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 5  Anxiety and depression Some how insomnia Wonderful compare to antidepressants M 63 0 years
50 1X D
 5  Anxiety My elderly father took Tramadol for anxiety brought on by hospitalization. The medication helped him settle down at night and sleep, while also lessening his bladder pain. No side effects, addiction or withdrawal. It's a fantastic drug and should be be given a chance. M 80 3 weeks
50mg 1X D
 5  Pain from herniated discs and nerve Tramadol is great for chronic severe pain. I think it's better than stronger meds I have tried and over the counter anti- inflammatories began to hurt my gut and do not help much. I take the minimum amount when I can get them from my doctor and have far fewer side effects than from Lyrica or Gabapentin. I wish pain patients with clear diagnoses and no history of drug addiction could be prescribed the medication that helps. Tramadol is effective and easy to tolerate for me. F 60 30 days
50 mg 1X D
 5  sinus pain and tooth problems no side effects like very happy and feel like I'm floating and relaxed I take 2 tramadol for pain and within a hour I can feel the pain subsiding and begin to relax and start to feel sleepy. I would recommend this painkiller any day 28 6 months
 5  Nerve pain from stroke Weird dreams that seemed real when I first started taking them but now ok and don't experience anything except constipation sometimes when I don't eat right. I thank God for this pain reliever. I would be in a lot of pain without it. F 57 5 days
300 mg
 5  me/cfs pkd Not many and no withdrawal. The only thing so I could work, after five yrs refill nothing zero one dose to the next. New script small in house pharmacy worked again but not next refill and never again. Replaced by 100mg morphine bid NOT as good for me. So very sad too much pain. Somebody efed up. M 76 5 years
100mg 3X D
 4  Fibromyalgia Itís definitely a mood elevator ! And helps the garden variety of symptoms of fibromyalgia discomfort/ but I think it causes bladder symptoms- retention - pressure etc .. as itís considered an opioid type medication so this can happen Itís lifesaver for fibromyalgia if taken in low doses.. I take 50 mgs 2x a day but if I take more than that , I donít feel like itís as effective... so itís important to stay in a very low dose for this condition F 67 1 years
 5  Fibro, Depression, Focus, Energy Side effects: constipation. Energy. Focus, happiness. Increased body temp. Miracle drug. I hate the FDA for making it difficult to access this drug. Just because a few idiots can't control themselves and abuse drugs, those of us who need it are affected. This one drug does the job of 5 I've been on it 12 years and the only withdrawal I get is pooping. I poop a lot and slight vertigo that goes away after a day. I don't abuse this drug because it has been a life saver for me. I want it to work until the day I die so I respect it. F 43 12 years
 3  Control pain after hip replacement Tramadol worked quite well to minimize the pain I experienced after my hip surgery, however withdrawal from this medicine is terrible if you are prone to anxiety. I experienced some panic attacks and wicked nightmares and crying. Had to take clonazepam to bring the anxiety to a halt. Coming off of tramadol Reminds me of coming off of Xanax, which was even worse. Really unpleasant. Believe one must be taper down on this med to lessen unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. F 50 20 days
50 mg
 5  Chronic pain Constipation. Reduced appetite. This medication gave me my life back. But a warning..miss a dose and you'll know it! Withdrawal is BRUTAL with Tramadol. Classic opioid withdrawal ...anxiety, dread, hot and cold, nausea, restless leg and flu like stuff. Horrible. Sometimes I think about wearing off but it has been so helpful for me. F 53 12 years
50 mg 3x a
 4  anxiety constipation. this was a miracle drug for me. it stopped: my depression, anxiety and panic attacks. i used it almost every day for approx a year and felt great. then 5 yrs later, i was put back on it, for pain and fibro.. but for some reason it went badly!!! wrong and my face puffed up and i was covered in scabs. i do not know what happened and how it went from a wonder drug to a nightmare. one other thing: this drug has some serotonin effects to it- so it can be used like an ssri, but if you take it w/ other ssri meds there is a serious risk of serotonin storm / serotonin syndrome, so be very! carefull what you take this med w/. M 48 1 years
80 2X D
 5  Broken foot, hip arthritis Constipation It is fairly mild as a pain killer, when I broke my foot I was prescribed 200 mg/day total and it was still painful, however I can't take NSAIDs or codeine so this with tylenol seems to work well. Now I take 50 mg twice a day for arthritis pain, no side effects. Never felt euphoric on it so I don't know why would anyone abuse it. F 40 1 years
100 mg 1X D
 2   No side effects it's just that the Tramadol is not touching the pain in my shoulder whatsoever I get shooting pains down from my shoulder to my elbow I will be getting an MRI and a CT scan real soon but in the meantime the pain is unbearable I have had ruin y gastric bypass surgery so there are some medicines I cannot take but what kind of a pain medication can I please take? F 63 2 weeks
 5  Pinched nerve discs degrading. None. Does what it says it does helps pain lol. I still have some pain, but if I miss a dose I know about it as my back is in agony. Didn't want to get addicted, but spinal expert said if I was in pain without it then I wouldn't get addicted. As when I first started taking it I was only taking when I was in extreme pain. I can go without it just really hurts to do so. I've never overdoses and never will. Any who still experience pain while on it do not let your doctor give you lyrica. It's poison. F 27 2 years
Max dose
 2  Backpain Headaches and energy. Does not touch my pain and then I get a headach when I take it only thing I use it for is the energy to do things when I have to which h is rarely. Not worth the headache F 47 3 years
 5  Chronic Pain I felt utterly 'high' and very sick after the first few doses, but my body soon adjusted to it. I find it causes insomnia if taken in the evening. Can be rough on the tummy. This has been a wonder drug for me. The only medication that has ever completely taken away my pain and enabled me to carry on with 'normal' working daily life. If used with caution, it can literally change the quality of life of pain sufferers. However, as it is now a controlled drug, and GP's will no longer prescribe it long term, I am being taken off it. Attempting to wean your brain & central nervous system off the drug is not pleasant in my experience. However, I understand some people have no problems at all. I stopped after initially trialing it for 1 month and had restless legs for 2 nights and that was that. After the past 9 months, cutting down from 200mg to 50mg has left me constantly waking at night, and feeling restless legs during sleep, as well as general flailing about the bed due to nerve twitching. Apparently this passes after a week or so!! Excellent relief when nsaids, codeines etc do not touch your pain, but do not take daily as you will only have to go through withdrawal in the future. F 36 10 months
100mg 2X D
 5  Restless Leg Syndrome None Have not had RLS in a year while taking 1 50MG per day. I take one at night time only. It does elevate your mood by making you more relaxed. Highly recommended this drug for RLS. It may have the capability of being addictive but I have not felt it yet. I have missed doses and have had no issues. M 32 1 years
50 MG
 1  Arthritis & degenerative discs This med destroyed my life! Extreme depression, anxiety, no motivation to even leave the house. After 5 yrs it no longer works & I now have to try to wean down to try to get my life back. Haven't been able to get below 7 a day. This drug is the devil If I could've I'd have taken NSAIDs but can't due to gastric bypass surgery. My advice is look at all that's written about this horrible drug & try anything else! I wish I had F 55 5 years
8-12 a day
 5  neuropathy,depression & ra arthriti At first headache and felt some nausea.. but passes. It gives me energy and desire to do things. Helps with depression instantly. Hard to quit because of withdrawalÖ.have to taper off. If taking over a long period of time may have to increase dosage to get the same results or use with another prescribed drug by your dr. F 59 3 years
100 mg
 1  Nerve pain Nothing F 22 1 days
150 MG