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 1  Spinal Stenosis Extreme nausea, hot flashes, dizziness, weakness ,,insomnia While I had no back pain the side effects were too much for me. I was supposed to take one tablet a day for 5 days. I only took one tablet and that was enough. That was 4 days ago and I still feel rotten. Never again! F 73 1 days
10 mg. 1X D
 3  Chronic sinusitis and deviated sept Well the first few days of these were great. No side effects or anything. After about 3 days I get a little on edge but nothing horrible. Days 4-8 thatís when the irritation of everything kicked in along with the worst god awful heartburn and sickness. (Not sure it that is from this med or from an increased of my diabetic meds), threw up on day 7 in the evening due to the extreme heartburn. I also did do a 10 day stretch of antibiotics before this med too. So I donít honestly know if I can blame this medication completely but Iím pretty sure it didnít make things better. If I were to take this again I would not want to have taken all the previous medications before hand. M 39 10 days
 1  Kidney Transplant Acne, 40 lb weight gain, hypertension, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, osteoporosis, This stuff should have been removed from the market decades ago. I am basically disabled because of it. M 43 8 years
5 1X D
 3  IgG4 related disease Sleeplessness, numbness in hands and feet, insomnia, periodic shortness of breath, cramping in feet, dizziness, moon face, weight gain. Drug is easy to take. Side effects less easy to manage. Weight gain and moon face not attractive. Doctor said side effects should go away once my taper schedule is over. Kidney function affected but not sure if CDK is compromised because of drug or disease. F 70 7 months
30mg 1X D
 1  Sinus infection Insomnia severe anxiety blurry vision heart palpitations sweaty hands trouble concentrating After taking this medication the second day I stopped after I couldn't sleep the whole night. I ended up in the ER for severe insomnia. I was prescribed ativan to go to sleep. Do not take this medication horrible side effects F 25 7 days
 1  Sore throat Numbness and tingling in both my arms and my legs around 3 am morning after first dose. Inability to sleep. Anxiety. Very emotional. Sweating. Itching. F 25 1 days
 1  i was taking 4 inflamation in neck Strong heart palpitation really fast. Shortness of breath. Mild chest pain from heart rate so fast. Weakness and dry eyes. Feeling of panic but controllable. Heavyness in the chest. Increased thirst. F 42 1 days
 5  Rash/hives I was given this on a taper, 8 1rst day, 7 2nd day etc. I had a reaction to bactrum and neosporin, and my body was covered in both hives and a rash that looked like a chemical burn. Granted I am only two days into a 7 day prescription, but I've had no bad side effects. Even if I did, I couldn't function with the rashes (it was all over my lips and tongue,neck, chin, hands, arms, knees, stomach and back) and would choose to continue this. A TON of the inflammation had gone, as well as about 60% of the itching (which was previously unbearable). I have noticed I am very thirsty, but it might be a side effect of the Benadryl I had taken for two weeks before taking this. I might also be tired, but again, that might be due to not sleeping for weeks bc of the rashes. I will also add I usually am really sensitive to drugs, most do give me bad effects, and I don't drink bc my stomach can't even handle one drink. F 31 2 days
 4  tmj/ear pain and discomfort heartburn afterwards...take with breakfast or lunch...otherwise ocassionally a little more easily irritated but that's about it. seemed to help with my tmj pain and myofacial pains. M 39 7 days
30mg 3X D
 4  persistent cough, rib fracture/pain almost none. maybe some dry mouth and leg cramps, but hardly noticeable! i was terrified of taking prednisone. you hear so many horror stories about even the smallest of doses and the shortest of treatments. i am SO HAPPY i took a chance and did it--it helped my cough and somewhat lessened the pain from fracturing my ribs while coughing. i still need a big dose of ibuprofen for my rib pain, but the prednisone, after 4 days, seems to have settled my cough and opened my airway. there were almost NO side effects, and i really mean NONE. i have serious health probs and am amazed that someone like me had no problems with this drug. F 37 4 days
40mgs 1X D
 4  Sudden hearing loss weight gain, acne, moon face, joint pain, insomnia, frequent erections at first, followed by a impotence and complete loss of libido. I loved it and hated it. I had sudden sensory hearing loss and received a very high dose of 80mg per day for a month before tapering down in 10mg increments each week after that. It worked within weels but with side effects like amazing weight gain from a trim 165 lbs to a soft 185lbs in a few weeks. I had terrible acne on my face and upper back, my face was red and swollen and, yes round like the moon. I had the beginnings of the 'buffalo hump" just as I tapered off. The first week, I got erections all the time, like a high schooler. By the next week, that was a thing of the past. I had no sex drive and couldn't do anything about it if I did. I also had trouble sleeping. I'd get on the computer, read or watch TV all through the night. After I finally tapered back and off the drug I slowly returned to normal. The weight took a year to lose. This is powerful stuff. I'd use it again to save my hearing. M 30 3 months
80mg 1X D
 1  allergic reaction fast heart rate, shortness of breath, paranoia, insomnia. The drug worked at getting rid of my allergic reaction, but it really wigged me out. I was supposed to take it 7 days but i only made it until day 6. My symptoms grew progressively worse as the days went on. By day 6 i was too scared to continue. All of my reactions were listed on the side effects section except one. Ive looked online and asked around but i cant find anyone else who had this experience. I play music as a hobby and was doing a charity show at a college. I was really wigged out that night and i swear i remember watching myself play that show! I dont use illegal drugs or anything so it had to be the prescription. I stopped taking it after that night. It did kill the allergic reaction though. M 27 7 days
1X D
 1  Colitis Couldn't sleep the whole seven months I took it. Got high blood pressure and never had any problems with that before. Constant hunger and even though I am a slim guy I gained a lot of weight. Never had a problem with my weight before. Not even around holidays. Got acne and my face got real large and swollen. Was losing my hair. I looked very sick. My wife was embarrassed to go places with me, she stopped asking. Can say for certain we wouldn't be married if she were just meeting me today. You learn things about people on this drug. M 39 7 months
 1  UC Hair loss, cystic acne, 75lb weight gain, severe depression, a suicide attempt, racing thoughts, impulsiveness, stretch marks, heart palpitations, thinned skin, dry skin, dry eyes, blurry vision, severe insomnia, sweating, body stopped healing the way it used to. F 26 6 months
 1  UC Extremely blurry vision. Extremely dry eyes. Vision went from -3.25 to -8.50, eyes became dry so can no longer wear contacts. This means huge glasses even when I pay extra for thin lenses. Prednisone basically prematurely ages your entire body. The reason why old people have so many health problems is because when you age you naturally experience the things prednisone does to a person. Hair loss. Thinned skin. Dry skin. Dry scalp. Dry mouth. Stretch marks. Knowing what I know about UC now, I would never take prednisone. I also would not put blind faith in my gastroenterologist. It's painful to think back at how inept he was. He even would give me rectal exams without a glove and then when I looked at him (because that is a weird thing to do) he would say, Oops, I must've forgot. It's like: if you were giving someone a rectal exam, wouldn't that be the FIRST thing you think of? Personally I would use several. I really think the typical person who becomes a gastroenterologist is either a pervert or someone who's very greedy but could not manage to become a specialist in another field. Usually when you hear about doctors who rape, sexually assault, or commit sex crimes and abuse against their patients, they're gastroenterologists, and more often than not, the ones from third world countries. F 19
 1  UC (misdiagnosed) Depression, rage, thoughts of suicide, cystic acne, acne scars, blotchy skin on face, red eyes, SEVERE dry eye (my eyes barely have any moisture at all now; my eyelids actually stick to my eyes), dry mouth, sweating, high blood pressure, thyroid problem, moon face. Before, when I heard about side effects of drugs, I thought about things like headache, GI symptoms maybe--not these sorts of things can cause--and prednisone can do much more this! What is outrageous is that I've had doctors go out of their way to tell me minor symptoms for safe drugs--but in this case my doctor simply lied to me (to get me to comply) and told me this very dangerous drug was actually safe.... Anyone who tells you pred is safe is nuts, lazy, or simply doesn't care about you. This might not be a bad drug to take if you're 80 years old, but if you're young, prednisone could really, really mess up your life. I wish I had known really, really messed up mine. I was told it was safe (by my doctor at the University of Iowa, Anne Sullivan); at that time I thought you could trust doctors. I was wrong. She proved that to me. I had perfect skin, now I have blotchy, scarred skin--which is a great thing to have when you're 18, right? (I was also put on Imuran, had a neoplasm develop on my face, so also have large surgical scar on a very prominent portion of my face.) I used to actually get compliments on my complexion, now people just wonder what happened to me. Turns out I didn't even have UC--had nothing seriously wrong with me. (Advice: If you're diagnosed with UC or CD, definitely, definitely get a second opinion, particularly if you're diagnosed at the University of Iowa) M 18 7 months
 1  ms moon face, cystic acne, buffalo hump F 34 2 weeks
 3  Over active immune system Nervousness, Weight-gain, bloating My immune system was having some kind of hyperreactivity response and it wouldn't stop so I was given prednisone to calm it down. It supressed my immune system and the hyperreactivity response stopped, but in the meantime I was a nervous wreck, I gained weight and I got bloated in the face. It was awful. Unless a doctor told me that I really needed it, I wouldn't take it again. F 37 3 months
 1  UC Nervous breakdown, cystic acne and acne scars, 80lb weight gain, dried out eyes

DELTASONE  (PREDNISONE):  Prednisone is used to treat conditions such as arthritis, blood disorders, breathing problems, severe allergies, skin diseases, cancer, eye problems, and immune system disorders. Prednisone belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It changes how your body responds to different medical conditions to lessen symptoms such as swelling and allergic-type reactions.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)