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 1  Bronchitis Bad leg pain and could barely walk Nausea Dizziness Extreme fatigue My daughter and I were put on this antibiotic for bronchitis and it was the worst thing we have ever been on. On Day 2 of this nasty antibiotic which ended up being Christmas my daughter cried with leg pain and could barely walk, I rushed her back in and they said it was growing pains which I now believe it was this terrible antibiotic. Now my daughter is done the antibiotic and broke out in this nasty looking red rash all over her face, arms, back, chest, legs, bum...literally everywhere!!! For me, about 20 minutes after I took this I was extremely dizzy, weak, exhausted, bad stomach pain and it made me feel really sick. I will never again allow my children or myself to ever be on this. Worst antibiotic ever and nobody should have to take this!!! We go to the doctors to get better, not for something to make us worse!!! F 11 7 days
 1  Bronchitis After the second dose I had severe dizziness, excruciating headache, pain, fullness in one ear and now my hearing is affected. I kept a friend up all night in case I needed emergency services. I wonder how long before the side effects subside? I will never take it again. M 49 1 days
 1  Second ear infection in two months HUGE RASH ALL OVER HIS BODY HEAD TO TOE. It has been three days since he has been off this horriable antibotic and the rash is a bit worse so I am worried of course even though the doctor said it a reaction from the medicine. They put him back on augmentim and I just gave him his first dose so I hope it doesnt make it even worse. Rash looks so bad. I hate this! Rash started day 7. M 2 7 days
250mg x2
 3  Server sinus infection Server joint pain also pain lower left side heart beat under bottom of rib cage,upper lip feels weird and crazy headaches at night I'm kind of worried as I do have major health issues I hope this ain't going to screw me up even more I also hate going to hospital because when I go it's always to the trauma department!!! M 45 5 days
500 mg x2
 1  pneumonia Severe non-stop vomiting after taking1 pill Son became severely dehydrated after hours of non-stop vomiting and was admitted to PICU with kidney failure and extremely low blood pressure. Veins would not accept IV, had to have IV through groin. Three day stay in PICU. Doctors thought this was sepsis due to pneumonia, would not consider might be a reaction to Cefzil. They convinced me that it was not the medication. A year later he was prescribed the same drug for a sinus infection. After 1 pill the vomiting began again luckily this time we knew what to do and immediately rushed him to ER and began treatment. M 14 1 days
2X D
 1  Secondary infection upper tract After only one dose I was a mess. Vomiting, extremely exhausted Did not take the second dose in the evening. Second day still vommiting. Will not put my body through this. Stopped medication. Hated it. F 38 1 days
 1  6 year old taking for ear infection Full body hives and swollen lips, hands and feet on day 9, 20 min after taking dose. Not a single side effect prior to that 9th day. Cefzil was prescribed for 10 days. Continue with hives, itching and swelling despite Benadryl 25mg every 4 hours for past 12 hours. Will never take this again F 6 9 days
1 tsp
 1  sinus problem After taking dose #36 I noticed burning in my stomach like battery acid but I always took with food. Then hives started showing up severe vaginal itching the whole time I took cefprozil. After taking the last dose all of the symptoms mentioned got worse, now my gastroenterologist said cefprozil "burned" the lining in my stomach. It's been 2 months now and still dealing with the burning in my stomach and on 2 different stomach medicines and I have anxiety on top of it.....DON'T TAKE THIS MEDICINE IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! F 45 2 weeks
500mg 2xda
 1  Sinus infection I experienced a severe allergic reaction just 2 hours after taking my first pill. I had uncontrollably vomiting and diarrhea as well as very painful muscular cramps. I ended up in emergency at the hospital and was given 2 bags of IV fluid and morphine. I was just discharged today and still cannot keep anything but water down. Please do not take this drug! It's not worth the risk, i almost died because of my reaction. M 41 1 days
 1  Sinus infection I experienced a severe allergic reaction just 2 hours after taking my first pill. I had uncontrollably vomiting and diarrhea as well as very painful muscular cramps. I ended up in emergency at the hospital and was given 2 bags of IV fluid and morphine. I was just discharged today and still cannot keep anything but water down. Please do not take this drug! It's not worth the risk, i almost died because of my reaction. M 41 1 days
 1  Swollen gland Rash appeared on day 7, stopped taking, rash became severe, covered head to toe, extremely itchy, swollen face and lips. Two days into rash, now on prednisone and benadryl, not getting better yet. M 11 7 days
 1  Inner ear infection EXTREME fatigue, anxiety, easily upset and crying, dizziness, headache, just doesn't feel good at all. Really effected mood! Low grade fever on day 8. Also allergic to penicillin...not sure why they gave my son this!! M 9 8 days
 1  strep throat Horrible nausea on the 3rd day until the last day of taking the medication. Tired all the time, and severe headache. F 16 10 days
 3  severe sinus infection Day three on antibiotic, haven't noticed anything other than extreme fatigue which could be from being sick. Hoping it goes well.. F 24 10 days
 2  Sinus infection On second to last dose (day 6), I noticed hive like rash on calves and thighs. Took Benadryl. Next morning, it had spread to hands, arms, under arms, stomach, etc. Returned to dr. Blood pressure was high (152/102). He added the allergy to my file. Recommended taking Benadryl for few days. It could also take fews days to get out of my system. If reaction became worse to return to dr for a cortisone shot. Hoping it does not get worse. F 44 6 days
250 mg 2X D
 3  Bronchitis/ Sinus infection Extreme tiredness ,nausea and headache . The infection seems to have gone but the side effects are horrible ! F 46 10 days
500 MG 2X D
 2  Strep Throat Doctor gave me Cefprozil and Prednisone together. Within 15-20 minutes of taking Cefprozil I was uncontrollably sleepy and went to bed. I woke at around 6 am and took my next 12 hour dose. Within 30 minutes I was out cold asleep again. I'm glad it is the weekend but I do have to take this for 8 more days. I'm hoping it won't affect my ability to concentrate at my office. Hopefully the sleepiness will ween off by Monday with continued use. M 38 10 days
250 MG 2X D
 1  respiratory infection Severe hives after day 7 on the med.hives from head to toes eyes lips with difficulty to swallow. Almost end up at ER. my doctor gave me total of 3 shots of adrenalin within 48 hours to control the hives. it has been 4 days since my last dos of CEFZIL, i still have hives but it is more manageable at this point F 53 14 days
500mg 2X D
 1  sinus infection and gastroentritis I took cefzil on two occasions, the first one sent me to the ER uncontrollable vomiting; I have never been in that much pain and they gave me Benadryl by IV and Rocephen and said I had gastroenteritis....so I take myself off of all meds and go on a good probiotic with recommendations from a great health food store here where I live, as they commented how much weight I lost and I looked, and felt like I was dieing, as I was vomiting and having diarrhea every day with high frequency. So I ignored all docs and did the probiotic....it saved my life. All symptoms went away. I was on several antibiotics before this and did not know it was specifically cefzil causing the "reactions". I was prescribed cefzil again for sinus/throat issues and took one dose of 500mg....with a probiotic. I stayed up all night vomiting uncontrolably and had the most horrible case of diarrhea, then I realized, it was the cefzil all along that was causing everything. My best advice: don't take it, the side effects are not worth it, there are other drugs out there to get the job done without completely making you horrifically sick. The docs missed the diagnosis at the ER...I was having an allergic reaction to cefzil, not gastroenteritis. If you ever start having symptoms that are difficult to deal with when taking a medication don't weather through it...discontinue it and ask your doc for something else. Both situations have taught me to never take this drug again. Hope this helps someo F 40 1 days
 1  tonsilitis Full body of itchy hives + swelling of the lips F 10 2 days

CEFZIL  (CEFPROZIL):  Cefprozil is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. This medication is known as a cephalosporin antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu). Using any antibiotic when it is not needed can cause it to not work for future infections.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)