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 ANTIANXIETY    DEA Schedule IV   

 Type: Rx Drug

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 4  Anxiety No side effects, maybe makes me hungry. Works fine. It works fast. I also take Cymbalta ( 69 mgrs) and Fluoxetine(10) mgrs F 59 15 years
0.75 1X D
 5  Panic Disorder F 39 14 years
3 mg /day 1X D
 5  Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression I got this drug at the ER after a week of not sleeping. I was completely losing it as my anxiety was at an all time high. Within 30 mins I felt like my normal self and was completely calm. It's helping me get back into a healthy sleep routine again. I'm nervous about coming off of it, but it has been a godsend the last couple weeks. F 27 21 days
0.5 1X D
 5  Anxiety Have not experienced undesired effects. .5mg or even .25mg before bed as needed has alleviated overbearing anxiety in the form of major panic attacks during stressful events and mild night terror (waking up throughout night terrified for no reason) Drowsy before bed is the only noticeable effect. I label that effect as desirable. Sorry pet aversion here - side effects as a concept is misleading. Effects from drugs are better labeled desired, undesired or varied desirability effects such as drowsy before bed vs drowsy at work; same effect yet in different environments. If occurring in both settings then effect desirability is varied. M 69 5 days
.5 mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety Does anyone else who takes these have copd, I've read on the leaflet that shouldn't be taken if you have copd F 65 9 months
1.5 1X D
 4  Chronic insomnia due to tinnitus Dry mouth Very effective in helping me sleep 6-8 hrs per night. This med is addictive and is supposed to be used short-term (no more than 4 months) so I take it twice weekly. Not ideal, I know, but I know withdrawal could make sleeping worse. I wish there was a treatment to stop debilitative 24/7 tinnitus but that does not exist ... yet. F 66 2 months
.5 mg 1X AN
 5  Brings BP down. Only drug to bring Works to bring BP down. Only medication to bring BP down for me..Take as needed only.. tTakibg too frequently causes some brain fog. Can bring BP down within 1 hour. ER doctor and cardiogist have recommended I take it. I am not one to take a lot of meds.. F 78 0 days
.5 mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety Works great for anxiety but there is hell to pay when you stop taking it. Lorazepam is in a class of drug called benzodiazepines.This class of drug is NOT supposed to be prescribed for more than 2 weeks and not to be prescribed for people over 65. Its very effective to relieve anxiety and insomnia but taken for more than 2 weeks, you will develop a dependency that will be worse than crack cocaine to get off of. Benzos actually damage GABBA receptors in your brain and body by down-regulating them. You can't just "cold turkey" taking benzos.... you have to taper off or risk having a seizure. . There are other ways to deal with insomnia and anxiety besides talking a pill. Lorzepam has ruined my life. Go to Benzobuddies.org for more information. M 71 1 years
1mg prn 1X D
 5  Anxiety, high pulse but low bp, bet A little more fatigue, muscle pain in upper legs and upper arm weakness. Take at 7:00 each evening, just 1 mg. Found if I take it very late I may get a light headache I don't mind being on this as it has helped my pulse calm down, but I also take magnesium each evening, which aides in calming. Had to only take it in the daytime once, when magnesium was not in my system. Will be cutting it to half after my teeth are fixed. Then weaning completely. Do get more drymouth so drink lots of water. It worked good for me. Just want to be off everything except natural. F 61 90 days
1 mg at ni
 3  anxiety lethargy benzo. why!, do docs not use benzo drugs-instead of ssri/tricyclcs.. etc etc!? benzos work better than most ssri type drugs and should be used more often. yet docs seem to instantly! treat you like a dope fiend- if you request *any benzo. and instead give you ssri type meds that cause a whole host! of problems. is litterally a case of- you can't have drugs that work, and must be given useless junk that doesn't! work, and if you request the drugs that work- you get called a drug fiend. this is wrong. all benzos have 1!!!!! side effect: they are addictive. ssri meds have a multitude of issues and are also! addictive. wrong!, and ...unfair. M 48 2 weeks
5 1X D
 5  Bipolar Anxiety None It helps me think clearer and less likely to overreact when taken with my other bipolar medication. F 54 3 years
1 mg 3X D
 1  For anxiety Feels like I had the whole list of symptoms I weaned off of it four and a half months and all hell broke loose I have burning prickling and numb skin all throughout my body headaches everyday have intensified anxiety and terrible insomnia and I've never had a problem with sleeping before and I've never had this much anxiety ever I do not recommend this drug to anyone stay away from it is an evil evil drug it should be off the market Just say no when any of your doctors want to give you this you will be doing yourself a great favor believe me stay away F 57 5 years
1 - 2 mg a
 5  chronic insomniac I have been on many tablets for poor sleep Loraazapam is without doubt 1 of the best , I know I would not be here if it was not for those tablets we all need sleep to survive Any tablets will give side affects I know if I am getting low on my Meds I feel quite unwell if I do not get my tablets in fact I am hooked but it is a double edged sword without them I certainly know I have no life and would eventually die with sleep through sleep deprivation,I love my life despite its ups and downs doctors are reluctant to give these over a long period but I have been recommended by psychiatry to take them it's not a good situation but I have my life to lead I have lived a long time on sleepers 42 years and I am alive thanks to doctors who give me my Meds, when other GPS give nothing for sleep they are not in my or other people's positions it is easy to say people do not need tablets in my case I do without doubt . M 64 6 years
 5  Anxiety None Dr tried many different things for anxiety for me. I always had anxiety, but never knew what it was. After trying others, this one did the trick for me. Have always been on 1mg 2x/day. I don't feel addicted to it at all, I just take about the same time each day and im never wanting to take more or waiting for the time so I can take it. I don't notice anything right after I take it, just keeps me so I don't have the anxiety and it doesn't build back up for me leading up to the next dose. M 50 8 years
1mg/2x day 2X D
 3  had a reaction from steroid s Well I am allergic to steroids and a doctor put me on one and said I'd be fine for a sinus infection turns out after four pills taking the first night I wind up in the hospital with high blood pressure racing heart things out of control because my blood pressure going up in the hospital they gave me annex 0.5mg take as needed wired up that I had to take to a day which is 1 mg a day one in the morning one at night side effects after a year affected my sinuses more severe headaches chills vision problems weakness feeling out of body feeling up-and-down no ambition anxiety picked up a little bit not a good thing to be on daily but it did help the anxiety when they came on I would only suggest taking when needed at the lowest dose otherwise I am weaning off the stuff it has messed with my head emotionally physically pressure to my ears like I have a sinus infection and the x-rays are showing no infection it makes you feel ill like you're sick but you're not trying to wean off this medication and try other methods for the anxiety panic attacks . Are use a ball that I bought at the five and under store and it's like sand in a ball for my hand when I feel one coming on I concentrate on something or I listen to soft music get your mind off it exercise slowly relax it will go away if you stress and worry it will get worse your blood pressure will go high your head will hurt sometimes it can feel like it's burning up cold rags work around the neck and the head relax breathe it will be over it will go away mind over matter you have control you have to work with your mind knowing that you have panic attacks you will get used to the fact how to Control them this is going to be a long road for me considering a doctor putting me on steroids I was a F 60 1 years
 4  To calm me down when emotional I felt good on the tablet my body felt like I was floating relaxed. Good drug F 31 1 weeks
 2  Trouble sleeping. body jumping before going to sleep terrible wild dreams When my body starts jumping before going to sleep, I am afraid of how it is going to affect my health. I told my wife I very well may not wake up one morning. I am really scared of using it any more. I have dreams so bad, I wake up and get up. M 73 5 years
2 mg. 1X D
 5  Anxiety/Panic Disorder No significant side effects. I take 1 mg 2x/day. My prescription is for 2 mg 2x/day but I usually don't need that much. It helps me and my tolerance has not significantly changed, unlike other benzodiazepines. M 23 1 years
2-4 mg
 5  General Stress I have been taking it for 8 months primarily due to work stress. During this time I have probably had about 5 headaches from I believe to be the pills. No other side effects. A few months ago I stopped for about 3 weeks and really had no major side effects, although I wouldn't recommend this without consulting with a doctor first, which I did. When I'm stressed, or can't concentrate at work I take half of a 1 mg and it's like flipping a switch from anxious to relaxed and focused. I usually take the other 1/2 an hour before bed and fall asleep like a rock. As mentioned, I stopped once before and haven't taken one in a few days with no side effects but from what I see here results vary drastically. Good luck to all. Works for me - nice euphoric effect as well. M 44 8 months
1 MG
 1  Anxiety can't sleep Horrible drug face numb heart palpitations panic attacks anxiety attacks crying aggravated my IBS I used this to help me through dealing with losing my mom I just couldn't put my finger on what was wrong and then I realized things got worse when I started to take this medicine this is the worst medicine I've ever taken F 51 5 months

LORAZEPAM  (LORAZEPAM):  This medication is used to treat anxiety. Lorazepam belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. This drug works by enhancing the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body (GABA).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)