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 1  Low functioning thyroid Excruciating leg cramps. I would have to get out of bed 10 or 12 times a night. Stopped taking this med after 7 sleepless nights with leg cramps. F 69 7 days
25mcg 1X D
 1  Under active thyroid Vomiting nausea , sweating sever muscle pain. Insomnia anxiety. Worst drug I've ever taken. F 62 4 days
50 Mg 1X D
 4  Total Thyroidectomy Lupin manufacturer- Frequent urination. Mylan manufacturer- moody, tired, diarrhea. I noticed that it depends on the manufacturer of levothyroxine. The 1st manufacturer I got when I had started levothyroxine was Lupin. I had more frequent urination which I found odd but looking at the inactive ingredients this specific manufacturer uses there is ingredient called Mannitol in it and that causes frequent urination. Not sure why they would add that. However, when I got a refill I was given same dosage but different manufacturer. This time manufacturer was Mylan. I started to get more side effects like always tired, moody and diarrhea. So I think if you are having issues try different dose or manufacturer might help. I heard terrible things about Walmarts Euthrox so I stay away from that one. F 39 2 months
137 mcg 1X D
 1  Hypothyroidism Anxiety, depression, irratibility, nervousness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, constant chest pain, panic attacks, high blood pressure, intrusive thoughts, tremors, insomnia... POISON !!!! I was taking levothyroxine in dose 50mg five days in a week and 75mg rest two days, it was ok ok on the beginning got moody and more crying, started arguments from nowhere and around year after I went to ER with first panick attack and blood pressure 200/101, then again and again, any doctor said said that's side effects of levothyroxine, just put me on antidepressants and therapy, antidepressants made me worse plus still levothyroxine was doing its evilness. I did research about side effects and I have all of them. I stopped this poison as same as all antidepressants and beta blockers which I got, I started Ayurvedic treatment and yoga, I'm going absolutely naturally now. Levothyroxine takes 4 week to leave Ur body completely, so some side effects still I feel but it's not that big and I can manage it. Hopefully all will clear after my body will completely get rid of this absolutely terrible drug. It makes more harms than help. I was ok before I started to taking it, just more tired with low energy but that was it. It turned me into so psycho - maniac, horrible !!!!! F 40 2 days
50mg 1X D
 2  For underactive thyroid Tremors muscle weakness in legs and arms Pins and needles in right hand most mornings tiredness I have been taking Levothyroxine Sodium from .March 2021. Prescribed 75mg after two month then after having to much now on 50mg &75mg alternate days. F 58 0 days
50&75 Alte 1X O
 1  Hashimoto's Premature Ventricular Contractions, Premature Atrial Contractions, Palpitations, Debilitating fatigue, Headaches, Muscle stiffness and pain, Insomnia, Depression, Muscle twitching, Brain fog, Irritable, shortness of breath, nausea, tinnitus, overall feeling of sickness EVERYDAY. Felt much better before starting this med. Even feel much better when skipping a dose. This is like taking rat poison every day. Dr's, especially endocrinologists, are completely clueless about how bad this drug is and are of no help. Considering stopping all together even if it kills me in 5 years. That would be better than living another 25 in misery on this poison. M 58 7 years
175 1X D
 3  Hypothyroidism Started off on 25mg and was fine for a while. Felt less tired but GP increased to 50mg about 3 months ago and I now have night sweats, the worst insomnia I've every experienced, anxiety and tinnitus. GP says it's not from levo and to continue taking it. I came across this site and now I'm not sure if I should just tapper down and stop and see if side effects resolve? F 43 8 months
50mg 1X D
 1  High thyroid antibodies Fatigue, extreme depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Poison!!! F 21 2 months
25 1X D
 4  Hashimotos Disease Sometimes its the dose that's not right. The med may be just fine if you have the right dose. And if you have residual function the dose may be off from time to time. I tried Armour and NP and both caused itching and rashes. I thought my problems were the medication. I went back to levo and in a week the itching was gone. Then I tried AT-NP FOR JUST 2 DAYS and the itchy rash came back. I have enough thyroid meds to open a pharmacy$$$$$ think I'll stay with the cheap please levothyroxine F 65 10 years
75 mcg 1X D
 5   Hands pain, severe foot pain, dizziness, blurry vision. Ankle pain and dry skin F 45 2 weeks
65 mg 1X D
 1  Removal of part thyroid through goi Choking. Bone aches, some problems with constipation. Since only has sodium in it with fillers and natural pigs thyroid had iodine and T3 for energy and UK is only country not adopting iodisation my opinion is that it is a rubbish medicine adopted because of its cheapness. Understand pharmaceutical companies say not cost effective for them to produce better medicine. F 76 30 years
100 1X D
 1  Hypothyroidism Headaches, hair loss, hip pain, heart palpitations, anxiety, and steady weight gain. I'm stopping this poison! F 56 7 months
25MG 1X D
 1  Grave's disease and hyperthyroidism Horrible joint pain from my neck, to my wrists, arms, legs, back, and feet. I can barely stand up for a few mins at a time without bending over in pain. Excruciating headaches out of no where. Extreme exhaustion. Depression and anxiety. Abnormal menstruation, I sometimes also have racing thoughts. I'm so ready to just quit taking this medication all together and just live my life. It's making me so miserable. I am starting to regret getting my thyroid completely removed. I feel worst than I did prior to getting a thyroidectomy. I had no choice, but to get it removed. I had a cancer scare. The nodules in my neck were almost the size of a lime and they were toxic. F 36 6 months
112 1X D
 3  Under active thyroid Anxiety Eased aches and tiredness slightly F 50 4 days
50mg 1X D
 3  Hypothyroidism No known symptoms at first. After a year I started having psychosis that gradually got worse Loved it at first. Best part of taking it was I wasn't cold in 100 degree weather anymore and my hair started growing back. I only have subclinical hypothyroidism so I wouldn't recommend taking it unless you have full blown hypothyroidism because after a year of taking it, my T4 count was high and my doctor kept me on it anyway. I started getting psychosis that progressively worse and had no clue it was the levothyroxine. After a year i was completely batty. So I guess i had drug induced hyperthyroidism. Just be careful and talk to your doctor if you start to get delusional or hallucinate F 29 2 years
Lowest dos
 1  under active thyroid Horrible pain in arms, especially the elbows, which travel from wrists to shoulders. To make matters worse, back aches so bad, I can barely walk. I am borderline with my numbers, and feel I shouldn't be on medication. First time doctor put me on this med. I had the same problems. Took myself off and felt fine. A year later he put me back on, knowing how it affected my health. Now, 6 months later, I'm going to toss them out again! F 59 0 days
1X D
 3  Hashimotos Disease Tinnitus and headaches. Itching. Docs kep saying tinnitus isnt a side effect but when I stopped this med the tinnitus stopped too. Only problem was my TSH went up to 42 so I have to take it. Armour required a much higher dose to get the TSH down. I've tried splitting the dose and taking it at various times. With and without food. Now I'm trying to use the white tablets cuz some said that they have less fillers and dyes than other dosages. Doing the Gluten Free Diet as they say that helps. So far I dont see ANYTHING helps. I keep trying. Synthroid wasnt any better just cost more. F 65 10 years
75 mcg
 5  Hypothyroidism No negative side effects First week on 50 Mcg of Levothyroxine (Levothroid) has been great. I had undiagnosed Hypothyroidism for years, I became very lazy, tired and never felt like doing anything. I tried eating healthy, going running, but obviously nothing helped. I only been on for one week and already feeling better for the first time in years, a lift of brain fog and more energy, I don't feel so cold, my appetite is back, I enjoy food again. M 55 1 weeks
50 1X D
 1  Hashimotos Went on this as the natural thyroid I donwell with was on back order and the Armour was cost prohibitive. Terrible, terrible drug; itís a synthetic form and thus wonít provide all the hormones naturally occurring in s healthy gland. I described my general mood as wanting to kick puppies; Iíve gained weight, become more depressed and have no energy in spite of my TSH within ďnormal ď levels. Found a replacement natural thyroid that is inexpensive yet hard to access, but anything is better than this toxic sludge. Have lost 4 lbs in as many days- likely water weight but better than having gained ~ 15 in the past 6 months. If your provider wonít Rx the natural type fire them. Find one who is a naturopath or DO as they believe in complementary medicine. I majored in human bio with a minor in holistic health & I believe natural approaches to thyroid regulation are best. The worst med known to man aside from Neurontin. F 46 7 months
150 mg
 1  Underactive thyroid Joint/muscle pain, constant vomiting, crushing tiredness, depression, coldness, coughing, acid reflux, migraines, tinnitus, forgetfulness, brain fog, dizziness, constipation etc Like a poison to the system F 65 11 years

LEVOTHYROXINE SODIUM  (LEVOTHYROXINE SODIUM):  Levothyroxine is used to treat an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). It replaces or provides more thyroid hormone, which is normally produced by the thyroid gland. Low thyroid hormone levels can occur naturally or when the thyroid gland is injured by radiation/medications or removed by surgery. Having enough thyroid hormone is important for maintaining normal mental and physical activity. In children, having enough thyroid hormone is important for normal mental and physical development. This medication is also used to treat other types of thyroid disorders (such as certain types of goiters, thyroid cancer). This medication should not be used to treat infertility unless it is caused by low thyroid hormone levels.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)