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 1  Early onset Alzhiemers 77 year old father started on 5 mg, but when increased to 10 mg we noticed the constant nose-running, then dry skin on forehead and dark urine....Tearful eyes...Then came 4 or 5 sickness episodes,nausea...,belching and burping soon after eating...very bad dreams along with sleep disturbances...urinary incontinence..slow bowels(5 days etc)....Father became "vacant" and did not initiate any conversation... In hindsight we wish that my father had never been put on this medication as he suffered so much whilst taking them...We also stopped the statins that my father had been prescribed for years as he had no history of heart problems but we found out that a possible side effect of simvaststin could be memory issues!...We also found out that Aricept can cause all these unwanted side effects because it over-excites the para-sympathetic part of the nervous system which controls glands/excretions etc..hence the watering eyes,runny nose,stomach secretions,urinary/faecal overstimulation....My fathers symptoms started gradualy after the increased dose of 10mg and when we noticed the first symptoms of runny nose,rash and dark urine the doctor just said it might need time to settle down,It didnt settle down, it just got worse until 3 months later we stopped it without seeing the doctor,..After about 7 weeks we felt that the Aricept was finaly leaving his system and he is a much happier and relaxed man now.....We are without doubt that all these side effects came about due to taking Aricept as my father has had excellent health up until then...I wish that the doctors had explained in much more detail about how dangerous this drug is and how drastic it can effect peoples health..... I hope that this information helps someone as I was truly shocked to learn how many people out there have suffered from taking this drug M 77 90 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  memory loss My 88 year old mother started taking this drug for memory loss. She had nightmares, could not sleep, anxiety, more confusion, feeling of helplessness, very depressed, loss of appetite, weak. She would curl up in a fetal position in bed and start crying and wonder why she was still alive. She's off the Aricept and after a complete blood work-up, her other medication (thyroid) has been adjusted. I think the combo of the two drugs was really bad. I think Aricept was really bad for my mother. I feel really bad I had her take it and keep taking it. I just kept thinking the side effects are temporary. Now with her meds being adjusted, I would never have started her on the Aricept to begin with. Her mind is so much clearer. Before you even consider Aricept, make sure the doctor does a very thorough workup on your loved one to make sure that there is nothing else causing memory loss/confusion. And if I understood correctly, her loss of appetite caused her renal function to go down. F 88 6 weeks
10 mg 1X D