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 4  Glaucoma Longer darker lashes which is great, but my eyelids have turned brown which I don't like. The fat underneath my eyes has disappeared (could do with a gallon for my body) that has revealed tiny blue blood vessels which I'm self conscious about. Not sure if it's caused by Lumigan or Cosopt, which I also use. Lowered my eye pressure. F 61 2 days
1 drop 1X D
 3  Glaucoma Coughing tired F 63 1 days
30 1X D
 3  High eye pressure no glaucoma Very dry eye socket, light sensitivity and eyes feel extremely tired take cyclosporine drops to combat dry eyes also has darkened skin in corner of eyes Lesser of two evils Azopt gives me severe gritty feeling. And dry eyes F 66 2 months
1 drop day 1X D
 1  Lower eye pressure in right eye Hypertension and severe pain in right shoulder and arm. Took for 24 days. The urgent care doctor said that these eye drops could not have caused both these problems. The ophthalmologist said he had not heard of these either. Stopped 2 weeks ago. Both symptoms very slowly resolving. F 74
.01 1X D
 4  To lower eye pressure None F 57 5 years
1XD 1X D
 2  High eye pressure Stomach issues, depression, ears ringing. The doctor always says these are not any of lumigan's side effects but it has to be because every time I use it these same symptoms start a few days after starting. F 58 30 days
0.01% 1X D
 1  High pressure Drug should be ban just makes you sicker my doc says i am not having the issues I am having like being sick to my stomach my panic attack got worse bad dreams when your old they think you don't know what your talking about was taking trazan z had no issues but drug plan wouldn't cover any more so guess I should just go blind so doc won't have to deal with my complaints as long as they get paid they don't care about you Its a killer F 73 5 days
2.5 1X D
 2  Glaucoma I developed dry sore throat, mild headaches & other aches & pains that I'm not sure if related to Lumigan. F 74 1 years
1 drop 1X D
 1  Open angle glaucoma Itchy, burning and red eyes. Heart palpitation, cramps and Throbbing headache with feeling like fluid rushing to my forehead Stop taking this drop after feeling sick all the time with extreme tiredness and two trips to the emergency room, thought I was having a heart attack F 40 4 months
1X D
 3  eye pressure Itching of the eyes. Mostly left eye. F 63 0 days
1 drop
 3  High pressure Darkening of skin around the eyes , eye lids very pink , severe headaches every morning 69 6 months
 3  Glaucoma lashes are longer - great! But periocular skin pigment is very dark and my eyes seem to be sinking into my head. Very unhappy about this - using way too much make-up to try to lighten up my face. Occasionally my eyes feel dry, but very rarely, and there is no other discomfort. F 63 1 years
one drop 1X D
 4  Glaucoma After 6 months developed aches and pains in neck, shoulder, arms and back. I'm achy everyday. A few days before I open a new bottle of drops I get severe headaches. But it keeps the ocular pressure down. Just want to feel like my old self F 54 15 months
 4  Glaucoma suspect Occasionally watery eyes, random chest heaviness with weak arms lasting about 2 minutes but not sure if related to Lumigan F 60 2 months
1 drop eac
 4  Glaucoma Chest pains, especially the ribs. Pain in left shoulder and arm. Darkness around the eyes. Eyelashes rub my eye glasses on the left side, due to growth of lashes F 66 1 years
0.01 1X D
 1  Glaucoma I take this along with Azopt. This drug makes my eyes sting and feel very uncomfortable. the skin around my eyes is darker. I suffer with migraine that I take medicine for. The medicine usually helps but my migraine always gets worse after the drops and turns into an agressive thumping. Dizzyness, cough and sickness are always experienced. I have also developed very dry and itchy ear canals. I have a feeling of pressure in my chest all the time and now develop pain in my left shoulder and arm when I am stressed, I also feel that there is nothing to look forward to in my life anymore, I never suffered with depression before. I have explained the problems to my doctor who says there is nothing he can do and I will go blind if I don't take the drops. Very negatively effect the quality of life. F 50 6 days
1 drop per 1X D
 4  glaucoma Long eyelashes are a plus. However, this is mitigated by whites turning a pale pink color and skin surrounding eyes is dark now as I believe there is considerable bruising of tiny blood vessels where the drug comes in contact with skin. That's okay on top lids where it looks like eye shadow, but underneath my eyes it merely accentuates my bags! New (2011) lower dosage Lumigan is supposed to eliminate the pink while still doing its work containing glaucoma F 68 3 years
1X D
 1  possible low pressure glaucoma After 5 minutes of applying one drop in my left eye I had the following symptoms: extremely dilated pupil, eye pain, extreme dry eye. Eye pain has diminished, but still persists after 36 hours of use. My opthamologist said he'd never heard of these reactions; however, the drug info on the internet says these side affects can be common. I filed a report on the FDA Medwatch website. I will be seeking another opinion from a different doctor before I try anything like this again. F 65 1 days
.01 1X D
 5  Glaucoma long eyelashes Lumigan rules. It controls Glaucoma, along with Cosopt, AND results in fuller longer lashes! I was warned that my blue eyes might turn brown but that did not happen. F 52 10 years
1X D
 1  pressure rubbish rubbish M 66 4 days

LUMIGAN  (BIMATOPROST):  Bimatoprost is used to treat high pressure inside the eye due to glaucoma (open-angle type) or other eye diseases (e.g., ocular hypertension). Lowering high pressure inside the eye can help prevent blindness. This medication works by regulating the flow of fluid within the eye to maintain a normal pressure.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)