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 1  A-Fib itching (allergy to iodine) advised by on call Dr. to take Claritin, palpitations with feeling of heart beat pounding in chest, elevated BP, tremors, muscle weakness in legs, fatigue, headaches, swollen ankles and feet F 77 12 days
200mgm 1X D
 3  Afib Shortness of breath an dry cough F 73 5 years
200mg 1X D
 1  Arterial fibrillation and flutter Permanently tired lethargic loss of appetite gloopy eyes breathless tiredness of muscles after work and exercise not felt previously prone to stagger generally this drug stops normal life Amiodarone stopped my heart problems but caused more problems i do not need I stopped amiodarone 3months ago but the many side effects are as bad as ever it's a living nightmare M 62 14 months
60mg 1X D
 1  Atrial Fibrillation I was prescribed this drug by after reading the side effects did not take it My doctor prescribed Amiodarone and when I asked him what the side effects were. he looked away. When I went home I looked up a study by NIH which said 90% of patients taking this drug develop micro deposits in the cornea of their eyes. 10% of those develop vision impairment. Then there's neurotoxicity which is result in paralysis and quadriplegia, Pulmonary toxicity which can cause sudden pneumonia like symptoms and death. After reading this I got a second opinion from a highly rated cardiologist. The first thing he said was "I see you're taking Amiodarone, I want you to stop immediately". I told him I hadn't taken it and he said excellent that will make this much easier. I discussed the drug with my general practitioner who treats cardiac patients. I asked him if he would take the drug if he was in my situation and he said no. This is a very dangerous drug beware, the side effects often permanent, even when you stop taking the drug. The longer you take it, the more likely you are to have serious side effects. M 59 1 days
200mg 1X D
 5  CHF and Vtac I've not had any side effects. I also take other rythm drugs. Most doctors hate this drug. You have to be careful alot of drugs interactions with all kinds other pills. Make sure every doctor knows you're on it. I take with flecainide, Meroprolol I have a implanted defibrillator with pacemaker on. I was getting shocked all the time. They didn't want to put me on it. I was 38 at the time. Look for long term side effects. I think this should not be the first drug. All others should be tried. I do ok now only get about 2 shocks every six months. Make sure you have to be on it. It saved my life and gave me a better QOL. I've learned alot past few years. Also if doctor wants to put a ICD in ask if they are no other options. I live in fear of getting shocked it's always there. I know got way off just thoughts. Wish you the best in life M 42 4 years
 3  Afib Feel tried and weak all the time....No energy..... I am having an Afib Ablation on 12/28/2018. I hope I can stop it after the ablation.... Was put on amiodarone after Tikosyn had to be stopped due to widening of my QT waves.... I want to stop it soon due to my COPD... M 56 20 days
200 mg 1D
 1  Given after pacemaker surgery Extremely low blood pressure 80/45 Extremely tired & weak Confusion & depression Fluid retention Shortness of breath Insomnia Too many bad side effects .. no quality of life NOT a good drug My husband already suffers from depression and dementia... worse now... stay away from this drug! M 74 3 days
600 mg
 4  AF,vtach hyper thyroid after 2 yrs of taking years ago -17 I CD shocks so I stopped it. Now few yrs later started again since all other meds ( sotalol ,carvediliol etc did not worked.-no choice,if I get hyper thyroid I will remove it and wait for the heart transplant in he future if I am lucky enough.At least I am not scared that I drop on the floor every time I leave my house because of vtach.Too bad I didn't started sooner for the 2nd time because of side effects .Once I got v-tach,dropped on the floor and had an internal bleeding and they had to stop coumadin which I was taking and I got a stroke.Now I can barely walk.So now I really have no choice but to take it.Just praying that I won't get Pulmonary fibrosis as a ide summary grat med even in spite of side effects-it's better to live comfartably few years then to be afraid to leave the house.My advice if u have AF,Vtach and an ICD try meds first but they don' really work (you keep getting shocks from time to time) and you take coumadin switch to amioadrone or you may end up having a stroke like me and lose 50 % of your movement or more.I think it is better to live comforably few yrs while using amiodarone than rely on your family for help after stroke. M 40 150 days
200 1X D
 1  For heart irregularity after AV rep Itchy painful rash on upper part of my body, sleeplessness, short of breath, digestive upset I was given Amiodarone after atrial heart valve replacement (minimally invasive surgery, which went great). Because of slight heart irregularity in the hospital I was put on this drug. Looking back on it, I think it began to affect me badly from the very beginning. My skin began to itch and I had sleeping problems before leaving the hospital (6 days). After I got home the rash and itching increased to the point of misery, and I got very short of breath and could barely walk across the room. I alternated between constipation and diarrhea. I went back to my cardiologist and also my primary care doctor and tried to ask about drug side effects, but they both blew me off. Told me my heart was "fine" and I had nothing to worry about! I have fired both of them and found a new doctor who listens to me when I talk about symptoms. This is a dangerous drug that is prescribed, in my opinion, by doctors who have become nothing but money-grubbing drug dealers who don't have time to be real doctors. At my age, I don't need that kind of doctor. F 78 5 months
200 mg 2X D
 1  to restore sinus rythm from AF, After prior fibrillation then mitral valve replacement,I was very ill in hospital - too ill to describe effects. Discharged on 200mg/day. Temporary loss of sight in L eye a week later->100mg daily for 10 days->I stopped. Gradual recuperation. Restarted by physician 52 days later over 3 weeks: 600mg->400->200. Very unwell 10 days later, with all listed adverse effects, plus AF became flutter, with declining exercise tolerance + new breathlessness.. Negotiated cessation 3 days later. New cough held at bay with Seretide inhalant. I was just going downhill. Mental deterioration, unable to meditate, or lift depression. I note that some have had benefit; but adverse effects must be used as a signal to stop right away. My main guide to that decision would be "I feel seriously unwell." I now have to await the 58 days average for the drug to decline by half in its concentration in my body. M 79 18 days
400mg 3X D
 1  aortic replace & micro valve repair shortness of breadth after only slight exertion, insomnia, instability and light-headedness when walking or getting up from a chair, general weakness this drug is too dangerous to take for the modest benefits I might experience since I have no irregular heart beat after my surgery. After my surgery, I have no AR and hence no need for this med; So, I experience many side-effects but benefits. M 86 3 months
 2  A-fib after open heart surgery Was put on 400 mg of amiodarone once the a-fib developed. Stayed on it for 5 1/2 months until insisted I be taken off. During that period I lost most of my hair, developed numbness of tongue, couldn't eat, lost 35 pounds,had horrible cough,great fatigue, liver elevated enzymes, constantly tested for thyroid problems due to elevated blood tests, eyes were blurred all the time. I'm sure if I checked back into my medical records could find more problems from this drug,,,,seems I had most of the ones always listed as "possible"......... I think the drug works but would never go on again unless it was the last option. I was never offered other drugs to try first to regulate heart rhythm. If someone takes would recommend working closely with doctor in regards to side effects. Also read up as much as possible to know what to look for. I also had a pulmonologist who hated this drug and was always telling me what to look for as he had lost patients who used it. Frequent chest x-rays are a necessity. F 72 5 months
 2  irregular heart rtythm had open heart surgery. Was on amiodarone, caused thyroid toxicity, was a drug of choice. Defibrillator fired 9 or 10 shocks, 45 days later after surgery. Another series of shocks, 18, 60 days later. Upset my thyroid gland, weight lost, felt very "OLD". They were planning on removing the thyroid gland, but choose to stop the medication instead, takes 290 days to leave ones body. Feeling NORMAL again, 4yrs ago 55 1 years
 1  atrial fibrillation This drug caused hypothyroidism first in my 70 year old father. Then, after being on it for about a year, he developed lung problems. At first, no one related these to his amiodarone use, although he would get better once he was started on steroids. Finally, he was hospitalized at another facility for "pneumonia" but they also stopped his amiodarone. In 6 weeks, after much testing, biopsies, cultures (all negative) and consults with many specialists, he was dead. Diagnosis on his death certificate? Pulmonary fibrosis secondary to amiodarone toxicity. This drug is NOT even FDA approved for atrial arrhythmias, only life-threatening ventricular ones. It does work against atrial fib but at what cost??? My father would have been much better off in rate controlled atrial fib than in sinus rhythm because he was on amiodarone. If you do take amiodarone, READ THE INFORMATION SUPPLIED BY THE COMPANY AND DEMAND FREQUENT PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTING!!! Also, be aware this drug can remain in your body for anywhere from 20 to 180 days once you have STOPPED taking it!! Be aware and don't let what happened to my father happen to you!!! M 1 years
 1  long term atrial fibrillation/flutt After 1 mo on low dose amiodarone, I ended up im emergency room for respiratory distress from lungs filling with fluid. This was with a structurally normal heart and no heart diagnosis other than long standing atrial fibrillation. I was having a toxic reaction from amiodarone which causes pulmonary fibrosis. Amiodarone was immediately dropped, and only a beta blocker was used for the run-away constant fibrillation. The acute toxic effect of amiodarone left, but progressive fibrosis continued. Complete workups of the fibrosis have now been completed in two medical centers that specialize in this type of lung disease. There are no treatments known but I'm on an experimental drug that costs 60K/yr out of pocket (because insurance does not cover rare disease). This treatment appears to slowed down the progression, and I still have 30% lung function, which nonetheless is quite debilitating. I'm on supplemental oxygen day and night. My life expectancy is less than three years. Please do not take this dangerous drug. During my workups I learned that the university docs do not use this drug at all because of its dangers. The accepted standard of treating chronic atrial fibrillation is beta blockers to slow the pulse rate , and the use of the anticoagulant Coumadin, which I monitor at home because of doctor shortage here. F 72 1 months
 5  A-Fib history, Post CABGx3 After surgery sinus/arrhythmia prob. Five years now, blood workup every 3 months - great success in controlling heart disease... M 72 5 years
 5  Heart Arithima/breathing shortness I was place on drug to correct arithima/breathing problem after it was determined I didnt need pacemaker... after 3yrs I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis/liver scaring 10%...I then was given high dosages 40Mg of Prednisone for 2-years reducing to 5Mg I found drug to be very rewading as I was able to walk all over Ireland trip without heart/breathing problems M 67 8 years

AMIODARONE HCL  (AMIODARONE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat certain types of serious (possibly fatal) irregular heartbeat (such as persistent ventricular fibrillation/tachycardia). It is used to restore normal heart rhythm and maintain a regular, steady heartbeat. Amiodarone is known as an anti-arrhythmic drug. It works by blocking certain electrical signals in the heart that can cause an irregular heartbeat.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)