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 4  Birth control I have been taking Seasonale and its various generic forms for over 15 years. It's been effective for me in preventing pregnancy and I have had none of the weight gain or mental health side effects (suicidal thoughts, extreme moodiness) that some mention, at least not that I would attribute to the birth control. My only issue is fairly severe migraines either during the week I stop the hormone pills and have my period or when I start back on a new pack. More often than not at some point during my period week I wil get such an intense headache that I have nausea/vomiting and dizziness. No migraine medicines seem to work. I just have to ride it out. I am overall pleased with Seasonale though. F 39 15 years
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 1  I wanted to feel better. No periods The absolute worst!!!! 10lb weight gain in 9 days!!!!!!!! Super swollen and sore legs. Major depression. Suicidal thoughts. Fatigue and lack of any motivation. All I wanted to do was sleep. Heavy heavy bleeding began 2 days after I started the medication.... Which was 5 days after my last period stopped.... DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. F 37 9 days
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 1  birth control EXTREME WEIGHT GAIN NIGHTMARES DEPRESSION NIGHT SWEATS I HATE HATE HATE that I took this after 20 years of being on Diane 35. My insurance no longer wanted to cover it so I had to try this horrible drug. After being a fitness model for 5 years and training hard, being on keto and not having gained any weight within the last 5 years....This medication made me gain 15lbs. I have stopped but no longer can lose the excess, I feel like garbage and no longer fit into my clothing. Now that summer is here I am severely hiding from depression...If anyone can help get the hormones normal and lose the weight with any suggestions please email me..A lot f people posted about weight gain but no posting on how they fixed it?!! I have bloodtests conducted and am waiting for my results in 2 days.. F 37 2 months
 1  Period elimination, cycle control This is the Plan B pill, Jolessa's very 1st i take it 3 days before going out of town for my anniversary, it successfully pushes my period off of 4 days. Awesome, but wait, day 5 I have cramps that remind me of 1 thing and 1 thing only, miscarriage cramping. I thought, okay, this is the price you pay for trying to skip your period, but it got worse, i bled through super tampons for 3 days straight and called my OB on day 7 of this heavy bleeding to tell her that Jolessa just isnt gonna work, I needed less symptoms not more, so she suggests sticking with it 😂 no ma'am, you STICK with it and rewrite me something that isnt made to cause an abortion. Yes, even though I have Essure and yes its the devil (Essure), I feel like Ive served my time in the period world and ruined enough underwear to suffice, I want out. So i guess I'll just find a new OB and new BC because Jolessa, you can keep that junk. If it worked for you, awesome but this medication made being a woman 100xs worse this month. Thanks for absolutely nothing. If men bled like this yall would find a solution quick fast and in a hurry....🤷‍♀️ Crap Worst pill on the market. Good luck NOT bleeding. F 33 21 days
 1  Fewer Periods Acne, weight gain, crazy emotional issues/mood swings, hair falling out, anxiety, panic attacks, possible high blood pressure, increased appetite, low sex drive, yeast infections, vaginal dryness All I wanted was to stop my periods from happening every month. I was satisfied for the first couple of months while taking this pill, but then during the third month I got hardcore pregnancy symptoms. I was not pregnant, and I started lightly bleeding a week before having a full period. I had terrible cramps for the first time in years. My flow was also heavier than usual as well. I have noticed that I have been getting more migraines as well. I started my second pack of this pill, and noticed that 3 or 4 days into the second round of this pill, that I started to feel more depressed and anxious. I get intrusive thoughts about all sorts of things. Iíve been unpleasant and crying a lot and I have no sex drive which is very unlike me. I barely even want to touch myself and while I can get aroused, Iíve had vaginal pain and dryness and also vaginal itchiness and eventually I just stopped being interested in sex. My emotions only started to get worse, and I started behaving in strange ways with my boyfriend leaving him confused and wondering why I was saying the things I was and why I was so upset and crying. Then it dawned on me to check the reviews on these pills because I hadnít done so before. Holy crap! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone and that it very well could be that Seasonale that has caused me this issue. It made me think back to the last few months Iíve been on it and I started to put two and two together. I gained 15 lbs out of no F 24 14 weeks
 1  Painful, heavy periods. Spontaneous bruising all over body, headaches, eye pain, weakness/tired. Gained 10lbs in 4 weeks without changing diet or exercise. Would not recommend this BC. The idea seemed nice, but too good to be true. F 29 4 weeks
 1  for a week i am upset i did this to my body i went a year being off of birth control and my body was fine now i took this pill for five days and i am an emotional wreck i already suffer with anxiety and this pill made it worst i have been emotional crying all the time anxious and sad i have decided to completely stop birth control altogether because i think the hormones does something to mental health i think if you already have mental health issues you should not be on birth control as women we are already naturally emotional so to get a pill that makes you more emotional is just too much i tried to stick it out but yesterday was the last straw for me i was sitting in my room and i was overcome with nausea and anxious thoughts F 24 5 days
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 1  Prevent pregnancy Extreme lethargy, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, extreme heart palpitations, nausea This medication is the worst thing that Iíve ever taken. I have dealt with depression and anxiety in the past but nothing in comparison to this. Iíve heard bad things about Seasonale before but was too enticed by the idea of not having my period - BIG mistake. Iíve never felt so anxious in my life and have had what feels like essentially an unending panic attack for the past couple weeks accompanied by heart racing so fast. Plus Iíve never felt more suicidal and depressed in my life, felt uninterested in everything and found myself desperately calling for help last night after trying not to kill myself. I had been doing really well with dealing with my depression and not I felt like I had a complete relapse which made me feel even more worn down and negative - little did I know it was this stupid bc pill!! F 18 2 weeks
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 1  Birth control Severe anxiety (heart palpitations), hot flashes, depressive thoughts, dry eyes, nausea, cramps, headaches, extreme fatigue JUST BAD. I have never felt this anxious in my life. AND SO TIRED. I thought I was pregnant.. which would have been a more positive explanation. Also my doc suggested I take antidepressants for the first time in my life. Finally realized it was Seasonale cause I had period cramps a week before my actual period. I've been off of it for a week and slowly recovering from the muscle tension in my neck and anxiety this has caused. I do not recommend this pill (obviously) F 27 9 months
 2  Birth Control Painful sex during times I would have previously had my period. Weight gain. Mood swings, felt emotionally sensitive, sore breastís. I used to take this pill for years previously and didnít have any issues that I can recall. This time, I gained 12 lbs in the first cycle. I also donít like how emotional they made me. F 35 3 months
 1  contraceptive reasons Moodiness, sad for no reason, light depression, mentally exhausted, tired, lethargic, dizzy, irritable, hopelessness, breakouts, bad rashes all over my face Since starting this pill back in early october, my life has completely gone down hill. I felt absolutely exhausted even with a normal sleep schedule and not over working myself. Oftentimes if I had a break between classes, I would come home and sleep because I was so tired. My skin has been shit, new breakouts every single day and a weird red angry rash that appears on my eyelids and around my mouth every so often. My parents were the first to notice my mood changing because I went from talkative and approachable to irritable and rude. When I could avoid communicating or seeing anyone, I would gladly stay in bed all day and cry. I would cry for absolutely no reason and even when the smallest thing would happen I would feel on the edge of tears. I've also been dizzier than usual and lethargic. My doctor thought I had anemia but now that i've really done some research, I am sure this pill has been causing my symptoms. I've stopped the pill and will take a break for now and probably return to linessa, a pill I took for a year and that I trust. F 19 3 months
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 1  PCOS Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks Stopped caring about anything. Started hating myself, my work, my life. Suicide seriously felt the way to go. F 29 2 months
 2  Postpone period for vacation Cramping, breast tenderness, breakthrough bleeding going on 5 weeks, moodiness, hunger My doctor prescribed when I asked if there was anything I could do to avoid my period on a long planned vacation. Would I recommend this, no, but the breakthrough bleeding was light compared to having a heavy period for 3 days so it wasn't terrible. Only plus on this medication was that my skin has NEVER looked better. That being said, I will not continue with it. F 47 3 months
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 3   Breakthrough bleeding and horrible cramps Started taking Seasonale because I was having heavy and longer periods after my tubaligaton. I'm currently on my 7th week going into the 8th week and I'm having breakthrough bleeding and horrible cramps. I'm not going to continue on because I can't handle the cramping. Guess I will deal with the heavy, long periods. F 39 7 weeks
 1  birth control I was on this for 12 years. I now have 5 tumors in my liver and have to have a biopsy to see exactly what we are dealing with. WhatI was originally diagnosed with in July has been changed. The original diagnosis was a non cancerous type. The new diagnosis can go either way. My very strong advice is to stay as far away from this pill as possible. The hormone levels are too high to be on for any length of time. It would have been great to have been warned of that before being on it for as long as I was. F 42 10 years
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 1  Birth control Extreme nausea, worse in the first few weeks of taking it but never went away, diarrhea every day that I took pills, I actually felt better when I had me period and was not taking any pills. One of the worst I've tried. Cramps, bloating and painful gas/stomach aches. F 31 100 days
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 2  To delay my period for vacation I had swelling and pain in my calves, then the pain started to spread to my arms. It made me moody, and not want to do anything F 27 7 days
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 1  birth control I am 26 and have been taking the pill for ten years (mostly Tri Cyclen Lo). My blood pressure became very high (164/112) on Seasonale, so I stopped taking it as soon as I discovered my high blood pressure (about two months into my first pack of pills), but it took another six weeks to normalize. It would go down and then up again. It took so long, I became terribly worried, anxious, and depressed. In addition to the high blood pressure, I had pain in my neck - a pressured feeling in my veins that would alternate from one side of the neck to the other - since the second week of taking Seasonale. I was sent for several tests and found that one of my kidneys was also mildly swollen. Finally, two months after quitting Seasonale, my blood pressure is normal, my neck pain is gone, but I need to do another ultrasound to follow up on the kidney swelling (hydronephrosis). I found a website with studies of Seasonale and hydronephrosis was a side effect for a small number of women. I suppose all medication reacts differently in different people, but this really sucked for me. I was afraid for my life. I strongly recommend that anyone who tries Seasonale should monitor their blood pressure. F 26 60 days
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 5  to prevent pregnancy & flow None... love it... F 54 6 years
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