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 1  Back and leg pain I spent 11 hours waiting for extreme nausea from the very first pill to end. It helped the pain but being so sick was awful. In the trash it goes. Back to naproxen sodium. F 63 1 days
50 MG
 3  Arthritis in hips Weight loss (fyi,I've had no unpleasant side effects.) After starting this medicine,I began to lose weight, unawares. I was shocked when at the 3 month check-up, I learned I'd dropped 23 pounds. Now, after taking it 7 months, I have dropped about 50 pounds. Caused me to not feel normal hunger. I would begin a meal, but feel full quickly,to the point that I absolutely wanted NO more. Very unusual. Normally, I'd want seconds! This will cause your stomach to shrink. 2 mo ago,weight loss began to slow-thought it might be stopping altogether. I determined to help it out a bit.Tried to make sure I never ate 'tween meals, etc. I've continued to lose weight, w/o any real effort,but slower than before-probably a good thing. Only other possible cause for weight loss is use of a hot tub. About the same time as I started with the Ultram, after reading online about the potential benefits of hot tub use for Arthritis sufferers, we purchased 1; I began to use it-virtually every day for at least an hour or longer. (Husband built "desk" that fits across it. I go out with Bible, computer, etc & make good use of my time.) According to an online study,those in 1 for at least 30 min/day lose an average of 1 lb/week. Whatever the cause-probably a combination-the weight loss has been significant;that, in itself, helps any overweight arthritis patient. I'd be interested in knowing of similar experiences. F 57 7 months
200 mg 1X D
 3  I was taking 'regular' Ultram on an Itchy face, and nausea like codeine, but lasts much longer, good for dental pain, lower lumbar, old man's knee, etc. I always wondered why it made me feel peppy and got me out of the house a few times (I could walk again)and then turned into a depressing hallucination filled crash. Only recently I discovered it has an SRI effect! And along with any SRI's dreadful side FX,comes that awful medical 'addiction' I couldnt understand why the walls moved up and down and the carpet would ripple like wind on a pond- for over a week- Stopping 90 days of morphine and dilaudid was much easier, and quicker. Even a barbiturate detox was a tea party next to getting off SRI's. The entire class of SRI's is as prevalent and over prescribed, like PFL's in the early '50's- Major doses of major narcotics and barbiturates in the 60's- Drs handing out power packed speedballs for people who 'need a little energy' during the day, and want to skip lunch. What will they say in 20yrs about the time Dr's gave Ultram manages pain ok, first like a stiff dose of codeine for a week or so, then your natural tolerance kicks in, and makes it pretty useless. It was thankfully free of toxic Ibupro/aceto- But then I find out it also has an SRI action, and that typical SRI withdrawal nightmare. M 63 15 days
150-250mg 1X D
 4  Back pain Severe discomfort and flu like symptoms during withdrawal. M 40 2 years
1X D