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 4  Urinary Retention Helps significantly with urine flow, and emptying bladder. Causes significant hypotension which may be felt as dizziness, when standing suddenly. In addition to hypotension, heart rate is increased, sometimes over 100 Fabulously for urinary retention and urine flow, but causes significant hypotension, increased heart rate, and blurry vision at times M 36 2 years
0.4 1X D
 2  BPH Previously poor balance, now fatigue (even holding a phone or cup of tea for any length of time) lack of energy, heavy legs, loose stools but not quite diahorrea, erectile problems and no libido but the main thing which concerns me is shortness of breath. Don't feel bright and alive and little or no interest in anything. This is a difficult call and is only a best guess. The symptoms I've noted for me are those which I think MAY be related to Tamsulosin based upon what others have noted under Flomax. I should note I've also been taking Finasteride for 18 months. Overall I'd say there have been a very slow build up of symptoms over the years which I put down to getting older. However, the breathing problems seem to have mystified the consultants I've seen - low DLCO and KCO (both about 59% I think) but allegedly no other lung or heart problems and I've never smoked. After 2.75 years of no solid breathing diagnosis and out of desperation, and after finding this website, I stopped taking the tablets for a few days. Then the doctor swapped theTamsulosin tablets for Doxazosin. I took those for 4 days but serious itching was the reason for stopping those. I think they may have made things worse. I then re-started the Tamsulosin tablets before a uro-dynamics investigation earlier this week and I've now tried stopping the tablets for a second time. As before, the quality of breathing after 48 hours now better (the only way I can describe it), and as before when I tried stopping the tablets I actually feel alive and more interested. I hope that it's not a psychological improvement because I want to find a solution. I will hold off taking the Tamsulosin for as long as I can or until having a pee becomes too difficult. M 62 8.5 years
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 1  bph This drug causes sex problems.. I went back to Flomax brand thru Canada and no more sex problems. My union will not cover Brand Flomax $667.00 in US for 90 caps Too many side effects especially sexual M 76 2 years
.04mg 1X D
 1  BPH tooth pain, retrograde ejaculation The medicine definitely improved urine flow, but after about 2 months I developed some tooth sensitivity, localized upper left quadrant. Dental x-rays showed no structural problem. After 4 months that pain increased and was intense at times. For some days I was eating a lot of ibuprophen. Discontinued Flomax now for about 2 weeks. Pain has definitely lessened but not completely gone away at this point. M 55 4 months
.4 mg 1X D