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 5  Sleep aid None Life saver for a good nights sleep. Currently using c-pap machine. M 61 15 years
10mg 1X D
 2  TMJD,severe back/neck spasms I've taken this on several occasions, and each time have noticed that the mental side effects are atrocious. That said, this drug does relieve the pain associated with severe muscular tension. Unfortunately, as soon as the medication wears off, I find myself somewhere between rage and profound depression. I'm groggy, weepy, needy, and feel entirely out of control for upwards of 2-3 days afterward. For me, these effects outweigh the benefits of this drug. The medication works; however, it should be dispersed with a label stating that you might what to jump out of a window when you finally wake up from the mini-coma it induces. F 27 1 weeks
10mg 1X D
 4  Used to treat muscle stiffness. Drowsiness- Itís advisable that this medication not be taken if you do not intend to rest the next day. Use care when operating a motor vehicle and/or electronic devices that require mental alertness. Please be advised that this medication is muscle relaxant, NOT an analgesic, therefore it does not effectively provide pain relief. I use this medication to treat muscle spasms/cramps and stiffness. My usual dose is 10-20 mg qhs PRN. M 27 3 years
10-20 mg 1X D
 4  Fibromyalgia Fatigue, dizziness Normally this medicine isn't used on a long term basis but my doctor made an exception because it helps fight the fibromyalgia muscle spasms so that I can get a good night's sleep. Because I've been on it so long, I no longer feel tired from it during the day. It has not lost its effectiveness nor have I needed a dosage increase. This drug can easily become addicting so use in moderation is advisable. F 23 2 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Upper back and neck pain this medication would knock me out for the night. in the morning i would feel very tired and hangover like. it does work for pain but it makes me really tired throughout the day. i took it only as neccessary. M 20 10 days
10mg 1X D
 5  arthritus and scoliosis other than very sleepy after about 4 hours from taking it,it works good. you get a good night sleep and i have also found that when i take it like prescribed (3 times a day)i feel calm,relaxed and so peaceful,and for me this is GOOD because i suffer from ptsd due to childhood issues so the depression and anxiety are a battle,and this helps me with pain and my nerves. M 34 6 months
 3  lower back pain Extreme drowsiness, even the next day. Good for muscle spasms if you can lay in bed for a few days with the drowsiness. M 50 3 days
 2  neck pain After 9 pills, urination became increasingly difficult until finally I could not urinate at all. requiring a $500 trip to the hospital to insert a catheter that I had to wear for a week. Also, drowsiness. M 71 0 days
 3  Aggresive Pain in Spine Drowsy My Spine on the pain scale from 1 to 10 & 10 being the worst possible pain, my average day is right around an eight and with this drug my pain only drops to around a six. M 29 4 days
 4  Tension Headache at base of skull Drugged feeling in the morning...but tolerable. Able to go to work. Nothing would release my tension headache..which I've had 24hrs per day for 12 weeks. This did start to release it. I take 10mg per night and 5mg in the day. I am also on Paxil and probably the two together make me feel more drugged than other people would. But it's worth it to get some relief. F 41 3 days
 5  muscle spasm's Maybe a little blurred vision the first night of taking them, but could have been the other medication. Really helped, didn't relax all the muscles. It did to were it didn't hurt so much. M 25 6 days
 5  fibromyalgia, stress greatly aided in urinary incontinence aided in relaxing muscles in neck and shoulder area No bad side effects at all Length of time taking drug, 5 years F 62

CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL  (CYCLOBENZAPRINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Cyclobenzaprine is used short-term to treat muscle spasms. It is usually used along with rest and physical therapy. It works by helping to relax the muscles.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)