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 4  IBS Blurred vision,really bad muscle aches,recently doesn't seem to be as effective.Right side pain has increased. F 59 1 years
20mg x 3 d 3X D
 1  Ibs D and servers cramping Stomach cramps, diarrhea, dry mouth, tiredness, drowsy, sweating, vomiting Took it for iBs cramps, but instead of helping i now have terrible cramps and BM with cold sweat and nauceasness F 35 2 days
20MG 4X AN
 5  IBS mostly D Subtle calming sensation, a little dry mouth but that went away. I get strong spasms which seize up my colon (left side) for a long time and hurt. I would get chills and shakes. Ended up in ER a few times, had colonoscopies, biopsies, CT and a myriad of tests, which revealed nothing. Still don't know why it happens, but Bentyl reliably releases the cramps within 20-30 minutes. I developed agoraphobia from IBS and that seems to be going away esp since I started taking it multiple times/day (pre-emptively and as needed). No major side effects. I also take 10 mg Amitriptylene for pain and to help slow things down. Also a little psyllium. Was on daily Imodium but have been able to stop that unless it's a very bad D flareup. But they are happening less and less (fingers crossed). Hoping I can start working again now. Finally. Highly recommend! I use 10-20 mg at a time. M 56 4 years
20mg 2x/dy 2X D
 1  IBS Makes me disoriented, useless, makes you feel down and out of touch from reality. Almost 100% useless, makes me feel my IBS through my whole body. I believe i will never take it again as long as I lived. I was diagnosed with IBS since 2006, Used Bentyl multiple times. Did not work for me ..then I managed by IBS through the last 13 years..and now I am back at it. Thought of trying it again maybe it would Be different. Does not work believe me I have had a long experience with IBS ..this stuff is useless Just have pure ginger (no additives)..boil it with water and sip it hot it will relieve and alleviate your symptoms ..try a bit of pure honey with it as ginger can have a strong taste , watch what you eat and excercise God willing it will help M 35 1 months
20 mg 1X D
 3  Esophageal spasms caused by GERD If I take this during the day I usually have to warn people I speak to because I can't find my words and am a little "slow" also impossible to read anything. Sometimes makes me feel a little loopy. I frequently take it before bed but have tried to stop as I am very tired and hungover from it the next day. F 41 0 days
20mg 1X AN
 3  For stomach discomfort Lightheaded, sleepy wake up with cold and sweaty feet and hands. Don't know if this medication causes my back to hurt and neck stiffness and diarrhea in the morning when waking up. What i like is it let's me sleep and rest. Just wish i didn't have any body ache and makes me feel warm like if i had a fever but checked and don't have a fever.... F 45 5 days
20mg 2X D
 1  Ibs d&C Blurry vision, itchy with hives, dizzy and terrible bloating, gas and constipation F 40 3 days
10 mg 4x d 4X D
 1  IBS Dry mouth, diarrhea, blurred vision, sleepy This drug is not for me. I took only one capsule before a meal and within hours had side effects. F 68 1 days
10 mcg 1X O
 2  Ibs Weak....palpitations,.dizzy, dry mouth Took 1. 20mg pill never again M 35 1 days
20mg 4X D
 5  Pain w/sudden urge to have bm None I used to be afraid to go out an eat with friends because of the severe pain and urgency to have a bm. I started Taking one before going out on a hike or somewhere I know there will be limited bathroom breaks. Work Great!!! Can eat and enjoy my day no pain or cramping. F 32 10 months
 5  IBS I only take it occasionally and have noticed that sometimes I feel a little weepy but not enough to be a problem. I must take with food. I only take it when the cramps become unbearable. I find it to be a great tool in managing my IBS. I only take it when I need it for cramps and it was never prescribed to me as something to take every day. F 67 30 years
40mgs as n
 1  Celiac Rush of reflux 8 hours after first pill. Then couldnít breath F 73 1 days
 5  IBS-C No side effects This medicine is great! Stopped my stomach pain about 30 minutes after starting it- havenít had pain since! I take it morning and night, with or without food. I wish there was a drug to work as well with severe bloating. F 50 4 days
 3  IBS and DIVERTICULOSIS Sleepiness, drowsiness, brain fog, tiredness, bloating, feeling of fullness, lack of mental acuity. Makes me tired and sleepy and feels like I have a hangover. M 55 52 days
20 MG
 5  IBS-D sleepiness, brain fog This medicine works incredibly well for ibs-d. The side effects are easily tolerable for the level of effectiveness of this medicine. M 38 3 years
20 3X D
 5  colitis Dizziness, tired This med really helped my pain for colitis. I take it with 2 tylenol. F 62 12 days
 2  Ulcer pain Increased depression 66 3 days
 1  Kidney stone Abdominal pain and swelling, blurry vision,swelling and red feet, dizziness and nausea. Read side effects and feel fortunate didn't take it longer. Should be illegal. Dangerous drug for the healthy, how much more for the unhealthy. Don't take this drug. Besides if it's for IBS why does it make the stomach swell and painful. It doesn't even work for its initial intended use. F 40 4 days
20 mg
 1  Severe cramping. I had a feeling on taking the first pill that I was suffocating..Its like being held under water and can't breathe. I gasped and still felt like I was suffocating. Bad drug. F 62 1 days
 3  IBS with severe abdominal pain Dizziness, pounding heart,can't concentrate,hard to talk in sentences. High feeling. Worked on pain,IBS symptoms. F 55 3 days