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 3  Triglycerides Horrible stomach pain like I had an ulcer, back pain like my back was breaking, hives. F 51 11 months
4 40 mg a 1X D
 1  Triglycerides short episodes of extremely uncomfortable chest tightness. ER ekg, xrays, bloodwork showed no obvious cause, but the ONLY change in any aspect of my health was starting Lovaza just over a week before. I'll go back to fish oil, avoiding grains and exercising. M 60 8 days
 3  High Cholesterol M 49
2 gel caps 1X D

 5  High Tryglycerides Mild burping. Lowered Tryglycerides from 750 to 300. Lowered Cholesterol from 265 to 230. This drug definitely works, but it is expensive. This stuff is literally Rx fish oil and I wonder whether over the counter fish oil would be equally beneficial. A benefit of this drug is has no adverse effects on liver function. I had to add lipitor to my treatment. M 42 90 days
2 gm. 2X D
 5  BiPolar and Rheumatoid Arthritis gas - but my body is adjusting,very high copay compared to other scripts - shiny hair and good skin F 42 4 weeks
1 GM 2X D
 5  Triglyceride Burping!!! My triglyceride level is @ 94. M 50 3 years
1 gm 4X D
 5  triglycerides none reduced triglycerides from 300 to 136 in a two month period. M 51 2 months
 5  high triglycerides (565) No side effects at all. Extrememly expensive and I don't have any insurance whatsoever. No way I can afford $150 every month for it. I'm taking just one a day but it'll have to do. In under 2 months it brought my trigs from 565 down to 200. But I was/am also on Crestor so I'm sure it was the combination of both. I tried taking an OTC fish oil and had gas real bad so went back to Lavaza. At least I smell better lol F 50 6 months
 5  high triglycerides brought my triglycerides down considerably and to within normal range F 45 2 years
 3  triglycerides nothing overt exceedingly expensive. going to a medical plan that does NOT pay anything for this drug. Have cut back to 1 cap night and 1 day. Will taper down. Began modest NIACIN at night, helpful. M 67 2 years
 2  Abnormal lipid panel None Cholesterol dropped 16 points in about 5 months, but triglycerides rose 100 points. My doctor is very confused, as am I. These capsules are not small - I also took flaxseed oil, Co-Q-10 and while the drop in cholesterol is good, the rise in triglycerides is not. I am a severe high risk, but cannot take statins so have to rely on other means to control familial hypercholesterolemia. F 56 5 months
 1  High triglycerides Emptying of wallet My insurance didn't cover this medication, and at $120 per month out of pocket, I can't afford it. My pharmacist advised me to take a fish oil dietary supplement instead. So far my triglycerides have come down over 100 points using the dietary supplemnt. Don't waste your money on this overpriced fish oil. M 38 2 months
 3  High cholesterol - HBP Constipation; Headaches initially F 37 5 days
 3  high triglycerides no side effects Reduced triglycerides a bit but not as much as expected, now dr cut dosage and added tricor F 47 4 months
 5  Hypertriglyceridemia None. Starting TG 468, then brought it down to 210 after 4 months. M 37 4 months
 1  high cholestrol bad bloating, very dry hair, eye swelling including under my eye on my face, severe constipation, finger swelling F 52 90 days
 4  elevated triglycerides none triglycerides went from 510 to 300 in 4 months with very little diet change. M 61 4 months

LOVAZA  (OMEGA-3-ACID ETHYL ESTERS):  Omega-3 acid ethyl esters, a type of fat found in fish oil, is used along with diet and exercise to help lower levels of a certain blood fat (triglyceride). It may also raise "good" cholesterol (HDL). In general, this drug is used after your blood fat levels have not been fully controlled by non-drug treatments (such as diet changes, exercise, decreasing alcohol intake, weight loss if overweight, controlling blood sugar if diabetic, and regulating your thyroid hormone levels). Lowering triglycerides and increasing "good" cholesterol may help decrease the risk for strokes and heart attacks. Omega-3 acid ethyl esters are thought to work by decreasing the amount of triglyceride the body makes.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)