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 5  insomnia, panic attacks none I typically take only .5mg when I REALLY need to get to sleep at a normal time. This is the only pill which has worked for me. I started getting panic attacks while using lunesta. I would take .5mg ativan to deal with those attacks. Tada, stopped using lunsta, majority of panic attacks went away! M 43 3 months

 5  anxiety,cardiac arrythmia none noted works in about 10/15 minutes when when palpatations are noted 1 or 2 .5 milligram doses / day M 69 14 months

 5   a little sleepy at times , but gave even more anti anxiety releif an awesome drug for anxiety, have been on and off it for 2 years, no bad side effects. keeps racing thoughts at bay, so you are able to get on with the task at hand. The only problem is trying to get yr psychiatrist to give out the medicine, they seem to think its worse than heroin!!! this can be annoying and it is the only bad side effect i can think of.My advice is to get it through different doctors, and be honest about any side effects that u may have(as it will react differently with some people) For me even if there are bad health side effects , i would rather die 2-5 years early and have a life without anxiety than be a healthy wreck. M 30 2 years

 5  Anxiety None After reading some of the silly comments regarding Ativan, it appears that people who claim to have bizarre experiences with this drug probably need to address some issues that Ativan will not help them with. To them I say "Get help now."" Having said that, I've been on this med for 10 years, no side effects, works like a charm, not to difficult to wean off of IF you follow the proper tapering method. DO NOT stop taking this drug cold turkey under any circumstances (the backlash effect is pretty bad). I've run out a few times, and it's not pleasant. Great medicine, highly recommended. M 52 11 years
 5  anxirty none M 34 22 days

 5  pain slightly slower and drowsy relaxes my muscular pain without making me seem inebriated. M 43 20 days
 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks None! Yippee! AMAZING! Gave me 2mg in hospital and had best sleep ever. Now I carry the 0.5mg subligual for panic attacks and they work perfectly. Just knowing I have some with me stops more attacks than the drug itself! Honestly folks, this is the perfect drug. M 42 20 days

 5  insomnia, anxiety, depression none This was a wonder drug for me and I slept good without waking up in the night with fears and anxiety. I have had to increase the dosage over time and the doctor is concerned and wants to switch me to xanax. M 76 5 years

 5  anxiety/depression Some evenings, I will take an Ativan for sleep (0.5mg), and it will barely work, if at all. Other evenings, 0.5mg, and I'm literally unable to stand up straight going to the washroom. I only use Ativan for sleep now, as its basically the lowest strength sleeping medication available in the 0.5mg tablets that has a half-life sufficient to give me 6-8 hours of good sleep without impairing me the next day. Other hypnotics are considerably stronger (in benzodiazepine equivilance) in their available dose formats, or have very long half-lives (ie: diazepam, flunitrazepam, nitrazepam). I need my mind to be 100% during the day, and Ativan is the only sleep aid that can accomplish this. Very happy with the results, and I haven't required any dose escalation whatsoever. This stuff works just as well today, using it practically every night, as it did the first day I used it. As with alcohol, tolerance seems to be related to higher doses. M 29 3 months

 5  Stress. anxiety. Panic None Really please read my additional comments on why I truly feel everyone is different. Some say I got so sick to my stomach I threw up. I believe that may be true. What is their tolerance to upset stomachs. I have friends who feel sick to stomach and right away throw up. I have felt sick to stomach for hours and just dealt with it. What i am saying is do not weigh heavy on such things. No way to know unless you YOURSELF try. Infact reading these may manifest unreal symptoms for some...think about it. Anyway I used if 8 years ago and was fine. I am on it now as I have some stress with a family member being pulled from life support as well as a layoff from a fortune 500 company account exec position....give it a try M 37 14 days

 5  Panic Attacks Forgetfulness on occasion. Drowsy sometimes. Can sometimes be irritable a day after not taking it, but that subsides quickly for me. Tried Xanax and Paxil. Xanax worked sometimes and Paxil made me very irritable. Ativan works great for my minor to major panic attacks. It has been a life saver for me. Works fast, I'd say my panic attack will subside within 30 minutes to an hour depending on the severity after taking my low dose of .5mg. If I have a minor panic attack (throat closing up, chest tight) I split my .5mg pill in half and it does the trick for me. If I have a full out major panic attack (trembling, heart rate goes way up, hot/cold flashes, sweating, etc.) one .5mg pill does the trick for me. This drug has prevented me going to the ER all the time. What a relief! Panic is no fun! This drug also helps me sleep. Be careful, it can become addictive I am told. I got a very low dose and I ususally snap it in half and that works fine. So most of the time I am taking only .25mg on any given day. I also only take it when I need it so a 30 day supply ususally lasts me about 3 months. M 38 12 months

 5  Anxiety None This medicine was a life-saver as I had a breakdown and needed to take it to control the anxiety while the SSRIs kicked in. Was taking 4 mgs a day but now only take .5 mgs (1 pill) to help with sleep and to keep the anxiety in check. All psychiatric meds have the potential for withdrawal and dependency. This one is not the devil. Just stay true to your dosage and be honest with your PDoc how you use it. It's like a hammer. You can use it to build a house or use it to bash your head in. The foundation for my house is looking good. M 33 9 months

 5  to stay asleep No known side effects I accidentally quit taking it while on vacation. I thought I had it with me and did not, but didn't realize it for 10 days. I really did not have any side effects by quitting cold turkey after taking it daily for 15 years. I was also a daily beer drinker for 30 years and quit that cold turkey, too. Lucky I guess. M 64 15 years
 5  Panic attacks and Bi-Polar None.....Im hypersensitive to meds and this one is Great, take 3mg a day for the last 8 years, no increases Not addictive, I have went a year or so inbetween the eight years I have been on this drug without it. I use to only take it when I needed it, now all the docs want me to take it 3 times a day so I don't feel the anxiety for 30 or so mins...Love this meds, it stopped the Er visits and cutting and burning and bad tempers.....all the bi-polar meds are bad.. M 38 8 years
 5  Anxiety/Panic Disorder I been on ativan/Lorazepam which is the generic version of ativan. I been taking 4 mg's a day 2 when i wake up 2 when i go to bed. side EFFECTS : short term memory loss, pains in heart not saying the drugs doesnt work but its very addicting if taken to much wouldnt recomend upgrading/downloading the dose without medical advise I started a anxiety/ panic disorder charity if u need help u can visit www.usanxietystressnetwork.org good luck everyone M 33 5 years
 5  panic attacks NONE. Miracle Drug!!!! The only problems would be withdrawal but if they work, why go off them? I'll be on them forever; they've given me my life back. I spent many times in psych wards with depression, anxiety, etc. Was agoraphobic, depressed, listless, you name it. Not any more.....excellent drug. M 50 17 years

 5  Panic attacks. None. If you have panic disorder and need occasional relief from acute panic, this drug may work well for you. I take it only as needed (30 pills last 6 months or more) in doses of .5 to 1.0 mg depending on the circumstances. It works just quickly enough for me. If you don't want to be addicted, don't take it every day. It's that simple. M 36 4 years

 5  Panic attacks Agraphobia Anxiety Sometimes makes me feel sleepy I was 24 when i started having serious anxiety that led to panic attacks and agraphobia. I didn't see any way to recover and ended up a mess at the doctors. He prescribed ativan and the relief was instant. Trouble was i continued using them daily for 6 months or so and realised that i had indeed become addicted to them, and found myself craving them. I became quite worried at this point and stopped them cold turkey. That hurt...big time! but i felt genuinely proud that i was able to kick them. Since then i have always carried a few with me and take them only when necessary (flying for instance)They make me feel wonderfully calm and relaxed, but i am careful not to take them for any longer than 2 weeks at a time. Great drug M 44 20 years

 5  Airplane/flight anxiety and panic Calm, peaceful, a bit drowzy 0.5mg does the trick for me. This drug has been fantastic for aleviating my anxiety while flying. It's also been great during times of heavy work related stress. I only take it on an as needed basis and it starts to kick in after about 30 minutes. I would recommend taking the lowest dosage possible to avoid any dependence complications. M 41 6 months

 5  Insomnia Almost no side effects While Ambien (5 mg) could not help me to sleep just after my surgery, I started to take Ativan (0.5 mg)every night for about two months. During that two months period, Ativan really help me fall into sleep. I switched back to Ambien after two months recovery. M 2 months

 5  anxiety none after years of stress induced panic attacks that made a public life all but impossible, and after using several other meds that did nothing to help, Ativan has literally been a life saver for me. Not that it kept me from death, but I sometimes felt as though I might as well be dead because I had no life. I know it doesn't work for everybody, but it has changed my life dramatically. M 58 20 years

 5  anxiety/sleep none whatsoever,,except some drowsiness if taken enough this drug is very safe and effective! i have known many people over the years who have taken ativan and not one has had a bad side effect. i only wish they would make a 24 hr release tablet of it! M 36 2 years

 5  anxiety none This has been a very helpful medicine for me. I only take occasionally (.5mg) on very bad days and use in conjunction with my Paxil cr 12.5mg. Takes a good 30 minutes before you get the effects, but well worth the wait..imo.. M 35 2 years

 5  General Anxiety Disorder More than 2 mg is definitely mentally dulling Have used this drug in varying dosages for 25 years. Dependency not a problem if keep daily dose under about 2 mg. Really bad withdrawal if you let your daily dose get up to 6 or 8 mg. Very versatile and reliable drug once you learn how to use it wisely. properly. Very calming with relatively little sedation. M 52 25 years

 5  anxiety i feel like im on uh tropical vacation every day its awesome! the best! my computer could get stolen from the little guys in my closet and i proly wouldnt even care....ahhhhhhhhh M 30 8 years

 5  Insomnia I had no side effects and no withdrawal effects either even after 2 1/2 months of continuous use. This medicine provided me with a good 7 hours of sleep at least. I also abruptly quit taking it since I wanted to know if I could fall sleep without it with no withdrawal effects except for rebound insomnia, but that's normal expectation that only lasted about 3 days. I only have insomnia when my anxiety is too much that I can't turn off my brain at night. I think I am in the category that benzodiazepines don't affect me as far as tolerance/dependence/addiction. M 30 2 months

 5  anxiety flushing in my face I have never had to increase my dose M 44 7 years
1 mg 1X D

 5  anxiety none wonderful med M 44 7 years
2 1X D

 5  GAD following prostate cancer surge None. Very effective as opposed to 5 SSRI's & 2 SSNI's. M 69 2 years
1mg Dailey

 5  Panic Attacks I rated Ativan on this site some 4 years ago. I have taken this medication for some 35 years for panic attacks. For 30 years I took 3 mg a day slowly cutting back to 1 mg. They did the job. Never had a panic attack again. I have never had any reaction at all. I have flown airplanes, jumped out of planes, scuba dived for 15 years with over 500 dives, rode Harley's for 20 years and gave over 1000 presentations, and have been a lead medic on an ambulance and have never had any side affects. I have my blood checked every 6 months and have no ill side affects. I do work out every day running walking and lifting weights. If you have any questions please ask. M 66 10 years
1 mg
 5  Panic Disorder None I was on this short-term until my SSRI kicked in. It prevented panic attacks and stopped one that was already occurring in its tracks. If taken before bedtime, it also helped ease me to sleep. M 29 2 months
0.5MG 3X D
 4  Anxiety/(Dis)stress/Insomnia Some withdrawal effects i.e. increased aches and pains; feeling slightly drunk with thick tongue and slurred speech. Overall, this drug has been very good for the anxiety and distress I was feeling; I also had a stiff neck which wouldn't go away; this drug is relaxing, and I sleep great on it; no real hangover effect. I take only as needed PRN; I feel I could get addicted to this and don't want to take it everyday; I take it when I am really stress out to the max and/or haven't been sleeping well or having anxiety attacks on a regular basis. M 45 2 months
0.5mg 1X D
 4  Hi heart rate from reflex sympathetic dystrophy None M 53 10 years

 4  High heart rate from reflex sympathetic dystrophy None M 53 10 years

 4  anxiety and insomnia drowsiness (this was desireable at night). otherwise no side effects that i know of. I love this medication! With my anxiety I would like to take more often if it would continue to work the same but just take on a PRN basis. M 37 4 years

 4  panic attacks, insomnia Only drowsiness about an hour after ingestion. Did provide me with a sense of calmness. Please be careful! I have had episodes of rebound after going off it after taking it for a few days (1-3mg/day) i.e., added anxiety and sleeplessness. Easy to get addicted to this drug. M 39

 4  Anxiety, Panic Disorder Withdrawl between doses could be intense Look I do not BELIEVE THAT ATIVAN IS THE CAUSE OF ANY MAJOR NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECT OTHER THAN WITHDRAWL BETWEEN DOSE. Been on it for four years, started out at .5 for a few months than same dosage of 1 mg a day sometimes 2 mgs, noticed when I uped it to 2 mgs, it was quite hard to ween back down to 1 mg but I successfully did it EVERYTIME WITH NO DRASTIC OUTCOME (atleast 6 times). I am confident I can ween off this drug completely if I wanted to.. Yes I would feel intense anxiety but it would dissapear.. If a drug addict can recover from heroine or oxycotton , I think you'll survive weening down a 1-2 mg ativan "addiction" if you allow yourself to. And for those who have ridiculous stories with this drug, I seriously think you have other conditions you are unaware of. THIS DRUG WORKS FOR ANXIETY PERIOD. I DONT KNOW IF ANY OF THE NEGATIVE STORIE TELLERS HERE KNOW WHAT SEVERE AGORAPHOBIA/ANXIETY DOES TO SOMEONE, BUT REST ASSURE IF YOU TAKE THIS DRUG AS NEEDED KEY WORDS "AS NEEDED" FOR ANXIETY/PANIC DISORDER IT CAN SERIOUSLY GET YOU BY... BUILD A TOLERANCE AND DONT JUST POP AN ATIVAN WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT, BECAUSE YOU HAVE MILD ANXIETY WHILE DISREGARDING YOUR DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS. NOT EVERY BEER DRINKER BECOMES AN ALCOHOLIC AND IF YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME DRINKING AND SERIOUSLY RELAX FROM IT THAN THERE IS NO HARM, SAME FOR THIS DRUG, TAKE AS NEEDED, DONT ABUSE IT AND YEAH YOU'LL FEEL ANXIETY BETWEEN DOSAGES SOMETIMES, BUT ITS NOT ALL BECAUSE OF THE WITHDRAWL FROM TH M 23 3 years
 4  chronic vertigo sleepiness Definitely helped with vertigo problem at .5 mg twice a day. Traditional vertigo meds didn't work. Stopping ativan brought on headaches, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, anxiety. M 51 14 months

 4  Anxiety and panic attacks A great "washing over" of the panic thoughts after taking 1mg in the morning. Very very difficult to taper off. Have been on 3-5 mg/day for about 4 years. Some memory disruption; but nothing major. It really works great for stopping my panic attack thinking. Sometimes causes an increase in sexual desire....strange, but nice. I worry though about comming off of it. My doctor says I am in a constant state of minor withdrawal when tapering off. Sooo be carefull when you decrease!!! Maybe a bit of Valium would help with the withdrawal as it stays in your system longer. M 62 4 years

 4  Atypical Facial Pain This drug works for my atypical trigeminal neuralgia. I don't like using it everyday but it is the only thing that works for the pain and does not feel as damaging as nuerontin. I still prefer not to be on it if I had a choice b/c it supresses emotions and causes brain fog. I also hear the withdrawals are pretty rough. at first I got euphoric from the drug. Found out that when I exercise a lot (like 8 miles a day for a week) I get high off of it again even after chronic use. M 24 2 years

 4  Anxiety / Social anxiety Depression I'm not sure I've had any real side effects. I started taking this medication during a battery of ECT as for some reason they didn't want me taking Xanax which I had been on for the same reasons previously. I started with .5mg of Ativan and I think I could have eaten tic-tacks and gotten as much benefit from them. I went up to 1mg while still doing ECT and this didn't do a whole lot for me. After finishing up ECT I went back to my normal doctor and he sortof laughed that the doctors at the ECT hospital had me on such a low dose of Ativan. I had previous to ECT been on 2-4mg of xanax as needed typically 2 times a day. Now I am on a dose that seems to work for me of the ativan 2mg 1-2times a day. I think people need to look at the therapeutic dose of the medication for themselves and not worry about the addiction. I think if you have a competent doctor they should be able to manage your medication. M 25 3 months

 4  Anxiety None. I've been taking Ativan for 11 years, 3 to 4 mg per day. It has always helped me with anxiety and at the start it helped me sleep. After 2 months I was having trouble sleeping again. The Ativan has been my little friend for a long time now. I too have run out from time to time and agree it is one of the most excrutiating experiences I've had. At first you think, "Oh I can make it a week" then like someone is tightening a violin string in your body you slowly descend into hell. After 2 days and sleepless nights I had to get to the emergency room where I was given an Ativan and ten minutes later I'm perfectly fine. I am now more frightened of running out than any of the anxiety I ever suffered from. Please don't think I didn't suffer either. Since that time I've really tried to wean myself to a point where I wasn't so dependant on them only to fail every time. Someone previously wrote that when she tried to go without her anxiety came back. Well, of course, however, it's not th M 38 11 years

 4  Anxiety, insomnia None. A wonderful medication. I have used it to deal with two "issues" over the past four years and am starting again after a few months off it. Half a .5mg tablet calms me down in about 20 mins. I don't feel drugged or loopy, just calm; a nice, natural, welcome feeling. After several months, I did develop a tolerance. Stopping was not as difficult as some here say it is. There are concerns, but my psychiatrist says at this low dosage not to worry. For me, this is not the evil drug many make it out to be. It is a welcome relief from anxiety. M 51

 4  occasionally for OCD caused anxiety Derealization, increased any OCD I was experienceing, drowsiness I've only taken it on occasion, but other then the side effects it helped calm my anxiety down and helped me sleep well M 17 8 months
 4  Anxiety Very tired, feel lethargic, memory loss, grinding teeth, and delayed orgasm. I took Paxil for a year and it eliminated my anxiety. I became much more social and could concentrate/focus. I then went off Paxil because I couldn't have an orgasm. I am back to were I started. I can't focus on a task and don't want to go out. My life is being severely disrupted. My doctor told me that I'm going to have to decide to live with the sexual side effects or anxiety (looks like I'm not going to be able to have my cake and also eat it). I've decided to go back on the Paxil (30 mg) and live with the side effects. I can't stand being nervous all the time. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I'm still suffering from the anxiety and will most likely have to increase the dosage. I do grind my teeth at night, but I solved this problem by using a sport's mouth guard (99 cents at Wal-Mart). If I wear my mouth guard at night, I wake-up feeling fine. If I don't wear a mouth guard, my jaw and teeth hurt (sometimes have headaches) when I awaken. Currently, I'm also taki M 39 6 months

 4  bipolar/schizo Works well for treating PSYCHOSIS. My doctor prescribes me Lorazepam for shizoprenia, it works better then all those harsh antipsychotics. My doctor does not prescribe me those anymore. I have been out of the hospital for three years. Make sure the doctor prescribes you the Generic form called Lorazepam, its cheapier and has the same effectiveness. Ask the pharmacist for the cheapier Generic form chemical name (Lorazepam) M 33 10 years

 4  Sleep aid/panic attack This medicine may cause tiredness in the morning, diminished libido. Also, one should not consume alcohol within 6-12 hours of a dose (depending on the dose, amount of alcohol and individual response). Still, it has relativelly minor side effects when compared to other drugs I had to take occasionally (propranolol/inderal for example, which can also be used for some of these conditions - less effective for anxiety but less addictive also) This drug helped me go through difficult periods of stress, when I was not able to sleep or had occasional panic attacks and dealing with anxiety before medical/dental procedures. The lowest dose (0.5 mg) would usually work for me, but during particularly stressful periods I would take 1-2 mg/day. Since it is very addicting, one should learn to use the minimum effective dosage while doing everything else to improve their condition (i.e. lifestyle changes). Widhdrawal symptoms usually appear after 3-4 days and can last for weeks. M 49 20 years

 4  anxiety Slightly drowsey. I was prescribed Ativan to take as necessary for periodic anxiety. There are warnings about alcohol intensifying the effect, and after my first dose I had some wine the NEXT night (over 24 hours after taking 1 1mg Ativan) and it seemed that the effects of the wine were intesified greatly even then, so be careful. I figured I'd be fine since I hadn't taken Ativan that day, but from now on I'll stay away from any alcohol for a few days after taking Ativan. Other than that I have to say that when I was prescribed Ativan I was in a really bad spot of obsessive anxiety and the drug snapped me right out of it, so I am happy to be back to normal so quickly. M 35

 4  anxiety sleepiness, addiction It really helped me for what I was taking it for but it was very difficult to stop. I started taking this drug about 10 years ago to help with some pretty bad anxiety and depression I was having at the time. I started taking a 1mg dose twice a day 1 in morning and 1 before bed. I tapered myself down to .5mg twice a day and then finally was able to get off it for about 3 months this year. I just started taking it in .5mg doses again due to the anxiety and depression resurfacing after 10 years. I dont know if its coming back because I got off the medicine or just that I am having a relapse but I have to honestly tell you that those years in between when I was taking it were the best years of my life. Just be VERY careful not to take this in larger doses. M 30 10 years

 4  meniere's disease and anxiety minor dry mouth, fasciculations and numbness in feet upon discontinuation if used for a few days in a row. Some rebound effects, insomnia and anxiety. taken on as needed basis. Always have been reluctant to use, but the drug just plain helps. There are periods of several weeks where I don't use it at all. I have 2 mg tabs, but general dosage has been .5 to 1 mg only as needed. There have been two or 3 occasions of perhaps near panic episodes where I'd need 2 or 3 mgs. M 57 7 years

 4  Nausea control from Chemotherapy Even at low doses, Ativan very addictive to me. Without it, can't sleep, agitated frequently, and overly emotional. I was taking Ativan to help supress the effects of chemotherapy. Every effective against nausea. M 42 5 months

 4  acute anxiety/ depression did not really experience any side effects. It helped with acute panic attacks I was getting. Unfortunately It goes in to your system quick and out quick as well. Get Withdrawals within 10 hours of taking 2mg tablet. Take 5-6 MGs a day. Good medication when used as directed but should only be used for a short term and tapered off. I wish I did not need it as I have tried to substitute Klonopin with my DR and it did not work at all. Not sure how I can stop taking it, I hate taking medication this long. M 35 2 years

 4  anxiety/depression I have many panic attacks throughout the day, and the atavan helps to calm me down. M 29 4 weeks

 4  anxiety tired in moring M 3 weeks

 4  Anxiety/panic None worked first day and never took more than 1mg a day. down to .5mg a day 1 pill first thing in the morning. There are withdrawl symptoms very much like anxiety , dropping down .5mg from my 1mg dose I took 6 weeks. I tried sooner but it was uncomfortable. M 37 1.5 years
 4  anxiety none BUT drug is highly addictive, as are all Benzodiazepines M 32 2 years

 4  Fear of Flying/Anxiety Drowsiness. Also, I had a slight sensation which felt like I had cotton in my ears. Worked great. Eased my anxiety and allowed me to fall asleep only to wake up and feel refreshed 2 hours later. I took .5 mg and that was perfect for me. Don't take on a daily basis but only in stressful situations. M 24

 4  anxiety sleepiness, hangover, slight personality change This drug is great at reducing the anxiety i feel, i was taking this drug for 20 days, once a night, in 1mg tablets. I often take it with tea, but the rest of the night you are completely 'zoned' out. Have been off for over a week now, no real side effects, apart from crazy feelings 2 days after going off it. Felt real out of it, like couldnt even focus on conversations with people. It is a great drug, as mentioned, for treating slight anxiety problems, as in my case, and i think I will take this for a little bit longer as it really helped me, although this may be an addicted user talking, my body may be telling me to go back on it due to addiction?? The craziest experience while on it was with sleeping. Dreams were crazy, very alive and very real. In one dream i felt myself dying, and when i woke up, i was still in dream world trying to get up off a floor!! Weird as experience believe me!! When first taking Ativan, you feel extremely 'numb' to the world. M 19 20 days

 4  anxiety. pvc's lethargy spike after 6 hours effective for anxiety. M 35 2 days

 4  anxiety Not sure if I am getting side effects. I am only taking one tablet of .5mg at night to help sleep, prior to that I took during daytime as needed but sparingly. M 54 6 weeks
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