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 5  As a replacement for opiates F 56 15 years
 5  Opiate addiction due to pain issues Constipation, memory issues, low sex drive, fatigue, weight gain. Even with all the side effects it has saved my life. F 37 13 years
 5  Chronic osteoarthritis right hip. None really clean analgesic 10mg tid Its much better. For you than MS CONTIN 30MG OR 60 MG then 15mg of MS-IR to 30 mg MS IR TID M 65 10 months
 5  chronic severe pain Anger, weight gain, analgesia, mild euphoria, ability to live life This is the best drug for severe chronic pain. It is relatively cheap, long acting and has a low potential for abuse for a class 2 narcotic. Unfortunately it has been demonized because of methadone maintenance and whining pieces of shit who had family members die from it attempting to get. High. My brother died from it, so suck my **** if you have a problem with that statement. It saved my life and possibly yours too because I the pain was driving me insane, and I was not going to be the only one who suffered. The VA, and old school doctors are the only ones with the balls to prescribe it. M 37 8 years
120 mg
 5  Rhuematoid Arthritis Makes me cross-eyed if i try higher doses Been on everything for chronic pain and Methadone with its extra half life keeps you from feeding or wanting to pop bt pillz till your pain is gone! Take with 4mg dilaudid M 43 5 years
 2  Heroin Addiction Severe weight gain, exhaustion, fall asleep and never recharge to function sometimes takes hours to recover energy, dizziness, constipation, memory loss, times of confusion, dependance. Sweet tooth I was a heroin addict for about 2 years I went from one addiction to the next. Yes I do have to admit I have made huge progress thanks to methadone however it comes at a price. I sacrifice my body, my mind and my time. I tried getting off one time prior with no success I am working on attempt number two. I see people going to the clinic with a walker, I dont wanna be one of those people. This is only a temporary fix because at the end of the day I am still an addict if i have to depend on methadone. I went from a 115 pound female who had issues to a balooga whale with issues still. Methadone does get you off of heroin but you have to seriously consider the consquences. Getting off methadone is NOT a joke. It is not easy. F 31 3 years
75 mg 1X D
 4  Opioid dependence I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section but I take liquid methadone which is more potent and last 24 to 48 hours as you build it up in your system. I started at 140mg when I first got on it which was way to much falling asleep "nod" within the past 3 yeArs I've gotten my dose down to what it is now and steadily going down very slowly 1 mg every 2 weeks it is possible to get off methadone if you do it right . Constipation is a side affect but I've noticed when I eat healthy and take my vitamens and drink water I have no problem with severe constipation if I eat junk it's so bad I need to take a bath in alcohol after 8 days of not being able to go to force it out . So I recommend eat healthy veggies fruits just get a well balanced diet . Also you could take stool softers but I just increase my fiber and I am fine. Any questions feel free to email me . Now one thing I recommend IF you can get off opioids with out takin methAdone I highly recommend it !! It was my very last option ! Do not run to this medication right away if you are addicted to opioids. I repeat DO NOT run to this medication right away . It is very long term and hard but not impossible to get off . M 27 5 years
30 mg
 3  Lower back pain, plantar fasciitis Progressive build up if taken continually. Tried taken it on two separate occasions due to severe pain. Both incidences produced massive internal kidney hemorrhages. Last incident requires 5 units of whole blood plus 2 units of plasma to stabilize me in ER. hemorrhage are very intense and profuse, minutes only. However, did relieve severity of pain. M 43 6 days
 4  Chronic Pain Ocasional Constipation and Sweating The one narcotic that ive taken that has given relief without the "fogginess" experienced from others ive taken over last 25 yrs. I have sporatic B/Tpain and I take roxicodone 30mgs which stops pain almost immediately. M 43 2 years
50MG 3X D
 4  shoulder, back surgeries, neuropath mostly constipation, but makes me feel "normal" no euphoric, able to sleep, people say it is addictive, but I take it occasionally, when other pain meds don't work and get enormous relief. F 57 6 months
10 1X D
 1  Migraines and Cluster headaches Intractable projectile vomiting, itching, drowsiness, unclear thinking Horrible! I couldn't stop vomiting. The headaches were better but I was so doped up I couldn't think or drive. I tried decreasing the dosage to 2.5 mg and was still having all the side effects. Plus everyone thinks your a drug addict for being on it which doesn't help with all the other crap i was going through. F 33 60 days
10 mg 2X D
 1  Pain, and recreation Dolophine in 10mg doses, had zero analgesic effect on me- even when I took 10 at a time. However, my junkie buddies on line at the methadone clinic, would favor me with a single capfull out of their 4oz bottle, a perk for driving them into Manhattan at 5am, and the high was incredible- It also made you puke your guts out, bile, red blood, and all- but when you were that high, who cared? Supposedly more addictive then Heroin, but many diehard junkies, became easily controlled sheeple, forgoing criminal activities, keeping regular low wage jobs for years, and staying off H. With drawl is a fucking nightmare, and lasts up to 30 days, or more. As a pain reliever, I wouldnt recommend it, because it dosent always work at all in many people. Its a drug of last resort- If I were a physician, I would rather have my PTs on morphine, or dilaudid, which has the amasing feature of not causing near fatal constipation M 62
 5  Nerve damage due to wounds recieved Constipation and drowsiness every doctor i have ever gone to has put me on percocet, or vicodin or oxycodone or some other opiate. i got severly addicted (over 30 pills a day 10 mg/325). methadone has not only saved my marriage, my family, my career, my life but my faith as well. i take 10 mg 3x daily on average, but sometimes only 1 or 2x a day only. very satisfied and still in the Marines. i thank god and my doctor for the foresight and wisdom of the drug that so many stereotype as a bad drug. M 28 2 years
 4  fibromyalgia,ddd in neck and back,
 3  heroin addiction ALL! no sex, loss of menstrual period, severe edema and pain in legs and feet, severe weight gain, sweating, which did subside a little finally but comes back. sometimes nod off, get tolerant to the dosage and have to keep upping it, still having cravings it keeps me off heroin...i want back on suboxone though. had to get on methadone cus of pregnancy. my baby is beautiful and healthy but i got treated like a homicidal convict in hospital bc of methadone. wouldnt even offer me a tylenol while in labor and delivery. doctors hate it and hate u for being on it. F 27 12 months
 5  Chronic migraine / neck injuries The only side effect I've had is constipation. 40 mg per day were prescribed for me but I'm down to 10mg in a.m. and 10 mg in p.m. I am quite pleased. F 59 10 years
 5  fibromyalgia Other than constipation, no side effects. High fiber diet helps. Some sweating initially--not enough to be bothersome. I have had FMS/CFS for 10 yrs. A yr.ago I was about to lose it as I am unable to take enough vicodin or any other opiate without severe debilitating nausea. Also seemed to experience MORE muscle pain on opiates. Dolophine has truly changed my life; have my mind back! Also getting out & participating in life again! 5mg. 4xday works for me after a yr. Have had no need to increase dosage and, in fact, often forget to take it. That's a first! Use to watch the clock for the next dose--no more! Forever grateful to my dr.for suggesting I take this med although I was horrified at the thought at first. That was stupid & showed a lack of info. I freely tell other sufferers to stop allowing pain to take over their lives. Still have pain but on a scale of 0-10 have gone from and 8/9 to a 4 unless I do too much. So it's up to me to monitor my activities & general health. Not easy for a type "A", but I'm learning. F 68 13 months
 3  Chronic migraines=opiate dependance The absolute worst side effects for me were severe sweating/ hot flashes and extreme weight gain. This is very troubling, considering that I used to be a thin and beautiful young woman. I went from 125 lbs(sz.4)(5'7") to about 200lbs (sz.18) in less than a year! I have never been an ounce over weight, or even at my ideal weight for that matter until going on methadone. On top of that, any time I ever get up and move around.. especially trying to get ready to leave the house.. I get incredibly hot and I sweat profusely, especially my head. By the time I shower,dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed, my hair is soaked with sweat, and my makeup has run off. It is terribly disturbing. I have completely lost my self esteem, and cannot apologize to my husband enough for looking the way I do. I would never have considered myself a vain person, but when you go from feeling great about the way you look to feeling ashamed and embarrassed to leave your house, it truly effects your lif Tolerance built up quickly for me. I have always had a high tolerance for opiates, and it was no different with methadone. I felt the dose would only last for a couple of months before I would have to increase. I think this med. worked very well for me when I was on the proper dose. I didn't think obsessively about "taking my pills" all day long. Also, for me, the dose would definitely not "hold" for 24 hours with me. I would have to end up taking an extra bump dose later in the evening. F 28 20 months
 5  oxy-addiction weightgain, low testosterone level ,low sex drive,fatty liver helped give me time to put my life back together,but want to get off asap anyone know anyone who made it off mmt M 33 4 years
 4  diabetic neuropathy pain slight tiredness,very bad constipation at first . must take a stool softener. Have been on two 10mg tabs 4times a day for2 years.keeps my pain level from a 10 to a 7 or 6 at times M 65 2 days