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 1  psychosis Mentally blank or poverty in thoughts. No emotions, mindless. Very restless. weight gain. Poor memory, learning, concentration, and focus. Dead sex drive. Depressed Miserable all the time on forced injections. Invega should be banned M 46 5 years
117mg 1X M
 1  bipolar/forced injection anhedonia, weight gain, extreme restlessness, need to pace all the time, lowered iq, inability to have sustained conversations, randomly smiling inappropriately. This drug turned my life around in the most negative way. I advise you to explore other options before taking this. Yes, it stopped my delusions, but it also sapped me of my will to live and it isn't worth that. M 26 6 months
234 1X M
 4  Pills did not work No side effects If you take pills you are likely to stop them and go back to your downward spiral of nightmare and thoughts of people trying to kill you this has saved my life and my family's life only for severe bipolar should someone take this if you are just depressed don't take F 70 10 years
50mg 1X M
 1  cannabis psychosis (forced inj.) can't begin to describe the horror that is being on the drug, and how surely and effectively it degrades your overall mental wellbeing with prolonged usage. I feel lethargic and irritated, I can't think and I have marked cognitive decline, I am without emotions, sexual urges and motives. I am deeply suicidal. This is a POISON. Unless you have some really disrupted thinking with delusions, voices, and hallucinations or even if you do, I would stay very very far away from it. turns smart to dumb, sexual to asexual, motivated to vegetative, it's pure hell. M 42 3 years
234 1X M
 1  Forced injection I'm now dumb as hell, cognitive impairments, slowed movements, can't think, can't feel anything, Depressed This drug will ruin your life. Hopefully not for good. I'm switching to Abilify. Looking for support my email M 20 10 months
100 1X M
 4  Schizoaffective disorder Prolactin high flat face no periods Invega is a good drug keeps me out of hospital and give me good concentration ability to function daily and no adhedonia 2 years
159 1X D
 1  Ordered-voluntary It began with severe fatigue and vomiting. Sometimes diarrhea sometimes constipation and sometimes both. I would experience extreme body pain after being injected that would last around 3 days. While on invega i felt constantly fatigued and irritated. The doctor decreased from 75-50mg over 8 months and increased the time between injections to over 5 weeks per injection until i noticed that i felt well enough to come off of invega sustenna Entirely switching to CBT instead of antipsychotics. M 39 8 months
75-50mg 1X M
 1  Misdiagnosed (Schizophrenia) Nightmares (scary, random scenes), sleep paralysis upon waking (if ever do get to sleep), intense insomnia (don't seem to get tired anymore), major headaches, body tremors, confusion, lack of speech, lack of motivation, hate everything now, lost passion for hobbies & life This is the scariest thing thats ever happened to me. One minute im fine, the next im being taken to a room and asked to take a pill. Thats how it started. Now its the monthly injections, on number 5 now. I keep hoping the side effects end (which seem more like direct results) but idk. Hospitalized first in 2017, back & forth. The pills I managed to get past, but these injections not so much. Somebody help me. M 32 5 months
116 1X M
 1  Forced by CTO Death by psychiatrists. Low magnesium levels resulting in headaches tiredness, insomnia, sleep disturbances, confusion, lack of speech, high levels of prolactin, high levels of cholesterol. Do not take this medication. It will result in your death. 39 12 months
150 10X M
 1  Wrong diagnosis I'm pretty much brain dead now. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Its time to start writing letters and doing protests against this drug! We need to come together and fight against the money making pharm companies and doctors that don't care! F 36 8 months
234 mg 1X D
 1  Bi polar Blank mind, no energy can't get out of bed, extreme weight gain, can't get angry or cry. No sex drive. Been off for two months and the worst is the energy I still can't get out of bed. Still gaining weight because my doctor put me on saphris. Every day I wish I could go back in time and not take that drug. It also lowered my IQ. Don't take this drug it ruins your life! F 36 8 months
234 mg 9X M
 1  Misdiagnosis of schizophrenia Severe cognitive impairments that have not subsided, difficulty speaking and thinking, lost the ability to watch TV or read as I can no longer process visual information fast enough and I strain to take it all in, no creativity or abstract, complex thinking, blank mind, static-y thought process, intracranial pressure with need to "pop" my ears, tightness in head around temples and back of head but also pain deep in brain, sometimes behind left eye - sensation moves around head throughout day and as I lay down, burning/tingling under scalp, head feels heavy like a sandbag, separation anxiety, numb lips, can't feel sensation of fullness when eating, akathisia which has subsided, twitching in eye, less coordinated on bike - crash into walls and hedges, can't concentrate and actually hurts sometimes to try, attention span is shot, have to pause a video every minute or so. It's been 3 months since I took the shot and I am suicidal as I used to be highly creative, bright, intellect This drug poisoned me and took my life away. It is not safe, at least not in such high doses as the ones I got (initiation dose of 234 mg (the MAXIMUM dose) and 156 mg booster 6 days later). F 29 1 months
234+156mg 1X M
 2  Yes Breathing problems lung problems kidney stones fifty pounds of extra weight crazy bad drug I have breathing problems with this dark drug invega and problems with my kidneys and lungs ive gained fifty pounds in one year i refused to take it two weeks ago. I was on it for sixteen months i dont even have a fukin period this is poison i need a lawsuit anyone whos been off for a while . will i lose weight im a size 18 was a size 7 this is b.s the doctor forced me to take this at a hospital. I am not crazy. And my breathing slows down everyother day chaos drug. Any ideas let me know F 40 16 months
 1  Pych ward Extreme loss of joy, no pleasure, mental impairment, I feel it has ruined my life. M 25 1 months
156 mg
 1  Hypomanic episode had 5 shots of this in 6 month period after i had a manic episode. Since going of it i never feel tiered. But get 12 hours sleep a night. Canít zone out get high or drunk. I get alot of headaches. Have no sex drive and feel numb. So i forget about sex.very low motivation. So itís hard to get motivated to shower or do laundry it used to be really easy.i used to clean the house all the time. But now no dopamine reward. Weight gain lower interlect. Its hard to haVe conversations now because i canít think as fast. Thoughts of what to say donít seem to come to me anymore. Long term and short term memory is screwed. Always forget things.Dont enjoy my hobbies and interests. Eg i watch a movie and my face and soul is just blank/numb. Couldnít cry for 5 months now i finally can. Sadness happiness love anger fear jelousy have come back alittle bit. Hardly any food tastes nice anymore miss calling my friends and chatting but get scared because i hardly talk anymore. When i do its just pre memorised phrases. Very over this as my spirit has preety much gone hopefully it wears of soon as itís been 6 months. I have read on other forums that baron magnesium and iodine help. Also cabergoline is supposed to help dopamine levels. Hope everyone is going ok and know that it will get better F 33 5 months
 1  Schizophrenia I now have a deadly and nontreatable heart condition called a Left Anterior Fascicular Block (LAFB) and 'reduced function' stage 2 kidney damage as well as 65lbs of weight gain. Bad drug period. M 48 2 years
 3  mood stablizer I couldnt tell u what negative aspects of myself r caused by the medications and which ones is just who I am. a fat lazy women who has trouble breathing from time to time sometimes go months without cleaning any house only to turn around n get it looking good in less then a day. motivation comes in sports prolly has nothing to do with meds. the meds r prolly fake to begin with but stop taking them n my mind turns me against air I should b put to death before I disrupt anyone else's life or time or care. I'm not worth it. it donr matter what it is u need me to do for you I cant manage n I know before I try something's u just know ok. I almost never have s3x but I think that's because my h6sband isn't that into me we just coexisted really well. he gets what he needs from me somehow I just dont know how that's all he needs I mean really who's bed have ur boots been under baby doll.all I eat anymore is fruits n veggies still cant get no fatter n still breath. u can blame this medicine or genetics or birth control but eventually u need to take a look n realize that's just who u r a dumpy unlikable pig no wants around except to punish u for a sin u didn't even really commit until some kid says my punishment is over m I stand no chance with the changing of the rules like this little mf does life suckz but my suck factor was due to the creative minds of those who I wronged in my lifetime everyone seemed their little bit just so I know they had been here to stamp ruin on my heart n disable my ability to think u can all go straight to h F 37 0 days
 1  Paranoid Delusions and Hallucinations No happiness in life, laying in bed with eyes closed in a semi coma for 20 hours a day, 50 lbs weight gain. I am taking the injectable. Side effects have gone on for ten months but just keep on getting worse and worse till I have no motivation left in life. This drug is a mind killer. Id rather have hallucinations and delusions. I will quit cold turkey aside from abilify next month. A whole year or my life has nearly been wasted on this drug. I just hope I can get my life back again after quitting. Please email me. I need the support. M 39 10 months
 1  Bipolar I have lots my sex drive, I feel listless and dull. I have a hard time feeling positive emotions I canít feel bliss. I have lost my motivation to do allot of things. I get headaches. This drug like all the psychiatric medications make me feel sick. I feel almost like Iím sick all the time or a zombie. Somethings wrong with people putting mental ill people in jail like hospitals forcing them to become a zombie. This drug has even made me suicidal. I am sick of being poisoned and want the support of a doctor to try natural alternatives. This asshole gave me a higher dose than I needed for quite a while. And heís forcing me to take the drug. He may let off. But itís been a hell of a journey and I feel I have been violated by the system and people. M 33 14 months
50 mg shot
 3  I choose to be on it Loss of memory cant remember what i was thinking even though it was seconds ago. Cant remember last week. Cant remember yesterday cant remember conversations i had in my entire life with anybody or a convo from yesterday. Mood swings like crazy fighting constantly with litteraly everyone around me people driving me crazy feeling controlled and like i have no thoughts of my own causeing me to believe everything i have heard is real real tired all the time dont wanna work just wanna sit at home all the time and do nothing i feel like im not in control of my lofw that the drug has a mind of its own and does what it wants by embarassing me F 22 2 days

INVEGA SUSTENNA  (PALIPERIDONE PALMITATE):  This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder). Paliperidone is an antipsychotic drug (atypical type). It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain. This medication can decrease hallucinations and help you to think more clearly and positively about yourself, feel less agitated, and take a more active part in everyday life.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)