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 1  Atrial fibrillation No side effects But i had another stroke after 18 months of taking it F 65 22 months
150mg bd
 1  Atrial Fibrillation Worsening stomach pain that would not be healed by PPI Losec. Initially family doctor who prescribed it said that I have to live with the pain. After nearly 3 years Heart specialist said that pradaxa Causes stomach ulcers, and changed to Eliquis, which I have using for only one month with lesser pain. Does these medications serves any purpose to the patient other than benefiting the CEO'S of these Billion dollar pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd, and for the doctors medical research where the patient is nothing more than a guinea pig.Human life is not worth living with these severe side effects , far better to be dead and free from these torturous side effects M 62 4 years
150 MG 2X D
 1  Afib I had a brief 2 seconds of blindness, feeling like I was seriously going to pass out, and right before that the left eye had sensations of flashing lights. I was only on half the dose at the time. Good thing I had just parked my car and had gone into a store. I ended up in the er. I even found people online with the same exact description of the eye issues as I had, some were much worse, one woman went blind for 2 weeks. WTF? May work out for some but I cant take it. F 51 3 days
1X D
 1  atrial fibrillation Started joint pain 1-2 weeks after starting drug. Have now been dx with severe osteoarthritis. F 65 2 years
150mg bid
11/15/2012 7:17:00 AM
 1  A-Fib Death, Congestive Heart Failure My dad died after taking Pradaxa for 6 months. Because they don't test for the effectiveness, when he started having weakness, ankle swelling, bloating, indigestion and a cough, his doctor sent him to one specialist after another - never realizing he'd gone into congestive heart failure. He was put on Pradaxa for A-Fib, and his heart was operating at 100% prior to Pradaxa. After 6 months, and numerous doctor's appointments, he was hospitalized with heart failure and we were told his heart was operating at only 20%. They put him on Coumadin but it was too late. He died within a month. This medicine should be taken off the market. M 71 6 months
n/a 1X D
 5  atrial fibrillation none M 65 90 days
150mg 2X D
 2  atrial fibrillation persistent dry cough M 65 14 days
150mg 2X D
 4  A FIB None Take it in morning with breakfast , almost 12 hours later on the dot with dinner.. All is good so far. M 57 40 days
150 2X D
 1   Horrible head pain. The more I took the worse they became. Had TIA think that was the cause of it. M 87 1 months
2X D

PRADAXA  (DABIGATRAN ETEXILATE MESYLATE):  Dabigatran is used to prevent stroke and harmful blood clots (such as in your legs or lungs) if you have a certain type of irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation). Dabigatran is also used to treat blood clots in the veins of your legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism) and to reduce the risk of them occurring again. This medication may also be used to prevent these blood clots from forming after hip replacement surgery. Dabigatran is an anticoagulant that works by blocking a certain substance (a clotting protein called thrombin) in your blood. This helps to keep blood flowing smoothly in your body. Dabigatran should not be used to prevent blood clots from forming after artificial heart valve replacement. If you have had heart valve surgery, talk to your doctor about the best medication for you. Do not stop taking any medication, including dabigatran, without talking to your doctor first.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)