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 3  ADD Focalin XR was horrible, I don't do well with extended release medications though. I've tried Concerta, Adderall XR and Vyvanse...really bad stomach upset. Focalin XR made me really irritable and sick. I'm doing Focalin IR now and it's a little better but not as effective as Adderall IR. Adderall is no longer an option though because the crash is too much to handle. F 33 7 days
10mg 1X D
 4  ADHD BRAND FOCALIN - no problems, worked as it should. Yes, some loss of appetite so eat FIRST before taking in the morning. GENERIC - BEWARE if all of a sudden, you start having impulsivity, lack of concentration and fogginess, perhaps your medication is NOT RIGHT! After insurance only payed for GENERIC, I started taking a clear capsule with white balls marked 1X 709. The stuff did not work at all. Now that I have been taking a new generic white/blue capsule marked 110, my ADHD symptoms are in check. Also check everything that you are taking to see if there is a problem with any drugs that might be interacting with something else you might be taking. F 59 15 years
25 1X D
 5  ADHD None! M 24 0 days
 2  ADHD Fatigue & loss of appetite Makes me too tired and unmotivated to do anything. The complete opposite of what I need. F 34 15 days
15MG 1X D
 4  adhd lack of appetite, irritability, extreme sugar cravings(will eat bowls of granulated sugar.) Taking 10 mg. Focalin at breakfast, 15mg. Focalin XR at lunch. Started Focalin at age 6 and added Focalin XR at age 7. F 8 1 years
15 1X D
 4  Symptoms of ADD occurred Mild fevers, constant sweating, excess hunger when if wears off, (bad sugar & carbs cravings), jitteriness, mild anxiety, jaw clenching, nervousness (nail biting), sore muscles, dry mouth F 20 5 months
 4  I have Adhd Non F 14 3 years
20 MG
 3  ADHD Drowsiness, Crash Have taken pretty much every ADHD medicine and was really excited to finally get Focalin XR. Focalin IR tablets work fantastic for me (5 or 10mg 3x or 4x/day) and was really looking for an extended release version of d-MPH.. My biggest problem with this medication is not that it doesnt work, it does. It is that it lasts only 3.5 hours... Then I crash super hard and get incredibly drowsy. Have tried a few doses too and the same thing happens. Also, I am not sure why 5mg of Focalin IR feels like 3 times stronger than 15mg Focalin XR. I cant stay on this med because I need more than 3.5 hours of coverage, and do not feel comfortable taking 50+ mg of d-MPH to get it. M 27 2 weeks
25 1X D
 5  ADHD Loss of appetite which causes low blood sugar which causes tantrums. Otherwise, an amazing, life changing drug for our child. This drug has allowed my dear daughter to go from being thought of as a "problem child" in school to getting all 100%+ days. Her self esteem is soaring and she can control herself which was impossible before. The only problem is the lack of appetite which leads to tantrums from low blood sugar. We will take this over the rages and daily trauma she had to deal with prior. F 9 6 months
25 mg 1X D
 5  ADHD Slightly jittery and does slightly increase my anxiety level. Amazing med! I've tried so many stimulants and couldn't tolerate them. This works so well for me, helps me to wake up/stay focused/think clearly, I'm very relieved to finally have this in my arsenal of items for self care. NOTE: My son who is 7 also takes this and is doing very well. F 43 3 months
15mg 1X D
 5  ADHD 1) Intermittent stomach pain even when taken with food, 2) difficulty falling asleep managed with melatonin 1 mg 30-40 mins before bed., 3) much quieter, more reserved and serious (less personality), which may be resulting in fewer friendships, 4) definite decrease in appetite during lunch, which I counteract by giving him more calories at breakfast (including protein) and at dinner - continues to make gains in weight & height at each checkup. Of all the meds we've tried, Focalin XR has worked the best. My son has earned straight E's (Excellent) in 1st grades for last 3 grading periods & positive behavior reports (I implemented a simple system with teacher to get daily feedback). Qualified for the gifted program although he was never the best test-taker in the past. My only complaint is that it only lasts 5 hours. We added short-acting Focalin (not XR) in the afternoon & that has caused terrible rebound irritability (weepiness or anger/defiance) that got worse over time: was once every couple of weeks, then weekly, then daily. We're switching to 2 doses of Focalin XR. Problems with other meds we've tried: Concerta caused severe rebound irritability with either aggression or weepiness. Intuniv (not a stimulant) caused major sleepiness regardless of when he took it (would fall asleep in the car on the way home & I could sometimes get dinner in him but a bath was out of the question) & daytime enuresis (wetting himself). M 7 7 months
10 mg 1X D
 4  ADHD None known My 7 year old son just switched to the XR 20 mg capsule and takes it once in the morning. He was taking the 5 mg tablet twice a day but had to change due to summer camp not willing to give him meds there. There have been no side effects with the new dosage and he does great through out the day! M 7.5 2 weeks
20MG 1X D
 4  ADHD loss of appetite, trouble sleeping This is the third drug my son has tried for his AD/HD. So far it seems to be working and he has little side effects. I will re-evaluate in a month or so. It took a month to side effects when he was on Daytrana and those side effects were pretty bad. M 4 4 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  AD/HD My son had quite a lot of appetite loss, difficulty gaining weight, some trouble getting to sleep but we were able to counter that with Melatonin quite easily. We've tried my son on Concerta, Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin Immediate Release and Strattera. Out of all the meds the Focalin XR seems to have the fewest side effects for him. The others either do nothing at all or make him moody and aggressive. M 6 1 years
10mg 1X D
 4  Adult ADD dry mouth, mid-day crash, decreased appetite I've been on Focalin XR 10mg for a week now. My doc added it after trying straterra for 10 weeks with minimal improvement. I'll titrate to 20mg after 14 days. So far so good, my focus and attention has improved, I'm able to stick with a task until completion. I hate the mid-day crash, its weird I'll crash then I'll get a second wind. Its like its releases in spurts instead of gradually throughout the day. F 30 7 days
10 1X D

FOCALIN XR  (DEXMETHYLPHENIDATE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - ADHD. It works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain. Dexmethylphenidate belongs to a class of drugs known as stimulants. It can help increase your ability to pay attention, stay focused on an activity, and control behavior problems. It may also help you to organize your tasks and improve listening skills.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)