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 1  Birth control Severe anxiety, depression and other mood issues. Nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness. Extreme fatigue and appetite. F 32 60 days
.35 MG 1X D
 1  High blood pressure after pregnancy Hot flashes, dizzy spells, HR increase, heart burn I hate this birth control.. F 19 3 months
28 1X D
 1  Birth Control Constant bleeding and cramping, weight gain, neverending migraines, vivid dreams, bloating, breast pain I know it takes a lot to even get to a place where you are spending the time review a drug, but I feel like I want other women to know that the month and a half Iíve been on Camila has truly been the worst. Iíve bled for four weeks straight and gained 15 pounds without changing my habits whatsoever (in fact I probably ate much less as the bloating was so uncomfortable). My boobs got so uncomfortable they couldnít be touched by the shower much less my boyfriend. I wanted to stick it out but the final straw was the worst migraine of my life which lasted 4 straight days. I donít exactly want to be pregnant but honestly that sounds preferable to Camila. F 32 50 days
.35 1X D
 1  BC Caused a massive breakout. Acne is large and painful. Extreme cramping, weight gain (6lbs), appetite increase, nausea, and fatigue. My mood has been in a dull state for over a week. I don't feel anything emotionally. I want to stop taking this pill. I had a similar response with a mini pill 2 years ago. F 34 25 days
 1  Prevent pregnancy Sweating, night sweats, overheating, hair loss, anxiety worsened, vivid dreams, mood swings, bloating, rapid weight gain, diarrhea, blurry vision. DO NOT TAKE THIS. It is the worst drug I have ever taken! F 35 2 months
1x d
 1  Extreme periods Iím on Zoloft for depression and anxiety, this pill is making everything so much worse... itís like Iím not even using Zoloft. It did help bring my periods under control except for the first one when my deciduis sac came out after a day of extreme pain and cramping, and my one period that lasted ten days... better than a month or two as I had been getting... weight gain, Suicide thoughts, appetite increase, crazy anxiety, fatigue, acne, .... Iím over it Stay away from this crazy pill Iím going to try the iud I guess... then ablation if that doesnít work :-/ I too just want a hysterectomy but the doctor said the insurance wonít cover it until I try everything else first... F 38 4 months
 1  Ovarian Cyst Worsening depression and increased thoughts of suicide, anxiety, irritability, acne, swelling, vivid nightmares, extreme fatigue, complete loss of sex drive I would not recommend if you have any history of mental health issues. My doctor prescribed for me to stop having cysts on my ovaries. Iím on 4 other medications... clearly that doctor did not do her research on drug interactions with this medication. F 30 1 weeks
 4  Heavy periods causing anemia Lighter periods, spotting, cramping, tender breasts, hair thinning, moodiness This pill worked by lessening the bleeding and fixing my anemia problem. However the spotting and cramping do occur on a regular and predictable basis. I get ďovulation crampsĒ every time mid cycle. The breast tenderness is also predictable and temporary (right before my period starts), along with typical bloating/cramping that lasts a day or two. The moodiness is less predictable but I feel like I would have this no matter what, is impacted by a variety of things, and managing the moodiness requires a variety of strategies, not just going to disappear if I go off the pill. F 37 21 months
 5  Pregnancy prevention Irregular periods, breast soreness and enlargement (soreness is worth it due to the enlargement since I have small breasts). My skin is more clear than usual. I love this birth control compared to others. So appreciative to not deal with migraines and nausea. Iíve always had mood swings due to hormonal changes so I canít really blame it on birth control. F 24 4 days
Low dose
 2  Endometriosis Weight gain. Tender/ sore breasts. Trouble sleeping. Increased appetite. Nausea. Increase in migraines. Body acne which I never had before. Really bummed this pill has so many side effects I just canít cope with. It did prevent pregnancy (always took it at the same time daily) and it did not effect my sex drive. I also never had any spotting which seems to be a common issue. F 29 4 months
 1  Prevent pregnancy Extreme anger, headaches, hair loss, weight gain, increased appetite F 34 45 days
 3  Heavy Period I had diarrhea for about 2 months . Some breakout ( chin area) Thinning hair, bloating, weight gain. I did experience depression now I'm on Zoloft. I am on my last month and will not restart this and will taper myself from the Zoloft. On a positive note it did help with my periods they were heavy and sometimes I was getting two a month. I am going to miss the light periods. F 43 1 years
 1  For irregular menstrual cycles Taking Camilla to try to regulate my periods. I recently lost 35 lbs and am very conscious about my calories and exercise regimen. I managed to maintain my weight through all the holidays despite enjoying myself! I went on this pill and within 2 weeks I put back on 7 lbs, despite carefully monitoring my food and exercising regularly. My breasts are very sore and Iím having sweats and restless nights. I feel moody. The doctor says the weight gain shouldnít happen on this pill but the timing is perfect. Iím discontinuing this pill immediately. Looks like Iím on to and ablation surgery :( F 42 3 weeks
 1  To prevent pregnancy after my c sec I was put on this pill due to just having a child and I was breast feeding. My OBGYN prescribed this to me. She stated it would take about two weeks before it would work. I suffered a miscarriage before this pregnancy and did not process it. I got anxiety and depression, but. I treated it and I have been good ever since. Well since I went on this pill. I started to feel bloated. I had a lot of diarrhea at first. Then came the breakthrough bleeding. 5 days of no bleeding, 7 days of bleeding. I could never tell what was a period because I had cramps every time I bleed. Then I started to notice I was become a major psycho. Snapping at everything. Every time I was about to start a bleeding I would have an panic attack out of no where. I called my doctor and they said it was my hormones. Then the anxiety started to come every day. I looked online and noticed a lot of woman were having the same issues. I decided one day not to take the pill and low and behold. I didnít get anxiety. So then next day I took the pill to see what would happen and my anxiety came within 20 mins of taking the pill. This pill is not the best especially if you have had anxiety in the past or are suffering now. It will heighten it so much. This has brought my anxiety to a whole new level F 33 3 months
 3  Birth control It did prevent pregnancy. However, it caused fatigue, weight gain, bloating, cramps, sore breasts, vaginal dryness and two periods per month. I stopped this pill after 6 months. F 38 6 months
 1  Heavy Periods Extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression, tender breasts Stay away from this medicine. My ob/gyn prescribed it to temporarily relieve excessive bleeding that was causing anemia. She said I had to try the Camilla progestin only pill and an ablation before she would recommend hysterectomy. This drug made me extremely nervous and unable to function at work. I quit the medicine a couple days ago and already feel a little better. I cancelled the ablation surgery and am now seeking a second opinion at another practice. If my uterus is causing excessive bleeding, pain, and polyps; I should have the right to a hysterectomy and not be forced to pump poisonous iud's and hormones into my body. Yes, I also tried an iud before the hormone pill and it too caused extreme anxiety. Run the other way of you already have anxiety and your doctor recommends this pill. F 44 3 months
 1  Endometriosis This pill is a nightmare. I was prescribed for my endometriosis after I had laproscopy. Day 1 I was so dizzy within 4 hrs of taking it. I took at night. Couldn't sleep, nightmares, hot flashes. Day 2 was so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed. I started to cramp horribly and all my endo pain was back that was alleviated by surgery. I began to have horrible gas and diarrhea. Day 3 I was panicked. I was in a daze, my legs and arms were so weak and my body could barely function. Diarrhea. Fatigue. I stopped it after day 3. Today I have cramps pretty steady and diarrhea. But I never will take any form of this again. F 33 3 days
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Depression, Sweating, Anger I was prescribed this medication due to high blood pressure. After two years of experience on this medication, I would not recommend use of this drug. My personality was altered drastically and I suffered from depression and extreme anger. After two months of stopping this medication, I am starting to return to normal self. I wish I had not wasted 2 years of my life. Please monitor your mood closely on this medication. F 38 2 years
1X D
 2  To prevent pregnancy Disturbance with sleep moodiness vivid nightmares and some anxiety and sweating really bad I've never been on a birth control with this many side effects before and I've been taking birth control for a long time until I went off of it after I got married. My husband and I had our first baby 7 months ago. So at first my OBGYN put me on Ortho Tri Cyclen but they give me headaches. So he told me that this Camila will work good for me. Not so now I'm headed back to the doctor again. It makes me feel like a woman going through menopause not to be mean to any woman going through menopause. I don't sleep I wake up sweating really bad. I sweat all the time and I never sweat before. Not even that bad when I was pregnant. And I'm really moody I can't even stand myself snap at everybody in my family. I've been having crazy weird dreams and I have anxiety already but this pill is really making a comeback worse. F 33 1 months
 1  Bc while breastfeeding Weight gain anxiety depression mood swings cramps heavy bleeding Horrible. Had lost almost all my baby weight then I gained half of it back. My moods were all over the place and I was having horrible panic attacks. Had heavy heavy bleeding for 9 days a month and horrible stomach cramps. Throught I was having pp depression but it was this stupid Med. Don't take this. It's not worth it. F 30 1 days

CAMILA  (NORETHINDRONE):  This medication is used to prevent pregnancy. It is often referred to as the "mini-pill" because it does not contain any estrogen. Norethindrone (a form of progestin) is a hormone that prevents pregnancy by making vaginal fluid thicker to help prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization) and changing the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it passes out of the body. This medication also stops the release of an egg (ovulation) in about half of a woman's menstrual cycles. While the "mini-pill" is more effective than certain other methods of birth control (such as condoms, cervical cap, diaphragm), it is less effective than combination hormone (estrogen and progestin) birth control because it does not consistently prevent ovulation. It is usually used by women who cannot take estrogen. To reduce the risk of pregnancy, it is very important to take this medication exactly as prescribed. Using this medication does not protect you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)