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 1  Acne Chapped lips, ingrown toenails severe joint pain - especially wrists hands, fingers, shins shoulder. Feet hurt terrible when on them for 8 hours When I complained about severe pain, derm said to stop meds and it would go away within a few weeks. It's been a months and now is saying I may have autoimmune disease that's "not related" to this medication! I have always been very healthy and fit and now can't get out of bed some mornings with out help because so stiff and sore. I hope it goes away soon. I am seen my PCP to get on an arthritis medication. F 19 4 months
2 xday 2X D
 5  Rosacea Extremely dry skin, lips especially! Body aches, although not sure if it's a side effect or not. Lower back pain and sometimes headaches. It cleared up my face in a few short days! My face looks a million times better! I have trued many things and have gone to dermatologists for years!!! I'm so glad I finally found something that really works!!! It's only for 6 months and I'm on my 4th already!! F 56 3 months
60 mg 1X D
 5  Acne Dry lips, joint pain, sensitivity to sun (skin got very dark). After taking sulfur face wash, Doxycycline, differin gel, minocycline (I believe thatís how to spell it). None of it worked! I started taking Claravis 40mg 5 days ago and I see an almost complete difference already! I probably shouldnít be writing this but, I had acne 11yrs ago and my doctor prescribed Claravis. My skin cleared completely! Once I stopped taking it, my skin started to look even better. A coworker of mine (not knowing I was taking acne meds) told me my face looked like a porcelain doll! My skin looked better than it ever looked in my entire life! Fast forward 11yrs later, I took plan b and face face broke out like I had the chickenpox! To make an even longer story short, I had 60 capsules of 40mg Claravis left over from my first breakout (11yrs ago) and I started taking it. After only five days, I see significant improvement! Just about every breakout is gone! This medication is a life saver! I was so depressed... Iím going to finish taking to 40mg once a day for 60 days, I know my face will look like a porcelain doll once again!! F 43 5 days
 5  acne vulgaris, inflammatory dry lips to the point of being swollen and cracking when I opened my mouth, dryness, facial flushing/redness, thirst, constipation (mild), exczema like rash, tiredness, improvement in mood, permanent back pain It is a miracle drug. Changed my life, for the better. After trying every OTC, prescription topical and antibiotic I decided to take Claravis as it is a last resort medication. My course took 6 months. I was on 30mg the first two months, 40mg the third month, and 60mg the fourth, fifth, and sixth month. Side effects: dry, cracked, swollen lips (began first week), dry skin/eczema like rash (began first month), thirst and fatigue (began first month), facial flushing/redness and mild constipation (began third month), joint pain and back pain (began third-fourth month and I still have four years later). They say not to take this med if you have any mental health problems like depression, anxiety, suicidality, mood disorders, etc. but I already had all those things so I had nothing to loose. This drug did more than just clear my skin. This drug changed something in my brain. Even my family agrees it changed me for the better. Accutane is never an easy choice to make, be safe. Be safe. Women - two forms of birth control. Men/women - no blood donation, no sharing Accutane. Have MONTLY blood tests while on this drug. This drug is very powerful and you need to make sure your body is processing it well. Try to stay with the same manufacturer (mine was Claravis). My dermatologist told me to stay on the same brand (even though the active ingredients are the same, I guess they are absorbed different). The only blood side effect I had was high triglycerides (fat) but the reason for that i M 20 6 months
30 2X D
 4  Severe cystic acne Dry skin, dry lips, rough/chapped lips, mood swings. F 16 1 days
30MG x2 D
 5   the usual chapped lips dry eyes for the first few weeks after stopping i began to have GERD M 21 7 months
40mg 2X D
 5  Moderate cystic acne Update: I am now taking this medication for three months and am experiencing joint pain, lower back pain, and heel pain. I am also experiencing a major loss of appetite and have dropped from a healthy size 10 to a size 8. The dry skin, dry lips, eyes and mouth still persist. My acne got worse for awhile but is now starting to clear up dramatically. I'm thankful I'll be off this medication in two months. Please only consider this medication if you have severe acne that has not responded to other treatment by a dermatologist. This is a very serious drug and the decision to take it should be thought out. I will post another update at the end of my Claravis course to let everybody know how everything turned out. F 32 3 months
40 2X D

 1  mild acne GERD (Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease), permanent floaters within my vision, constant lower back pain (that later went away), dry skin and lips I took this drug for 17 days when I started experiencing lower back pain. It was not severe, just constant. I informed my physician of this side effect and was told that that was not common for this drug,she said that I probably had a kidney infection.(I did not.) I got online and discovered that this was a common side effect of the drug and got so scared about it that I decided to stop taking it....It was too late. The day I stop, I developed heartburn that evening. The heartburn was constant and would just get worse after eating. I have had it everyday since then. Now, I have been diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease. To make matters worse, one week after I was off the drug, I noticed that I had floaters within my vision. My eye doctor says that my eyes are fine but, I still have the floaters. The lower back pain went away within a week but, the more serious side effects have remained. Before this, I was in excellent condition for my age with no health problems....I just broke out a little bit. Now, I have a disease which medications do not work for half the time and I am worried that the floaters will get worse with time. Not only do I wish I had never taken this toxic drug but, I wish I would have never went to the physician who put me on it. F 26 17 days
40mg 2X D
 4  acne skin dryness, dryness of lips, dryness of eyes. more severe breakouts when first started the drug M 17 30 days
20 mg 2X D

CLARAVIS  (ISOTRETINOIN):  This medication is used to treat severe cystic acne (also known as nodular acne) that has not responded to other treatment (e.g., benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin applied to the skin or tetracycline or minocycline taken by mouth). It belongs to a class of drugs known as retinoids. It works by decreasing facial oil (sebum) production. High amounts of sebum can lead to severe acne. If left untreated, severe acne may cause permanent scarring.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)