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 1  Sinus infection Anxiety, sounds were overwhelming, trouble concentrating, felt on edge. I noticed these effects both times I used it. Will not be using again. F 33 2 days
1X D
 3  Allergies nasal Easily angered, moody, sad, difficult concentrating, head ache. The symptoms are worse the first few weeks. I'm so moody and angry I can't stand myself😜 I am concerned that this medication could through someone over the edge emotionally. F 42 4 years
 5  Allergies, sinusitis Makes me hyper and unable to sleep if used later in the day. Works better then Flonase! A wonder spray, but use sparingly. I don't use it every day, only when my nose is so stuffed up I can't breathe. I have allergies, my eyes get puffy, teary and red. One spray in each nostril clears it up within a minute. F 39 1 years
27.5 mg 1X D
 1  severe postnasal drip lower back pain. Started experiencing back pain after about 3 days on the drug. It was extremely difficult to straighten my back after sitting down. Took me a while to make the connection to Veramyst but when I did I stopped taking. Back has slowly got better, over the past week. F 72 5 days
30 mg 2X D
 2  Allergic Rhinitis Pain in left breast I noticed after taking that I had an ache in my left breast. I noticed this issue with Flonase as well. I am concerned about this side effect and will check with the doctor. F 1 days
1X D
 1  allergiez I got so so sick from this stuff. My runny nose and sneezing got worse, and I vomited lots. Terrible experience, and it was super expensive. F 2 days
 1  Congestion Blurred vision, mushy brain, severe back pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and feeling sick. Never ever take this medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 63 80 days
27.5 mcg 2X D
 1  nose congestion due to 'allergies' 2 sprays per nostril daily.. First started waking up in middle of the night with crazy anxiety for the first time in a few years. Started having trouble getting to sleep. Didn't feell like myself anymore clouded mind. Now extreme shoulder pain for last couple days cannot move shoulder have stopped taking it today. M 22 10 days
 1  Sinusitus Raising blood pressure, hormones affected and worsening of the condition I believe this drug is dangerous. My family were all prescribed this at the same time. My wife has had a blood pressure drug increase, my daughter 25 has also had an increase in BP drugs, my daughter 21 has angina and chest pains and I have had additional medicines for overactive adrenal gland. All at the same time and 60 days later we are still suffering. M 62 30 days
1X D
 1  Allergies Persistent Canker Sores.... Although I didn't realize there was a connection until I stopped taking veramyst. I have been off veramyst for two months and have not had a canker sore since as opposed to having 3 to 4 at a time while on veramyst. It worked well for my allergies but the side effects were so sever I would not recommend the product. Also the mental stress that came with the canker sores did not help either. Throughout the experience I thought my immune system had been compromised, it was a bit terrifying. M 37 3 years
2X D
 1  Ear congestion After taking it for 3 weeks, i started having neck and shoulder pain..i thought i had a bad posture or something and left it there..then i started having extreme dizziness and felt fatigued all the time..i thought there might be something wrong with my diet..then when all of dis got unbearable i searched the internet for side effects of this drug and came to this page..turned out that people were having the same side effects...nd the worst part is doctor will never admit its because of the my case he said its coz of work pressure and some sort of tension..all BS..nd then u think u r going crazy.. even after leaving dis drug i had vertigo and shoulder pain..seems like after leaving the medicine it takes to time to come back to normal..i had some nightmares too which is also a side effect of leaving dis after 1 week of stopping it i am feeling so much better ..its good to feel alive gain..and i m sure in d coming week i vil b fully fit..nd THANK U ALL FOR SHARING UR STORIES..i wud b gald if i can b of ne help to ne1.. M 27 1 months
27.5 2X D
 1  Chronic Nasal Congestion Pretty severe pain at spinal disc in upper back, neck pain at base of skull, muscle pain in upper back, headache, difficulty thinking, weepy eye, blurred vision, loss of some hearing, bleeding sore in nostril, burning red puffiness nose and cheeks. Almost all symptoms affected my left side; back, neck, head, eye, ear, only my right nostril was on that side and spinal disc pain was, well, central. These symptoms came on very slow, it did not occur to me I was having a reaction the the medication. They became pretty severe. Finally got to a point where I thought I might be having a stroke or worse. Almost stopped at the Emergency room. Set up an appt. with MD, and it was only afterwards I thought these started after taking the Veramyst. 1 week after stopping it the symptoms started to subside. 3 weeks later they are almost completely gone. The pain in my upper spine is still there but is getting better, it was also the first symptom I noticed. I'm 48 and in good health. This scared the crap out of me. Thought my life had changed for the worse for the rest of my life. Just so happy it was the med's and not something permanent. Please just be very aware of symptoms if you do take this. I will grant I was breathing through my nose, smelling the world, and tasting my food like I haven't in years. I will miss that. M 48 2 months
1 Spray 2X D
 1  nasal sinuses Used it once, two sprays per nostril and it hardly help with sinuses. Had my congested worse tomorrow, never agian will i used this poison. Just a money scam,and i know i work at a pharmacy. People get this stuff everyday, kids, adults, and seniors. And the other side effects ar even more worse!!!! luckily i had minimal side effects. But dont use this stuff its poison from our friends the Pharm. Industry. M 100 3 days
30 1X AN
 5  Chronic nasal congestion, itchy eye None I have suffered from allergies all my life and this is the most effective drug I have ever used. After just one dose it eased my symptoms and it has literally changed my life. I can sleep, I can breathe, my eyes are no longer irritated all the time. Best drug ever. F 47 4 days
27.5 1X D
 1  allergies Dizziness, headaches, neck, back and nasal pain. Feeling awkward and clumsy and not able to concentrate. F 39 2 months
once a day
 1  allergy to mold, dust, mites, grass Terrible headache within a few hours of using, irritability, trouble falling and staying asleep, not feeling like "myself." Works very well for allergy but at a high cost, too high for me to continue. Felt normal again in about 24 hours after discontinuing. By the way, the adverse effects snuck up on me slowly over the month I used it, did not happen right away. F 54 30 days
1 puff 1X D
 1  Seasonal allergy/nasal congestion Anxiety, insomnia, sore throat, canker sores (6 at once), puffy cheeks, puffy lower eyelid, pressure in eye socket, poor vision, brain fog, depression, joint and muscle pain, flu symptoms, metal taste in mouth, irritable and "on edge". I thought I was going crazy until I started researching the side effects associated with these types of nasal sprays. Yes it does clear up my sinuses somewhat, but not worth endless list of awful side effects. What a HORRID DRUG - I stopped today. F 29 10 days
1X D
 1  unknown allergies Nothing at first, helped a lot, stopped my sinus probs and stopped my ear buzzing, that was for a month then suddenly the sinus probs and ear buzzing came back, I carried on taking it but now I have a constant horrible headache, blurred vision, depression, weight gain, water retention, and I just dont feel myself anymore. I had no idea why I have been feeling so bad but after a process of elimination and reading this page I have realised its the medication. I am going to stop immediately as I can no longer even read a book, my eyes are just not working properly. F 41 4 months
2X D
 1   I did not realize that Veramyst had the same active incredient as Flonase (inhaled steroid ) Which cause me to be susceptible to enhaled viruses. My profession puts me inconstant contact with airborne oral particulates. The drug lowers my resistance to viral infections, thus I become severely ill with pneumonia loosing weeks from work. For me there is a direct link between these medicines and my recurrent illnesses! My allergist did not warn me. My two pulmonolgists are clue less. The medical system is too fragmented and the doctors are too distracted trying to conform to new government regulations to listen to the patient. It will get worse. protect yourself ! The system is breaking!!!! Isn't it woriesome that you see and TV AD for a prescription medicine on the evening news and when you go to the doctor the next day you are prescribed that medicine? and several others! Have you ever noticed that an attractive woman dressed in a black skirt, black hose and blackhigh M 68 2 days
27.5 2X D
 4  Allergic Rhinnitis -Post Nasal Drip Headaches, dizziness, extreme exhaustion despite sleeping 10 hours a night, Muscle Pain, twitching in my lower eye, weight gain, increased appettite, lethargy, confusion I had originally been prescribed Veramyst in conjunction with Claritan. The side effects caused me to stop taking the medication, which was terrible as it helped my allergies tremendously. F 39 2 months
1X D

VERAMYST  (FLUTICASONE FUROATE):  Fluticasone is used to treat seasonal and year-round allergy symptoms such as stuffy/runny nose, itching, and sneezing. It may also reduce other symptoms of seasonal allergies such as red, itchy, and watery eyes. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It works by reducing swelling (inflammation) in the nasal passages.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)