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 5  C Diff Ended up with a c diff infection because an idiot doctor gave me levaquin and metronidazole when I didn't even need them. This vancocin was able to knock it out, thankfully. I felt better for the first two days but after that I was a roller coaster. You need to be patient with the medication. After the ten day course I was generally pretty stable although I had IBS for a month afterward and that's not the fault of the medication but because of the c diff and also having my flora wiped out. After I was feeling pretty well recovered I came down with really bad salmonella (not fault of this drug) and interestingly that gave me really bad IBS for months, longer than the c diff did. I actually still have IBS 8 months after the salmonella, sadly, but I read that it can take up to a year and a half for the gut to heal after having the microbiome wiped out by a drug such as this. Some people have permanent IBS, and some people have worse problems than IBS. It just depends on your body and dise M 32 10 days
125mg 4X D
 4  C diff I am the side effect queen in regards to drugs. I have been fighting C Diff for a long time and doc finally gave me liquid vancomycin. No side effects whatsoever. It did get rid of the CDiff but sadly it's come back. So frustrating F 66 16 days
 1  c.diff It works. It also kills off a great deal of your good intestinal flora. I have white coated tongue now for 6 weeks. I never had it before. I have 2 ulcers in my small intestines also which started 2 days after stopping vanco. If you must use this stuff look into the liquid IV. It has to be compounded but it is only 150 bucks or so. However the liquid will kill your mouth flora and give you thrush or coated tongue. Good luck. M 41 9 days
 5  C Diff Vancomycin is a miracle! C Diff literallybput me on my death bed. My blood work was off the charts, severely dehydrated, delusional, fever, almost convulsions and going to the bathroom with tons of blood and entire colon and intestines swollen to the max. I even developed sepsis and had to stay in the hospital for a week. Flagyl is a waste of time and did nothing for me but give me horrible side effects. Do not let ur doc give u flagyl if u get c diff. Vanco can be very expensive but thank god I have good insurance! Vanco has definately saved my life! I have to stay on it for 8 weeks but I want this bacteria eradicated! Worst experience of my entire life! Only side effects I have noticed so far are my eyes have been red and itchy a little bit, feel sleepy at times and my ears feel a little itchy and wierd. Other than that I feel great! F 32 9 weeks
250 mg
 5  c.diff No side effects at all. The first time I came down with this I was given flagyl. Flagyl was one of the worst medications I had ever taken before in my life. SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS..panic, feeling of numbness on my face, throat swelling..I felt like I was dying. So my GP put me on Vanco and it worked amazingly! Very expensive but I have great insurance. Thank God for that. I suggest people skip the Flagyl and go straight to the Vanco if you can afford it. Trust me.. you will save yourself a world of misery!!! F 36 10 days
125 mg
 5  c-diff BLISS! Okay, it's over $1000... FOR A REASON! I was nearly septic by the time they dxed my c-diff because docs were so busy, and my symptoms were paradoxical or something? (I didn't sleep AT ALL for 7 days, even with Ambien! 20mg Ambien. Not even a little sleepy.) So I was pretty bad off when doc saw me bloated out and knew it was c-diff (from earlier course of antibiotics). I hurt everywhere, was confused, bloated, and he told my husband he wasn't sure I'd "make it". That bad. A few doses (half a day!) of Vanco, I fell asleep, and then I kept getting better fast, with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS except feeling good. (C-diff itself is no fun, what with having to take care of your colon, the probiotics, etc, but the Vanco made it do-able). I'm colon-healthy now, 4 months later, and this stuff was SO GOOD I hadn't wanted to give it up LOL (I was terrified the c-diff would come back). Besides Xanax, Vanco is like the BEST DRUG I've ever taken for "fixing" you without side effects. If you're ever Rxed this, you are blessed. I hated Big Pharmacos until I needed Vanco this year, and now, I keep my mouth shut about medical research. Please keep churning out miracle drugs like this!!! ♥ F 35 14 days
125 4X D
 1   i took this for 4 times a day for 10 days 250mg didnt work at all still have mrsa M 26 10 days
250 4X D
 5  C. Diff None that I noticed. Vancocin was the only thing that stood between me and being bedridden or worse. Every time I tried to get off it, the c. diff. came roaring back. After doing extensive research I opted for a fecal transplant. Within two hours of the first enema, I felt like I was returning to normal. Sure enough. The monster c. difff has not returned. The fecal transplant protocol says to take the Vancocin right up until the day before the first infusion. I live in Houston, Texas, home of one of the largest medical centers in the world. I could not find a gastroenterologist who would even coach me. They all said the fecal transplant was the right thing to do but they would have no part in it. I have read that 39,000 people in the US die every year from c. diff. Needlessly in my view. Thank goodness for Vancocin or I would have been one of them. F 68 2.5 years
250 mg 4X D
 5  C-Diff none Vancocin is the only drug that kept C-Diff in check but my intestinal bacteria was wiped out so asa I went off it, the C-Diff came back. However, I was grateful for this drug. I felt normal while on it but it is VERY expensive. Thank goodness for health insurance. F 55 2 years
various 3X D
 5  C-diff No significant side effects. Occasional slight pain/pressure in left ear, as others have mentioned, but no big deal. Vancomycin is a terrific drug for C-difficile. I developed a C-diff infection after way too much clindamycin to treat bacterial pneumonia. The diarrhea from the C-diff was relentless, up to 30 hits a day, often with no warning. Because the first lab messed up the test, I didn't get a positive culture for C-diff for two weeks. By the end of that time I was seriously malnourished and so dehydrated my blood pressure dropped 20 points in both numbers, despite my drinking gallons of Gatorade. My doctors (primary and GI) were pushing Flagyl, but I have a terror of nausea. Reports on this site gave me the courage to "just say no" to Flagyl. I insisted on Vanco and said I would pay for it. My primary doctor, who has practiced for more than 20 years, told me he'd never dosed Vanco orally, and that when given by IV it is "poison," but he agreed to try the capsules. Vanco stopped the diarrhea in two days, like turning off a light switch, with no nausea, no anything. The gastroenterologist who set the dose says it is "aggressive treatment." At his urging, I also took Florastor and will continue to take it indefinitely (easier and cheaper to buy it online). There have been studies that show Florastor decreases the risk of C-diff recurrence. Vanco is ludicrously expensive. My Medicare Rx co-pay was $1,750 for a two-week supply, though other insurance might do better. I'm not rich, but to me it was worth every penny. C-diff takes your life away. F 68 14 days
250 mg 4X D
 4  C Diff after Keflex and Augmentin None, but saw doctor today and after the initial dose of 20 capsules, he wants me to take Flagyl. He put me on Flagyl first and I asked for the Vancocin. I only took one Flagyl, then went on Vancocin. The Vancocin stopped the diarrhea within a day or slowed it down considerable. C Diff is the worst thing I've ever gone through. For me, the expense was worth the cost. F 72 4 days
250 mg 4X D
 5  C-Difficile None :) My doctor switched me to Vancomycin after I couldn't tolerate Flagyl. I felt a world of difference the very day after starting my Vancomycin. I felt worse on Flagly than I did when I was just battling the C-Diff I had acquired from taking Clindamycin. F 35 7 days
250mg 4X D
 5   None. GREAT DRUG. IT killed the CDIFF and have been without CDIFF for months. Don't waste your time with Flagyl or let your doctor give you Flagyl since it does not work against CDIFF and has bad side effects. Make sure you take Florastor as well as a probiotic like VSL when fighting CDIFF. Most doctors are clueless about CDIFF and how to treat it. As you kill the bacteria, you need to replace it with the good stuff. Vanco rocks. Flagyl is WORSE than CDIFF. M 52 3 weeks
2X D
 4  C.Diff No obvious side effects. My ears were doing funny things. This is my second round of Vanco (14 days each) but now I am taking it WITH Flagyl...I know, very sad. I acquired c.diff when my idiot of a gynocologist gave me clindamycin for some "unknown" infection. So DON'T TAKE CLINDA UNLESS YOU'RE DYING! I would take the "unknown" infection over c.diff any day. Vancomycin works great, my symptoms disappear when I'm on it but I've had 2 recurrences so far. The ONLY symptom that comes when I'm taking it is my left ear hurts when I swallow my ears generally feel a little different. I've read that back in the day vanco could cause deafness but that that was no longer an issue. Maybe I'm getting an antibiotic ear infection? I don't know.... my thoughts are with anyone who has C.diff, it has made these past months a living hell. F 24 14 days
500 MG 4X D
 3   F 51 5 days
 5  cdiff I had NO side effects. This was an AMAZING drug. SO SO SO much better than FLAGYL! I took FLAGYL first to try to fight off the cdiff, but I honestly believe the flagyl was worse than the actual CDIFF. I was on flagyl for a dreadful 10 days, and it was torture. The side effects of that drug are completely horrific. HOWEVER, after being put on Vancomycin, I am very ecstatic to say, that I had no side effects. F 24 3 weeks
 5  c diff None that I can notice I'm happy to say I switched to vancocin after feeling poisoned to death by the flagyl. take florastor while treating c diff. You need good bugs in your gut ready and waiting to pounce on the c diff spores once they re-emerge, if you dont you get high relapse rate F 42 7 days
 4  c difficile tongue coated white and a lot of gas It worked for the infection, but I had many relapses. The first after 17 days, then 25, 30 and so on. F 54 6 months
 4  C-Diff I haven't noticed any. As soon as I switched from Flagyl to Vanco I felt a world of improvement! I hope this gets rid of my C-Diff and it never comes back!!!! F 29 10 days
 4  c. diff Nothing really noticeable. I couldn't tolerate Flagyll and I thank goodness for Vanco. Problem, I had a relapse of c. diff within 5 days of being off a 20 day oral Vanco course (and that's after being in hospital for 2 weeks on IV Flagyll and Vanco). So, I hope this 2nd 20 day course does the trick. Good luck to anyone who has suffered through C. Difficile. F 51