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 5  arthritis I'm amazed that it really takes away my pain ! but i make sure that I'm taking it with food. it really works for me. F 64 1 days
800 1X AN
 4  Chronic back pain Migraines & chronic cough/allergy symtoms The significant back pain relief overshadows side effects F 70 1 years
800 mg 1X D
 2  Osteoarthritis Duexis is great for pain but I started getting real bad heart palpitations from taking it. F 60 6 weeks
800mg 3X D
 1  Herniated Discs After just 2 dosages I began to lose my appetite, followed by racing heart, moved into diarrhea then uncontrollable vomiting of white foamy mucus for 7 hours. It did help my pain but the side effects were devastating I would not advise anyone to try this medication. It is too harsh and itís side effects greatly outweigh any help with pain. Iíd choose my pain before all of the illness I went through with this medication. F 62 1 days
 3  Endometriosis Headache, stomach pain, ulcers, Upset stomach, swollen feet, hands and face. Works with my pain and flare ups. F 26 1 days
 2  Arthritis Nauseous and headache F 57 0 days
 4  Fibromyalgia None Itís worked better than any other pain med or narcotic. This and CBD oil is the only thing I have taken that has worked F 2 months
 1  Pain Abdominal pain and diarrhea It tore my stomach up F 53 2 days
 1  MAY, 2013 Symptoms. Began with symptoms like flu, I consulted my Dr.didn't order any tests telling me to keep taking duexis, it affected my liver blood poisoning developing in toxic shock syndrome. I almost died taking this medication F 68 3 weeks
800 mg.
 5  Costochondritis, Menstrual pain None noted. This medication has been wonderful or me. I take it for menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia and CFS symptoms, and headaches. It also is my go-to for my newly diagnosed illness costochondritis (painful chest wall and rib pain), which I wouldn't wIsh on my worst enemy. Starts working in about 30minutes. I have multiple medical issues and take many medications daily, taking Duexis eliminates the need for a separate PPI (proton pump inhibitor). I highly recommend this medication, especially in the prevention of ulcers if taking NSAIDS will be a part if your daily life ! Please visit the manufacturer's website, if you have insurance, your cost at the pharmacy for 90 pills could be as low as $0.00. I pay $0.00 monthly and have a friend who pays $3.00. F 34 1 years
800-26.6 3X D
 5  knees No side effects I do notice when I miss a pill. No noticeable side effects. Getting older with deteriorating knees I may have to find another drug before I do a knee replacement. M 53 5 years
800 mg 3X D
 1  lower back pain rupture disk Mild to no pain relief. Highly constipated after only 5 pills. Blood in my stool when I could go 48 hours after discontinuing. HIGH cost of 1500.00 for a 90 day supply the drug company ships to you and charges your insurance. I was given this product by my doctor instead of hydrocodone they now refuse to dispense.They told me "we've never prescribed it the doctor just grabbed the 3 day sample off the shelf and decided to make me their test subject. They also gave me 10mg of flexeril to take with it at night...DANGER BEWARE....This combo nearly killed me. First off did nothing for the pain I was experiencing from a ruptured L5 disk in my lower back. I only took 5 pills and boy that was enough.I got so constipated and could not go for 48 hours when I did it was extremely painful like pushing hardening cement through me. I stopped taking it the second day. I took the flexeril at night like they prescribed but unlike prior experiences with flexeril and hydrocodone this combo now made the flexeril act differently on me. I became highly anxious my eye pupils got very small and my heart rate was erratic and pounding out of my chest. I thought I was going to die I stopped both of them and tried to contact my doctor about my concerns by email but they won't contact me back. I looked online and all the articles say taking high dose of Ibuprofen and flexeril is safe. That's bullcrap I'm convinced if I was not aware and just listened to the experts I'd be dead right now..... M 52 2 days
2800 mg
 5  Need knee replacement. Bone on bone No side effects. It has been most effective managing arthritis and joint pain. I can not take straight ibuprofen gives me stomach ulcers but no problem taking Duexis. It has greatly improved my mobility. Truly the best joint pain reliever. F 50 3 months
800-26.6 M

DUEXIS  (FAMOTIDINE; IBUPROFEN):  This combination medication is used to relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis while decreasing the risk of developing an ulcer from ibuprofen use. It contains ibuprofen and famotidine. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that works by blocking your body's production of certain natural substances that cause inflammation. This helps to decrease swelling and pain. Famotidine is an H2 blocker that works by reducing the amount of acid in your stomach. This helps prevent ulcers. Ask your doctor about non-drug treatments and/or using other medications to treat your pain. See also Warning section.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)