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 5  Migraines Drowsiness, sensitivity to hot water, tingling in hands and feet, and an achy sensation all over. Generally the “heaviness” of my arms and legs wears off within 3-5 hours after taking the drug. This little blue pill is MAGIC. It’s the only thing that touches my migraines. Maxalt and Imitrex can numb the pain for a little while, but the come back. Treximet knocks it out completely. So worth the “noodle limbs” and tiredness. I feel so zapped after a Migraine attack. This helps. 10/10 F 25 4 years
 4  Migraines stomachache if I have an empty stomach but otherwise none Very effective for migraine--I refer to it as the "A-bomb" among my medicines for headaches F 39 1 days
 5  migraines Flushing....don't worry I hate the "scary" feeling but gone in just a few minutes....heart feels heavy for about 5-10 mins but goes away.......get tired after....Dr told me this is a "triptian flushing"....intense for about one half hour after taking but WORTH the side effects Have had migraines for 10+ years....liked Imitrex but LOVE LOVE LOVE Treximet. I like to read reviews but this is the FIRST time I want others to know this is my life about 3-4 hours I am a "NORMAL" person again. Sometimes I am tired but as I mentioned this is FANTASTIC!! I suffer from chronic migraines and if anyone else is hurting like me this is worth the try....I have been in many emergency rooms with I can take my meds and get my life back. F 49 1 years
1X D
 5  Migraines I call this drug the magic blue pill! I've tried many other medications to help relieve my migraines but nothing works. I've had migraines since I was a little girl and this is the only thing that has ever helped me. When I take this medication, I get neck pain/soreness but I would much rather deal with that than a migraine! F 24 1 months
 5  Migraine Headaches Achy body, sensitivity to hot water, a tingling throughout my body - feels like the medicine is working/generating through my body, and exhaustion - but I think the migraine just takes so much out of me that I'm exhausted by the time it's over. Also upset stomach if I don't eat a little something with taking it. TREXIMET has been a life saver for me! I get migraines so bad and nothing touches them aside from taking Treximet and I used to use Imitrex, did not work as well for me; so I was thrilled with the results I had from Treximet. Some of the side effects can seem overwhelming but, for me the benefit of migraine relief is so worth it and I feel they are minimal in comparison to the migraine itself. F 34 4 years
 1  Migraines Hallucinations, Nausea, uncontrollable muscle spasms in limbs, fingers, toes. The side effects I listed lasted for more than 12 hours after taking this medicine. M 15 1 days
500 mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Jaw pain, moderate nausea if I take it without eating. For me, this is truly a wonder drug. It completely knocks out migraines within an hour or so of taking it, and keeps them away for about 24 hours. F 26
1X D
 3  migraines all over achy "flu like" worsened nausea, swollen glands in neck, sore throat this takes away my migraines, but I find the side effects often worse than the migraine itself. I take it still because it is much better than spending days in bed with a headache F 30 6 months
 5  Migraines Moderate nausea for ~ 2 hours after taking, aching jaw This medicine is FANTASTIC. I've been having migraines for the last five years, and this is the first drug that's really worked for me. A+ F 25 2 months
 5  Migraines I cut mine in half due to the side effects from the imitrex. I take the half of pill then lay down and take a nap, when I awake the migraine is gone. I usually take motrin when I get a headache but with this I can't so I try tylenol first then this. Cuts down on the tightness in my limbs I feel from the imitrex. F 30 1 years
3X M
 2  Migraines Cold sweat, vibrating arms, stomach ache With in 30 minutes of taking this I started to sweat and my arms shook and my stomach hurt. Headache was gone but came back four hours later. I wont take this again. Dr gave me a sample of Maxalt will try that with next headache. F 31 1 days
500mg 1X D
 5  to reduce migrainess too expensive! Not that much better than imitrex. Wish they would come out with a nasal spray M 64 1 years
1X D
 5  migraines seems to relieve most of my migraines using just 1 dose... often with other triptans (Relpax & Maxalt), the headache would return the next day, but Treximet gives me better results (it is sumatriptan combined with naproxen) F 58 1 years
1 pill 1X AN
 5  Migraines caused by sinus infection Small feeling of nausea This medicine worked extrememly well, and my migraines were gone within 2 hours of taking the pill. I would advise taking the pill with phenergan to combat any nausea you may feel. But the medicine WORKS! M 27 4 days
 5  migraine None I have tried various medications for migraine over the past 35 years, including Fiorinal and Imitrex. A neurologist (and fellow migraine sufferer himself)recently recommended Treximet to me, when I complained that other medications had left me feeling spacey for approximately 12 - 16 hours after they had stopped my migraine pain. Treximet is the first and only migraine medication I've ever tried that not only relieves my pain, but also leaves me with no lingering "post-migraine" after-effects. F 60 9 months
85mg 1X AN
 5  migraines Depending on the time of day and if I have eaten, I can feel dopey and out of it and have trouble putting words to my thoughts. This isn't really a side effect, but I can feel the medicine working...I get this flooding feeling across my chest (like the blood is working over time). This medicine has been a lifesaver. I have tried A LOT of things for my migraines and this has been the only one that totally knocks them out (and doesn't totally knock ME out). Axert also worked, but Treximet is much faster (not instant, but faster). I had tried Imitrex before and it didn't work at all, but this particular coupling of medicines (Imitrex and naproxen) to make Treximet, works for me. I am not sure what I would do without this medicine. F 30 1 years
500 MG 1X AN
 5  migraine A bit sedating. Treximet works better than any other triptan I have used. I have never had to use a second dose. F 36 4 months

TREXIMET  (NAPROXEN SODIUM; SUMATRIPTAN SUCCINATE):  This combination product contains two ingredients: naproxen and sumatriptan. It helps to relieve headache, pain, and other migraine symptoms (including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light/sound) in adults and in children 12 years or older. Prompt treatment helps you return to your normal routine and may decrease your need for other pain medications. Naproxen is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is used to relieve pain. Sumatriptan belongs to a class of drugs called triptans. It affects a certain natural substance (serotonin) that causes narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. It may also relieve pain by affecting certain nerves in the brain. This medication does not prevent future migraines or lessen how often you get migraine attacks.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)