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 4  Extremely low T After 60 days the only side effect I have is restless nights and I'm not sleeping very well but To be totally honest it may be due to sleep apnea. I'm having that checked next month so I'll know for sure then. Was prescribed this med for severe low T that was in the 200 range and So far...I'm quite pleased with this Med. Doc started me on the lowest amount but will be increasing that tomorrow. It has an alcohol type smell but that disputes shortly after application. I've read a few posts claiming this odor in a turn-on for the ladies but so far I've yet to experience that. Maybe it's because I've been married to a smokin hot piece for the last 36 years. Anyway...I can tell a huge increase in muscle mass, energy and mental clarity but am still waiting on the labido to return to FULL STRENGTH if ya know what I mean. I basically went thru 2 years of chemicals castration to fight advanced prostate cancer which ended in 2015. I've suffered with low t ever since. Knowing that testosterone is like rocket fuel to prostate cancer I finally decided I've suffered long enough and so far im glad I did. My workouts are fantastic, mental clarity is coming back fast, depression is not as bad and my zest for life is returning. I'm excited to see what the increased doseage will do. M 57 60 days
5mg 1X D
 5  hypogonadism No negative side effects. After the first day, I felt an immediate and profound difference in my energy level and motivation. After years of suffering from low T, hovering around 300, I finally got retested and qualified for the prescription when my total level scored 235. This is due in part due to age, and also because of a previously undescended testicle (for which I had surgery), but it never fully developed, so I've spent my entire life up until now with one normal teste and one that barely functions, apparently. A huge disadvantage, for sure. I only wish I could've gotten this prescription years earlier, because I've really been suffering with low T (which is an actual condition, not something made up). For the people saying it has a smell, yes, it contains pentadecalactone, which is a male pheromone. The ability to perceive this scent varies greatly among different people, men and women. Some are unable to smell it at all, others find it to be pleasant, and some people dislike it. So it's highly subjective. Personally, I like how it smells and my wife does too. It's literally the smell of natural musk, which is naturally produced in the male armpit and attracts females, yes, in humans, not just in animals. The reason it's included in Testim is because it helps the testosterone to be absorbed through the skin. Studies have shown that for men who didn't respond to other brands of T gel like androgel (which does not contain pentadecalactone), when they switched to Testim, they saw improvement M 43 5 days
5g tube 2X D
 5  Low testosterone levels due to orch Raised my testosterone levels and the fragrance is a definite turn on for the women. M 67 8 years
100 mg
 4  Low T anyone who says that this stuff smells terrible is crazy. I cant tell you how many women have complimented me let alone want to jump me due to the smell of Testim alone!!! So many women have asked me what that smell is that its incredible. Testim please do not change the smell! Good stuff. M 41 1 days
50 1X D
 5  low T none had no response to androgen regardless of dose. had a quick response to Testim. Eventually found I needed to be on two vials. really helpful. It has a slight scent but oddly, many women think I'm wearing some kind of obscure cologne. Dont like the sticky feel while its drying but that small drawback is worth it for me. M 51 3 years
100 mg 1X D
 1  hypogonadism none This stuff works well and smells horrible. The smell does not wash off, and nobody will f*ck you smelling this bad. Spend the extra $ and get the patch. M 50 3 weeks
50 mg 1X D
 2  low testosterone None yet Odor is very strong. Gets in clothes, sheets, pillows. Does not wash out in laundry. Smells like old ladies smelled in church back in the 1950s, icky sweet with sweat and cheap talcum powder beneath it. I may not be able to tolerate this drug. I used Androgen before. No smell. I had to switch as A-gel went off the formulary of my insurance plan, but I would sure love to ditch the stench! M 64 1 weeks
30 mg 1X D
 1  low t High blood pressure, high hemoglobin, restless nights M 57 12 months
150GM 1X D
 4  Low T levels, no sex drive. I'm getting acne on my upper back and acne and whiteheads on my face, specifically the chin and lips area. I'm always seeing whiteheads on the edges of my lips. What can be done? M 56 3 months
50 MG
 3  Low T At first some heat flashes, then those went away very quickly. No side effects for one year,but this year more frequent heart palpitations and my blood pressure began to rise. The smell wasn't bad either and the med stays on your skin real well. Did not experience any rashes or allergy to this med.. This drug did help me raise my T levels last year, but this year my levels have stayed low. Below 230. I don't know what my body is doing with the Testim, but not raising my T levels. I know it's not converting the testosterone to Estradiol because my E levels were normal. Going to try the Clomid route..... M 42 2 years
50MG/tube 1X D
 4  Low T None except the musky smell. It's very sticky even after waiting few minutes to dry. My wife likes the smell, unfortunately, so do my other male coworkers. Prescribed due to normal but low testosterone. I was at low 300s but my urologist wanted me to be above 500. I stopped using it after the birth of my daughter -- can't risk the chance of rubbing the med on her. M 40 5 months
1% 1X D
 5  hypogonadism ( low T) After several months on Testim I got some acne on my stomach and chest area.. not a big deal for what I get in the benefits of this drug. Testim has made a big difference for me.. My libido has increased.. I feel more energetic and healthy and I am not fatigued any longer..I am happier and generally have a much better sense of well being. Yes, it does have a smell..but not a bad one ..my wife really gets turned on by it , actually. It is known to absorb better than androgel for many men and it works great for me.. it keeps my testosterone levels up where they need to be. M 51 3 years
10 grams 1X D
 2  Hypogonadism Actually wasn't on it long enough to experience side effects. Posting because I wanted to let people know that this product smells. Had to switch to Androgel as it is odorless. This product smells. It's not an offensive smell, but it lingers, even after showering, and gets stronger if you work out. My wife thought it smelled sweet; not a manly smell. From what I could find online, the smell comes from a chemical they add to help the product be absorbed more quickly. Basically, with Testim, you can wash it off or go swimming 2 hours after application. With Androgel, they recommend waiting for 5-6 hours. M 38 2 days
1% 1X D

TESTIM  (TESTOSTERONE):  This medicated gel contains testosterone. It is used for hormone replacement in men who are not able to produce enough testosterone (e.g., hypogonadism). This medication is absorbed through the skin, enters your bloodstream, and helps your body reach normal testosterone levels. Testosterone helps the body to develop and maintain the male sexual characteristics (masculinity), such as a deep voice and body hair. It also helps to maintain muscle and prevent bone loss, and is necessary for natural sexual ability/desire. This drug should not be used by women.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)