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 4  prostatitis retro-ejaculation - is not merely a side effect, but a guarantee. A side effect is something that comes and goes or your body eventually gets used to and goes away. The only way to stop this is to stop the medicine. M 49 3 years
8 mg 1X D
 1  Bph Dizziness, fatigue, no sleep, severe sinus conjestion Avoid it like the plague. M 62 90 days
8 1X D
 3  BPH No ejaculation, very difficult to orgasm and muted feeling when orgasming. Better erections and when flaccid penis also seems fuller and longer. Sleep all night without washroom trip. Wake up every morning with a massive erection. I can go much longer between pee stops with much less urgency. M 64 30 days
8 mg 1X D
 1  Nocturia This drug is horrible. Had the worse side effects such as headaches, sinus problems, insomnia, dizziness, etc throwing it in the dumpster. Clearly urologists get a big kickback for prescribing this garbage. M 38 1 days
 1  BPH, Prostatitis Stuffy nose, RE, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Dizziness, Sleepiness, bladder/Prostate pain and burning, Flu-like symptoms... It took me 6 months of always feeling like I was coming down with the flu and not being able to sleep well to finally stop the Rapaflo and feel normal again. It actually only helped my symptoms for about a month and then it stopped working, I went to my URO and he told me to stay on it or TURP was my next move. I was getting Prostatitis and UTI's about 3 or 4 times a year and now getting them about 2 or 3 times a year. Yet, every 6 months he scans me and NO retention. But I will never take this poison again! M 70 6 months
8mg 1X D
 1  BPH frequent urination SEVERE nasal congestion 2 hours after taking. Sinus' completely blocked. Couldn't sleep that night because I couldn't breath through my nose. Next day diarrhea. 2nd day still have severe sinus congestion but was able to sleep. This drugs side effects are awful. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. M 66 1 days
8 mb 1X D
 1  To improve urination flow This is the worse drug I have ever taken. I have had a stuffy nose. I have experienced chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, flu like symptoms. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. Did slow down frequency in urination. I can't deal with the side effects. F 67 1 weeks
8 mg
 1  Urinating often Nausea feeling, hypertension all next day. Can't believe what I'm seeing from other patients. Docs must be in bed with the drug companies. What doctor would prescribe something with such horrible side effects. M 57 1 days
 3  Bladder problems No problems , just ejaculation issues. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks, but I couldn't urinate. So I started back up today and I feel much better. M 120 days
8 MG 1X D
 1  Enlarged prostate Severe dizziness after one dose My husband stopped after one dose because of terrible not just ordinary dizziness. It has been seven days and still has dizzeness M 69 1 days
 2  bhp sinus congestion, no ejaculation at all weakening orgasm, dizziness 2 hours after taking for about 4 hours, much less sleep. drops blood pressure too much to sports with high power, high cardio demand -no strength no power i stop using the pills 2 days before i play hockey. also after 3 days off pill there is is complete ejaculation with solid orgasm. If you can get away with hit take the top of the capsule and use half, or go as long as you can without getting in bad shape- in my case 4 days without is my limit as infection becomes a strong possibility. if you go off for two weeks then all introductory side effects re appear when you start. for me best deal is half capsule two - three days a week full capsule two-three days a week. Some days none at all in order to play hockey. if i have a monday game i take my last one on Friday. It works better than when i was in my 20's possibly, but if u play high level sports or like sex, it is a grim prognosis, unless u are willing to and are able to play around with dosage and frequency. By the way my doctor knows all this and he does not have a problem with it M 59 8 months
4 1X D
 4  BPH Initial 8 mg dose/day was terrible. Headache & dizzy but improved urine flow. I decreased the dose to 4mg & only took at night. I increased to 8 mg/day over several weeks. Experienced minimal side effects along the way & have almost zero now @ 8 mg. retrograde ejaculation is disheartening. At 1st I thought it was no big deal because you still have an orgasm but after about a month I can say they're not quite as satisfying. The key for me to get the urinary benefit was to increase the dose slowly. M 62 2 months
 1  urinary retention after surgery Huge Purpura, first on lower right arm then on upper, one week later. Right elbow bursa sac filled with fluid. Stopped taking the drug. The Purpura, visible on my arm, cleared up. Enlarged elbow sac remained. After five more weeks, with no reduction in enlarged elbow I went to an orthopedist who aspirated the bursa. It was filled with 80cc of very bloody fluid. Three days later he aspirated about 50cc. The swelling has diminished by about 60%. I experienced the more common side effects while taking Rapaflo, which went away when I stopped taking it. The Purpura, which I believe filled my elbow bursa has persisted for over a month. M 78 24 days
8mg 1X D
 4  couldn't urinate Can't ejaculate. Works great so far. I can deal with the one side effect I am experiencing. I hope no others appear. Urinating is gooooood!!!! M 61 7 days
8 mg 1X D
 1  weak urination flow Horrible congestion unable to sleep well. Felt like I was getting the flu. Though in one day of taking it I felt a strong flow when urinating and great erections. However I have stopped taking because of the severe congestion and body pain. I would not recommend this drug. I'm tired because I couldn't get any sleep. The severe congestion and body aches made me sick. M 53 1 days
8mg 1X D
 1  To improve urine flow at night Immediately stuffy nose, back pain, teeth pain, headache, dizzy, snoring like a bull, terrible sex because retrograde ejactulation. Stopped taking it. Now I do not drink any liquids in the evening and not getting up to urinate. Still leftover side effects. Worst medicine ever!!!! M 64 1 days
 1  Slow stream after prostate biopsy Retro ejaculating, lower back pain, congestion, headache. About a 50% ability to get an erection. After 9 days, I can urinate "better", but I have no sex drive, the dry, discouraging orgasm, and headaches. It just gives me a bunch of other things to worry about. My urologist didn't warn me of any of these side effects. He gave me a 2 week course from his sample closet so I didn't even get the printed material from the pharmacy. I feel like I went from being a sexually capable 50 year old man to a mere shadow of that overnight. M 50 9 days
 3  Prostatitis Tiredness, joint pain, retrograde ejaculation, lower back pain I started taking rapaflo to treat prostatitis that I developed over the past few months as a result of a tightened muscle in my bladder. The pain urinating mostly subsided, but being a runner I can't really put up with so much muscle fatigue, and as a teenager I can't stand the problems ejaculating. Not a fan. M 18 7 days
 1  slow stream 50% less ejaculation feeling, lower back muscles hurt all the way around to the sides of my stomach, felt like I had flu symptoms, I felt so bad I prayed to God to help me, I always do that. This was so out of the ordinary for me, the lower pain that is! M 61 2 days
4mg 1X D
 2  BPH Retrograde ejaculation. Treatment for BPH. Without it, severe urination problems, with it all but killed my sex life for both me and my wife. RF procedure is only option however the #1 drawback to that procedure is permanent retrograde ejaculation. So in summary, no real choice only more gambling! Flomax caused severe syncope and no ideas if it would cause same dry ejaculation issue or not. Seems that I am in a place with no options left except to choose a sex life or having to self catheterize to empty bladder. Anyone have any good advise? M 59 3 years
8 mg 1X D

RAPAFLO  (SILODOSIN):  Silodosin is used by men to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia-BPH). It does not shrink the prostate, but it works by relaxing the muscles in the prostate and the bladder. This helps to relieve symptoms of BPH such as difficulty in beginning the flow of urine, weak stream, and the need to urinate often or urgently (including during the middle of the night). Silodosin belongs to a class of drugs known as alpha blockers. Do not use this medication to treat high blood pressure.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)