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 1  Birth control Insomnia, Depression, severe Anxiety, Migraine that's not going away even i took medication, Body pain, Sweat nights. I removed the patch on the 6th day. I developed a very bad insomnia. In 6 days of using this I only have 2 days of good sleep abd the rest 4 days I'm a wake for more than 24hrs or only have 3 hours of sleep. My anxiety gets worse and started developing depression. This is the worst contraceptive so far I tried. F 29 6 days
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 3  Contraception Headaches, bad in the first month. Increased appetite, moderate nausea, stomach upset, bloating, suspected weight gain or rather fat gain / water weight for certain. Mood swings, low mood, greater sensitivity to alcohol. Feels like the first months of pregnancy to be honest. Wish I could use a reliable non hormonal method. Gets dirty easily as dust sticks to the edges of the patch. Lifts often even though I keep oils and creams well away and have tried varying locations for the patch. F 30 5 weeks
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 1  doctor recommended for irregular bl EXTREME HAIR LOSS! painful periods and heavy bleeding, chest pain I stopped using it about 2 months ago and still experiencing extreme hair loss.. I had so much hair and Evra destroyed this for me! I definitely do not recommend. Please, if any of you have experience with hair loss and when it stops email me! F 22 7 months
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 1  Birth control Extreme breast pain just about brings me to tears, mood swings/depression, hair loss, rash at the site when I remove the patch (but I get this with bandages too), libido plumetted in the past month or so I will ask my doctor about other birth control options soon but I've tried two different pills and an iud already and I don't react well to any of them so far. F 27 4 months
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 5  Contraception & Medical reasons. None, some of what they say are side effects I normally have like migraines, acne, and low mood. With the patch, they all go away. I love it, truly. I use the patch to control my period which is naturally heavy and painful, to help with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), and clears up my acne (face & back). I think it works so agreeably with me because I don't smoke, I have a healthy lifestyle/ BMI, and I'm within the appropriate age range for the patch. All so sometimes birth controls don't work for you just because. It is okay to find your fit and have an open honest conversation with your Obgyn. F 28 2 years
6.60 mg 3X M
 4  Pregnancy prevention Headaches and nausea first few weeks. Weight gain. Massive boobs. Patch looks gross quickly as fluff sticks to edges. Had to experiment with best placement - ended up with open wounds on abdomen from where it caused irritation. For me it's best placed on the upper thigh or bum for no irritation. No withdrawal bleed experienced. This is the best contraceptive for me- I usually get overwhelmed as hormones play havoc making me very emotional and depressed. This has not happened with this contraceptive. My libido has also stayed healthy unlike with others. Patch stays on well. F 30 4 weeks
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 3  Balance hormones Weight gain Increased appetite Hair loss Breast tenderness first 4 months Extreme nausea first month Spotting Skin irritation where patch is placed Helped to clear acne. Increased libido. Can't say that it helped to balance my hormones F 24 6 months
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 4   Pros: happy, relaxed, positive, Cons: periodic nausea, hyper sensitive to smells and sounds. Brief back ache at the site of patch, fatigue. I haven't been on it long enough but my friend loves it. Made her boobs massive so I'm hoping the same with happen for me baha. I was on Alesse previously which agreed with me very well. However, the first month on it, I had terrible nausea. CONSTANT. I expect the same with this but it's no where near as bad. F 21 4 days
 5  Contraception No side effects, period is regular and a lot less heavier. This is a lifesaver compared to other/no contraception as I was always bleeding and my 'period' was extremely heavy F 18 2 years
 1  to regulate my period Awful first day i was fine nothing then day 2 started getting horrible chest pain and bad nausea day 3 woke up felt like i had been hit by a bus chills all over flu like symptoms and completely lost my voice headaches and nausea overwhelming safe to say i have binned them AVOID !!!! F 31 4 days
 3  Birth control Some serious nausea about 4 days out of the week, unable to eat enough on these days. It does the job, and I've only ever had a patch fall off once. Period is shorter and lighter. But with the nausea making me eat so little of about half the week, it's been harder for me to lose weight. F 23 2 months
 4  Contraception Nothing so far, possibly headaches but could be unrelated. As I put it on on the first day of my period, I noticed that period was shorter than normal which is good. Does lift up at the edges as fluff gets stuck under it. However for me it's still stayed on and not peeled up much. But When I peeled off the first patch it came off so easily, like seemed hardly sticky on the inside that I'm now worried it hasn't been working. Can someone help with this? F 19 7 days
 3  Menstrual regulation Itching, redness and tenderness in patch site while on and it lasts for a few days after removal. Breast tenderness most of the month. I did break out in hives at the patch from it itching severely when I placed it on my shoulder which is a sensitive place for me. F 20 4 months
 5  Contraception, acne Increased libido Less acne Increased mood Stable period F 19 5 months
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 5  Pregnancy prevention Breast tenderness occasionally. Breast growth. No migraines. No mood swings. Shorter, lighter almost pain free periods. I highly recommend Evra. It's initially tricky to find the place on your body which best suits. It was a saving grace for me with period pain. I had to get a prescription of strong painkillers for my doctor each month as I wasn't able to move with pains. I usually take mild painkillers now only on day 2. Periods last 4 days, pain-free day 1,3,4. No weight gain but get odd cravings from time to time (particularly pickled foods). Breast tenderness is hard on it. Only fault, it's very infrequent but when it comes my boobs are unbelievably painful. Hasn't once fallen off either. F 19 8 months
 1  preventing pregnancy Sever head aches, nausea, lack of libido, Sensitive on smell On my third week of using evra pat church I had a horrible head ache that didn't get better with pain killers. I took the patch off. After taking the patch off on the 2nd week without the patch I was on my way to work when I nearly passport and hubby took me to hospital suffering shortness of breat hand pains 39 1 days
1 patch we
 4  Bc This birth control definitely works...you will not get pregnant. It also helped with acne. It did cause me to have migraines at times or feel nauseated in the mornings at times. But as long as I ate a good breakfast and exercised the nausea and migraines would dissipate. I thought ortho evra was the best choice for me and it really never bothered me. I went off finally as my husband and I want to have a baby and now am just a little concerned even though my doctor told me not to be. That I shouldn't have trouble getting pregnant. F 28 8 years
 5  Birth Control increased vaginal lubrication noted F 32 3 years
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 3  Birth contral Severe Burning and cuts on patch site too much nausea and headaches I liked it but it was causing pain I couldn't keep up with negative side effects F 23 2 months
 3  Birth control Naseua, fatigue, extreamly sensitive to smells Im confused on why this drug is no longer prefferable?? As far as i know i havent had any major problems with it besides being really sensitive to smells F 17 1 years