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 1  Type. 2 Shortness breath,weakness made me eat more Made me nervous shortness of breath this medication is not for me gave me bad heartburn haven't lost weight anything I'm gaining maybe work for others but it's not for me F 54 10 weeks
30mg 1X W
 5  A1c high Horrible constipation but lost 23 pounds ! Insulin resistant weight loss all my life but Bydureon worked. F 60 4 weeks
30 1X D
 2  lower blood sugar & weightloss I have had really bad gas and bloating while using Bydureon. I stopped taking it for a week and half and started feeling better. Today, I restarted taking it and and the same gas and bloating returned. I have also NOT lossed any weight. But on the other hand, it has lowered my blood sugar. I have a Doctor's appointment next month. I will weigh the pros and cons and see if it is still worth taking. F 44 9 weeks
 5  Type 2 diabetes I have been on Bydureon for approx 3 months. Ive lost 19 pounds. I do feel full and on occassion nausea. However, the weight loss has made me feel wonderful. I am scheduled to have my 3 month labs so hopefully this medication will have lowered my A1c as it has done my weight. Yes the side effects may not be the best, but the positive outcome outweighs the side effects. The bumps at the site are a minor issue. There is a technique called z track where you pull the skin sideways inject and release the skin. It seemed to help not getting the lump under skin. Overall..thus far, Im okay with this medication. F 66 3 months
 1  Weight loss Vomiting the first time, nausea after that. Not too bad but hard itchy lumps st injections sites. No weight loss. F 56 1 months
 1  Type Il diabetes Lumps, itching at sites, cellulitis, nausea, generally feeling poorly. Donít feel like doing anything. Have right sided pain, back pain, bloating. Have taken for 7 weeks...quit using it 11 days it takes up to 10 weeks to get out of your system...scary! Read the pamphlet well! F 64 49 days
 4   First time felt nauseated . Then on my 7th week threw up over 24 hours nauseated .. stomach pain on my upper abdomen . The needle hurts leaves bruise . Lost 13 pounds now I have a cough after the seventh shot . Not sure if I want to continue . I am insulin resistant so it is helping me to lose weight bring in my numbers down . F 58 7 weeks
 2  Type 2 My whole body has turned red ..blisters all over ..extreme itching ..feels like lumps Just awareness for the company M 45 2 weeks
2 mg
 4  Type 2 Diabetes This stuff is a powerful appetite suppressant. You *will* lose weight on it. Totally knocks out your hunger. I also notice I get a burst of euphoria on the day I inject it. I also notice that cycling off of it (and reverting to ordinary insulin) will plunge me into a deep, scary depression: that's how closely integrated your sugars and your mood are connected. The needle is thicker than most insulin needles are... this is, of course, because Bydureon is actually a powder suspended in a gel, necessitating a thicker gauge needle. The needle always makes me bleed a fair bit, and I already have two shirts with ineradicable bloodstains on them... whoops. M 54 2 months
2 MG 1X W
 1  type 2 pancratitis requiring hospitalisation nausea - unable to eat serve vertigo - unable to walk in a stright line Don't use it F 69 6 weeks
30mg 1X W
 5  Insulin resistant weight loss Lumps at injection site I have lost 44lbs so far. F 46 4 months
 3  Type 2 Felt "full" with upset stomach for 2 days after Not sure if its helping my A1C...before I started taking it,my A1C was 7.5, and 4 months later its 8.1 M 58 4 months
1X W
 3  Type 2 Next day or 2 felt "full" as if I didn't need to eat. Somewhat of an upset stomach. As in other comments about the "lumps" at injection site--they tell you there will be. No weight loss yet. Sugar readings have been on a decline recently. M 58 2 months
1X W
 5  Type 2 Diabetes Initially, I was initially injecting at mid-day because that was around the time I got my first injection from the doctor. The nausea was horrible but I found that injecting before bedtime worked better for me. my glucose readings were off the chart before I started bydureon. I can truly say that I'm running in the 90s now, on average, versus the high 100s to mid 200s. I was spiking continuously before starting this medication. My endo took me off of glipizide and started the bydureon along with Glumetza extended release and I've done a 180 degree turn around. Yeah, the needle is a little big and you get those bumps at the injection site (they do go away eventually) but this has made a huge difference in my life! F 56 6 weeks
1X W
 1  To lower the blood sugar. I had a severe pain in my the right side of my stomach, up near the waist. The needle was very large and more difficult to insert. F 68 1 weeks
1X D
 5  diabetes type 2 no side effects at all blood sugars went from 180 in morning to 100.was having trouble with mixing medicine in vial without sticking to sides.found out it is caused by taking bydureon out of cold storage to warm created condensation in vial. I store mine in cold attic area and mix immediately upon removal with great results ! M 62 6 weeks
1X W
 5  Type 2 diabetes This drug has been wonderful in helping lower my blood sugar. I was taking Actos which caused me to gain weight and my feet and legs to swell. Sometimes I do develop lumps after injections but only if I don't alternate injection sites. F 60 2 years
1x weekly
 4  Diabetes No side effects yet. If you take the medication out of refrigerator 30-60 minutes or nite before..There is NO pain from injection or needle. Not long enough to see if it will work well but so far so good. Mix and shake well. I thought I was dieing only to find out it was the Victoza, but now I have a brain tumor. F 68 3 weeks
1X W
 1  Type 2 Diabetes Lumps at injection sites (The size of a jellybean) I've taken Byetta for some time, injecting it twice daily. I'd sometimes forget, or would be somewhere, without my pen, and would miss my injection. When my doctor told me that Bydureon was a weekly version of Byetta, and could be injected without regard to having eaten, I was all for it. One inject a week, instead of 14 injections? Yes! Then, I found hard lumps had formed at each injection site. I didn't notice them right away, but when I did, I was alarmed. I discontinued Bydureon and use Victoza now. Weeks have passed since I last used Bydureon, but the lumps are still there. I've read that they will dissolve over time, and I certainly hope that's the case. I wish I had done more research on this drug before using it. M 40 4 weeks
2 mg 1X W
 1  type 2 diabetes Besides the fact the needle so big and painful to inject, I now have lumps where I injected the medicine. Did not see any changes in my blood sugars. This medication is extremely ridiculously high! F 44 1 months
not sure

BYDUREON  (EXENATIDE SYNTHETIC):  Exenatide is used either alone or with other medications, and with a proper diet and exercise program, to control high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. Controlling high blood sugar helps prevent kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, and sexual function problems. Proper control of diabetes may also lessen your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Exenatide is similar to a natural hormone in your body (incretin). It works by causing insulin release in response to high sugar (such as after a meal) and decreasing the amount of sugar your liver makes. Exenatide is not a substitute for insulin if you require insulin treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)