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 1  Several Small Blood Clots in Lungs Feeling weak, weird pain around my left armpit, chest pain when I press on my chest lightly I can feel the pain, randomly have episodes where my heart starts pounding hard or skip a beat, restless leg syndrome every now and then, joint pain, tired, lightheaded, dizzy, headaches, stomach pain, feeling off constantly This drug is a nightmare! I have to take this because of several small blood clots in my lungs. I had even worse side effects on Eliquis so I had to switch to Warfarin Sodium. Even on this drug, I feel terrible almost every day. I am constantly in pain and it has affected my life as I never feel like doing anything but sitting down because of the pain. The worst part is the random chest pains that come and go. Of course all my doctors have said it's not from the Warfarin, yet even before treatment of my clots, it didn't give me these issues. I have been on this drug for 5 months. 1 more month to go (hopefully). I can't wait to get off of this drug so I can have my life back. So glad I found this site so I know there are other people out there who have similar struggles with this medication. M 24 5 months
7.5/10 MG 1X D
 1  AFib Bleeding Memory problems Stomach pain Constant testing Horrible Kaiser Coumadin pharmacist It's terrible. Need this anticoagulant because of rifampin interaction. All others are better, eloqis is the best. M 77 100 days
target 2.0 1X D
 5  Hx of DVT & PE When I was taken off Warfarin in 2008, I developed a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. I've been back on it ever since with no further events. Auto accident 09/01/2017: Totalled/rolled-over Ford Focus. Due to hitting my head on the door pillar and the shoulder harness tugging on my kidneys, I experienced a few days of internal bleeding from both my temple area and in my urine. Both bleedings resolved within several days to a week without any treatment. M 64 11 years
5 mg 1X D
 4  St. Jude valve Bloating, heavy periods,hair loss, foggy memory, bruising and low energy Bi-weekly INR along with self check- cougcheck . Still waiting for a better alternative as I'm on it for the rest of my life. It controls my life, During conception and pregnancy took heparin and really enjoyed it - F 26 years
12-15 mg 1X D
 4  arterial clots Weight gain, bloating, loss of memory, forgetting words, joint pain. I am thankful for this medicine, my experience was so horrific that I'd prefer the side effects any day. This medicine is the best known to help with genetic clotting disorders. I have two and would rather be safe than to throw more clots. F 52 2 days
10 mg
 1  Found clot in left leg passed heart Palpitations.head aches.thighs ache while trying to sleep.irregular heart beat.rash comes and goes in differant areas of body.dr. says its not from warfarin. Thats a lie.im sick of being stuck.my doctor seems like he does not know half the time what he's talking about also he said the e.r.doctor that first diagnosed my problem didnt know what he was talking about that a blood clot dont go up your left leg pass thru your heart and go to your lung....im looking for a differant dr. F 50 1 years
 1  a one time irregular heart beat Feeling unwell, skaing last 6 hrs prior to next dosage, syomach discomfort, coeliac symptoms as I'm coeliac-urgency to pass bowel motions and more frequently, pains in lower legs, aching arms when using themfor hsnging washing etc, highly allergic to bites, garden plants etc.I have been on warfarin now 15 days and very sick of feelung sick, weak, unable to exercise as I always walk 1hr in the mornings and cannot do this now. In 15 days my INR is not stable. F 71 10 days
 1  Blood clot in lower leg Brain fog .tired all the time .pain in the stomach.feeling nauseous.bad metal taste in the mouth .no get up and go feeling at all .leg cramps.cold hands and feet .heart skips .hair loss . This rat poison is not any good for me .I'm finding a replacement for it .please take caution when taking this medicine. If you start feeling worse or different try a different medicine. M 57 1 years
5 MG
 1  it makes my heart skip and nautious Sick heart beats irregular or stops then picks up scares me doctor says it's not the warfarin he is full of it plus it's breaking me out in different areas of my body M 50 1 years
 2  Blood clot My stomach is bloated. My stomach hurts. Makes me nauseous. Hate it !! F 36 1 months
2.5 mg
 2  a blood clot left leg in ultrasound Shortness of breath, cold sweats, cold hand, cold feet, shooting pain in my arm when I get my blood drawn, dizziness, weakness, confusion, pain in arms & legs, feels as if my veins were moving or shifting in my arm pain on calves, at times aren't able to bend leg with out sever pain, short pain on lower side of chest, at times middle of my chest, can't sleep, heart speeds up at times, symthoms worsen in the afternoon after taking pills use to think it was the lovenox but I have been of the lovenox for 2 days.. Must be the warfarin. When I notified my doctor he said it was not from clot or medication. But I know IT IS from the waetfarin. Even thou my doctor said it was all in my mind and reclmmended i see a phyc. From what it seems like & everything ive been reading, i belive that they are train to say that.. No one notified me of symthoms, side effect or that warfarin was a rat poisen till i started researching Warfarin side effects... I want to make it through this one for my wife and 5 kids we have together. I just hope once I'm of this pill I will be with out perment damage.. And DO NOT try to get yourself excited (horney) this will make your heart beat irregular to where you feel as tho your suffocating, Horrible feeling that's followed by cold sweats, excessive sweating, body ache, clammy cold feet and hands that are worse. Try to eat LESS vitamin K. Cause it interfers with warfarin.. Ask farmacy before taking ANY other medications. Hope I'll be off warfarin soon Its a serious drug that must be monitored by blood tests INR my is 2.0 Dr said its okay between 2.0 and 3.0.. Also keep your vitamin K low.. M 35 6 days
 1  Heart attack Depression and nose bleeds also flu like symptoms Excessive bleeding and bruise ing F 52 4 weeks
 1  Blood clot bleefing from my nose and eyes im not going to continue this med, the "cure" is worse than the ailment F 55 2 weeks
 1  Blood clot horrible horrible drug. Too many restrictions I think I'd rather die than be a slave to Taking Rat Poison for any length of time. Can't go anywhere do anything, constant blood tests, medication dose changes, can't drink, can't use s razor, can't eat vegetables This is no way to live. You're just existing waiting to die M 59 7 days
 5  mechanical valve Headache nasty taste in my mouth dizzy sharp pain in my head gums bleed all the Times bruise easy swelling think god for warfarin i almost died having heart surgery hopefully they will come out with something else. F 33 9 years
 1  IJV thrombosis Pains in my limbs.Disturbed sleep as legs feel heavy uncomfortable.Tired all the time.Fuzzy headaches,feel confused can't remember simple things. F 6 weeks
 3  bilateral pulmonary embolism Shoulder surgery that ended up causing clots in my arm. Then to lungs. Was hospitalized 2 times in a month. Have had the extreme headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. The worst is the bloating! I have been off the drug for almost 3 weeks and still feel miserable. The headaches have subsided and no more dizziness. I was in the best shape of my life prior to my clots and now I can't seem to even find the energy to go to the gym. M 39 8 months
 2  multiple pe Tingling face arms legs headaces dizzy constipation M 24 2 months
 5  DVT + PE Had absolutely no side effects at all. The limit of time you have to take it for it to be effective was really stressfull and harmful for my mental state, but the medicine itself had no side effects. F 17 6 months
35mg 1X D
 4  PE in both lungs Tired, cold, notice that your lungs are bad when you don't take it, dizzy, heart beats fast sometimes, out of breath. F 22 2 years
4mg 1X D

WARFARIN SODIUM  (WARFARIN SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat blood clots (such as in deep vein thrombosis-DVT or pulmonary embolus-PE) and/or to prevent new clots from forming in your body. Preventing harmful blood clots helps to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Conditions that increase your risk of developing blood clots include a certain type of irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation), heart valve replacement, recent heart attack, and certain surgeries (such as hip/knee replacement). Warfarin is commonly called a "blood thinner," but the more correct term is "anticoagulant." It helps to keep blood flowing smoothly in your body by decreasing the amount of certain substances (clotting proteins) in your blood.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)