read the warnings that came with it; didn't sink in until I went online....probably because I had been fighting the extreme depression (I didn't realize) it was causing. So far worst effects have been psychological, ie.I just want to go to sleep, but that has been bad enough for me to stop taking this drug. I feel better already for it although the joint awareness feelings could be an issue later I'm sure. IMHO as so many have stated do not take this drug unless you absolutely have to...it just doesn't feel right. M 60 5.5 days
500 2X D
 5  post colectomy pouchitis Very happy with Cipro. Stopped frequency / discomfort of bowel movements. More energy. Suffered from 18 month post total colectomy pouchitis. Drug prescribed for bladder infection, B Very happy with Cipro. More energy, enjoyment of life. Prescribed for uti, BUT side effects were great. Stopped symptoms of post surgical total colectomy. Stopped pressure / pain of lower bowel, anus. More energy, less depression, and I have been on antidepressants for years. Take only under drs supervision. It's my wonder drug. It changed my life for the better after two days dosage. If you have had a total colectomy, and are miserable with j-pouch trouble, ask your dr for Cipro. From reading allergic reaction comments, be very careful when first trying this drug. M 65 6 days
500 1X D

 5  UTI 1st night...weird stomach gurgling turned to pain. 2nd day...worse stomach pain\strange feeling of fullness. Then came the chest pain..radiating into my left arm and neck. Went to ER with suspicion of heart attack. My antibiotic was switched (after the doctor even told me it was a nasty drug). I have been off it 3 days now...still having headaches and cannot get rid of the chest and upper abdominal pain. Being seen again in 3 days. Horrible drug. I'm sure we will be hearing some nightmare side effect discovered soon from this med. F 31 6 days
500mg 2x

 5  UTI I'm a post kidney transplant patient who is prone to UTIs. Cipro clears those up within 2 days. I do get GI symptoms (nausea, diarrhea) and tiredness while on it, but I'm resistant to Bactrim and really, I'll take the side effects to know that my infection is cured and won't attack my transplanted kidney. Besides, when I'm tired while taking an antibiotic, I usually chalk that up to the underlying infection and the dehydration caused by the diarrhea. Probiotic yogurt and Pepto help with the digestive issues. F 29 6 days

 5  UTI While it cured the side effects towards the end of treatment - day 4 or 5 I started having side effects. I now with one pill to go am wondering if I should take it. I have high anxiety, almost depressed, heart palpatations, ringing in ears and now I know why I have been having weird dreams. Some have said the only people on this site are complainers, but I would have no need to research my symptoms if they did not exist. I started looking for symptoms of anxiety - I really thought I had a problem outside of the Cipro - I look forward to being "normal" in a couple of days. In light of this I would take this drug again, but with an informed mind. F 52 6 days

 3  UTI Lethargy, dizziness to the point of nearly blacking out, achy bones, depression? I have nearly finished my prescription. In the pamphlet given to me by the pharmacy, there was a listing for mood changes. Had been feeling tired and dizzy, but am taking other medications with those same side effects so did not think to connect it. After taking my second to last dose, am now feeling achy, like all my energy has been sapped, and want to cry for no reason. Since it's a pretty sudden onset, I'm loathe to call it depression. But I feel suddenly sadness, despair, and hopelessness. Unsure if it could be the drug. But have no other reason to feel this way. F 31 6 days

 3  UTI I was prescribed this drug for a UTI. I had taken it in the distant past for sinusitis with no problem, and this time, I had no major problems until Day 6, aside from some minor dizziness here and there. On Day 6, though, I suddenly developed heart palpitations, accompanied by profuse sweating (while shaking like a leaf), and numbness/tingling in my left foot and left hand. Scary stuff! I have two pills left as I was supposed to take this for 7 days, but I will not be taking them! I never read the side effects when I am prescribed a drug, because if something occurs I want to rule out the psychosomatic. So I had no idea, until I developed major symptoms, of what the known side effects even were. I immediately checked, though, and lo and behold, everything I experienced is listed. Thankfully, I didn't get the muscle pains or permanent muscle damage that some others did (at least not yet). Hopefully, 6 days was long enough to cure my UTI. F 56 6 days
500 MG 2X D

 3  epipdidimytis No side effects. Just sweat a lot. No joint pain calfs are a little sore probably from running and down the ladder at home depot lol seems to be helping my nut.. So far so good M 20 6 days
 2  believed to have catscratch fever severe pain in arms, hands, wrists, legs, buttocks, and bottoms of feet. Also developed rash over mid section and under arms. Took cipro for 6 days and stopped because i had no symthoms from the infection but was feeling worse due to medicine. 7TH day still having pain but seems to be better and rash / hives / red marks is slowly going away. M 33 6 days

 2  kidney infection trouble falling asleep, but the worst was a severe yeast infection (my doctor called it "deeply embedded") required 3 doses of Diflucam over a week. I also experienced vulvadynia (also called vulvar vestibulitis), which is inflammation of the nerves in the opening of the vagina and causes severe burning pain during intercourse. it did work to get rid of the kidney infection, but I will ask if there are other options next time -- but then, with all the cranberry juice I plan to start drinking, I don't think there will be a next kidney infection for me. :o) F 28 6 days

 2  UTI Extreme fatigue during the day, muscle weakness, inability to sleep at night (will get 3 hours at most) and a general "foggy" feeling. I will not take this drug again unless my very life depends on it. I've taken a few other courses of other antibiotics and never had issues. It also took the drug over 3 days to start providing relief, too long in my opinion. Not pleased, but at least I've not experienced problems that are truly debilitating. My doctor failed to mention any side effects of the drug when she prescribed it and I think it should be saved for truly life-threatening infections. I hope the insomnia clears up after my 7-day course of medication ends tomorrow night. F 42 6 days
500mg 2X D

 2  inflamed pinna (outer ear) bad shoulder pain and generalized pain in that area, neck pain, depression, mental fuzziness would not take it again unless there is no other option - I've been off it for three days and still have joint pain, although it's not as bad F 53 6 days

 2  UTI/Kidney Infection Nerve/muscle pain just above right knee that shoots down leg, mild nausea and abdominal cramping in the beginning I was prescribed 500 mg twice daily for 10 days. I'm currently on day 6 and am just now starting to see the more serious side effects spoken about on this site. The first few days I had mild nausea and abdominal cramping, which I felt was normal for a new medication being introduced into my system. However, since last night I've had this intermittent pain that shoots down my leg, starting about mid thigh above my right knee. It is more painful when I'm on my feet, but I can still feel soreness even when I'm sitting down. It's not terribly painful, but when it starts to shoot down my leg, it makes me pull in my breath. I'm going to my PCP this afternoon after work to see if my infection has cleared up and if I need to switch to a different antibiotic. F 25 6 days

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