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 5  Asthma since birth I usually only get side effects when I have a bad attack and need to take several(5+) inhalations and they are usually headache and minor shakiness. This drug has saved my life many times and unlike many drugs which have very high risk/benefit ratios, this drug is a godsend for people who suffer from asthma without a ton of damaging side effects. The inventor was even knighted for his contributions to humanity. M 27
1 puff 1X AN
 1  low oxygen levels i am 60 years old, have had asthma since birth, or so they tell me, have not had an asthma attack since i was in my early teens. Have had low oxygen levels my entire life. Had pneumonia last year, started out with a little congestion, should of went to doctor for medicine, did not, so ended up with pneumonia. I have been pretty healthy most of my life, in fact i do not get sick, except for this stupid pneumonia i got last year (also had chest congestion about 10 years ago and pneumonia about 25 years ago) Now they decided i should be on all the drugs, tried inhaler, it almost killed me. now doing albuterol with something else in nebulizer treatments. My breathing is steadly getting worse, my mental state of mind is getting worse. The medicine is awful, i have quit taking it and am hoping that it is not too late to get back to how i was. Why do the doctors not realize that low oxygen levels can be caused by the pulminary vein narrowing. But evidently they will not check that because this is not a medicine physicians should prescribe F 60 20 days
2X D
 5  Born with severe asthma shaky, increased heart rate, better breathing Loved it. Couldnt have survived attacks without it. F 36 10 years
1X D
 5  Asthma and Chronic Cough increased energy and stamina when execising without the annoying coughing spells I would normally suffer with. very very happy :) F 37 30 years
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 5  when have severe asthma attacks I've been on Albuterol for years and I don't know what I would do without it... it's saved me every time. F 37
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 4  asthma shakiness, increased heart rate, anxiety it's saved my life, so i'm willing to put up with the side effects F 17 12 years
 5  Asthma I have been taking albuterol for 20 years and have had very few side effects unless my asthma is not doing well and I take too much of it. This can make me nervous, and my heart race. It can also make you a little nervous and shaky when you first start taking it until your body gets used to it. It can cause insomnia if you take it too close to bedtime so I take it about 30 minutes before I go to sleep to avoid that. Would recommend. It has been a life-saver for me. F 40 20 years
 5  asthma shakiness but not extreme very effective, has saved my life on numerous occasions M 17 12 years
 1  Perceived Asthma breathing worsened. anxiety, panic attacks, shakiness, resting heart rate went from 55 to 130. Went from running long-distance to not being able to walk in a week at 25. Ended up on disability with a permanent disruption to my body's ability to respond to adrenalne properly. Ended up with a permanent breathing condition. F 27 4 months
 5  moderate to severe asthma shakiness if I am having a particularly bad asthma episode, and have taken more than the prescribed amount, but I would rather be shaky than unable to breathe and dead! This inhaler gives nearly immediate, and complete relief! I am positive that I would have died (several times) if not for this inhaler! Even during a very bad episode, when I need to take 3 or 4 puffs, it clears me up completely within just a few minutes! F 32 6 years
 4  unable to clear respiratory colds nervousnees, shakiness, hyperactivity in both kids (6 & 3) F 37 5 days
 4  athsma increased heart rate, not that bad, some insomnia It is a good drug for asthmatics and it saves your life in some cases. I would recomend it M 18 6 months
 3   F 19
 5  asthma If you take too much (more than 2 puffs) this stuff will give you the shakes. I've been on albuterol since childhood and have learned not to go anywhere without it. This standard medicine is called a 'rescue inhaler' for a reason! F 22 17 years
 1  Pneumonia - wheezing The worst!! I was up ALL NIGHT wired the first night. Finally fell asleep at 6am! Extreme agitation, on edge, tearful. I almost felt manic. Stopped after 24 hours use. Felt like its effects stayed in my system another 24 hours plus! I would rather have a some difficulty breathing over feeling like this again!!! F 45 1 days