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 2  Schizophrenia Invega ruined my life until I actioned by myself the switch to another antipsychotic. Any side effects mean that the meds are not really working to treat the mental illness. I stopped sleeping for 3 years straight and gained so much weight I looked like a mutant. My body and face. I lost both my menstruation and sex drive so was like sterilized. Well I stopped living my life obviously. I couldn't even get out of bed for those years. And I was totally going crazy. Much worse than before my diagnosis. I believe my psychiatrist gets kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies so doesn't really prescribe as a doctor. My new meds, just another antipsychotic still leave me with chronic insomnia but I fought for sleeping pills by now. And the rest, I am back to ME all the way. F 47 3 years
30 1X M
 5  Schizoaffective disorder Anything from A to Z M 68 4 years
6 mg 1X D
 3  Psychosis Somewhat satisfied with invega. I hate what these meds do to you though make you a shell of you once were Invega is the least one that does, so far. The Eps, tardive diskinethesia is no walk in the park!! These two new meds approved for TD are somewhat of a joke "May cause tardive diskinethesia" or Parkinson's. Really? + Please make medications that don't have a risk of Eps or TD that alone makes you depressed, and anxious to try anything. Also lactose shouldn't be a ingredient in the 3 mg tablet & 4.5 mg tablet should be made by the company No voices, no delusions, less paranoid. **Use with caution** May make your TD worse, or give you TD. 2 years
4.5 1X D
 3   Currently going through withdrawal as I'm lowering my dose of (pills) I'm trying to reduce my stress levels not overwhelm my psyche during this time. I understand it depends on how the med is metabolized per person. With that taken into consideration.. Estimate, On Average, Typically how long does withdrawal last? 35 72 days
1X D
 4  Schizophrenia I do dream Everytime I sleep and have started feeling prickly sensations on skin as well as some weight gain. But I no longer hear loud voices and can get some rest unlike walking around at night scared someone is after me. F 40 70 days
3mg 1X D
 3   Invega is one of the worse meds I've ever been on. Brain dead! I don't feel Like I'm retaining any information I'm learning, or focus on anything! I have to reread it a thousand times to process, and repeat to myself constantly what I just read. It's not coming to me right away. Controls some of my symptoms at the expense of lowering my IQ. Conversations are slipping away as well. You feel present, but you aren't present which in turn gives me anxiety, and makes me not want to engage in conversations sometimes. Things slip past your head. :/ Bloating, tired, possible weight gain, possible tardive diskinethesia. 33 90 days
4.5 1X D
 1  Family lied in sectioning No joy or happiness can be derived from anything. Loss of interest in life. Completely numb and zombie like. Zero sense of self mentally and emotionally. No motivation. Hopelessnes. Loss of friends. Unable to to work efficiently and productively. Memory loss. Brain fog. Difficulty communicating thoughts and feelings. The life goes out of your eyes. People don't want to associate with you for lack of being able to function normally ie loss of social skills. Difficulty recalling words or events. Difficulty reading as not able to remember what you just read or comprehend what your reading. Extremely low moods and thoughts of self harm. Unable to sleep or only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night. Rapid weight gain. Loss of cognitive function. Are not affected by alcohol/higher tolerance. Completely devoid of life I would not recommend this medication (life destroyer) for anyone not even my worst enemy. Do your utmost best to avoid having to take it as it will rob you of your life completely to the point that you won't remember what it felt like to be alive. If your unfortunate enough to have it forced on you then my only advice would be to remember that it isn't you making you feel this way (or lack thereof) it is the medication. And pray that you won't have to take it for the rest of your life. Also I would not recommend going cold turkey as you will have a relapse and will end up in hospital and possibly worse off then before. Just be compliant so the doctors can see you arnt being difficult or unwilling to help yourself. It will look better on you and will make the doctors more willing to reduce and eventually take you off it so do your best to do the right thing by yourself regardless of how much you don't want to take it. If your living this currently or are looking at the fact of having to take this drug then my best wishes to you for the future. Don't give up hope, keep pressing on and love yourself. God bless M 27 3 years
1X M
 3   Switched over from another medication that gave me TD. It's been frustrating dealing with that alone. Invega somewhat helps my “mania” impulsive tendencies, and keep me semi functioning. I have trouble with word recall at times, or repeating myself, remembering some things (But I have a history of tbi's) lately I've been in a rut. I don't feel like reading, writing, or partaking In activities I enjoy, also with Invega my mind goes blank at times. Will stick with this for a while before seeing if this is the right med for me. Eat clean to counteract bad effects, avoid sugar unless natural if you can. Get enough sleep! Stay active 34 100 days
1X D
 3  Psychosis Really bloated belly. I looked pregnant. Invega did control my postpartum psychosis. I've been slowly tapering myself of over the last month. Been completely off for three days. I was on this med for 3 years. Just a few days off and the bloated belly is going away. The world looks more colorful. I can laugh and play with my kids again. F 41 100 days
3mg 1X D
 2  Psychosis episode Flat effect, brain fog, tired, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction. Insomnia at one point. Night sweats. This drug can be scary. But don't worry, it gets better and the effects do wear off. It took me 2 weeks after stopping to feel completely normal again. You can do this. Stay strong. M 32 3 months
3mg 1X D
 1  Schizophrenic psychosis Lack of self, loss of self awareness, loss of personal thoughts, lower interest, lower iq, lack of fitness, leg & body pains frequently, breathing difficulties regularly, lack of motivation, sever depression, anxiety, social disabling word/ knowledge skills drop off, lack of sex drive, slow sex drive, severe impotency, mild tardive dyskinesia altered weight gain, altered gait, physical disabilities, muscle spasms,cramps, tics, both physical motor & facial tics, memory faults, problems in cognitive impairment areas, headaches, runny nose flu symptoms, cough, chest infections, upper respitory tract infections, fevers, overheating due to lack of body temp control,fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, sleeplessness, inability to act for yourself, inability to communicate efficiently, loss of life, loss of emotions, loss of joy in life,no reactions emotional or otherwise to major interactions, loss of friends, inability to reflect inwardly to oneself on matters, inability to make decisions, inability to function on a daily level. This drug is not recommended for long term use overall, just for acute attacks not permanently at all! Be warned a terrible drug of forced implementations. F 38 12 months
? 1X M
 1  Psychosis So bad I don't want to do anything all day, no emotions lack of enjoyment for anything I just lay in bed all day hoping to get off this soon 9 days
1X D
 1  unspecified psychosis every 3 or 4 days i just start to look up my eyes kind of search what is the highest on the horizon in the moment so for instance im just strolling down my city i catch myself looking at rooftops, trees etc makes me feels like a idiot and this last for like an afraid to drive and im afraid of heights so i avoid that at all nightmares kinda went away but im not gonna go on the next injection of xeplion i want to be focused and find a job. my mom called the ambulance cause i had bad dreams and went and asked my neighbour in the morning if they are saying things trough the wall at night(i live in a building) and they obviously said no and they called the police on me..previosly i stabbed myself 2 times in my stomach in my darkest hour od life...i have more psychiatry then length od service 1st time when i had psychosis is when i took 2 ecstacys on a bd party in 2016 and everybody started gossiping about me..i know this sounds like i should be tied and locked and throw im glad i dont have a court order to take this drug and i still have my work ability .they gave me 3 150mg injections while i was in the hospital M 28 2 months
150 mg 1X M
 1  Bipolar and Nxiety Same pacing laughing uncontrollable talking to my srlf M 26 60 days
Idk 1X D
 1  Bipolar Extreme weight gain, insatiable hunger. Gained over a hundred pounds. 220-350lbs. Avoid this medicine if you have problems with others with weight gain. Still experienced bipolar episodes. M 24 3 years
6 MG 1X D
 1  Bipolar 2 w/ psychosis Weight gain, anhedonia, suicidal thoughts, flat affect, cognitive functioning lowered, sexual problems, diarrhea The cons outweigh the pros. Helped me with delusions but wrecked my life worse than delusions ever did M 26 6 months
6mg 1X D
 1  Family put me in hospital So this is the worst medicine ever. I stopped getting a period for like a whole year, boobs got bigger they hurt at times. I couldn't chew my food or walk I now pee on myself just now getting a period it's coming back normal umm I was sleeping all day I was a zombie I would talk I couldn't laugh at a joke I was lifeless to the point my younger cousins would cry saying I want my cousin back, I was the life of the party I ended up losing a lot of my women. One of 17 years yeah I was gonna marry her but it was the worst my heart hurt and it beat so fast and I went to er they had to flush me out and I still was a zombie I lost weight I became depressed being on this drug caused me ptsd and I don't even have mental issues I just had adhd and I was just a kid from the hood I used to make big money now I'm scared of drugs and my own shadow I could be making crazy money rn but I been off drug for like a year now and I can walk somewhat and I'm a different person F 27 2 months
350 3X M
 3  Psychosis Weight gain, cognitive fog, worsened OCD symptoms, tremor in lower lip, bruxism, hyperprolactinemia It worked well, but side effects were bad. I no longer need it, so I am currently decreasing it. Be careful when withdrawing from Invega as the side effects can be unbearable. F 23 2 years
9 to 1.5mg 1X D
 1  Drug induced psychosis Complete loss of emotion, motivation, sexual drive, suicidal ideation every day of my now dreaded existence . I feel like a complete zombie. Been off the drug for 4 weeks and really really hope eventually it will pass. If anyone has a success story of coming off please send me an email. M 24 9 months
1X M
 3  Telecare FSP psych Weight gain stomach pain feeling of dizziness lack of motivation This drug was prescribed to me after I found chemicals in the window pane of the Los Angeles county run mental health rehab I accidentally broke the window and they said I had a psychotic episode so they sent me to the hospital the hospital falsified records because I'm on Medicare to hold me for an additional time frame of 2 weeks telling me I couldn't leave unless I got an invega shot so I agreed which was a big mistake now the dosage is way too high and I feel serotonin syndrome I talked with my telecare team and they will not take me off of it I can't believe they can do this to people I've told them the way I feel and they just say just give it time but it's getting worse 40 45 days
100mg 1X M

INVEGA  (PALIPERIDONE):  This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder). This medication can decrease hallucinations and help you to think more clearly and positively about yourself, feel less agitated, and take a more active part in everyday life. Paliperidone belongs to a class of drugs called atypical antipsychotics. It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)