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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5   This mother f*er hurts like hell I chose my arm I don't reccomnd getting the shot in your arms or ass maybe leg M 25 1 days
1gram 1X D
 5  UTI The shot hurts really bad, but it works within minutes-hours Made my leg useless for some couple of hours. But was totally worth it! F 0 days
 5  Uti Butt is still sore ...over a week now. F 65 1 days
? 1X D
 3  Chronic cystitis Prescribed 6 wk daily IV infusion. On day 5- increase in headaches, itching, abdomen pain & bloating, swelling in face & hands, hot flashes. Waves of nausea that come and go. Yeast infection, neuropathy has gotten worse. Arm pain that IV is in. Heating pad does help some. A general feeling of not feeling well. High heart rate. It's to soon to say if this medication will actually correct the chronic uti. F 53 5 days
2 gr IV 1X D
 1  Infection constipation, before taking this sh*t, you can normally feel your food go down your body but after taking this shot food that i ate felt like it was moving up. i have constant headache. neck pain, and muscle spasms throughout my entire body from head to toe, cold chills, night sweats, nauseousness, i havent had a proper toilet run in almost 5 days, the night after the shot everything i looked at was warping getting bigger and smaller, my skin got darker, felt like my pours turned into spikes. this is some very strong stuff and i would not advise it. please be very wary before getting a shot of rocephin (certrifiaxone) before taking this shot i would much rather take antibiotic pills for a month. M 26 0 days
1X D
 3  UTI You'd better be ready for the ride, because this stuff will remind you that you're alive! It's not my first rodeo with the stuff, but here's what you should know going in... It's a very painful, slow subsiding, long lasting deep pain. It's extreme. If you don't pass out, or vomit from the pain, just know that it will SLOWLY start to ease off over the course of an hour. Compare it to.... being shot? I quite literally felt like I had a serated hunting arrow embedded deep into my right butt cheek/hip. I have read many times that it can be mixed with a solution of 1% lidocane to greatly reduce the pain. I wish I would have known that prior to both times receiving the IM injection of Rocephin.... no one ever offered it, but I would have definitely asked! All this being said... it was still necessary and would take it again if my health depended on it. M 38 0 days
1g 1X D
 3  Strep throat Headaches, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and Fatigue. Good to treat strep throat but side effects are horrible. Anybody experiencing heart palpitations? M 42 1 days
1X D
 4  Arm.swelling after insect bite Burned like holy hell going into my butt. Limped for the rest of the day and a little worse the next day. I was fine on day 3. Icing it helped. If its not life and death there is no way im getting this ever again. 28 1 days
350mg 1X O
 4  Arm.swelling after insect bite Burned like holy hell going into my butt. Limped for the rest of the day and a little worse the next day. I was fine on day 3. Icing it helped. If its not life and death there is no way im getting this ever again. 28 1 days
350mg 1X O
 3  Tonsillitis Got a shot in my left hip. It's been 3 days and I'm having muscle spasms all down my left leg, pelvic pain on both sides and muscle spasms in both feet. It's excruciating. F 18 1 days
1X D
 5  Gonorrhea None just my butt feels like an ant bite . Lol! you can do it . It's real chill nothing to worry about . F 26 1 days
250 1X D
 2  PID Because of how long the needle is, and how thick the medicine is (therefore how long it takes to fully inject) this shot was excruciating. It also burns going in and I do not think lidocaine was mixed into mine. Nurse told me she hates administering them intramuscularly because of how painful they are, and she asked to do IV push instead and was vetoed. It felt like there was a bullet in my upper arm after, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate due to pain, and even though it was in my arm, I hobbled out of the ER bc of the residual pain after Ask if you can get an IV push instead, or at the very least, have the IM injection mixed with lidocaine. Arm is very sore at injection site 1 day later F 36 1 days
1X D
 1  UTI Injection was minimal pain. First day was fine but Second day my right Flank is very painful and more sore as day goes on, along with swelling and a hard knot. Can't touch right Flank at all. Also given Cipro for 7 days. This is day 2 and still burning & hurt when I urinate. In 2019 I received Rocephin intravenously in ER an didn't have any pain at all. Will never have a Flank shot again. After reading all the side effects and comments about Rocephin & Cipro, I will never get them again. F 66 1 days
Unknown 1X D
 3  PID Shot hurt. But symptoms are subsiding F 29 5 days
5X D
 2  Bug bite? From the moment the needle started injecting the medicine it was instant pain. My leg continued to buckle underneath me and my entire leg is burning. I didn't receive it in my buttock but my right leg as it made it easier for the nurse. And I can barely walk now.. in intense pain and hoping for a better outcome F 20 1 days
1X D
 1  Uti I received the shot due to a uti about 6/7 months ago & ever since then i get these really bad muscle spasms when i lat down . I cry trying to move or get up because it feels like my legs lock up or my nerves just get this sharp pain . Dr said it was normal but i doubt for this long Any help would be nice , even if its just to help control the pain or anything i can do to take it away F 23 0 days
 4  Pelvic inflammatory disease The medicine stopped the pain in my uterus with a few hours. So I am happy for that but, my leg and buttock are hurting so bad it has been 24 hrs and I can barely walk on that leg so that is the downside to the IM injection. F 34 1 days
 1  UTI Painful when receiving the injection in R glute, badly bruised the day after and still bruised to this day. Still having pain in the injection site area but not as bad. Still very concerning. Wouldn’t even recommend it to my worst enemy. F 23 5 days
 4  Infection Pain in shoulder and muscle spasms in bicep and shoulder. Its been 36 hours since recieving the injection in my left arm. The infection pain is feeling better, but my shoulder and bicep continue to feel tight and sore. The muscles in that location have been spasming several times a minute for 12 hours. They seem to be getting worse and speading down into my forearm. F 1 times
 1  UTI Excruciating pain day 3 after shot continues day 13: pain in left back to waist, left hip, knee, front of L leg shin pain, L ankle pain, left abdomen severe pain & left side back up to shoulder & neck. L4/L5 to S1 inflamed. Nothing helps intense pain. Going to pain spine dr today. All 1 gram placed in left glutes likely too rapidly in urgent care. Urologist said should be 1/2 dose each side to prevent pain. UTI gone. Severe pain remains. F 70 1 days
1 gram

ROCEPHIN  (CEFTRIAXONE SODIUM):  Ceftriaxone is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This drug is not recommended for use in newborns with high blood bilirubin levels and premature infants due to increased risk of side effects. Ask the doctor or pharmacist for details.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)