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 5  Severe bleeding Took 2 pills 3 times a day. Only during period days each month. Work the first few hours . Did not feel a thing after it . Lessened the bleeding F 45 5 days
650 3X D
 3  Heavy periods from Adenomyosis Peeing a lot, muscle aches, slightly light headed, mild head aches I am concerned about long term side effects. Reading reviews it seems month 3 is where the big changes occur? Please advise. I had breast cancer that was hormone fed at age 27. Can't take hormones now so this seemed like a good option F 43 4 days
650mg 3X D
 1  Heavy periods It made me feel anxious and groggy. I had knee, lower back pain, and chest pain while taking it. After the first dose, I dreaded taking anymore. I gave it one more chance and felt just as terrible. I ended up destroying the prescription with that powder RX destroyer that the pharmacy gave me. Id only take this again if I were bleeding out and it was my only option besides death. Im now trying NuvaRing for the heavy periods instead. F 37 2 days
 1  Heavy bleeding Constant peeing! Pelvic floor problems! I will never take it again! I have been suffering ever since! F 47 1 days
 1  Heavy period/cramps Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, back pain, achy muscles Didnt really help bleeding. Took for 2 days being ok then last day body shut down and Im terrified to try taking it again. This feels horrible. F 34 3 days
650x2 / 3x
 1  Heavy periods Took for three days, noticed a major decline in bleeding, but still had horrible cramps. Day 2, called the doctor and left a message that I was retaining water so badly that I could not remove my ring or wear shoes comfortably, which is very abnormal for me. Got a call the next day and he recommended to stop taking it and try again next month. I will not be doing that as I've had a headache and fatigue for three days now after stopping this medication. I'm hoping it goes away soon or it will be another trip to the doctor... F 34 3 days
1300mg x3
 4  Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Side effects for me included a headache and VERY tired! Alright, so here's the thing - this medication worked within an hour. That's good considering I was bleeding through a heavy duty pad every 45 minutes! This is what I didn't like though: I got a bad headache (not a migraine, thank God) and I was tired (very tired) for a solid three days. One of things I did not like as well was the fact that I was still getting rid of clots days after my period technically ended. That was pretty gross to be honest. I did not take this medication for five days. I only took one 650mg pill, three times a day for a little under two days. I honestly think I will take ONE pill for my next period on my heaviest day so I can sleep at night without soaking through. You know, it's pretty gross when you take a shower and reach up there and pull out clots. They feel exactly like dirt. It's nasty. F 42 2 days
650mg 3X D
 1  To stop heavy bleeding Took this drug and although it stopped the bleeding it made me feel pelvic heaviness which lead me to feel like I had to per all the time even if my bladder wasn't full. That lead to pelvic floor spasms with burning sensations. 2.5 years later, 5 anti depressants and countless other drugs later and at least 10 specialists and 30,000 spent I'm on my way to a second surgery for botoxinjections into pelvic floor. This drug ruined my life. Made me suicidal. F 44 3 days
 1  Heavy bleeding & clotting Taken for the first time last Monday and the only day. Lysteda did the job but not worth it. I had an exploding headache for 2 days which I still have a headache. Major aches, pains and other issues. Not sure if related but extremely moody and I am not a moody person. Research before taking this prescription. F 47 1 days
650 3X D
 1  Heavy Periods & Clotting Headache & body ache Not a good choice for me! I took 1 pill the first day of my period within 30 minutes of taking the 1 pill I began to have side effects.... Headache and my body started aching really bad... So done with this medication. Blessings to all the women that has had luck taking it!!! F 45 1 days
 5  Heavy periods Headache I had always taken a lesser dose than what was prescribed. Usually 1 pill the first day and 1 pill the second day. It worked great for me that way. It Slowed my periods to a level I felt was tolerable. Recently I increased the dose hoping to end my period sooner. This caused headache. F 49 1 days
 2  Heavy Periods I have always suffered with heavy periods. Most nights I have to wear a diaper to bed because of the gushing. I have tried three cycles worth and have not noticed a difference in my flow. Very disappointed. Next step would be a hysterectomy :(. F 39 3 months
 5  Heavy menstrual bleeding None Very active and so was so happy to be able to enjoy my ski trip without having to use the bathroom every hour. Much better option than surgery for uterine fibroids/polyps F 52 5 days
650 mg 6X D
 1  pcos-menorrhia I am cureently taking lysteda to stop my abnormal bleeding. I have pcos and suffer from having periods that can last for months at a time. This is debilitating to me and my life. I started the lysteda six days ago and if anything made me feel worse. It has not stopped nor lessened my bleeding in any wayshape or form.I am still bleeding heheavily and passing large clots. This medicine has definitely not worked for me.:( F 29 5 days
2 tid
 1  menorrhagia Headache more like sinus headaches I have been bleeding for three weeks after taking Lysteda for the first five days of my cycle; Lysteda has not worked for me at all. F 42 5 days
650 mg 6X D
 5  Heavy bleeding.... Drinking a lot of fluids F 33 4 days
1300 mg
 5  heavy bleeding due to fibroids this medicine is a has helped me so much with my periods. I have a normal life agian and do stuff when im on my period. F 52 2 years
650 mg
 5  Heavy period, painful periods Noticed a difference by the time I took my second dose! Periods are much more manageable and not debilitating any more. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from unmanageable periods. I have also noticed since I have been taking it the past several months that even if I do not take it every period that my period is still lighter! For me this was a godsend! F 26
650mg 1X AN
 4  Dysmenorrhea and heavy periods None that outweighed my dysmenorrhea. For 5 years since the birth of my youngest, I have experienced the most excruciating pain with my cycle. I have never experienced painful periods before her birth. I also have what my OB suspects as "retrograde blood flow" -- which means the periods were so heavy the blood would flow back up thru the fallopians and into my abdomen. Also, since I got pregnant with my youngest daughter while on BC, I have had reactions to all BC since. I refused an IUD and opted to "suffer" monthly. My OB gave me a sample of Lysteda and it has helped. I still have bad cramping, but the flow is much less, more tolerable and I don't feel like Carrie on prom night. F 36 5 months
2 tabs 3X D
 4  Uterine fibroids and heavy periods No side effects For me, Lysteda is better than taking birth control to lessen/stop the bleeding. The first time I had to take it the bleeding lessened within hours (I had been changing sanitary products every other hour a day and doubling protection at night), and within 3 days it stopped. On the last occurrence although I had lighter bleeding, it took the entire 5 day dose before the flow lessened considerably. F 52 5 days
1300 3X D

LYSTEDA  (TRANEXAMIC ACID):  This medication is used to treat heavy bleeding during your menstrual period. Tranexamic acid works by slowing the breakdown of blood clots, which helps to prevent prolonged bleeding. It belongs to a class of drugs known as antifibrinolytics. Tranexamic acid is not a hormone. It does not treat other menstrual or pre-menstrual symptoms. It does not stop your period. It is not a form of birth control and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)