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 4  Birth control / stop period First month was fine until I started my period and it lasted 4 weeks nonstop but haven't had a period since so far. F 35 4 months
1mg/0.02mg 1X D
 3  Fibroids Weight gain, periods not normal , bleeding for 20 + days F 47 1 years
1/20 1X D
 1  Given as a substitute for Junel Fe Irregular bleeding that has lasted more than two weeks, discontinuing use on Oct. 29th The bleeding became non stop and has been going on over two weeks now so I am discontinuing use on Oct. 29th F 26 90 days
1/20 1X D
 1  To assist with regulating periods First I had awful headaches, mood swings, and bloating and the occasional spotting. Month got worse..heavy bleeding for THREE weeks. I even read increasing dosage would slow or stop it. Doc did not want to increase so coming off of pill. :-( F 36 70 days
.35mg 1X D
 2  Pregnancy prevention Have been spotting for a few days now, enough to warrant wearing a pantiliner. Was given this generic since my usual Microgestin / Junel / Blisovi / Aurovela were all on back order. Have no idea why this generic gave me this side effect. F 21 14 days
1X D
 3  Contraceptive Before starting this pill I was doing super well and had a handle of my depression. After starting this I've been super tired, I bled for two weeks, I had suicidal thoughts and I'm just overall easy to anger. I just started spotting so I'm hoping I don't get my period for 2 weeks again. But so far I'm not pregnant. I'm going to try for a few more months. F 21 60 days
35 1X D
 2  Acne, contraceptive I have been taking birth control for 3 years now, and this one was been the worst I have experienced. I was on Junel Fe for more that 2years, then the pandemic resulted in backorders so I had to switch to Microgestin a few months ago. When Microgestin was back ordered, I was given this generic BC by Mylan. It has heightened my anxiety, which is something I didn't struggle with before to this degree. I feel nauseous and shaky when I take this medication. I want to go back to Microgestin because that is the one I found worked better for me. I do not recommend this BC by Mylan. Try Microgestin or Junel FE if you can. F 20 8 days
1/0.002 1X D
 1  Peri menopause After 6 days on the pill, I'm severely depressed, retaining water like crazy, nauseous and I have acne! Overall, I feel absolutely awful. I was wondering if I needed to commit to a time frame and side effects would diminish, but I think I'm just going to stop. F 42 7 days
1/0.02 1X D
 3  Regulate period Mood swings, depression, exhaustion, weight gain? I been taking this pill on and off for about a year. Due to the pandemic it was a little difficult to get my prescription refilled I was off it for about 2 weeks. When I got on it I was experiencing severe mood swings and wanted to cry almost everyday. My appetite has gone up but I've also started working out more, however while being on this pill I have been the heaviest I've ever been. It's my second week back on it and I'm still a little sensitive but mood is improving. I think I just have to be more consistent. I'm going to monitor my weight/ appetite and if I continue noticing an increase I may switch. As long as I've taken this I don't remember having severe side effects. This is the worst I've felt but am hopeful it was a hormonal imbalance due to the fluctuation in taking it. I would like to know if anyone has gained a lot of weight using this, please let me know. F 26 13 days
1 mg
 5  Birth control/ stop period Severe acne, mood swings, random spotting Although the beginning SUCKED I stuck with it and have been on it for almost two years. I will randomly get spotting every few months but that's it. I went on accutane and now my skin is perfectly clear and overpowered the norethindrone. F 19 100 days
50 MG
 3  Birth control I've had extreme acne which I never had before. I think its causing me to gain weight. My periods seem to be lighter. I'm on antidepressants and mixed with I felt weird lately. Depressed, not interested in anything. Wanting to sleep all day. not sure about this pill. F 35 45 days
 2  Pregnancy Prevention,Ovarian Cysts Water retention and Weight Gain, No periods or blood clots, Breast tenderness, Nausea, Break Outs. F 27 12 months
 2  High blood pressure Trying to give it a chance Period comes every 2 weeks Acne Increased oily skin F 23 4 months
 4  I canít have levoesttogen Mild acne . Bloating . Loss of periods You have to give the body time to adjust to it F 34 5 months
 3  Endometriosis/stop periods Hair loss, and breakouts in the first year. Lower dosage (from 10mg to 5mg) the first 2 weeks because of constant body aches. No periods but still have cramps and pains constantly not necessarily pill related. Pain during time of ovulation even though on pill. F 37 19 months
 1  to regulate period, prevent pregnan huge breakout on face, nausea, headaches, trouble sleeping, extreme mood swings i would not recommend this to anyone, at least with mental illness. i genuinely thought it was my bipolar disorder giving me these terrible thoughts. made me feel super suicidal and empty F 18 6 days
 4  Birth Control I had minor side effects the first two weeks such as tender breast and nausea but now I have no side effects. Great!! F 27 1 months
.35 mg
 1  Endometriosis in diaphragm Psychotic episodes, insomnia but extremely exhausted. Didnít feel like myself I am in a daze. I also suffer from mental health problems as is, and this medicine made me extremely suicidal. I have crying spells and lack of motivation along with emotions. I feel very numb. F 33 3 weeks
 1  Uterine cysts Insomnia, migraines, weight gain, skin breakouts, and crazy- manic mood swings. F 34 6 weeks
 1  Ivf treatment This bc pill made me feel crazy! I feel depressed hungry moody tired upset not motivated. This isn't like me at all. To top it all off I started bleeding on day 14 of the pill pack!! No fun at all. F 36 2 weeks