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 4  Crohn's Disease arthritis Acid reflux It has done more for my Crohn's arthritis than Asacol, 6mp, or Entocort ever did. I would have tried it sooner, but had a sulfa allergy in my medical chart from childhood. Desperation pushed me to try it and I'm glad I did. The reflux is about the only problem I've had so far. F 56 7 months
500 mg 3X D
 3  psoriatic arthritis It makes me thirsty! Some mild headaches that went away after the first few weeks. It takes the edge off the arthritis pain, but that's about it. It's not super effective. On the plus side, almost no side effects to speak of. F 45 4 months
1500 mg 2X D
 3  Crohns Had positive experience the first week taking it 2x per day along with folic acid. During the 2nd week, dosage was increased to 3x per day. Began feeling first symptoms of dizziness within 5 days of taking 3x per day. Continued feeling dizziness over the next couple days. Dosage was increased to 4x per day. Ceased taking medication as dizziness was getting too difficult to deal with after only taking 4x per day for 2 days. Also had brightly colored urine, possibly pain/discomfort in the kidney area, and still having some slight bouts of dizziness even after being off medication for one full week. M 32 3 weeks
500 mg 4X D
 3  Lupus and reactive arthritis or AS No side effects yet. Just started medication today. Prednisone caused: rash, sores in mouth, sore gums, headaches, nausea, fatigue, episodes of being lightheaded and confused and unable to get words out. Scared to death. Wondering if anyone had some experience with prednisone and if things got better with azulfidine. I need to continue working and helping my kids w/school. Need to know that I will be able to continue to do this. F 44 1 days
2X D
 2  Ulcerative colitis Nokia, dark urine, continous head ache, soar throat, loss of apetite , aching, diarrhea , mood swing, stomuch pain. I had a bad reaction through asacole also. So far only Laila is working. My doc change to this one because of I insurance. F 41 7 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  RA I'm allergic. After 2 weeks, developed fever, pressure in my eyes and a 102 fever. My RA doctor stopped it due to allergic reaction F 60 3 weeks
500 2X D
 3  psoriatic arthritis feeling very lightheaded, decreased appetite, some nausea, lots of fatigue im just not sure ive been on it long enough to see results. only been diagnosed for a year, also taking naproxen. not sure what to expect for this drug...wanted to see what others say... F 31 2 months
500 mg 2X D
 2  PA Drowsiness within an hour of taking, bad enough to make me stop taking in day time - even though splitting of dose was recommended. I suffer from depression and I am fairly convinced this medication is making it worse - feeling morose, more withdrawn, more negative etc. Am less regular on the medication and appetitite is suppressed. Slight nausia. One month into trial (recommended for at least 2mths) and no beneficial effects as yet. Only negative side effects! Will try stay on a few more weeks and see what happens. M 37 1 months
1,000mg 1X D
 3  RA None THis drug was added to my med list of Enbrel; methotrexate. I developed hip bursitis along with having had RA for 19 yrs.I take 2000mg/day plus cortisone injections in my hip every 3 mos. I noticed a mild improvement. One rheumatologist strongly recomends it and another is strongly against this drug.I plan to wait for additional improvement or I will stop using it. F 58 4 months
 5  Reactive Arthritis None I've been taking this medication for about 14 years, 2000mg per day, but 3000mg per day for the past year. Has worked well for me (in conjunction with feldene and prevacid) in controlling the disease but I fear its stopped working now, as my arthritis is getting a bit worse lately. M 47 14 years
 3  Ulcerative colitis I have had UC since 1973, and took azulfidine for 25 years. Cause temporary sterility in men; developed chronic venus insufficiency in my right calf, ankle and foot. The cause was diagnosed as the residual sulfa destroying the valves in the capilllaries. It stopped working as effectively as it did when I quit smoking; there is a correlation between UC and smoking especially in men. M 61 25 years
 3  Crohn's disease Started drug less than 1 month ago. Experienced constant headaches, orange urine (like peeing food coloring that stained the toilet paper!) and fatigue. Reduced dosage and headaches were significantly reduced as well. My appetite has improved and diarrhea slowed down a little?; feeling bloated, don't know if its related? ...joint pain has not really improved yet; I am so tired I am unable to function normally.. I'll see how it goes... F 36 3.5 weeks
 5  ra drug has worked well for me, taking 1000mg 2x daily along with 400mg of plaquenil. have noticed some skin discoloration which i suspect may be due to the azulfidine. other than that, no noticable effects. have a mild case of ra that was beginning to be debilitating around 11 years ago. started on these two meds 10 years ago with little side effects and function pain-free 95% of the time. other 5% 3-4 ibuprofen are needed. M 48 10 years
 2  chron's arthritis It dropped my white blood cell count so low that I was in danger of dying. F 16 2 months
 5  crohns disease stomach distress, sun burn After 5 operations and all of the other problems with Crohns disease I started azulfidine and instant improvement. I must take coated (EC) version to avoid stomach problems. Very few crohns problems in 26 years! M 62 26 years
 3  RA severe loss of taste; discolored urine It seems to work for me controlling the inflammation and pain, but I truly cannot taste anything. All foods taste like sand. F 39 2 months
 1  joint pain dark urine first thing in the am, constipation at first given for joint pain, pain has increased since i started taking it 8-06. i have established lupus, fibromyalgia. this was given by a new rheum & he refuses to treat any of my other complaints. path shows + for RA, but blood was -neg. F 36 7 months
 2  psoriatic arthritis severe dyspepsia, anorexia, dizziness, headaches, fatigue after taking a starting dose of 500 mg. for 6 days I began feeling very ill, and once I figured out it was the medicine (burping sulfer helped) I discontinued; it is four days later and I still cannot eat, though improving. F 49 6 days
 3  reumatic d M 52 1 years
 1  Ulcerative colitis Very painful urination I've had uc for over 40 years. My gastroenterologist started me on it originally and I suffered through many summers. I was very active and sweated a lot and if I didn't drink an abnormal amount of liquids, I would urinate very painful orange urine. It was so bad that I stopped taking it on a maintenance basis and just used prednisolone enemas when I had flareups for many years. I eventually went to a different doctor who prescribed Asacol. What a God-send! No side effects and no more painful urination problems. Anyone having problems with azulfidine should try Asacol. Another plus, the Asacol tabs are smaller. Whenever I get a rarely occuring flareup now, I use Rowasa enemas for a couple weeks and I'm back to remission. Good luck to all! M 64 10 years

AZULFIDINE  (SULFASALAZINE):  Sulfasalazine is used to treat a certain type of bowel disease called ulcerative colitis. This medication does not cure this condition, but it helps decrease symptoms such as fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. After an attack is treated, sulfasalazine is also used to increase the amount of time between attacks. This medication works by reducing irritation and swelling in the large intestines. In addition, delayed-release tablets of sulfasalazine are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Sulfasalazine helps to reduce joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. Early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with sulfasalazine helps to reduce/prevent further joint damage so you can do more of your normal daily activities. This medication is used with other drugs, rest, and physical therapy in patients who have not responded to other medications (salicylates, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-NSAIDs).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)