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 5  Tension and Migraine headaches Sleepiness A great medicine for people with combination headaches, use extreme caution so as not to become dependant on the drug. F 23 10 years
 5  stress headaches mellow feeling (nice), increased sexual appetite If you take it everyday, you get a rebound headache, which makes you get addicted. F 55
 5  severe headaches no side effects whatsoever. headache went away w/i 15-20 minutes. good drug!! ask your doc for it F 44 2 years
 4  migrane/severe headaches none whatsoever The greatest drug I've taken for a headache! Headache is usually gone within 20-30 minutes. They better not ever take this drug off the market!!! F 45 1 years
 5  Migraines I feel soooo much better when I take this medication. None of the migraine meds work for me. This was great. F 22 10 times
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 2  Tension Headaches Hungover, tired feeling Doesn't seem to do anything but make me feel groggy, still have a headache. Doc only said take one every four hours, anyone else take more than this and have better results? F 28 1 weeks
 4  severe migraines (different types) I took 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours...if I took more than 3 in one day I started to feel really wierd and uncomfortable, almost anxious. Caused really bad rebound headaches after a month of taking it once or twice a week. Stopped taking it abruptly after a couple of months and had a bad withdrawal with rapid heartbeat and panic, and passed out. It really worked great, took the pain away...but I do NOT recommend taking it on a regular basis. Very addictive. F 28 4 months
 4  migraines & neck-related headaches Groggy Rebound headaches, eventually Stomach problems, including gastric reflux Euphoric, - the narcotic in this really can elevate your mood! Unfortunately, it's temporary. I started on Fiorinal for many years, and switched to Fiorecet due to stomach problems. For years I relied on it to deal with occasional migraines and headaches due to a neck injury. I usually take 1 every 4 - 6 hours. My headaches last 1 - 3 days, and have gotten more frequent in the last few years. I think that this is partly due to rebound headaches. I haven't felt addicted, though wouldn't want to be without it, when a headaches coming on. Recently, I went to (yet) another neurologist, and have had some luck with Elavil. Also, tried Zomig, which works pretty well, but leaves me feeling horrible. F 49 20 years
 5  migraines relaxed, a bit spacey, sometimes slightly euphoric. migraines run in both sides of my family. I've been getting them since my teens. After struggling for a decade without meds, a neurologist prescribed Fioricet for me - and they worked. Sometimes they completely stop the headache, other times it knocks the pain way down to a tolerable level. I only take them when I've got a migraine, which is generally 3-5 times a month. I've also tried Zomig, which worked - but the potential side effects of Zomig worried me - so I went back to the "tried but true". F 57 27 years
 4  migraine; bad headaches;neck pain I believe it has contributed to my acid reflux, but I take Tums for that. I have suffered from migraines since age seven. Sometimes I end up in ER. Fioricet is only med which will block migraine if taken soon enough. If migraine becomes full-blown NOTHING will help short of trip to ER and demerol shot. My car was rear-ended by another car at a stop sign some years back and the whiplash injury has only added to my headache woes. Fioricet is the only thing which helps if my neck hurts to the point of causing a throbbing headache. Addiction isn't anything I worry about because I only use the med when I need it for the "big" stuff, not the everyday type of headache. However, if you take Fioricet and tylenol type meds beware of elevated liver enzymes in blood tests. F 66 14 years
 3  migraines none that I've noticed At first this drug worked great. Unfornunately now I have to take 2 each time I feel a migraine coming on and sometimes it doesn't even help. I'm afraid I've gotten tolerant to the medication. F 25 5 months
 5  severe migraines no negative side effect. only 'side effects' would be anything you'd expect with this medication anyways, such as feeling a big groggy or euphoric at times. one time I took 2 fioricet (4 hours apart) and was more groggy than I wanted to be, but it got rid of the migraine, so I really can't complain works fast with any migraine. even after having the migraine for half a day, a fioricet will still help alot. Heard how addictive it can be, so I only use it for a bad migraine. have only taken 4 pills in the past month. it's inexpensive as well. M 31 1 months
 4  Daily Headaches & Occas. Migraine If I take 1-2 doses a day I feel normal(able to work, etc). If necessary to redose a 3rd time I feel very groggy by evening. Usually 1-2 doses a day is enough for me. I began taking Fioricet a couple of years ago when I began having a headache everyday(rather than sporadically) and also migraines twice a month. I went through the routine of preventive meds like beta-blockers, migraine meds (Zomig & Amerge), Verapamil, and Darvocet. Although I am concerned about taking Fioricet every day, it has enabled me to continue working (school librarian) without any serious side-effects. I also take .5mg of Celexa for anxiety and Deconex for sinus congestion daily. I'm not "cured" but this regime works for the most part. I also drink 2-3 caffeinated drinks a day and that seems to make stretch the pain relief a bit. Everybody is different and what helps me has not worked for other people I know. It has been long process of trial and error. I have given up more strenous exercise (Karate) for walking and biking. All the yelling and jumping was too much for my head. I hope to get back to it one day, though. F 37 2 years
 1  migraine i broke out in hives under my arms this drug sucks it is no better than speed all it is is tylenol and caffiene i threw away pills and called the doctor M 27 2 days
 4  Frequent Migraines I have been taking Firocet for over 15 years for migraines and when taking the medication I thought I had no side effects because it seemed to help with my headaches, but then I noticed that I was taking it everyday, every four hours because of rebound headaches. I just went to a new neurologist who prescribed me .25mg of Elavil at bedtime and said I should be weaned off of the Fiorcet completely in about two weeks. I went cold turkey off of it about ten years ago and I felt like my head was splitting open for about ten days. I went back on it since I couldn't find anything else that helped with the pain without other side effects. It has only been three days since I have lessened the Fiorcet to about 1 every eight hours and I am pretty much sticking close to home so I can lie down if I feel "not myself". I hope to be off of it completely and am really hoping to be able to stay off of it this time and not get the headaches back. If you get the generic it is fairly inexpensive. It does work great for headaches, but just be careful in its use since it is very addictive. F 53 15 years
 3  headaches Sleepiness (which is a good thing if you're home and just want to go to sleep because you have a bad headache), but then, about 4 hours after taking it, I'm wide awake (apparently, the caffeine kicks in later than the barbiturate) Pretty good at knocking out a headache that Advil or Tylenol won't touch, but if you take it at night in the hope of killing 2 birds with one stone---knocking out a headache AND falling asleep---you may eventually be woken up by the caffeine in the drug, if you're sensitive to stimulants, like I am. If you're easily excited by caffeine, you may not want to take this. The barbiturate can make you sleepy, so it may not be something you can take unless you're home, but if you are home and take it, while you may fall asleep, you may find yourself wide awake a few hours later. I've only taken it here and there, for a few days a month, generally (usually during my period, when I notice an increase in headaches most likely due to hormones changes). F 30
 5  migraines and neck pain I have taken this for about 4 years on and off. Recently, i started taking Klonopin for my restless leg and now if i take Fioricet i feel like I can't talk normal and my tongue feels thick. F 41 4 years
 3  CSF Leak; low pressure headaches Tired too an extent but not out; I have to take double the dosage to get any effect. Other than that, none really. Only rated a 3 I guess b/c these low pressure headaches/CSF leak, if anybody has had them are so intense, they last up to years. I also take with Klonopin and Amitripilyn as a preventative measure. Takes the edge off, but doesn't help it go away... F 27 7 days
 4  low-pressure migraines relaxed, sleepy, numbness I was presribed it for a low-pressure migraine caused by a leak in my spinal cord after spinal anesthesia. I also had to drink lots of Diet Coke for the extra caffeine, so it cancelled out the sleepyness with caffeine jitters. It didnt fix the migraine so i had to have a surgicl procedure to fix it, HOWEVER i kept the remaining pills and have been using them for my severe tension headaches w/muscle spasms - they work wonderfully on that, i take 1 and then a 2nd about an hour later and the headache is gone and i drift off to sleep. i do feel a bit drugged the next morning, but it's nothing a coffee wont fix. My dr has approved this usage. I was taking percosets for the tension headaches but these work better. F 31 1 years

FIORICET  (ACETAMINOPHEN; BUTALBITAL; CAFFEINE):  This combination medication is used to treat tension headaches. Acetaminophen helps to decrease the pain from the headache. Caffeine helps increase the effects of acetaminophen. Butalbital is a sedative that helps to decrease anxiety and cause sleepiness and relaxation.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)